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  1. Does Anyone Know Off Any Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeders?
  2. Does anyone breed Olde English Bulldogs?
  3. My miniature poodle has a red, irritated looking ring on the skin around one
  4. Who Thinks Pug Puppies Are Just Adorable?
  5. I need to find a one syllable name for my female border collie, any suggestions?
  6. Golden retriever - off lead?
  7. what is the best place to buy/adopt a mini schnauzer in florida broward county.?
  8. Is it common that spaying a purebred chihuahua can cause bad behavioral
  9. Price on a Shih-Tzu puppy.?
  10. a friend of mine bought a mini dachshund that has a problem. Can someone help?
  11. I just got a Chihuahua its black and white what should I name it?
  12. How many calories are needed daily for a 4yo 6.5lb moderately active toy poodle?
  13. would a great dane fight off an introuder on my property?
  14. Any greyhound puppies near Oneonta, NY?
  15. What's a good name for a Great Dane (dog)?
  16. Two questions about Miniature Schnauzers...?
  17. What will happen to the greyhounds?
  18. I need a puppy chow recipe?
  19. What is the normal age for a chihuahua to go into heat?
  20. A question that involves a Golden Retriever? =)?
  21. can we register a resuce dog?
  22. Help!!! My chihuahua won't go to the bathroom outside in snow!!?
  23. I want to learn to clip my Old English Sheepdog myself. If I want to leave
  24. do you need to be physically fit ti be a greyhound kennel hand ?
  25. does anybody have a dog breed called the papillon?
  26. Dogs papers for Bichon Frise?
  27. German Shepherd dog food suggestions.?
  28. How do I get fleas off of my Yorkshire Terrier and out of my apartment permanently? ?
  29. A question about boxer dogs.?
  30. Looking to buy a 'New Home' greetings card for someone but it has to have a West
  31. Havanese or Cockapoo?
  32. Would a Rhodesian Ridgeback hound hunt a possum,rabbit,squirell,anything...
  33. wich is the best dog that is below above : 1)rottweiler 2)doberman pincher...
  34. what are some cool ways to write brittany?
  35. We want to get a Shiba Inu but are new to the breeder process, what
  36. What to do About my Golden Retriever?
  37. Our 11 year old schnauzer has a cyst on pad on the front right paw.?
  38. What should I get in my house prior to bringing in my new Bichon Frise puppy...
  39. My pug puppy's leg, is there a problem?
  40. My hyperactive Chow mix is loose! ?
  41. Warning To Anyone Who Bought A Rottweiler From Anthony's K9?
  42. How to get my bichon frise dog to STOP weeing in the house!!?
  43. I recently adopted a purebred weimaraner, he's not registered. Is there
  44. What does my 13 year old Beagle have?
  45. thinking about adopting 5 yr old boston terrier but worried hes a lil old for my
  46. Chill Pills for my great dane?
  47. where can I find an english bulldog female to breed with my male?
  48. Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  49. My poodle got out of the kennel!?
  50. how can I take public transportation from Seattle to Portland? I need a
  51. 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier will not stop licking, or biting herself?
  52. how fast dose a Bull mastiff grow ?
  53. 10 points best answer-- brittany spears?
  54. There are two separate genes for coat color in breeds such as Labrador retrievers:...
  55. Do you think a Great Dane and a Lab mix will get along?
  56. how do i get my collies ear to stand up?
  57. Can a Shiba Inu be left in a room alone while I am at work?
  58. Do you have a miniature dachshund?
  59. When would a shih tzu get her 1st heat?
  60. Looking for a English bulldog, puppy or adult. For my daughter. I only have a few...
  61. Has anyone owned both a Rottweiler and an English Mastiff?
  62. should i buy a yorkshire terrier or adopt one?
  63. Another golden retriever Question?
  64. Do you get boston terrier pups in India?
  65. my dog is a ball mastiff cross great dane and to night she had 3 or 4 sultanas do...
  66. information on toy poodles going into labor?
  67. i havnt decided 100% if my next dog will be a rottweiler(overall fav) or...
  68. German Shepherd Dog question.?
  69. chesapeake bay retriever has dandruff?
  70. How old was your pug when it's tail curled?
  71. Great Dane Questions?
  72. Why won't my Pomeranian sleep?
  73. Why is my Great Dane eating socks and grass and vomiting constantly? Actually I...
  74. Where can i find a pretty cheap pomeranian puppy?
  75. My beagle eats nuts..?
  76. What is the climate like in Newfoundland?
  77. any advise on potty training my toy poodle?
  78. Pomeranian Problems..PLEASE HELP!!?
  79. Has anyone ever seen an English Bulldog/german shepherd mix. We have a cute one?
  80. Great Pyrenees=One Person Dog?
  81. Is she a pure Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  82. how much are west highland white terriers?
  83. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners?!!!1?
  84. Male Chihuahua peeing alot?
  85. I have a small Datschund/ poodle mix and my boyfriend has a rednose pitbull. How can
  86. Chosing between a Whippet and a Bulldog?
  87. male great dane may have wobbler's?
  88. Whippet vs. Italian Greyhound?
  89. What crate size for a siberian husky male?
  90. Help : Pomeranian Names? ?
  91. where to find a cheap american bulldog ?
  92. Very jealous Weimaraner puppy?
  93. hello,i'm the one that thanks you all for your help about my poodle(RUNT)?
  94. Welsh Corgi Question?
  95. The media and pit bull terriers?
  96. Good name for a male dachshund?
  97. Should I get a raised feeder for my Great Pyrenees?
  98. We recently got an Italian Greyhound, people said she was done with her heat but
  99. Something with a poodle. ;) Will you help my mother? ?
  100. I have an 7 month old female pug. she hasnt been fixed. she is spotting blood and...
  101. Chihuahua biting and lunging, how much of it is play?
  102. What is the average cost of a chow chow, and the average cost of a rough collie?
  103. poodle/chuawawa mix is limping?
  104. what's the difference between a belgian malinois and a german shepherd?
  105. When you're chowing down do you chow on?
  106. Yorkshire Terrier 2 Years Old?
  107. What is the crossbreed name for a Miniature Schnauzer and Miniature Poodle called?
  108. MY SHIH TZU PREGNANT to thos with the rude comments!!!?
  109. who knows if Toy Fox Terriers are good with cats?
  110. My rottweiler puppy is way too hyper?
  111. I can't decide which dog I should get! Should I get a Pomeranian or a Maltese?
  112. My first indoor puppy. How do you teach an aggressive, yappy pomeranian...
  113. how well do beagles act?
  114. my italian mastiff s have soft stools and i feed them solid gold. ?
  115. Question about beagles?
  116. Does anyone have a lhasa apso with all its hair? How much time do you spend on
  117. O.K., So why do Chow dogs have blue tongues?
  118. What type of dog is better a papillon,a West highland terrier,or a chocolate lab?
  119. How do I fatten up my 2 year old German Shepherd dog?
  120. Toy Fox Terrier won't stop jumping up on things/people!?
  121. my shih tzu is pregnant please help!!?
  122. Why does people write Brittany Spears rather than Britney Spears?
  123. Can anyone tell me the differences between a Staffordshie Bull Terrier...
  124. Is an Irish Wolfhound a good breed for backpacking?
  125. Airedale Terrier Puppy summer 09?
  126. Can I register my Boxer puppy with AKC?
  127. how much does a rottweiler cost for per year?
  128. Newfoundland restaurant in Toronto?
  129. boxer/lab mixed puppy?
  130. How do I stop my Boston Terrier from being so possessive?
  131. Newfoundland dogs - advice and experience? ?
  132. Walking a whippet???????
  133. Pitbull X Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  134. I'd like to find a bicycle jersey with a Boston Terrier theme. Anyone ever seen one?
  135. Breeding my female shetland sheepdog (sheltie)?
  136. Looking for Poodle Rescues in Washington State - surrounding states?
  137. Cute puppy names for dachshund?
  138. What do you think of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  139. i have a golden retriever/german shepard who is not normal. shuld i be scared?
  140. bichon frise??????????????
  141. My six month old guy (lhasa apso) is vomitting?
  142. How do I keep my beagle from being lonely?
  143. I want an English Bulldog. ?
  144. Doberman , rotty , bullmastiff or canary dog ?
  145. Maltese or Havanese Which is Cheaper?
  146. Are Y-Fronts Or Boxers Better For A Mans Fertility?
  147. my 11 month old rottweiler d last couple of days shes constantly licking herself n...
  148. English Bulldog is in heat and has bloody stools?
  149. Looking for a English bulldog, puppy or adult. For my daughter. I only have a few...
  150. Does the weight of a shar pei affect how many wrinkles it has?
  151. How much is it to take a chihuahua to Korean Air?
  152. about my dachshund that had her 6 pups?
  153. My Jack Russell Terrier at a cooked full chicken wing Help!!!?
  154. i rescued a great dane aprox 3.5 years old left to starve he weighs 93 pounds should
  155. is it expensive to take greyhound to mexico?
  156. golden retriever rescue dog?
  157. Is a Boston Terrier a good dog to have?
  158. my great dane scared of stairs, please help?
  159. What is a giant chihuahua?
  160. Golden Retriever attack?
  161. Does My 9 Month Old Bull-mastiff Have A Skin Condition?
  162. Great Dane pup acting weird....sickly even.?
  163. i need help on training my basset hound?
  164. My 7 Month old Mastiff/Dane cross is having serious leg cramps or spasams?
  165. Australian Cattle Dog & Cats?
  166. Can anyone recommend a bark control training collar for my little 3.5 lb. chihuahua?
  167. who has an American Cocker Spaniel? And tell me the name,age and color!?
  168. My English Mastiff has a purple spot on her tongue. What is this?
  169. Is my jack russell terrier ok?
  170. Can Yorkshire Terrier Have Pedigree with beef ?
  171. hi,my english springer spaniel is pregnant she is around 58/59 days now.do they
  172. what do people think of staffordshire bull terriers?
  173. Does my Shih Tzu have a Breathing Problem ?
  174. Would you Please help me with my Toy Fox Terrier ?
  175. what is good name for a siberian husky pup?
  176. why would My 5 months old french mastiff grawl and bark at me as if she
  177. My boston terrier throws up yellow vomit...?
  178. is this dog a rottweiler cross doberman?
  179. My boxer has been throwing up a short while after she eats.?
  180. how to introduce kitten to my 10 month old newfoundland?
  181. min Schnauzer neck size?
  182. what is the best age to train a beagle to hunt?
  183. Should I get a rottweiler or bull terrier?
  184. German Shepherd dog names?
  185. Bichon Frise?Am i ready?
  186. What is the best time to neuter my pomeranian puppy?
  187. what should i feed my 2 month chihuahua?
  188. POLL: Chow mein / Noodles?
  189. I have a Miniature dachshund and he's kinda stupid, what kinda dog you got?
  190. my miniature dachshund eats too much treats.?
  191. What to do About my Golden Retriever?
  192. Is it a good idea to get a Baby kitten when i already have a Chihuahua?
  193. Kennel Cough for Toy Fox Terrier Help?
  194. Best food for my mini-dachshund?
  195. My chihuahua sounds like he has asthma, what is this?
  196. i am wanting to adopt a yorkshire terrier. ?
  197. I got my Chihuahua an hour ago and all it does is sleep so why does it only sleep?
  198. Bichon Frise and Cat?
  199. HELP! 7 month year old basset hound has had non stop diarear and is skinny and...
  200. A question about boxers?
  201. How to get a beagle exercise?
  202. Shih-Tzu and Pekingese?
  203. Does anyone else like the smell of Chihuahua feet?
  204. Kennel Cough Help for Toy Fox Terrier?
  205. I Have The Cutest Little Bichon Frise, How Do You Make Her Wool All Fluffy?
  206. How young can you adopt a Pomeranian Puppy?
  207. How to cure my mini-dachshund's dry ears?
  208. I have a 2 year old saint bernard and she is pregnant. Is it common for
  209. what breeds are in the spitz family (pomeranian etc..)?
  210. Ladies Satin Boxer Shorts?
  211. Where is the best place to get a Labrador Retriever (In Miami)?
  212. whats a good name for a boxer dog?
  213. Anyone have any recommendations on good books about siberian huskies?
  214. How do the Greyhound Discovery Passes work?
  215. Will my boxer grow up to be a guard dog and play fetch?
  216. i just got a Great Dane, and i dont know what to name him.?
  217. How Should I Train My 2 Year Old Italian Greyhound?
  218. Pug puppy rubbing his bottom on the ground?
  219. My 3 yr old german shepherd has been attacked 4 times. She has never started it....
  220. how long does it take to teach/train a boxer puppy to go outside and to
  221. Does anyone have an Lhassa Apso cross Bichon Frise?
  222. need some poodle health information ?
  223. Dogs- beagles owners?
  224. Training a golden retriever with an electric fence?
  225. Are English Bulldogs good pets to have for small kids?
  226. Please help me get my 4 year old shih tzu to eat dry food.?
  227. What is a good name for a webkinz dachshund?
  228. Where can I find a good Shar-Pei breeder in the Philippines?
  229. Any professional or retired professional boxers in here?
  230. how bad are great dane puppies?
  231. How do I do my eye make up like Brittany Snow's? (PICTURE)?
  232. What is the best food to give a teacup chihuahua?
  233. Should I give up my little Chihuahua for my fiance? ?
  234. Reggae: Who is Quaju Peg the collie man?
  235. Havanese Puppy's!?!?!?!?
  236. I Want To Be A Boxer?
  237. My Beagle Keeps Covering His Food With Dirt?
  238. Constipated Chihuahua? (serious)?
  239. How much is a Golden Retriever?
  240. Sneaking an animal onto amtrack/greyhound?
  241. Pug Face Wrinkle Question?
  242. Yorkshire Terrier trouble?
  243. How to get greyhound walking?
  244. What is the name of the children's book about a shar pei family?
  245. the greatest boxer ever?
  246. My neo mastiff had one pup yesterday and it was still born ..is it...
  247. cost of quality rottweiler?
  248. Is a Mastiff a good family dog and a good dog to adopt if you have a little terrier?
  249. does anyone have a chihuahua with really bad teeth? ?
  250. How to training male Boxer?