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  1. Can a wolf be cross-bred with a Jack Russell Terrier?
  2. How can you improve A Shetland sheepdogs coat?
  3. how often am i suppose to take my toy poodle out for potty?
  4. What's the best way for me to house break my 8 week old beagle puppy?
  5. Greyhound Casino Pricing?
  6. Anyone own a Shorkie? shih tzu/yorkie mix? ?
  7. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts BOXER BRIEFS or briefs?
  8. dog with Jack russell body but Airedale terrier head what is it?
  9. I need help ! How do i break my 2 year old Toy Fox Terrier from using the...
  10. can i crossbreed a yorkshire terrier male with a norfolk female terrier and
  11. Is there a way to determine if a male Border Collie has hip dysplasia
  12. Nintendogs: Daschsund & Friends Jack Russell Terrier?!?
  13. I need a cool name for a female Doberman Pinscher?
  14. can you dye a poodle with Mountain Dew Code Red?
  15. Are Boston Terriers cute?
  16. So who's eating red hot spicy noodles right now, as you listen to the bloodhound...
  17. Miniature Pinscher Size... ?
  18. Saint Bernard Owners, What are your pup's like?
  19. Can a small chihuahua stay with a adopted adult dog?
  20. I need to get a taxi from Vancouver airport to the Greyhound bus station...
  21. Do you think a jack russel terrier is better or a yorkshire terrier?
  22. Registered names for my Black Female Pug ?
  23. I have two overweight Labrador Retrievers?
  24. Questions about Yorkshire Terriers?
  25. I want a pug? are they hard to take care of?
  26. Toy Chihuahua/Maltese breeders ?
  27. What is the buzzing instrument in "The Boxer"?
  28. my dachshund had 6 pups september 24th and still has a little
  29. Why is my Dachshund pooping in her pen after being spayed?
  30. My poodle just discovered he can jump from the floor to the kitchen
  31. How do you house train a 1 1/2 year old Havanese boy?
  32. why do people say when iwalk my mastiff, "my dog doesnt like big dogs!" when dogs
  33. Does my senior Golden Retriever have Lyme Disease?
  34. my king charles spaniel has had 6 pups yesterday she feeds them some times...
  35. I have a Lhasa Apso...?
  36. my basset hound dog keeps urinating in the house?
  37. can anyone reccomned samoyed breeders in NSW?
  38. Where can I get a Bichon Frise?
  39. Is the boxer dog breed good around kids?
  40. Whats a Good Name for a Adult Male Hungarian Vizsla?(Includes a Picture)?
  41. old question i know. but who do you think the greastest boxer of all time
  42. Border Collie Breeders in Austin Area?
  43. Thinking about adopting a Pekingese. Are they really prone to health problems?
  44. Dobbies Or Bullmastiff ?
  45. How to lengthen a French bulldogs lifespan?
  46. My lab/chow dog is 11 yrs old, can she still have her cycle? or in heat?
  47. what do you think of the dog breed Tibetan mastiff?
  48. I am looking fora pit bull/Chihuahua mix puppy?
  49. My English Bull Terrier Question, Need Help Please?
  50. Any on in Austin with free Teacup Chihuahua puppies?
  51. I want an English bulldog in the New Orleans area, but not the price! Help?
  52. what is a good golden retriever name?
  53. what hallmark would have this stuffed animal Chase Border Collie in henrietta?
  54. collar size for an English/British Bulldog?
  55. Saint Bernard and Garden War?
  56. Dog show people . . Poodle wiggies?
  57. Signs of a Pugs menstrual?
  58. during the movie beverly hills chihuahua while they are on the train chloe says
  59. 5-year-old Border Collie will not gain weight?
  60. Do you have a Great Dane? What are they like?
  61. Xanax for French Bulldog 0.5Mg a day?
  62. how did german shepherds go from herding to police/guard dogs?
  63. Ferret's relationship with a Great Dane Puppy?
  64. How do I know how thick/what material should my chihuahua's sweater be in 40
  65. What do you do if a border collie weighing 25 pounds ingests a puppy
  66. what dog registry is better for an american bulldog UKC, NKC or which kennel
  67. what would a cross of a samoyed and a dashund be like?
  68. question about Pomeranian?
  69. i have a 20 pound mastiff puppy shes ten weeks and i want to know how much i
  70. What breed does this dog look like ? Boxer mix or pit mix? or what do you think?
  71. I have a lhasa apso shes 6 months she has always been a fussy eater but...
  72. I need to Potty Train my 3 month old Pitbull / BullMastiff, Can anybody help please?
  73. I have a six month old Schnauzer with my roommate. two questions: 1) The dog is...
  74. do chihuahuas like baths?
  75. Weird elongated scabs on my German Shepherd dogs skin?!?
  76. My 1 and 1/2 year old boxer has a rash....?
  77. why does my short haired chihuahua lose so much hair?
  78. should i get a poodle, a fish tank, or should i just get both?
  79. Adopting a greyhound?
  80. AKC name for my English Bulldog named Mya.?
  81. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners?!!!?
  82. i have a pure bred bichon frise boy and need he needs a girl help what website...
  83. Siberian Husky owner, PLEASE HELP!!?
  84. Any Unique or Funny name suggestions for a light blonde American Cocker...
  85. Any advice on training my pug puppy?
  86. What's the best toy for a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (aka pit bull for you...
  87. Can samoyed get along with toy poodle?
  88. Any great dane puppies near Oneonta NY?
  89. is it to eraly for my pug to go out side and pee?
  90. Great Dane Lab Mix: Size???
  91. should seniors get a lhasa apso? yes or no? and why did you choose that answer.
  92. Will Barack Obama get a Rottweiler?
  93. I took in a pomeranian puppy and it is not a good match for our family. ?
  94. how does the first gold shih tzu on this page looks?
  95. I have a pregnant Pomeranian, and i was wondering......?
  96. Purina Puppy Chow......?
  97. problems with my french mastiff please help?
  98. my mini schnauzer is one year old and weighs six pounds. is this normal?
  99. Who is the greatest Russian boxer?
  100. Dogue De bordeaux or Rottweiler:-?
  101. please someone out there help me find a free bull terrier.?
  102. turkish kangal vs wolf?
  103. I need a name for a webkinz dachshund?
  104. Why toy poodle puppy wont eat?
  105. Help, my pomeranian keeps yelping...?
  106. Basset Hound Puppies?
  107. Where Can I Buy An Affordable Chihuahua Online?
  108. How can i stop my 4 month old rottweiler from eating rubbish ?
  109. what makes a shih tzu diffrent from other dogs.?
  110. can anyone help me with my shih tzu's fur?
  111. What is the temperature tolerance for a beagle?
  112. English Bulldogs...SC?
  113. Where to get a yorkshire terrier?
  114. How can i get my 5 year old Labrador Retriever to loose weight?
  115. Labradors x Poodles=THIS MIX DOES SHED!!!?
  116. Leaving a Shiba Inu home alone?
  117. are papillons godd with kids?
  118. My Dachshund Got rape by my neighbors Yorkie?
  119. can i be a pro boxer?
  120. Border Collie mix, fur color is changing... ?
  121. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - good family dog?
  122. My 7 Month old Mastiff/Dane cross is having serious leg cramps or spasams?
  123. girls, do you find it hot if you see guys boxers peeking out over jeans?
  124. does this look like a real shih tzu?
  125. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners?!!!?
  126. I want to name my cat after Bloodhound gang?
  127. Beagle or labrador? Which one?
  128. why are German shepherd dogs ears ?
  129. Golden Irish setters in Australia? I need info please?
  130. My pomeranian puppy itches all the time and she's losing her hair...?
  131. My pug was just bit by red fire ants, what can I do..? ?
  132. going to become pro boxer (easy 20 points)?
  133. Rhodesian ridgeback & other ridgebacks?
  134. Pit Bull X Poodle? Good or bad?
  135. In Nintendogs Lab & Friends do you have to unlock the Shiba Inu to get it?
  136. Will the kyote's eat my chihuahua?
  137. My 2 yr old Pomeranian is not gonna make it because of kidney failure. Could she
  138. my my cavalier king charles spaniel fur won't grow and he won't eat?
  139. Is the Charter Arms Mag Pug Revolver any good?
  140. Golden Retriever Pitbull Mix Puppy!?
  141. Why do Chow dogs have blue tongues?
  142. greyhound kennel hand physically fit?
  143. Newfoundland Puppy Housebreaking?
  144. I would like to get a male american bulldog but I have a spayed female and im
  145. Pitbull Terrier + Staffordshire bull terrier.?
  146. I want to breed a Staffordshire bull terrier with an American pit bull...
  147. My Shih Tzu's stool is a bit gooey/jelly-like?
  148. If you saw me dancing in nothing but my boxers would you join me?
  149. my 2 year old shih-tzu has been acting VERY aggresive toward me when I scold or
  150. I have a border collie she is 12 yrs old 84 in dog yrs....?
  151. Feed raw food to a boxer?
  152. Why has my 6month bull mastiff started drawling badly in the last 2 days?
  153. Name for a Boston Terrier puppy?
  154. Debating on adopting a Shiba Inu?
  155. I just bought an AKC registered purebred boxer. Both front and rear paws...
  156. Is A Yorkshire Terrier and a Yorkie the same kind of dog?
  157. Toy Poodle or Chihuahua ?
  158. can u wear aerie boxers as underwear?
  159. How can I get even with my neighbors for their annoying stupid beagle that wakes...
  160. boston terrier information?
  161. Showing a dog - Welsh Springer Spaniel.?
  162. What was that Brittany Spears song?
  163. Bichon Frise - pros and cons of owing one....?
  164. Where can I find a German Shepherd / Golden Retriever puppy? Can't find what
  165. Humping English Bulldog?
  166. My labrador retriever runs off on walks help!?
  167. R&P..what do you think about Bloodhound Gang? ?
  168. Okay so for all you The Bloodhound gang fans?
  169. Poodle Brush...which one!?
  170. can any one please give me some Raw Diet recipes for my Bull Terrier?
  171. What should I name my Bichon Frise puppy?
  172. I have a 4 mo old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. When will his hair get
  173. shih tzu itching non stop?
  174. does anyone hear heard of kangal?
  175. Chihuahua chewed fiberglass insulation!! Will he be ok?
  176. Greyhound lines to california?
  177. Raising a puppy/dog (Pomeranian.)?
  178. Where can i adopt a Bichon Frise puppy?
  179. Where would you rank Larry Holmes on a list of all-time greatest boxers?
  180. What to feed my boxer to gain weight?
  181. Pug? Why or why not?
  182. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.?
  183. I have a a 1 1/2 english bulldog whats good to feed him and is it nolrmal...
  184. Help Fix my French Mastiff before she dies!!?
  185. Would you Please help me with my Toy Fox Terrier ?
  186. Is it normal for pugs to breathe really heavy?
  187. Lab's Dominance over Chihuahua during feeding?
  188. Will adopt a RESCUE bull terrier. (not to much money please)?
  189. i am a boxer i am 13 and i need to loose weight i need help i drank cranberry juice
  190. Male German Shepherd Dog Names.?
  191. Which dog would you prefer, Welsh terrier or Pembroke welsh corgi?
  192. Family matters??my ex in Newfoundland canada and im in England ?
  193. HELP Basset hound Aggressive?
  194. Barking, and My Pomeranian Puppy!?
  195. Im interested in purchasing a French Bulldog...?
  196. Do people that media bash Staffordshire Bull Terriers actually own one?
  197. Info on Irish Staffordshire Bull Terriers?
  198. why is my vizsla bitch leaking mucus?
  199. my pug Delilah is due in 2 weeks ?
  200. Registered name for a black Female Pug?
  201. were can i get a bloodhound puppy in mustang,ok?
  202. Difference between a toy and mini american eskimo dog?
  203. I want an English Bulldog. ?
  204. Name a breed of dog that looks like a german shepherd but smaller. It must
  205. Looking for an English Bulldog?
  206. how many times does Brittany Spears say Womanizer in the song Womanizer?
  207. I have a border collie she is 12 yrs old 84 years in dog years....?
  208. When can I start bathing/shampooing my little Pekingese puppy ?
  209. I Went to a Vet on Tuesday & They Said Puppy Chow is Bad?!?
  210. my pregnant basset hound is still in labour?
  211. What could be wrong with my 3yr old Yorkshire terrier?
  212. My Beagle killed a squirrel?
  213. My lhasa apso seams depressed because of my new boy friend?
  214. Where can I get a Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy? Is there any breeds in alberta?
  215. Mutilated busriders family sues greyhound, and the candadain govt.?
  216. What is up with this bloodhound virus?
  217. My Chihuahuas behavior?
  218. preggo pomeranian and need some advice i know nothing ?
  219. Whats the life span for a golden retriever?
  220. Why does anyone get a lhasa apso when theyre not gonna maintain it and...
  221. i need male ad female names for dogs like golden retrivers german shiba inu
  222. Do you prefer Black Pugs or Fawn Pugs?
  223. My beagle has Cherry eye I have a question?
  224. What does a Rhodesian Ridgeback Hound like to hunt?
  225. Miniature (not toy) Poodle? If I get one, do I have to cut the fur in those fancy
  226. Manchester Terriers...?
  227. Good tools on grooming my Yorkie/Schnauzer.?
  228. Im Gettin A Puppy (bichon Frise) Need Lots Of Answers Thnx !!!!!?
  229. why are dachshunds (wiener dogs) so adorable?
  230. My beagles snort! Why is that?
  231. Are Weimaraner's good with Children?
  232. i have a chihuahua and it doesn't want to eat is it normal?
  233. Who is right? Brittany or Sara?
  234. re-homing a rottweiler?
  235. What are some summer vacation tips for a visit to Croatia and the Dalmatian coast?
  236. Border Collie is afraid of rain?
  237. Anyone have any experience with papillons?
  238. why do teen girls sometimes wear guys boxers under their sweatpants?
  239. Doses any one know where I can get free golden Retriever puppies?
  240. English bulldog with green discharge coming out of her private.?
  241. Based on the face, what do you think this dog is, besides Rottweiler?
  242. My golden retriever is gone. Doxie is missing him.?
  243. Difference between male and female Bichon Frise?
  244. How can I get my 7 pound Yorkshire Terrier to be less aggressive at the dog park?
  245. My pomeranian doesnt like to be alone?
  246. Does anyone know where you can get a Belgian Shephard (Groenendael) puppy in Western
  247. pomeranian puppy or chihuahua puppy?
  248. Hurry I Need A Name For A Chihuahua Dog Please Help Me..Quick..Coming Tonight?
  249. Who is the greatest middleweight boxer ever?
  250. I would like to know when my pug gives birth what I have to do?