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  1. A few questions about boxers?
  2. Can't decide what to name my Pomeranian puppy. Would you like to help?
  3. are Dalmatians good dogs for a first time owner?
  4. My Jack Russell Terrier has a lump on the inside of her groin. She also...
  5. My Adult Pomeranian Won't Stop Peeing on the Carpet!!!?
  6. My Golden Retriever Puppy Is 6 Weeks Old.?
  7. What is normal for a pregnant Beagle bitch?
  8. My Chihuahua *HATES* my dad. What can I do?
  9. is a porsche boxer a good car for a 16 year old?
  10. How would you treat a poodle's tail that has been to closely shaved?
  11. How big will my poodle X shitzu grow?
  12. Dark Colored Chihuahua Skin?
  13. Which dog would you rather get??? a bichon frise or mal-shi?
  14. Is there a breed of dog that looks like a pomeranian but doesn't shed?
  15. Do you know anything about the Shar-Pei it's a breed of dog?
  16. My shih tzu always fights with another chihuahua. can someone help please ?
  17. Possible Dermoid Cyst in a 4 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback?
  18. Do you think Calzaghe deserves respect as a boxer?
  19. Toilet Training our 4 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback - Please Help!!!?
  20. my shih tzu gave birth 1 week ago she has been having diahreaha since .. is this...
  21. I have a 4 year old beagle that is about 15 pound over weight. I need a good...
  22. How do you know if a breeder is reliable (for cav king charles spaniel).?
  23. Pekingese & Chihuahua Mixed Breed...?
  24. What are some experiences you've had with a French Bulldog?
  25. How common are spinal injuries in Miniature Dachshunds?
  26. Matching boxers/panties?
  27. if you me and brittany spears were stuck in a elevator....?
  28. What Boxers do you identify with certain Cities?
  29. My Vet said feeding a Pomeranian to much meat can cause problems with their
  30. My Minature Poodle is having seizures....i think...?
  31. My dog has (possibly) scabs or something on his skin (no hair loss, he is a shih
  32. average price for a bearded collie?...?
  33. Looking for opinions on dog names for my Pomeranian puppy?
  34. Whats a good name for a male cairn terrier puppie?
  35. Tips for Washing my Chihuahua/Basset Hound Mix?
  36. jack russell/ rat terrier mix--pros and cons?
  37. Looking for a Great Dane breeder- CT, NY, MASS?
  38. is it safe for me an american citizen to travel greyhound from cleveland ohio to...
  39. My miniature dachshund ate at most four Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. Will she die?
  40. My Yorkshire Terrier is losing hair under his neck.?
  41. can i put my mini schnauzer's hair up?
  42. yorkshire terrier advice please :) a few pics included?
  43. what should i chose neopolitan mastiff, st.bernard, or a newfoundland?
  44. What is better, a labrador retriever or a golden retriever?
  45. During his trip on the Beagle, Darwin found that?
  46. Beagle Puppy needs help!?
  47. What is a good diet for a beginner boxer?
  48. Does anyone have Welsh Corgi dog?
  49. I want to be a boxer, but i have no healthcare?
  50. What to do about a Shelter American Eskimo?
  51. I just recently got a Pomeranian and every time he lays on any type of...
  52. Questions about the bichon frise. Please help I really want to get but I have a
  53. New poll for naming my Pomeranian puppy?
  54. Bichon Frise Owners...?
  55. my chihuahua us in labor ?
  56. Does "return date" for Greyhound Bus refer to the date you depart or the date you
  57. pug doesn't like Canidae, any suggestions?
  58. What Do You Think About a Racing Greyhound Named "Pryor on Fire?"?
  59. Who knows where I can get a rescued dachshund in New Hampshire?
  60. women which would i look best in boxers or boxer briefs ?
  61. Does anyone have any pug puppies available in the next few weeks?
  62. Episode On Viva La Bam What Is The Song That The Bloodhound Gang Is Singing?
  63. Is Muddy a good name for a German Shorthaired Pointer?
  64. my young boston terrier is WAY too hyper... help please!?
  65. How often should I brush my norfolk terrier?
  66. My friends great dane is rapidly losing weight...?
  67. What is a good name for a male miniature pinscher?
  68. beagles please help!!!!!!!!!!?
  69. Advice on English Bulldogs?
  70. switch from boxers to briefs?
  71. Is it hard to breed a st.bernard and a newfoundland?
  72. I need a name for my toy poodle.?
  73. Anyone know a good toy poodle breeder?
  74. beagle & ex-lover...?
  75. I have a pomeranian that just turned 1 year old and weights 12lbs. Is it
  76. What do you thinks of boxer shorts with heart prints?
  77. American Bulldog with docked tail to prevent fighting?
  78. My Boxer Has Bumps around her eye?
  79. Why does my beagle bite me or barks at me when i touch his tail or put my hand
  80. Pomeranian Question; where to get training for competition?
  81. Desperately need help housegreaking a three-year old F greyhound !!!?
  82. A Few Boston Terrier Questions! Please see below regarding our 5 month old
  83. What length should my boxers be from my balls?
  84. my pug puppys have started to wee in there pen?
  85. Why do boxers and MMA trainers wrap hands different?
  86. Greyhound bus prices?
  87. Introducing a new dachshund puppy to an 8 year old dachshund. What's the
  88. Do beagles run away a lot? ?
  89. How much would a Border Collie puppy cost?
  90. Do amateur boxers have to have hands licensed?
  91. pug 306 td m plate smoking at start up?
  92. Are pit-bulls and Miniature Schnauzer are they good to live with each other?
  93. My poodle wont stop licking himself!!!?
  94. Who Do You Think Is The Best Pound For Pound Boxer In The World Today?
  95. Rottweiler help!!!!!!!!?
  96. If a new breed came from a Shitsu and Whippet, would it be a Shitpet, a Whipshit, or
  97. Beagle dogs [please help]?
  98. Anyone have an Afghan Hound?
  99. Golden Retriever/Great Dane! what to do?!?
  100. Shih Tzu breed experts, any take on this?
  101. My 12 year old toy poodle hasn't eaten much but wakes up to vomit for the past few...
  102. Looking to get a dog. Newfoundland Dog parents I got questions!?
  103. What is the coach to take from Moi Int airport in Mombasa to Papillon...
  104. is puppy chow bad for you?
  105. Does anyone know where I can find a low priced english bulldog puppy for sale in...
  106. I am looking for a female boston terrier puppy...?
  107. Is it normal for an 11 month old Golden Retriever to be super hyper?
  108. I think we made a mistake getting a beagle pup.?
  109. when do yorkshire terriers come into season?
  110. I have a lab/collie mix who is very intelligent. He can sit, stay, shake, roll
  111. My Dog (Bichon Frise) Loosing weight.. How much is to much? ?
  112. when you wear compression shorts are you supposed to wear them on your bare...
  113. I am donating somethings to the golden retriever rescue center what else could I...
  114. Has anyone watched It's me or the Dog with the Great Dane-Harley? Does anyone know...
  115. Is It Possible For a ChiPoo (Chihuahua X Poddle) To Have A Wired Coat Like A Terrier?
  116. what does a greyhound kennel hand wear at the kennels and the track ?
  117. why is my dachshund so irritable?
  118. Best Beagle Training Book?
  119. skinny jeans- my boxers end up showing is that a problem?
  120. how to make my adult american bulldog like my american bulldog puppy(11 weeks)?
  121. If a chihuahua/Maltese cross has short hair at 8 weeks will it stay short as an
  122. what do you get when a pomeranian mixed with chiwawa is then mixed with a pitbull??
  123. Would you muzzle an older border collie who gets mad at the bc puppy for herding?
  124. how many pounds are teacup chihuahuas?
  125. Why is my 11 month old shih tzu acting strange after being spayed?
  126. What should I consider doing before adopting a Jack Russell Terrier?
  127. Where to find affordable maltese, japanese chin, blue chihuahuas?
  128. What is the normal weight for a cavalier king charles Spaniel/?
  129. Would 'Polar' or 'Arctic' be a good Great Pyrenees name?
  130. extream boxers or briefs?
  131. Why won't my 6 month old shih tzu puppy walk outside anymore!?
  132. my miniature pinscher is pregnant?
  133. About how much will my English Mastiffs 12 week vaccinations cost?
  134. Pennsylvania - Bloodhound Gang?
  135. I have a Rottweiler and German Shepherd Mix is it a good dog?
  136. how can i get my 7 month beagle to stop pooping and peeing ?
  137. Does anyone else have a long-haired Rabbit Dachshund? Pix included!?
  138. How do you know if a golden retriever is pregnant?
  139. Where can I buy plain white boxers?
  140. Girls, would you want your bloke to walk around the house in just boxers? Well
  141. How much money is a Silky Terrier?
  142. I have a Beagle pup, need help?
  143. How would be the best way to house break my 2 chihuahuas with a chain link fence?
  144. Is my dog a pure labrador retriever?
  145. What should i get a st.bernard or a newfoundland?
  146. Does my Rottweiler need another dog?
  147. Does anyone know where I could get a Havanese pup, UK, somewhere North East
  148. My 80lb Golden retriever ate one (about 1 oz) piece of Dove milk chocolate wrapper...
  149. Beagle x Terrier x Lab x Pit x Dobe? YOU DECIDE!!!!!?
  150. Question about American Pit Bull Terriers?
  151. how big do beagles get?
  152. chihuahuas get asthma...?
  153. Does anyone have a Shiba Inu Puppy?
  154. Schnoodle puppy. (Schnauzer/poodle mix)?
  155. Can anyone give me some good info on Chihuahuas and Whippets?
  156. where is the best place to buy toy poodles?
  157. should i be worried about my black lab/border collie mix?
  158. What is up with Brittany?I want 2 hear other peoples opinians.?
  159. i got a 4 month old Chihuahua/dachshund with his left eye looking blue?
  160. Narrowing down my name for my Pomeranian puppy. ?
  161. Have a picture of your pomeranian?
  162. some questions about purchasing a chihuahua?
  163. How much walking do you give a Great Dane a Day?
  164. my 12 year old Dalmatian is getting a few bald spots above her eye. Her ear
  165. What is the normal weight for a 7 month old labrador retriever/APBTl mix?
  166. I will not be able to get to the Greyhound bus as scheduled on my tickets. Can I
  167. bichon frise puppies in Manila?
  168. help!my 12 week old boxer puppy still has dirreaha has been wormed and seen a vet ?
  169. Chihuahua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  170. Who has Joe Louis, the famous boxer influenced in our present society?
  171. women which would i look better in boxer shorts boxer briefs or briefs?
  172. Why did a rottweiler bite me?
  173. Do chihuahuas make good agility course dogs?
  174. can pugs die from UTI?
  175. My american pit bull terrier is 6 months old and 50 pounds is that normal?
  176. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!! My chihuahua did not eat at all this morning.So I...
  177. Do You Think a Whippet and an Italian Greyhound Make a Good Pair?
  178. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  179. girls: boxers or briefs on ur guy?
  180. Should I get a St.Bernard, Husky, or a Rottweiler?
  181. What are the typical prices of a shiba inu?
  182. how would you rate a bichon frise as a pet?
  183. My Jack Russell Terrier's Health...?
  184. Help!! My Pug Bites!!!?
  185. what does go on behind the scenes at the greyhound races ?
  186. Names for our two border collies?
  187. how old can shar pei get?
  188. Bullmastiff or Dobermann ?
  189. I always forget this...What is the song that goes "im a great dane i wear...
  190. If U No Flat Coated Retrievers Plz Help Me ?
  191. I need to find a good home for my german shorthaired pointer..?
  192. For teens: Why do you like to wear boxers?
  193. I have a black dalmatian molly that has been sitting at the bottom of my tank
  194. How can i convince my parents to get me a cavalier king charles spaniel?
  195. how to make my shih-tzu used to his new home.?
  196. why does my 4 month old dachshunds eyes water ?
  197. My Dachshund's ear has started twitching. I looked inside and it is kind...
  198. I have a year and a half old female golden retriever that humps my
  200. I have a very talkative chihuahua who barks non stop, any suggestions?
  201. Adopted English Bulldog?
  202. Is it ok to raise a english bull terrier in a medium sized 2 bed second floor flat?
  203. How much should a great dane/boxer puppy under 3 months old be eating?
  204. bloodhound names any ideas?
  205. If U No Flat Coated Retrievers Plz Help Me ?
  206. Is my chihuahua unhealthy ?
  207. What would be a good name for a rottweiler?
  208. What do you think? Is she a Pug/Jack Russell Terrier or Pug/Beagle?
  209. brittany spears/womaniser?
  210. I believe my 2 year old PEKINGESE may have just had a seizure?
  211. Poll: Briefs/boxers/boxerbriefs....?
  212. my schnauzer ate a blue pen, will it hurt her?
  213. What could be wrong with my boston terrier?
  214. WE got some bones for our dogs will our poodle be able to handle it?
  215. Should i Get a Rottweiler or a German Shepherd?
  216. What is the best food to feed a 12 month old Great Dane?
  217. Brand new bichon frise (but very old) not adjusting well in new home halfway
  218. how much would it cost to get my english mastiff?
  219. Please I really need your help ASAP! ESPECIALLY VIZSLA OWNERS!?
  220. what is the height regulations for miniature schnauzers in agility?
  221. Why aren't poodles used as service dogs for people with allergies instead of
  222. Tell me all about Yorkshire Terriers... please?
  223. best dog food for a 1year old miniature pinscher?
  224. So I was wondering how much it cost to take a greyhound from Calgary to Saskatoon...
  225. can anyone think of any names for a shih tzu bitch who is a golden sandy color?
  226. Should I get an american bulldog or boxer?
  227. yorkshire terrier or labrador?
  228. my chihuahua is absolutely afraid of toys that move! what should i do?
  229. How big should my 9 week old (female) boxer be?
  230. 2 year old Basset Hound can't hold her bladder?
  231. Shih Tzu's eyes pop out when they get old?
  232. Are bichon frise better than other dogs?
  233. Why do poodles bark at strangers?
  234. What do you think about Pekingese?
  235. my blue nosed pit mated with my beagle mix she had her puppies,one was dead and two
  236. Is there ever "too much" walking for a beagle?
  237. Is a shock collar the right thing for a Border collie ?
  238. Would a Portuguese Water Dog and a Yorkie get along well?
  239. boston terrier ? Are they good family dogs?
  240. Our Shih Tzu acts so strange...?
  241. For guy teens: Why do you like to wear boxers?
  242. I'm thinking about getting a beagle?
  243. would you ever eat anything with the word "Chow" in it?
  244. what to name my new brown dachshund ?
  245. Can a small dog kill a larger cat. Like a full grown Tabby against a
  246. Do miniature dachshunds get along well with pembroke welsh corgis?
  247. American Pit Bull Terrier?
  248. how do i get a chihuahua for under $75 in the alabama erea?
  249. Female Cocker humping younger female Beagle ?
  250. Cane Corso Mastiff? Your experience?