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  1. whats wrong with my toy poodle?
  2. A few questions about boxers?
  4. im looking for a shar pei?
  5. Good thesis statements on labradors, golden retrievers and chesapeake bay retrievers?
  6. I have a Miniature Schnauzer who recently turned 7, is she to old to breed?
  7. can anyone tell me about the minimun wage in Newfoundland, Canada. ?
  8. my pug is not eating... he eats about half his food?
  9. How big do you think my Chihuahua will get?
  10. I have some questions about my Labrador Retriever puppy?
  11. I'm thinking about getting a yorkshire terrier?
  12. I have a shih tzu also and i have a terrible time when he has to be
  13. My poodle is SOOO crazy , he's a retard !?
  14. my boston terrier at 3 mos ?
  15. Wasn't Brittany Murphy supposed to be cast as the voive of tinkerbell in the...
  16. Why does my pit bull (possible boxer mix) shiver?
  17. how do you make peanut butter dog treats that beagles enjoy?
  18. Pug puppy pees too much?
  19. I have a 2 year old shih tzu and he has a problem. he cant stop peeing in my house...
  20. I want a Golden retriever.... but .....?
  21. Mini dachshund or mini Snuzher what do you think ?
  22. why are my great dane and saint bernard really scared of thunder and lightning?
  23. i have a 6 month old boxer girl...the thing is that she really has not been
  24. English Bull Terrier PROBLEM Need Help!?
  25. My sister's 6 month old beagle-jack russell terrier mix puppy is getting...
  26. How much bigger will my boxer get?
  27. any papillon breeders out there?
  28. My Chihuahuas seem to bark more when my cousin yells at them to "Be quiet" ?
  29. why do people think Calzaghe is a good boxer when he has never had a real...
  30. I have a five month old shih tzu Chihuahua mix and he can not be entertained
  31. advice on breeding shar pei?
  32. Is it me or does the new Presidents dog look like a boston terrier that's been
  33. my boxer was attacked by a chololate lab and we own a chololate lab and
  34. How to train my Border Collie?
  35. Names for a female staffordshire bull terrier?
  36. My 5 month old boxer pup has got lovely soft fur apart from along his
  37. whart color do you think this chihuahua will be?
  38. Shih Tzu double coat?
  39. Help with my boxer !!!?
  40. i need a referral to a good english bulldog breeder not too far from los
  41. boerboel,bullmastiff,cane corso,dogo argentino?
  42. bichon frise toilet training?
  43. Does anyone know of a English Bulldog breeder in Wisconsin?
  44. traveling to mx by bus.does anyone know how much the mx buses charge for
  45. Schnauzer Names??????????????????????
  46. Is it weird for my English Bulldog to have blue eyes?
  47. My great grandmas dog(mini poodle) bit my 3 month old baby?
  48. What causes 'puffs' in Shih Tzu?
  49. Why my two boxers have started fighting?
  50. Could you please help anyone got pug names in mind?
  51. Rottweiler Puppy...what should i feed him?
  52. I have a 3 an a half month old male rottweiler his weight is 23.2 lbs is...
  53. 2 cats and 1 american bulldog?
  54. do Neapolitan mastiffs heads split?
  55. Golden Retriever Energy Level Dealing With Food?
  56. BLOODHOUNDS?>> anyone know of any good breeders, or sites advertising this breed?
  57. Not sure what to do about my beagle?
  58. I need a dog good, baseball related name for a great dane...?
  59. A new breed for my papillon?
  60. what are some good stephen chow movies?
  61. why is my Rottweiler's ear red?
  62. My 6 month old shih tzu has turned redish brown under his legs.?
  63. The Origins of the Golden retriever and hunting abilities?
  64. Doberman Pinscher breeder near northern Virginia? Looking for less than 4hr drive.?
  65. Is this chihuahua cute. Female. Pics n link?
  66. Is it possible my man is gay...He drives a hybrid and his dog is a tea cup Chihuahua?
  67. My Beagle cries and barks at night - what should I do?
  68. where can i get a pug in or around hampshire?
  69. Do you remember when Kramer switched from briefs to boxers?
  70. If two boxers attack and kill a rabbit, are they dangerous to children?
  71. Any tips on training chihuahua to stop barking? Is she just being territorial?
  72. How can i incourage my shih tzu to stay on her own?
  73. I'm thinking about adopting a 2 year old male "teacup" Chihuahua.?
  74. Great Names for a english mastiff?
  75. My male american bulldog does not stop humping my female and they are both spayed
  76. Can i cross my Female Pomeranian with a Pug?
  77. How can I purposely find a retarded chihuahua puppy? Vendors don't sell them do they?
  78. Golden Retriever? help!?
  79. Why does my chihuahua pee on the bed instead of outside?
  80. Border Collie Rescue!!! Help!!!!!!?
  81. chihuahua's first vet visit?
  82. Pugs/ Cockerspaniels i need help!?
  83. Boston Terrier trash behavior?
  84. 6 month old american eskimo very submissive fighting with new female puppy?
  85. I probably will have my Boston Terrier's Anal Glands removed by her vet.?
  86. Hello, my Nana's dachshund has spells where she shakes and climbs on cabinets
  87. I just got a new poodle...?
  88. My mom wont let me get a chihuahua because she thinks theyre unfriendly, and
  89. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness or Adore?????????????
  90. Any Toy American Eskimo Breeders out ther?
  91. I have really been wanting an English Bulldog!!?
  92. German spitz basenji?
  93. How much protein do my dogs need? One is a 13 year old german shepard mix....
  94. Is my rottweiler under weight?
  95. men's underwear question...boxers or briefs?
  96. How do I train my chihuahua to sit, shake hands and roll over?
  97. i'm thinking about breeding my chihuahua?
  98. Can a siberian husky eat a apple?
  99. How to house train a 15 week old beagle.?
  100. A few questions about boxers?
  101. Are cavalier king charles spaniels dumb?
  102. My silky terrier has dry flakey skin i'm not sure of what to do, it looks like
  103. Potty training a 4 year old chihuahua?
  104. Is it normal for a 6month old Boxer to vomit after surgery?
  105. why does it mean if your chihuahua puppy vomits?
  106. Shih-Tzu Owners Click here!?
  107. how to keep a basset hound home?
  108. Ferret and Golden Retriever living together?
  109. My Chihuahua Seems Sick?
  110. need help! naughty little shih-tzu ^_^. gotta lot of questions inside :D?
  111. what about english bulldogs?
  112. Can papillon dogs fit in doggy bags?
  113. Something has happened to my Frenchie Pug's ear?
  114. What is wrong with my Golden Retriever?
  115. Which name is better for my golden retriever?
  116. Boxer peed in the bed?
  117. pekingese puppy care questions?!?
  118. who is your favorite boxer...?
  119. Female 2 year old pug... when will she calm down?
  120. Nintendogs:My golden retriever WONT do a backflip or handstand?
  121. How much are miniature schnauzers??????
  122. Can you buy a greyhound bus ticket at age 15 and ride without your
  123. What is wrong with my Golden Retriever, Is he dying?
  124. Yorkshire Terrier name?
  125. Who has a golden retriever ??
  126. A question on Pomeranian puppies? Expenses?
  127. Can dogs (shih-tzu) eat lentils? Is it okay for them to eat it?
  128. How do I deal with this dog behavior issue in my Lhasa Apso?
  129. 3 month-old jack russell terrier has a pink nose?
  130. Miniature Poodle aggressive with my husband?
  131. Do Chow Chows (a species of Dog) shed?
  132. a few questions about cairn terriers?
  133. which dog should i get a bichon frise or a german shepard?
  134. please help can i use human shampoo on toy poodle?
  135. my 10 year old beagle keeps peeing on the hardwood floors?
  136. my pomeranian puppy's fur ?
  137. Female Weimaraner name, please help?
  138. Is a Standard Poodle a good town home dog?
  139. Why does my chihuahua chew wooden clothes pins?
  140. Brandi C Of Charm School && Rock Of Love Is A Porn Star! Search Her Porn Name...
  141. I need help with my stinky boxer?
  142. Where do I find a device for grooming my toy poodle?
  143. What does your Pomeranian do?
  144. can a Parson Jack Russell Terrier duck hunt?
  145. do you think Brittany favors Jayden?
  146. i need to find a person that is called tito ramos a boxer on my rgb sports .net...
  147. where can I find a vet in the Bay area that specializes in shih tzu puppies?
  148. Whoes your top 5 pro boxers in the past 20 years?
  149. what happened to the suspect that cut off that guys head on a greyhound bus?
  150. GIRLS: guy's BOXERS showing!?
  151. Australian Terrier pup being silly.?
  152. My new boston terrier moon"e ?
  153. Neopolitan Mastiff Or Cane Corso?
  154. Bloodhound gang????!!!!??
  155. New Shih Tzu Puppy!! Need of some advice/info...?
  156. my beagle stays outside when I'm home to run around,well i bought a dog house & she
  157. Bernese Mountain Dog Owners and/or Lovers!?
  158. Shih Tzu heat cycle help!?
  159. How to keep my beagle from digging in my back yard or around fence. Should I get a
  160. I have a 14 week old beagle and endlish bulldog mix im taking a road trip 18 hours...
  161. How do I know if my mini dachshund has a bladder problem or is just not cooperating
  162. Life span of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  163. I have a Chihuahua who is white and black any dcute NONMEXICAN name?
  164. discounts on greyhound tickets from ny to utica?
  165. When can miniature Schnauzer pups go outside?
  166. Boxer frequent urination problem...?
  167. I have a 10 week old female Pug dog. She cries at night when i put her in the...
  168. What are the pros and cons about getting a bichon frise puppy?
  169. Where Can I Find A Pekingese Chihuahua?
  170. Why does my dogs breath reek so bad? he will be 3 in wednesday, he is a pomeranian.?
  171. What is the ideal temperature to keep a Saint Bernard comfortable inside?
  172. Religion how st bernard of clairvaux become saint?
  173. Do you know a good boy name for bichon frise?
  174. i am looking for a shar-pei dog?
  175. How to get my chihuahua to go outside?
  176. Good pet beds on for my eBay for my 15lbs Boston Terrier?
  177. does any one know the price of a parader's license in UK greyhound racing?
  178. Is this normal behaviour from my Boxer dog?
  179. I have a Bichon Frise with very unmanageable hair. How can i grow it out without her
  180. Keeshond owners to share info?
  181. My border collie puppy doesnt play with his toy, please help?
  182. a few questions about beagles?
  183. My 9 month old Hungarian Vizsla attacks us when we try to touch his collar.?
  184. My american bulldog & First Heat ?
  185. My basset hound is trying to attack my new chihuahua pup. What should I do?
  186. In the State of Florida will home owners insurance cover you if you have an
  187. How much does an American Cocker Spaniel Cost?
  188. what is the best time of the week to travel by greyhound?
  189. Do Siberian Huskies or German Shephards have a temperamental digestive system? ?
  190. how big do you think my boxer dog will get?
  191. How Old will a beagle be before they howl?
  192. English In-Class Essay Pointers PLEASE!?
  193. My dog is a chihuahua mix. Ive been trying to figure out what he is mixed with. He's
  194. How Long Can A Puppy Pomeranian Walk For?
  195. Who w'd u rathr hav negotiate wth th oil companies on ur behalf: Sarah
  196. name for a boston terrier?
  197. Should I get a Miniature Schnauzer or a Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund?
  198. Labrador retriever!!!!!!!!?
  199. Did you know that Obama wears boxers, he is getting a dog, and his code name is
  200. How many people would be intrested in a english bulldog clothing line?
  201. LIfe span of collie: Please answer!!!?
  202. How do I tell if a poodle/terrier mix has fur or hair? I'm allergic to fur and
  203. We just adopted a boxer/bull terrier mix dog, she is rough with our son what can...
  204. 11 Week old Beagle...I am about to lose my mind!!?
  205. how do I prepare for my Lhasa Apso Pup?
  206. The dog the Papillon???????????????
  207. How do you cure and prevent a beagle from getting ear infections?
  208. Which name do you like best for our new male Dachshund puppy?
  209. What mastiff breed should I get?
  210. My chihuahua poops on the floor sometimes, how do I teach him not to?
  211. Whatever happened to the english bulldog on Everybody Loves Raymond?
  212. How Did YOU Train Your Italian Greyhound?
  213. where can i buy a american staffordshire terrier in california?
  214. How do i train my beagle to hunt rabbits he is 3 years old?
  215. advise for my beagle?
  216. Can cane corsos (italian mastiffs) be good guard dogs?
  217. I am considering getting a cavalair king charles spaniel or a pomeranian?
  218. I Live in Mass and I want to buy a Siberian Husky? I want a mini but ..?
  219. Why does my American Eskimo have odd fur on his back?
  220. I have a male schnauzer and he gets a lot of ear infection.?
  221. Where are the Standard Poodles? Are there any in your area?
  222. I have a 3 months old Samoyed. I found a lump on the side of her belly area....?
  223. Can i change the date of travel sooner than the date printed on the ticket?
  224. Do Boston Terriers usually get along well with kittens?
  225. Do Mastiffs drool all the time?
  226. im new to boxing.so will all you eggheads sum everything up. different weights....
  227. I need some good rottweiler info....?
  228. Where can I find a female Bichon Frise puppy within Muntinlupa City,...
  229. Why Doesn't anyone have a Welsh Corgi?
  230. Help finding a Chihuahua puppy in North Carolina.?
  231. THIS IS THE worst 2 weeks ever!!!! my pomeranian has a collapsed trachea and just...
  232. Need help w/ Cairn Terrier puppy and training, please.?
  233. flea shampoos and border collies?
  234. Were can I advertize a Great Dane Fundraiser?
  235. Which dog is best over all...........1.Great Dane 2. Labradoodle 3. St. Bernard?
  236. Why does my Border Collie's skin seem to stink?
  237. My 2 yo female chihuahua/schipperke has an umbilical hernia, it seems more
  238. My 7 months old chihuahua is sick. HELP!!!?
  239. i have a Siberian husky pup and was wondering when would it be old enough to
  240. I have a 14 month old boston terrier that I cannot house train!?
  241. how do I train my mini dachshund max?
  242. My Pomeranian is coughing/hacking..?
  243. My toy poodle has diabetes and will not eat the prescription can food from
  244. My 7 1-2 month old australian terrier is limping on his front foot, what could be...
  245. I have a Boxer that I need to relocate are there any rescues in ohio?...
  246. When you hear the word "Collie" what do you imagine?
  247. My Lab/Beagle mix seems so intelligent...what more can I do do bring this out?
  248. The Bloodhound Gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  249. I just got my chihuahua spayed today?
  250. A few questions about boxers? ?