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  1. Shih Tzu skin problems?
  2. Unusual Acting Miniature Schnauzer.. not sure how to help change her?
  3. I have questions about labor signs for my boxer/mix Dog?
  4. I was considering adopting a Mexican Chihuahua.?
  5. Putting gum on the tips of collies ears?
  6. Should I wear boxers or boxer briefs?
  7. Is 8 weeks to young to bring home a Boston Terrier pup?
  8. Problem with my 7 mo. old boxer........?
  9. What kind of chihuahua is my dog?
  10. Where can I find a Pembroke Welsh Corgi stuffed animal in a store for a low price?
  11. what can i do if my pug ate paint ?
  12. What are some cute Yorkie Pomeranian names please no food names?
  13. son in laws German Sheppard killed his moms pomeranian. bit her face off....
  14. My 6 month mastiff secret poo missions?
  15. Cute names for a female chihuahua & help?
  16. anyone know of yorkshire terriers looking a home?
  17. Pomeranian owners only please!?
  18. name for border collie?
  19. i have a golden Retriever?
  20. What is a good name for a female or male beagle pup? I really like the name Pyper...
  21. Do golden retriever's Bite?
  22. My 15 week old boxer bitc# is underweight?
  23. giving your boyfriend a lap dance in boxers?
  24. who were the best mexican boxers?
  25. Would you agree that 101 Dalmatians is the most overrated Disney movie?
  26. survey for the guys; What do your BOXERS or BRIEFS look like?
  27. should i add a yorkie or a mini schnauzer to my family?
  28. I need serious help with my miniature chihuahua.?
  29. skin problem on my mini schnauzer?
  30. My chihuahua is wobbly and is trying really hard to keep herself to stand...
  31. Does my rottweiler look like a pure breed?
  32. Why does my 1 y/o Mini Schnauzer always look miserable?
  33. skin problems with shih tzu?
  34. how do i get my chihuahuas coat/fur thick and hairy?
  35. has anybody had a Norfolk Terrier or a Norwhich terrier?
  36. What Is A Good Name For A Male Poodle?!?
  37. is my Pomeranian depressed?
  38. Has a mma/boxer/martial artist, showed an opponent mercy before a ref stoppage?
  39. smelly pug question need advice!?
  40. Strange behavious in silky terrier?
  41. i have a female boston terrier.?
  42. Golden Retriever color question?
  43. APBT, GSD, RR or Boxer?
  44. I also have a siberian husky, who lets just say has a top speed of 45 miles an
  45. is a great dane a good pet?
  46. my yellow pomeranian and a brown pom had pups, 3 black ones and a brown...
  47. My 10month beagle has a green pimple like on her tummy it looks just like...
  48. Minature Pinscher or Pug?
  49. my pembroke welsh corgi...........?
  50. My chihuahua is only 3 lbs?
  51. Are Boston Terriers Hypoallergenic?
  52. My beagle ate milk duds!!?
  53. young &restles 2004 Brittany-Marilyn back to Marsino to sing?
  54. Why does my scottish terrier have floppy ears?
  55. Potty Training Chihuahua's Help!!! ?
  56. CHIHUAHUA pups tooth fell out, normal?
  57. I have a cross Cairn Terrier with Border and Lakeland terrier...?
  58. R chihuahuas a mexican breed or something?
  59. Are Siberian husky dogs friendly?????
  60. A chihuahua puppy with diarrhea?:( ?
  61. Anyone know where to find a Boxer dog duvet set?
  62. Good name for Boston Terrier?
  63. I have a female Boxer that was stuck 8 times to my male boxer im trying to get
  64. what causes my male chihuahua to roll over and pee?
  65. Question for guys who wear boxer briefs? And question for girls about guys underwear?
  66. My 9 yearold American Bulldog is sick. He is slow moving, is warm and may have
  67. dog food allergy in american cocker spaniel?
  68. my boston terrier at 3 months old?
  69. I thought guys found boxers more comfy? So why does every single guy wear
  70. Is it normal for Beagles to get lumps?
  71. Two year old Boxer Skinny and Skittish?
  72. Where can i buy a miniature schnauzer?
  73. anyone have a chihuahua and children?
  74. our pomeranian Dusty.. whats up with her fur?
  75. What would be the best pet to get with a male Boston Terrier that's 3 years old?
  76. A cute name for a Shih-Tzu?
  77. Anybody selling cairn terriers?
  78. I have a american bulldog and he lets this other dog eat his food ?
  79. My 2 yo beagle is listless and super tired, anyone know what I could do till...
  80. How can I fatten my Boxer up? ?
  81. Should I get a Chihuahua or a Rottweiler?
  82. My American Bulldog looks different from all the others?
  83. Just got a boston terrier..has one blue eye and one "normal" eye?
  84. how many dogs were there in the 101 dalmatians (1961) other than the 101 dalmatians.?
  85. Potty training help with 6 year old chihuahua.?
  86. My beagle won't let me brush him... Help!?
  87. what is the difference in a geman rottweiler and an american rottweiler?
  88. Rayne Pug or Sector Nine Cosmic Sections Longboard?
  89. Why does the tips of my boxers ears crust over and bleed?
  90. Golden Retriever Has a rash under her front leg , Whats good to stop the itch for
  91. What are the benefits of neutering my boston terrier?
  92. My French Bulldog has very bad gas? ?
  93. why do some mini schnauzers have ear pointed up and some not?
  94. Why is my golden retriever acting this way?
  95. how can i find more bull terrier owners in houston tx?
  96. I think my American Bulldog is about to go in heat?
  97. Do you prefer boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or going commando?
  98. What are some good nicknames for Brittany?
  99. Help me calm my Golden Retriever?
  100. how to train a 2year old german shorthaired pointer?
  101. What is a good female name for a border collie?
  102. Guys- Boxers or underwear?
  103. Is it normal for a Dachshund(weiner dog) to always chase it's tail? ?
  104. What the latest age you can dock a boston terrier's tail?
  105. My 1 year old English bulldog wont quit peeing in the house.?
  106. any boxers in new york state?
  107. My chihuahua has an erection and i am pretty sure it is hurting him (NOT A JOKE)?
  108. how to import a kangal pup?
  109. Can you help me find a picture of Brittany Flickinger from paris hilton's
  110. Miniature Pinscher????????? owners. or whatever.?
  111. How can I get my Boston Terrier to calm down when the kids have friends...
  112. Do I need a ID to use Greyhound for state to state travel? I am over 18.?
  113. Naked singing to brittany Spears?
  114. Guys: Are you embarrassed to be seen walking a "foo foo" dog like a Toy Poodle
  115. Tips On How To Get A Yorkshire Terrier At A Rescue?
  116. How can I tell if my Great Dane is finished giving birth?
  117. My Boxer dog wont gain weight. What should I do?
  118. Is there something wrong with my Shih Tzu's eyes ?
  119. Which name do you prefer for a Yorkshire Terrier puppy?
  120. GSD, APBT, RR or Boxer?
  121. golden retriever not really eating?
  122. I got a new dachshund puppy 3 weeks ago. Crate potty training...?
  123. are boston terriers hind legs suppose to stick out when there little?
  124. my 5 month old boxer terrorizes the apartment while we're at work?
  125. Cantonese Chow Mein Sauce?
  126. Help potty training 6 year old Chihuahua!?
  127. What is the average cost of golden retriever puppies?
  128. Can a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua be friends?
  129. How to mate chihuahuas when one is scared?
  130. Greyhound with separation anxiety?
  131. How much does it cost to remove a stone from a pomeranian?
  132. 2 week old beagle orphans.. not pooping enough?
  133. Papillon RESCUES or SHELTERS in New York?
  134. Help Me Please If You Are An Italian Greyhound Lover Mine Is Having Health...
  135. My Beagle cries and barks at night - what should I do?
  136. My mastiff is itching herself raw?
  137. West Highland White Terrier ?
  138. what is a reasonable price to pay for a 1 year old male boston terrier?
  139. Cavalier King Charles cross with English Springer Spaniel, both are very healthy....
  140. Yorkshire terriers hair?
  141. How can I teach my Rottweiler it is unacceptable to growl/nip while I clip her nails?
  142. Yorkshire Terrier Hair Care?
  143. Why is my chihuahua acting wierd?
  144. are labrador retrievers easy to potty train?
  145. Do you Have a Dachshund if you do could i have a Picture?
  146. Chihuahua pup X where in Kent UK to buy ?
  147. What to do with people shy long hair mini dachshund?
  148. my 80 lb greyhound ate...?
  149. Neuter my eight month old Shih Tzu male puppy or not?
  150. Does dogo argentino mixed american bulldog have a lock jaw when they attacked?
  151. min pin beagle mix brain damage?
  152. Is this joke funny: Purina Dog Chow Diet? ?
  153. Is my chihuahua smarter than I thought?
  154. I heard once that a pelican ate some guys Chihuahua, do you know of any stories
  155. my chihuahua is 4 years old and my golden retriever is 8 weeks and a feisty little
  156. pug breeders near daytona beach Florida?
  157. Why is my 3 yr old golden retriever losing weight?
  158. Another pug How to train her to ride in our truck without...
  159. my little chihuahua sulks when he has a collar on?
  160. how can I make my tiny 9week old chihuahua clothes from materials at home
  161. Shih tzu bruise on leg?
  162. My Pregnant chihuahua?
  163. The dumb Chimps Poodle urges Obama to heal the rift he helped to create ?
  164. Why does my siberian husky snap at certain people?
  165. How do boxers use "kinetic linking"?
  166. Whats a good puppy name for a 8week old pomeranian?
  167. Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Preveiw?
  168. can chihuahuas get cramps all over there body's?
  169. Is my 5 month old English Bulldog going to be tiny?
  170. how young does a miniature poodle pup need to be before you get their coat clipped?
  171. How much would a Great Dane or a Mastiff cost?
  172. where can i find someone with a female chihuahua to mate with my male chihuahua?
  173. My new mini poodle..help!?
  174. Siberian Husky Kennel Name Needed?
  175. Good names for a pomeranian?
  176. I have a chihuahua who has been licking her stomach repeatedly throughout the day. ?
  177. rate my chihuahua =)?
  178. what is a short-haired chihuahuas scientific name?
  179. What does everyone think of Pitbull Rottweiler mix?
  180. English Bull Terrier - Scotland?
  181. Yorkshire Terriers??????????
  182. pomeranian puppies! new york, long island, anyone selling, know a good breeder or
  183. Pug nose wrinkle reduced/removed?
  184. Is milk (Vitamin D Homogenized) bad for a french bull mastiff puppy?
  185. Why is my french bull mastiff puppy lazy? ?
  186. Newfoundland dog fur, oily or fluffy?
  187. does anyone love pug dogs?I luv them and their noses are cute!!!?
  188. How do I train my Boston Terrier to do stand tricks?
  189. Should I get into greyhound racing?
  190. Why do people look at me in disgust when I say I have a staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  191. Do you care about Brittany Spears son?
  192. Is it unusual for chihuahuas to get cavities?
  193. Where can I find a Komondor?
  194. what does BH mean in a rottweiler pedigree?
  195. my italian greyhound is 4 years old and just swallowed a cooked rib bone what
  196. My Labrador Retriever eats feces.?
  197. Does anyone else have a pomeranian with a short coat?
  198. My 10 yr old shih tzu injured his right back leg, prob going down
  199. Hi. What is the appropriate size crate for a 13" beagle?
  200. Can someone tell me who this boxer is?
  201. how much should a 12 week old beagle be eating in one day?
  202. how much do shih tzu puppies cost?
  203. Was My Greyhound Mix Beat?
  204. great dane dog food suggestions?
  205. my chihuahua has thrown 3 times in the last 4 days one of those times he
  206. How do I get my pug to stop chewing my carpet?
  207. What are some good tips on housetraining my boston terrier?
  208. How do I make my Papillon like me more?
  209. how do i keep my Chihuahua from peeing all over my house?
  210. dachshunds lives???????
  211. how many pembroke welsh corgis does queen Elizabeth?
  212. Miniature or standard schnauzer?
  213. My 1 year old beagle just started pooping in his crate Help ME!?
  214. How much would u ask for a Beagle?? PLZ!!?
  215. I don't know what is wrong with my 6 month year old pomeranian?
  216. Which is better the Labrador Retriever pup or the Golden Retriever pup? (Pics
  217. how do I get my 11 month old boston terrier to stop humping my 4 month rottie?
  218. Pitbull/Jack Russell Terrier that has killed squirrels ?
  219. What waist size would you say heavyweights boxers like lennox lewis and mike...
  220. What are some good mini poodle names?
  221. is a cairn terrier a good family pet?
  222. A few questions about boxers?
  223. is there somewhere to get free or cheap CHAMPION PEDIGREE TEACUP YORKIE YORKSHIRE
  224. 2nd Part My Chihuahua Is A Teacup Though So How Big Do They Usually Get ?
  225. I have a German shepard/boxer mixed, who is around 10yrs old.?
  226. My two shorthaired dachshunds have bumps around their heads.?
  227. my boston terriers farts smell sooo bad?
  228. I Have A Chihuahua She Is 9 Weeks Old And Weighs 1.7 Pounds Does Anyone...
  229. I am looking for a reputable Chihuahua breeder in MA or the surrounding states.?
  230. Flat-Coated Retrievers?
  231. what should i know about pembroke welsh corgis before i get one?
  232. I want an English Bulldog. Please read...?
  233. what do people think of cavalier king charles spaniels?
  234. Mastiffs and saltwater?
  235. Does anyone know what type of dog's greyhounds get along with apart from dalmations?
  236. At what age is my male rottweiler mix pup capable of breeding?
  237. My pekingese just had puppies how long until I can give her a bath?
  238. jack Russel terrier or pug?
  239. Standard Schnauzer Grooming?
  240. Whats wrong with my toy poodle.....:(?
  241. Why does my gray mini poodle's coat have white spots?
  242. Why does my chihuahua run away when I blow on her?
  243. why is my female chihuahua doing this?
  244. My 5 yr old poodle has claws on his pads. No imflamtion. Dont know what...
  246. Rottweiler ( female ) Temprement:-?
  247. 2 Boxers with diarrhea?
  248. ANY BABY PAPILLON'S OUT THERE?!? if u r selling, or a breeder, or know where 2
  249. Cost of breeding my basset hound?
  250. What exotic name to choose for my papillon puppy?