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  1. 6 yr. old chihuahua had pointy ears and now they are floppy, why?
  2. how longs do pekingese live?
  3. About Border collies...?
  4. TeaCup Chihuahuas(or the runt)?
  5. Desperate Answer About My Chihuahua!!!?
  6. I've been looking for female Saint Bernard in my area. Does anyone know where...
  7. what should i name my West Highland White Terrier ?
  8. what kind of chihuahua mix does my pup look like?
  9. If I cuddle with my chihuahua...?
  10. Cane Corso or Bull Mastiff?
  11. how do I stop my 8 week old chihuahua to stop biting?
  12. Can a poodle have light eyes?
  13. My chihuahua is missing.. HEARTBROKEN?
  14. My beagle is an artist at getting out of our backyard...what do I do?
  15. Do Chihuahuas smile? Cause I think mine does. am I crazy!?
  16. my beagle has a bloody stool...what could it be?
  17. Cute names for Teacup Chihuahuas? :-)?
  18. who will joe calzaghe have to beat for people to admit he's one of the
  19. I have a beagle and he doesnt listen when i call him i dont know how to train him...
  20. What is the difference between a Havanese and Tibetan Terrier?
  21. how much does a toy american eskimo cost exactly?
  22. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel help!?
  23. My boxer dog is very skinny , massive weight loss ,why ?
  24. How much would it cost to get a greyhound ticket for a 1 hour ride?
  25. how much should i pay for a Golden Retriever puppy in the UK?
  26. TEACHERS: any pointers (especially like to hear from ENGLISH teachers)?
  27. Is a pug a good first time dog?
  28. my shih-tzu has very bad behavior?
  29. Can anyone rescue our English Springer Spaniel?
  30. Who would when out of a fight a Presa Canario or a Bullmastiff?
  31. dalmatian molly..male or female?
  32. Has anyone heard of boxer mastiff mixes?
  33. Where can my dad buy a French Bulldog Puppie?
  34. Is my miniature schnauzer overweight for his age?
  35. what should i name my new teacup poodle ?
  36. I have a chihuahua, but I want a pug! Would that work?
  37. its my dog a boxer mix, or a black mouth cur?
  38. English Bulldog questions.?
  39. What Size Of The Furminator Would Be Best For My American Eskimo? ?
  40. i have been offered a pug for free all i have to do is pay delivery charge?
  41. Opinion on Beatles name for Labrador Retriever Puppy!?
  42. can anyone post a picture of a pitbull\Golden retriever mix? ?
  43. Can a female Rat-cha dog get pregnant by a Golden retriever male?
  44. My shih tzu is 1 1/2 years old and has started urinating in the house. What
  45. My 8 weeks old rottweiler does not want to eat anything by her own.?
  46. What boxer breifs are best ?
  47. what do u think of Brittany and Paris have they really changed?
  48. Do English Bulldogs live well with other dogs?
  49. hi just took a staff bull terrier on hes about2 yrs old but hes so giddy any tips...
  50. I like the song womanizer by Brittany Spears, does that make me a bad person?
  51. Why does my 1 yr old Pug hate collars?
  52. What are some good things? And bad things about chihuahuas?
  53. is my dog in labor. dachshund and she is whining.?
  54. What's the smallest Mastiff you have ever seen?
  55. Should I get a shih tzu or a maltese?
  56. Will a Pomeranian get along with a Rottweiler and .........?
  57. looking to adopt and english bulldog ?
  58. Yesterday my 12 year old poodle had a sore on him that looked like a boil.what
  59. my 5 mth old toy poodle only go to wee n poop when i told him to,he would not do by
  60. Some beagle questions?
  61. my sister alegic to cats and yorkshire terriers, do you think shell be okay
  62. Why did the poodle doodle on my noodle?
  63. how to bathed my shih tzu?
  64. any one selling pug puppies in san diego CA?
  65. How long can your dog trust you?I Have A 2 yr-old dachshund?
  66. What do you think of my Boston Terrier? Is she a good example of the breed?
  67. lhasa apso wont stop barking?
  68. PLZ >>>>>Miniature dachshund puppy??<<<<< PLZ?
  69. Hanna Montana or an angry poodle?
  70. jack russel, dachshund or beagle?
  71. What is the best larger sized dog ( rottweiler, German shepherd) ?
  72. Do you think this dog is even a mix, or a full mastiff?
  73. Miniature pinscher Girl puppy?
  74. my beagle has dry skin,any suggestion?
  75. Does anyone have a dog/puppy who is a Brittany Spaniel or a Brittany...
  76. getting a new mastiff puppy.?
  77. Hello all, I'm looking for a good name for a female Rottweiler?
  78. Question about great dane english mastiff mix?
  79. Chow Owners. Tips on training chow chow pup?
  80. Do Basenji dogs make good companions?
  81. Have you ever heard of the beauty of Newfoundland in Canada? Want to know...
  82. 10-yr-old poodle with grey/yellow diarrhea?
  83. how long and how offten does a pregnant pomeranian stay sick and not want to eat?
  84. GreyHounds whats yours like? mine cant be normal!?
  85. anyone neutered thier rottweiler at 5 months?
  86. would holistic select larg/giant breed puppy food be good for a huge
  87. I have a Labrador Retriever who's been with the family for 3 years now...?
  88. Rottweiler dog question please help?
  89. I Have A Chihuahua/miniature Pincher The Gets A Nasal Sound Every Now & Then...
  90. My 9 month old toy poodle has not went in heat ?
  91. Sick Pomeranian please help?
  92. What are some good names for a DACHSHUND puppy?
  93. Beagle? help answer all questions please ?
  94. Who is smaller Lhasa Apso or Maltese?
  95. Anyone own a american eskimo dog or puppy?
  96. How can I give my chihuahua its pills?
  97. How much do Siberian Huskies shed?
  98. How Big Should An English Mastiff Be At 4 Months Old?
  99. My Weimaraner is acting aggressive. ?
  100. Scab on my Welsh Corgi's head?
  101. where does Greyhound let passengers off in Toronto?
  102. my daughter had a jack russell terrier given to her at work. it is 6 weeks
  103. I like the song womanizer by Brittany Spears, dose that make me a bad person?
  104. What is the real name for the boxer "The Bear"?
  105. signs of anal glands needing to be expressed in a miniature schnauzer...?
  106. Are mini poodles good pets?
  107. Question about greyhound with diarrhea. Please help!?
  108. Border Collie info help?
  109. My toy poodle urinate something shiny after it dries up on the newspaper...?
  110. why do pro boxers write on their handwraps?
  111. How much should I pay for a golden retriever?
  112. what does it mean when my papillons ears go up and down!!?
  113. can you teach a beagle not to howl when home alone?
  114. i need help with my bull terrier?
  115. racing greyhound BITCH from the 70's ?
  116. why is my chihuahua sick?
  117. What should a Pomeranian Cost?
  118. Best food for Jack russell terrier pup?
  119. What's the difference between an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky?
  120. Is my chihuahua pregnant?
  121. I have two Chihuahuas that are lets say affectionate with eachother and they
  122. what is a deerhead chihuahua?
  123. German Shepherd Dog-Poodle are they hyproallergenic?
  124. Can a american cocker spaniel live together with a toy poodle?
  125. Looking For Rottweiler Names?
  126. yorkshire terriers :]?
  127. How long can a pug live for?
  128. my poodle's having fleas after using frontline ?
  129. whats a good name for a labrador retriever ?
  130. where can i buy the nightmare before christmas jack boxers at?
  131. Should I get a Maltese, yorkie, or a shih tzu?
  132. my red mini poodle is crazy?
  133. One more shih tzu question?
  134. What should I do about my pug's hairless spot on her stomach?
  135. How would I go about getting my Shih Tzu registered?
  136. I have a 1 yr old Great Pyrenees and he wont chase anything?
  137. My dog, (oreo) a shih-tzu,, is starting to turn gray, starting at his...
  138. Is there going to be another 101 dalmatians live action?
  139. long haired chihuahua or doxie in WI?
  140. chihuahua vs tea cup chihuahua ?
  141. Yorkshire Terrier Information?
  142. Do you know about pugs?
  143. Bonding With My Yorkshire Terrier?
  144. How much does a Boxer/German Shepherd Mix weigh?
  145. which dog food is better for my mini dachshunds.?
  146. Yorkshire Terrier Breeding Period?
  147. Does anyone know how big the world's largest Pomeranian is?
  148. Are the boxers allowed to go the bathroom in the middle of a professional boxing
  149. in the book skelig the food from the Chinese restaurant is pork chow and ?
  150. Who would win a fight between a Pitbull and a Rottweiler?
  151. Shipping a Shih-tzu and raising 1?
  152. my applehead CHIHUAHUA is pregnant I think it happen the week of sept 25th ?
  153. Breeding Boxers?? or any breed???????????
  154. What breed of dog will get along with my Pekingese?
  155. got a 9week old pitbull mastiff?
  156. My Shih-tzu has a sore ear?
  157. my shih tzu is 10 weeks old and weight 3 pounds. Her mom is 12lbs at 18 months...
  158. I have a Shiba Inu, 5 yrs old. I had to put my other dog to sleep in May.?
  159. I have a cross British bulldog Boxer he is 7 weeks old and i am finding...
  160. Please tell me about Pugs?
  161. ok fun dog Question for boxer lover?
  162. My little Chihuahua has a swollen eye?!!!?
  163. who do you think is the greatest boxer of all time sugar ray or ali?
  164. whippet information please...?
  165. What colors do labrador retrievers come?
  166. Training chihuahuas. Are kennels mean?
  167. Do chihuahuas get attached to a certain person?
  168. just curious about briefs and boxers..?
  169. Yorkshire Terrier pups- should I buy one ?
  170. My boxer is 1 year old and needs to loose 3 kg, help please?
  171. are boxer briefs unhealthy for men?
  172. What is a unique greek god name for a male great dane?
  173. siberian husky in southern california?
  174. I'm looking for a newly born Golden Retriever puppy in Northern KY?
  175. question about a pregnant boxer?
  176. how do i train to be a boxer?
  177. My new Chihuahua puppy that is one month keeps biting me, what should I do?
  178. Doberman or Rottweiler? Or another suggestion?
  179. What do you think of retired greyhounds?
  180. Why is our poodle attached to mum so much?!?!?!?!?!?
  181. i have a samll backyard but i want to get a border collie x kelpie is that a
  182. Girlfriend's Chihuahua's--HELP!?
  183. golden retriever puppy questions?
  184. Can a siberian Husky breed with a Jack Russell/Chiuaua?
  185. How Can You Train A Chihuahua ?
  186. SIBERIAN HUSKY puppy >>> how much bigger will she grow?
  187. Is this normal for a shih tzu puppy?
  188. why do the police mostly use german shepards(phfff!) and not bigger,
  189. i have a 6 month old girl boxer. she has not started barking. do you have any tips?
  190. my 9week old pitbull mastiff?
  191. How do I stop 3 month old female Newfoundland biting 3 month old female Yorkie?
  192. How much should I be feeding my beagle?
  193. I have a 2yrs old shih tzu, can she be spay after her first heat?
  194. What to do? I wan to get rid of an 8 month old boxer but, my husband doesn't.?
  195. How To Tell If My Boston Terrier Is Pregnant?
  196. What do you think of Boozer the chihuahua?
  197. Help! My shih-tzu has had diarrhoea for the past two weeks!?
  198. 2 year old boxer in heat?
  199. where can i find sexy boxers??? please help?
  200. can a boxer and a english mastiff be raised together?
  201. I have a Jack Russell/Beagle mix- how much should I feed him?
  202. If I'm in distress, will my belgian malinois instinctively protect me?
  203. Bloodhound.Exploit.109 on my computer?
  204. what is fruit salad or greyhound sighting or broken thumb mean in a party?
  205. Dachshund problems???
  206. My rott has been obsessively licking my mastiffs feet.?
  207. GIANT schnauzer problems!!!?
  208. How much are silky terriers?
  209. boston terrier vomits irregular and dry heaves?
  210. Suppose a person had a life-size tattoo of their childhood pet beagle’s...
  211. I think my chihuahua got pregnant by a Doberman puppy?
  212. am getting rottweiler but?
  213. My Chihuahua Has an odd breath odor?
  214. My Scottish Terrier is balding around one eye. What is wrong?
  215. I got a shih tzu puppy today?
  216. In Dachshund & Friends Eventually Can You Get A Chihuahua?
  217. I am frustrated with my boxer dog?
  218. How much are silky terriers?
  219. PLEASE HELP!!!!! my chihuahua is at full term pregnancy and?
  220. I was wondering About Chihuahua?
  221. What is a good raw food diet for Boxers?
  222. What are some cons to owning a Siberian Husky?
  223. i have a mini poodle, i breed on oct 30th she all of a sudden is having color...
  224. My 2 year old boxer chews on stuff hes not supposed to... ?
  225. Scottish Terrier Makes Small Hops Sometimes?
  226. Samoyed owners!? 10 points best answer?
  227. Questions about Chihuahuas...?
  228. yorkshire terriers :]?
  229. help please with yorkshire terrier?
  230. i think my 5 lb chihuahua?
  231. Am I exercising my Golden Retriever enough?
  232. My little Chihuahua has a swollen eye?!!!?
  233. can a shizu-poodle mix mate with a poodle? ?
  234. what r healthy treats and food i can give my long hiar and apple teacup chihuahua?
  235. my 2 month year old golden retriever bites?
  236. Questions about Chihuahuas...?
  237. How much should my american bulldog eat?
  238. Bullmastiff breeding with an Old English Mastiff?
  239. My ten pound yorkie (Teddy) was recently attacked by two very large mastiffs. ?
  240. Should I get a Cane Corso or an American Pit Bull Terrier or an American...
  241. I have an EVIL female rottweiler puppy and I seriously need help!!!?
  242. Are Tibetan Spaniels Easy to take care of?
  243. Is it normal for a girl to have her boyfriends boxers?
  244. What should I make/buy for my 9 week old chihuahua? I'd prefer a list! ?
  245. I have a 7 year old girl and a 13 year old boy and we were planning to get a
  246. I have a Boxer. After eating, she will throw her food up. She also has a...
  247. Why is my pekingese not barking?
  248. Beagle consistently taking things from inside. What do I do?
  249. Any experts on beagles?
  250. my mini schnauzer-chihuahua-terrier got bred with a chihuahua-pomeranian is pregnant