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  1. I need to know where in MA I can find a small poodle not to expensive,...
  2. Boxer pups near reading pa for sale?
  3. How to make a Pomeranian's hair softer?
  4. Best family friendly dog...lab or golden retriever?
  5. When should I spay my female JackRussell/Pug mix?
  6. cairn terrier x yorkie mix.. 5lbs?
  7. How can I train a boxer to calm down?
  8. how are labradors, retrievers and labrador retrievers? also i saw one that is a
  9. Im concerned about my 8 month old boxer can you help?
  10. How can I get my Australian Cattle Dog to shed less?
  11. Can I add vinegar to water for my toy poodle?
  12. Why does my Bullmastiff lick his feet?
  13. I want to paint my white poodle green.?
  14. Help me find pictures of Brittany Flickinger?
  15. Why is my boxer puppy eating her own poop?
  16. chihuahua question...?
  17. Boxer owners...give me your opinions?
  18. Boxing: I used to train with boxers in HS and now want to get back into it?
  19. HOW much Will a GOLDEN retriever puppy cost?
  20. My Toy Poodle Ate a Chocolate Bar, What Should I Do?
  21. how do i know if my chihuahua is a apple dome or deer dome?
  22. what kind of work can i put my dos to do, i have a boxer, and also a young mastiff.?
  23. What shots does a 3 year old boxer need?
  24. Yorkshire Terrier Musty smell. Help?
  25. My dad's birthday is soon and he loves silk boxers...?
  26. 7 yrs hyperactive 55 lb Border Collie - vet diagnosed torn ACL & recommended
  27. How long should I keep my beagle on the treadmill and how fast also my my
  28. What is the max weight of a rottweiler, and when do they stop growing?
  29. My shih tzu puppy poo?
  30. What would you do if a 150 lb unleashed American Bulldog attacked your leashed 55 lb
  31. my american bulldog is obssesed with her but why?
  32. AMATEUR BOXER: HELP..I did bad in sparring...?
  33. what name should i choose for my chihuahua's puppies?
  34. We have a 15 week old Beagle - he is peeing in his kennel - What can we do?
  35. Hi I got A question if somebody can help me out with please? I got A...
  36. what yal think of a dachie/collie?
  37. What is a good diet for my pomeranian?
  38. During cold weather, how long can I keep my Boston terrier outside?
  39. I have a boxer. He's a year old. Do dogs get pimples?
  40. How big should my Pomeranian/Spaniel mix be (on average) at ten weeks old?
  41. temperament of husky/border collie mix?
  42. picture of a saint bernard scotch shepherd mix?
  43. What is it about Boxers. What don't I understand about the?
  44. mastiff question on seach and rescue?
  45. My Boston Terrier has horrible gas, is it ok to give him a beano or something else
  46. What should I name our new female basset hound puppy?
  47. Is this dog cute? [baby toy pomeranian]?
  48. Can a parti-poodle come with AKC papers?
  49. my balls really itch, would boxers be better for me?
  50. My 2yr. old boxer has had a change in stools for the last 2 weeks. What should I do?
  51. Shar-Pei, what is your opinion?
  52. Why does My Pomeranian have a shiny wavy coat not like a full blood Pom?
  53. I am thinking about buying a Pomeranian and I would like to know whats the
  54. What's a better puppy food for Boxers besides Eukenuba Large Breed Puppy food?
  55. My chihuahua keeps "honking"?
  56. Shar-pei puppy terrified of people...?
  57. does anyone know how big a dachie/collie will be?
  58. pug puppy not eating!?
  59. Cincinnati Beagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  60. My beagle had pups and she keeps trying to carry one away from the litter. ?
  61. How do you get your dog (mastiff/ rottie cross) to stop eating your hot tub cover?
  62. I would like to find out more about a female boxers temperment. ?
  63. My Boston Terrier is Driving Me Crazy! Any Help?
  64. My 6 lb puppy dachshund swallowed a chunk of pig skin last night. (Size of a...
  65. Does anyone know where i can find a poster of one of these Brittany Snow Pictures?
  66. Alaska and Newfoundland are comparable: but who has more moxy, Sarah
  67. My Shar Pei has weeping eyes.?
  68. Why would active 1 yr old poodle vomit after eating?
  69. Where can I find a Great Dane breeder in the NY/NJ/CT area? ?
  70. Best food for my boxer pup.?
  71. I have a 7wk old chihuahua puppy w mother has yellow loose poop... won't...
  72. How many pups will my boxer female have?
  73. why is my shih tzu acting like a gaurd dog?
  74. ***Help*** Rottweiler puppy LIMPING! Not a broken bone nor a hip out of...
  75. Can I put frontline on a 5 month old chihuahua mix puppy?
  76. how do i get my chihuahua to stop barking so much?
  77. Is this normal with the Chow breed?
  78. I'm now scared about taking my pomeranian off the lead..?
  79. How do the French say "German Shepard and Labrador Retriever"?!?!?!?
  80. When you brush a poodle....?
  81. I just got a Great Pyrenees?...?
  82. Want a chihuahua and not sure if this would work...?
  83. Raw, red sores on Shih Tzu - what's up?
  84. my american bulldog has issues, help.?
  85. How much does a Welsh Corgi cost?
  86. My boxer has an irritated anus....any ideas? ?
  87. what is a american bulldog females average neck size?
  88. has anyone ever crossed a pomeranian and caniche?
  89. My 10 weeks old toy poodle keeps crying. How do I calm him down?
  90. Another poodle grooming?
  91. help me name my bichon frise?
  92. why do pugs like high places?
  93. Is my Dalmatian too smart or too energetic to be crate trained?
  94. Are beagles allowed to eat peanut butter?
  95. Why does my Shih-Tzu/Lahsa dog scratch his left ear and cry?
  96. Can a Jack Russell and a Rat Terrier live in the same house together?
  97. Does anyone have any ideas why my Collie has lost her hair?
  98. My beagle had pups and she keeps trying to carry one away from the litter. ?
  99. My friend's chihuahua cannot turn his head to the right and seems to have loss...
  100. Help with my pug dogs?
  101. my 6 month old chihuahua is having direah. What can I do to help him?
  102. Where can I get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  103. Pregnant Chihuahua/Miniature Pin. mix help?
  104. should boxers use protien drinks?
  105. How do i get my 4 yo Yorkie Pomeranian mix to stop begging?
  106. Random question. Afghan Hounds - am I alone in thinking this?
  107. Boxer Needs help choosing an alias. ?
  108. hi is it safe to come into the greyhound station in baltimore at 12- 1 am?
  109. I'm fixing to get an eight-week-old Great Pyrenees puppy...?
  110. Odd question can basset hounds swim?
  111. How do i train like a boxer?
  112. German Shepherd Dog puppy, what kind of food?
  113. I have a lot of pets including a dog. I really want a German Shepherd!! My
  114. when you wear boxers do u wear briefs under it or..?
  115. I just got a brand new Boxer, and it is drinking excessive amounts of water, what's
  116. I have a 11 months old German Shepherd male dog, Question about his diet?
  117. Am I just asking for trouble if I adopt two pug puppies together?
  118. ok i have a full blooded beagle and ?
  119. Help my English bull terrior keeps on bitting my new pup. Please help it is very
  120. My chihuahua ate my lipstick?
  121. Minature schnauzer cut?
  122. Shih tzu, Chihuahua or Cocker Spaniel..?
  123. English bulldog paw red?
  124. how much should i feed my 11 week old cavalier king charles spaniel?
  125. How do i get my 8 month old Boxer to listen off the leash?
  126. Problem with my chihuahua?
  127. My 15 week old beagle is peeing in his kennel - what can we do to stop it?
  128. would my 5 yr old American Staffiture bull terrier fight with an adopted 4 yr...
  129. Vizslas have a odorless coat?
  130. In Need Of An English Bulldog!?
  131. How do i Potty train my pedigree beagle?
  132. I own Chihuahua's and I'm having a problem finding harnesses that not only fit
  133. Is this funny? Definition of a smart blond---------a golden retriever ?
  134. Siberian Husky Hungrier in the Winter?
  135. Where can I get a pure bred young female scottish terrier for $160 in Placerville
  136. A bull terrier white DOG QUESTIONS?
  137. my beagle............................................ ...............?
  138. Is the Greyhound the fastest dog?
  139. i ave a english bull terrier who has dryed skin.im usin sudocream but
  140. Highland White Terrier or Pomeranian?
  141. 6 month old chihuahuas never been vaccinated,what is a list of shots i need to get?
  142. chihuahua names again?
  143. my shih tzu is teething?
  144. Male dog name that starts with an "S" for a Boxer/Shepherd mix?
  145. Ever seen a blue Rottweiler?
  146. Need Help Finding A Chihuahua Breeder?
  147. do you like tight pants on guys or baggy pants with boxers showing?
  148. What should I name my chihuahua?
  149. getting a golden retriever puppy?
  150. Why is it that our weimaraner has taken up biting since we got him neutered?
  151. does anybody know how to describe brittany from Paris Hiltons BFF shows hair?[[PIC]]?
  152. Help*** Rottweiler puppy limping back leg** not hips or broken bone! NO idea, took
  153. Wild Shot Rottweiler Puppy?
  154. smooth collie? ?
  155. my 3 month old beagle is biting the kids to hard. How do I stop this behavior?
  156. i have a 3 year old beagle that get yeast infections in his ear.How can i cure it ?
  157. similarities of newfoundland and nunavut?
  158. Best dog food for 2 active boxers?
  159. brindle boxer question..please read?
  160. Poodle that really stinks?
  161. how do i keep my shih tzu from...?
  162. I have a 7 month old Rottweiler, he is a great dog but sometimes does things
  163. Appropriate Weight for Schnauzer Puppies?
  164. Help. I cant get my boxer to stop chewing. Any ideas?
  165. How long should I walk My Dachshund( DACHSHUND OWNERS)?
  166. My 8 month old Boxer/Pitt puppy has been limping, holding up his hind leg &...
  167. calling all Shiba-inu Owners!! - aggression issue?
  168. Why is my beagle crying all the time now after getting spayed?
  169. Where would I be able to get a DACHSHUND puppy At?
  170. English Mastiff Help?
  171. beagle family tree?????
  172. My German Shepherd Dog.?
  173. Shih tzu and collars.?
  174. Does anyone know how to cut a poodles tail into a pom pom .?
  175. Does anyone have or can take some pictures of St. John's Newfoundland that I can use?
  176. What to know about Golden Retrievers?
  177. Ladies, what type of boxers do you like on men?
  178. Where can i get a Pomeranian in North Carolina?
  179. How do you know if there's a skin infection to a toy poodle?
  180. border collies, german sheppard's, golden retrievers, and the like. what...
  181. I have a Pomeranian/ Chihuahua mix and noticed some choking need advice?
  182. pink eye on basset hound!!!?
  183. Question about Lhasa Apso and Maltese?
  184. Will a 10mth old Labrador hurt my pug of the same age?
  185. I have a Merle colored Great Dane..is breeding him a bad idea?
  186. English Mastiff Preparation?
  187. How else can Boxers Cheat in a fight....?
  188. What is done in a complete poodle grooming? ?
  189. Need ideas for fun games and puzzles to amuse pug puppy whilst she is home alone!?
  190. Belgian malinois mixed with a golden retriever?
  191. Do Dachshunds do well on their own? ?
  192. How do you crate train a chihuahua?
  193. How do I get my money back from greyhound?
  194. Who is the most complete boxer of All Time? ?
  195. I want to get a GREAT DANE but...?
  196. How to make sure my pitt bull and dachshund a.k.a weiner dog will get along?
  197. i have a basset hound, whats the best way to get pine tree pitch off his ears?
  198. My 10 week old Boxer puppy died yesterday and the necropsy came back
  199. at what age does a boston terriers ears stand up?
  200. Help with dachshund potty training.. not a puppy!?
  201. What is your preference Boxers or Briefs?
  202. Does anyone know anything about this breed? Belgian Shepherd Malinois ?
  203. How do I get my boston terrier to catch the frisby?
  204. beagles please help? ?
  205. New Born-White Miniature Schnauzer?
  206. How Do I Get My Female Basset Hound To Stand Up During Intercourse With
  207. my chihuahua bites people?
  208. where can i find a dachshund named duncan to give ti a good home. the...
  209. Girls, is it hot to see guys with their boxers showing?
  210. Papillon Male Potty Training?
  211. Dose any one know someone who has a male English Bulldog to stud?
  212. my new shih tzu puppy?
  213. chances of a boxers head injury?
  214. I just got this beagle 2 days ago and i need help!?
  215. Are pugs highly susceptible to demodex mange?
  216. bichon frise going through the night?
  217. 5 yr old neutered miniature pinscher urinating in house?
  218. My 10 month old yorkshire terrier has diarrhea?
  219. If a chihuahua fits in my hand, about how much do you think it weighs?
  220. My 8 month old Beagle/ Shih tzu mix chews everything!!! How do I get him to stop!?!?
  221. I know that you need to brush a toy poodle coat at least twice a week,
  222. Are komondors inside dogs or outside dogs?
  223. how often and how much should i feed an american bulldog raw diet?
  224. Comfortis for my Boston Terrier?
  225. Who hates Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton?
  226. Are there any greyhound buses from New York to Hartford, CT?
  227. Hey, know anyone in Arcadia or Port Charlotte selling or giving away a Scottish...
  228. I Have A Pug Problem!?
  229. my beagle keeps peeing on the bed?
  230. I have 3 dogs, a Pom, a Schnauzer, and a Scottish Terrier?
  231. How do I get my Saint Bernard to stop jumping up on people?
  232. Can anyone tell what is wrong with my Saint Bernard?
  233. what health problems do dachshunds have?
  234. Does anyone know why Boston Terriers don't bark that much?
  235. what things will i need for my rottweiler?
  236. What is the best companion (breed/sex) to get my 1yr 4mo old male Boston Terrier?
  237. boxer puppies temperament?
  238. Help with Chihuahua puppy!!?
  239. Our border collie may be pregnant..?
  240. my 2 and a half year old basset hound and she wont stop peeing on the...
  241. We have an English Bulldog. Lately, for no reason ... ?
  242. My Boxer has Gastritis, any advice?
  243. what should i name my baby girll chihuahua?
  244. Chihuahua questions please read!?
  245. have a boxer puppy how long can I wait to have her spayed?This is a great info...
  246. My shih tzu will not get along with my rotwiler?
  247. Why is there such a big difference between MMA fighters salaries, and boxers?
  248. Tips On Owning A Miniature Pinscher?! ?
  249. Does it cost money to adopt a greyhound from the Lincoln, RI racetrack?
  250. Pomeranian with a broken leg?