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  1. Who likes bloodhounds (St. hubert hound)?Ours is 2yrs. she is a red.She just
  2. where can i get a chihuahua pup in the birmingham, AL area?
  3. 7-day advance purchase for the greyhound bus,what's that mean exactly?
  4. whippet x husky pictures?
  5. Has anyone ever thought they were a good boxer,but when they got whipped?
  6. How long should a 1yr6month old female beagle sleep?
  7. Can som1 that has or has had an Australian Shepard or Basenji answer these questions?
  8. has anyone ever seen a paperanian and basset hound mix?
  9. how much would a pug cost if i bought it at a pet shop?
  10. Is the Nintendogs Sheltie Lockedin the Chihuahua & Friends U.S.A. Version?
  11. Is the hair on the back of a Schnauzer really short is it just cut that way? ?
  12. Why are siberian huskies so dumb?
  13. my 9 month old chihuahua wines. like a low grunting almost like the noise you make
  14. New to German Shepherds/ Dogs period?
  15. What kind of games can I play with a Boxer?
  16. my chihuahua? whats wrong with her?
  17. I'm planning to get a shiba inu but would she be safe in my condo?
  18. what are play habits of the Pomeranian and the Maltese?
  19. tips for house training a beagle??? he is not a mix!!!?
  20. I found a pair of boxers in the garage?
  21. Tips on house training dachshunds?
  22. I have a 13 year old Labrador Retriever... how much longer will she live?
  23. Post neuter care for a 1 year old pug during Thanksgiving?
  24. How to make a Pomeranian coat healthy?
  25. Does anyone have a recipe for puppy chow?
  26. Tell me about your Shih tzu? or a friends?
  27. How much should a 9 wk old English bulldog weigh?
  28. What kind of games can I play with a Boxer?
  29. A question about boxers?
  30. Are you a fan of the boxer Muhammad Ali? Why?
  31. Can som1 that has or has had an Australian Shepard or Basenji answer these questions?
  32. A woman sold me a dachshund as a purebred who I dont think is. What should I do?
  33. how do i know how many weeks a chihuahua is?
  34. Help! We need a Chihuahua rescue immediately! He could die...?
  35. Is it OK to get a boy boxers for Christmas in this situation...?
  36. Are A Boxers Ears Naturally Pointy Or Floppy?
  37. my american bulldog has raised hives/welts on her back anyone know what it could be?
  38. border collie living conditions?
  39. Help! My Pomeranian's crap has.... Reddish fat looking stuff in it? He is
  40. My new English Mastiff growled at me?
  41. Why aren't there many white boxers anymore?
  42. has any guy recently switched from boxers to briefs?
  43. How does one keep their Border Collie from herding everything?
  44. i want to be more like Brittany...!!?
  45. Why does my King Charles spaniel scratch?
  46. whats a good name for a chocolate shar pei?
  47. I need help please? I live in Cali I have A bullmastiff who attacked my...
  48. What is the best dog shampoo for pomeranian's coat?
  49. I just got a 9 months chihuahua ... n i need help?
  50. How does one keep their Border Collie from herding everything?
  51. My Bichon Frise has a butt problem!!!!?
  52. Long hair Chihuahua will potty in house if she so chooses?
  53. Has anyone had/has a Newfoundland dog?
  54. how many times does a english bull terrier(bitch) need to have sex
  55. Baby rottweiler/dob/australian lab when do i clip his tail he is about 9 weeks old?
  56. Would it bother a girl if her boyfriend was a boxer and he loved to fight?
  57. Golden Retriever VS. Boxers? Personal stories and opinions please!?
  58. untrainable poodle helppppppppp?
  59. How to get a less angry shih tzu?
  60. Blue-Merle Chihuahua Breeder?
  61. We found a toy poodle. ?
  62. Do collies come in solid white?
  63. Why isn't Floyd Mayweather considered the best boxer?
  64. Female 7yr beagle back pain problem...Need help!?
  65. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a King Charles Spaniel?
  66. Shih Tzu Dog Names (Unique)?
  67. Where can I get the CHEAPEST boxers?
  68. I have a 9 month old Chihuahua. Is it regular to have her teeth pulled if...
  69. why does my chihuahua like to run with big dogs?
  70. Dachshund is a cannibal?
  71. Miniature dachshund training problems?
  72. schnauzer help help help?
  73. 6 month English Mastiff puppy swiching to raw?
  74. What kind of dog should I get?A teacup chihuahua or a golden retriever.And say why?
  75. Shih tzu smells - from eyes and ears how to remove?
  76. Help! My chihuahua is Prego!!!?
  77. When do Old English Sheepdogs get their gray fur?
  78. Names for a male Rottweiler? ?
  79. Do American boxing fans only support or acknowledge American boxers?
  80. a chihuahua eats desitin?
  81. where could i get a english bulldog here in phx for cheap?
  82. The Brotherhood of the Traveling Boxers?
  83. is it safe for my 5 month old golden retriever to go up stairs?
  84. What is the best dog shampoo for pomeranian's coat?
  85. Do Greyhounds make good apartment dogs?
  86. Boarding Greyhound bus in LosAngeles?
  87. Help with Bichon Frise ?
  88. 1 and a half year old Boxer dog in heat?
  89. What are some of your most memorable Beagle experiences?
  90. what are good names for schnauzers?
  91. I have a 5 month old Registered Miniature Schnauzer, and I have been truly slacking
  92. Women? Briefs or Boxers?
  93. what habits do Pomeranian have and some other details?
  94. i have three nitendogs Dalmatians, Labradors, and Chihuahas ae there any others?
  95. What kind of 'job' should I give to my Australian Shepard / Border Collie mix puppy?
  96. what will a boston terrier, poodle Maltese mix look like? ?
  97. My chihuahua has a little ball on his right top back...is that bad?
  98. What Do I Do For A 1 Yr Old Boxer That Only Throws Up In The Morning ?
  99. Did my mini Dachshund have a fit/stroke?
  100. if philippines is much closer to the USA, will it produce as much quality boxers as
  101. How to change this, jealous dachshund?
  102. What should I name my shih tzu puppy?
  103. Why are my Chihuahua's ears flopping?
  104. Are Beagles good Dogs?
  105. We have a 5 yr old Golden Retriever that is going to be given to a family with 3
  106. Are mini australian shepherds good dogs?
  107. Do you think it's fair that Chows have such a bad reputation?
  108. Color Of Boxer Puppies?
  109. Fish Oil dosage for my Boston Terrier.?
  110. The name Brittany? Youre thoughts?
  111. Who has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  112. How to handle a Boston Terrier?
  113. Are whippets affectionate at all?
  114. Please Help Me Name My Pomeranian Puppy?
  115. do women prefer seeing their men wearing boxers vs briefs?
  116. I own a toy poodle is it normal for him to have anxiety attacks when no one is home?
  117. Can a little dog (Yorkie size) live with a big dog (boxer size) live together?
  118. Help! My siberian husky?
  119. What's your opinion on guys who wear their jeans/trousers/pants low in
  120. Can someone that knows a lot about Pembroke Welsh Corgis answer my questions?
  121. can i feed yogurt drink to my 5th months old toy poodle?
  122. Is it wrong to wear short boxer shorts or not wearing a bra, but wearing a
  123. 18 week male poodle not potty trained AT ALL!!!?
  124. a Beagle questions..?
  125. Dachshunds and jumping - ?
  126. A dog that looks like a border collie?
  127. brittany from paris hilton is my new bff band?
  128. Anyone who owns a beagle...?
  129. boxers issue ,please I need some advise?
  130. Does anyone have any valid greyhound bus coupons?
  131. What can I do with my Chihuahua?
  132. can any body give me some sites with patterns for small dogs like chihuahua's?
  133. Can anyone tell me about Whippets?
  134. is it true that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have health problems?
  135. is Cerberus chow a cool name?
  136. Hi I got A question if somebody can help me out with please? I got A bullmastiff It
  137. im trying to convince my parents to get me a labrador retriever for christmas. help.?
  138. Dachshund has back problem?
  139. Thinking to get a dachshund puppy?
  140. my english bulldog passed out ?
  141. Shih Tzu: The Color of the nose?
  142. I have a tiny Poodle and need help thinking of a name for him?
  143. how do i get my shih tzu hair to grow supper long without getting dread locks?
  144. what to do about lazy chihuahua?
  145. GreyHound bus station in LosAngeles?
  146. After a rottweiler free to good home or cheap?
  147. What can I give my 3 month old beagle puppy for his stomach ache?
  148. Is there anywhere to keep my car at the Greyhound station on St. marys?
  149. I'm traveling to mexico by greyhound.......?
  150. Another Pomeranian Potty Training ?
  151. How do I help my English Bulldog's Hind Legs? ?
  152. Can anyone tell me a website to find old english mastiff breeders?
  153. My Dachshund keeps crying?
  154. My pomeranian's voice is hoarse and i dont know why, any clues?
  155. Are chihuahuas good for children?
  156. Can a pembroke welsh corgi get along with a chihuahua?
  157. Is this cruel for my dachshund?
  158. Chihuahua Is Biting New Owners?
  159. Desperate for advice should my german shepherd dog need to be put down?
  160. my basset hounds nails keep splitting?
  161. Can someone please help me find a decent Pug breeder in Oregon?
  162. Pitbull Terrier x Staffordshire bull terrier?
  163. Boxer shorts or boxer briefs?
  164. Which dog breed is a better choice, a Siberian husky or an Akita?
  165. If dogs cant see colours, then why is my Boxer obsessed with orange?
  166. here is a question bout pugs?
  167. Red and white border collie + black and white border collie?
  168. Chihuahua has weird dew claw?
  169. How big will my pomeranian puppy get?
  170. wich one is faster rottweiler or doberman?guys is it real that rotties jaws are lock?
  171. I have a 18 week old pomeranian that is very disobedient what should i do?
  172. Yorkshire Terrier AKA Yorkie?
  173. How cold can it be before my great dane needs a jacket/coat?
  174. HI, does anyone know of any shih tzu rescue centres in newcastle upon tyne? hope...
  175. 12 year old boxer?????????????????????/??????????
  176. where (online) can i buy some good mens boxers and pjs?
  177. i need help i don't know what food is right for my rottweiler?
  178. I give my mini dachshund rawhide everyday?
  179. my mom's dachshund is eagle bait!?
  180. i cant tell if my pug is prego can you tell me more sighns to check for??? ?
  181. Is it ok to feed your chihuahua meat or table food? ?
  182. joint vitamins for scrawny chihuahua legs?
  183. How Big will my 7 month old Rottweiler get?
  184. I am thinking about getting another beagle?
  185. Which boxer's life story would make the best movie?
  186. breeder of neopolitan mastiff?
  187. Do you know Charlie Brown the boxer?
  188. Could a greyhound jump a 4.5 ft fence?
  189. If you could combine 2 boxers into 1?
  190. havanese dogs!!!!!! PLease HELP?
  191. Beagle question????????
  192. Dog help (its pekingese)?
  193. Any responsible Chihuahua breeders in Alaska?
  194. Who has a chow chow/shih tzu mix?
  195. My 11 week old Beagle isn't eating properly?
  196. Dachshund Keeps Wetting Towels?
  197. Lhasa Apso VS Yorkshire Terrier?
  198. Help?!?! Will An English Bulldog get along with a Basset hound or a Beagle?
  199. Which is better with children, Labs or beagles?
  200. whats a good name for a male dachshund?
  201. boxers and football players fight ?
  202. what do you think of Brittany Spears' Womanizer video?
  203. Is My 3 Month Old Chihuahua A Full Blooded. ?
  204. Does anybody know how to describe brittany from Paris Hiltons BFF shows hair?[[PIC]]?
  205. How can I leash train my 7 month beagle?
  206. my 4 month old beagle keeps eating her poop!?
  207. pomeranian is getting skin irratations from harness.. what should i do?
  208. Could someone please give me some information on Pugs?
  209. Where can I get men's boxers with the seam on the side?
  210. Do you know why Boxers don't have sex before they fight?
  211. My Pomeranian dog is pregnant ?
  212. Is there anything wrong with my pug repeatedly licking her nose?
  213. What do I need to know when buying an English Bulldog?
  214. i need advice for a teacup Chihuahua?
  215. I have to do do a project on Newfoundland the project any craft ideas ?
  216. If a boxer kills an opponent in the ring, does it still count as a win?
  217. my chihuahua just died today in less than 19hrs ?
  218. how big do yal think a beagle/jack/feise will be?
  219. My 5 month old boston terrier is having surgery for hernia and getting
  220. boxers or boxer briefs ?
  221. How can I find a reputable breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers?
  222. Only for the owners of shih tzu - ?
  223. chihuahua question...?
  224. I am 13 years old and I have a little pug on my stomach,the girls in my...
  225. Poll: Do you like or love Golden Retrievers?
  226. HELP ! my chihuahua is 11 years old and has lately been sticking out his
  227. How can I get my brother's boxer to get more meat on him?
  228. Golden's vs Labs? Dobes vs Boxers? Just your honest opinion preferably those...
  229. What is the average monthly cost of owning a Shih Tzu or a Yorkshire Terrier?
  230. What are the chances of a stray beagle getting pregnant?
  231. Any suggestions for a Chinese name for a female Shih-Tzu? ?
  232. My Golden Retriever loves to swim in our pool. She's almost 1 year old.?
  233. Is it wrong to wear short boxer shorts or not wearing a bra, but wearing a...
  234. On what street is the Greyhound Bus Depot located in Las Vegas?
  235. What Breed? Staffordshire bull terrier Cross with English bull terrier?
  236. What do other boxers think of Malignaggi?
  237. My greyhound has been jumping the baby gate, how do I prevent this from happening?
  238. Would you say chicken chow-main is the same as chicken stir fry?
  239. What about the Norfolk Terrier breed?
  240. What size Collar does a Blue heeler and a boxer wear?
  241. Chihuahua Is Biting New Owners?
  242. Which is better Boxers or briefs?
  243. Why shouldn't you jog with a great dane until it is a year old?
  244. jack Russell rat terrier mix help?
  245. German Shepherd dog tips?
  246. How do you register a male Chihuahua with Akc?
  247. How do I get our 4-month old chihuahua to eat enough and stop crying?
  248. Are staffordshire bull terriers related to the pitbull terrier?
  249. POLL: Trying to decide on a name for an English Bulldog,any ideas?
  250. Yay! My Chihuahua is Pregnant! About when will she have them? How many?