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  1. My great dane is throwing up!!?
  2. Miniature Pinscher question?
  3. pug or boston terrier?
  4. Portuguese water dog name?
  5. Greyhound 198 Ticket.?
  6. how to train bichon frise?
  7. I'm looking for a good photo of Algonquin the poodle. I want one of him in
  8. Does anybody know about an female english bulldogs Privates parts think my dog is
  9. My 6 year old female Pug is sick?
  10. Is it really that hard to breed Chihuahuas?
  11. Rottweiler Pup any tips on stopping it crying all night?
  12. what do I feed a 5yr.old toy poodle to gain weight ?
  13. Why has my Siberian Huskies coat faded and thinned.?
  14. I want to re-potty train my 3 yr old shih tzu is it possible?
  15. Are Siberian Huskies hard to train?
  16. Need help with siberian husky...?
  17. my great dane i got last night perfect health taken to vet for ear trim...
  18. i have a 4 month old rottweiler who weights 30 lbs i was thinking about giving him
  19. Ladies: Boxers? Briefs? Freeballin' (nothing)?
  20. I have a litter of 6 shih tzu puppies that were born Nov 5th when should they...
  21. Is it normal for a 1 yr old Husky/Border Collie mix to be lazy?
  22. female siberian husky wanted for breeding?
  23. Are female basset hounds quieter than male basset hounds?
  24. How much/How often should I feed my Teacup Chihuahua?
  25. My new Chihuahua won't stop begging for human food? Help!?
  26. How to get a Mini-Dachshund to quit barking!!!!! ?
  27. I think I might like a Papillon...what can you tell me about them?
  28. what is the jaw pressure average of a staffordshire bull terrier. rottweiller,...
  29. I have a greyhound ????????????????????
  30. Great Dane Owners Do You Feel This Way?
  31. Sudden Beagle Agression?
  32. How do I get my basset hound to stop peeing in her crate?
  33. Whats a good name for a Cairn Terrier male puppy?
  34. How do I housetrain my mini chihuahua?
  35. seamless boxer or loose cotton boxers?
  36. Are Shih tzu chihuahuas hard to train?
  37. What should I name my poodle puppy?
  38. Why is my Pekingese throwing up?
  39. Does anyone know how long a Chihuahua stays pregnant?
  40. Hello, I picked up my 8 week old Golden Retriever 3 days ago (My first ever dog!)?
  41. Other Than Muhammed Ali What Other Boxers.............?
  42. Siberian Husky in Canada Help Me, What kind of places should I check out.?
  43. Question Concerning Bull Terriers?
  44. I want to get some boxers for my husband for christmas, that i can have anything i...
  45. any pug puppies for sale in decatur texas?
  46. How do I get to Newfoundland?
  47. How do Bare Knuckle Boxers learn so much about Fisting???
  48. what do you call a half chihuahua and pit bull mix?
  49. My 3 year old pomeranian has had 2 partial seizures. He now twitches.. Is...
  50. trying to locate a reputable breeder of english creme golden retrievers?
  51. were can i find a poodle outfit in canada?
  52. Possible problems with my Boston Terrier's Front Elbow?
  53. Pekingese -Hi I'm Noodles! What do you think? Feed Me!?
  54. Dog People: Have you seen the movie Beverley Hills Chihuahua?
  55. Pekingese -Hi I'm Noodles! What do you think? Feed Me!?
  56. Is it a seizure or what? Jack Russell Terrier help?
  57. How to stop my two Bernese Mountain Dogs to fight each other??? Please help!?
  58. Is 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' at video stores yet?
  59. Where can I find information on Colby Pit Bull Terriers?
  60. Serious answers only please. How can I get my Golden Retriever to stop...
  61. Should I get a Cat for my Great Dane puppy?
  62. Boxer weight gain problem?
  63. i cant decide what i should name my shih tzu reese cup or peanut?
  64. i have a pug puppie and she has some kind of eye problem?
  65. In search of boxer/Shar Pei dog mix - help?
  66. Dachshund owners -- need info please?
  67. A collie drags its bed box across a floor by applying a horizontal force of 8.0
  68. Do English Bull Terriers have a similar reputation as pit bulls?
  69. My year and half old boxer mix has thrown up 3 times since yesterday help?
  70. My Jack Russell Terrier.....?
  71. what should i name my pomeranian?
  72. Where can I get a beagle-boston terrier mix?
  73. How did u stop getting erection when changing to boxers?
  74. i want a papillon puppy but...?
  75. What are Great Pyrenees like?
  76. Best food for jack russell terrier puppy?
  77. Dog Names For A Boxer ?
  78. pitt mix border collie has infection?
  79. my chihuahua has a docked tail?
  80. my shih tzu's ear sounds like water is gushing around and think brown waxy substance
  81. name for my new english bulldog!!!?
  82. purebreed beagles......?
  83. How can I curb possessiveness over me (owner) with my two male pugs?
  84. how much does an average age female yorkie bichon weigh?
  85. Do dachshund puppies pee less often when they are neutered?
  86. Age for breeding pugs?
  87. How can i stop my collie dog attacking my boxer puppy?
  88. For a female border collie x labrador puppie what are some nice names?
  89. My German Shepherd dog has a skin allergy. Would a change of diet help?
  90. How to Stop My Pomeranian Barking?
  91. is a pomeranian a good dog to have with small kids?
  92. My 9 week old golden retriever?
  93. miniature pinscher pregnancy?
  94. Names for Webkinz dachshund and camel?!?!?!?
  95. my chihuahuas right eye is shut most of the time. what can i put in it to help her?
  96. Rescued Pug Questions? Really need help!?
  97. how many calories a day would a boxer like ricky hatton eat a day while
  98. Why is my poodle's face turning red? Especially under his eyes and mouth.?
  99. my dog wont move much please help its a dachshund!?
  100. My 2 chihuahuas are suddenly developed problems bearing weight on their
  101. Is an hour too long to run with my year old Golden Retriever?
  102. Abandoned shih tzu that i found outside?
  103. My 8 month old American bulldog has scarring on his lungs?
  104. Please please can someone help me does anyone know were i can get a purebreed
  105. Why can't my Golden Retriever stand up?
  106. My new boston terrier pup is growling and snapping at 7.5 wks!! My husband says
  107. Outside temperature re chihuahuas dogs?
  108. Overall, which is a better dog, Boxer or Labrador ?
  109. What dog is better a Corgi or Chihuahua?
  110. Which pet is easier to train a rottweiler or a pit bull?
  111. Got bit by a rottweiler.?
  112. The Brotherhood of the Traveling Boxers?
  113. chihuahua biting problems...?
  114. My boston terrier has Quarter size bald spot and bumps on his back?
  115. Where can I find a Boxer with natural ears and tails?
  116. My Shih Tzu bites really hard ?
  117. Name ideas 4 my new pup...He is half Jack Russell Terrier and half unknown..?
  118. Tips on how to train a Jack Russell Terrier..?
  119. My cranky beagle. I don't understand he.....?
  120. How smart is my husky-lab mix? Labrador retrievers are supposedly number 7 in the...
  121. How can I keep my boston terriers eyes dry?
  122. How do I paper train my 7 week old chihuahua?
  123. is a bull terrier a sort of pitbull?
  124. any good advice for riding a greyhound?
  125. how long was beverly hills chihuahua in movie theaters?
  126. Cavalier king charles spaniel OR Dachshund.?
  127. Golden retriever stays in room all day and sleeps.?
  128. Can u train a German/Collie to be a guard Dog?
  129. Look at my new Beagle puppy?
  130. do all toy manchester terrier have huge ears?
  131. problem with biting Shih Tzu?
  132. English Creme Golden Retriever? Picture!?
  133. song like The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang?
  134. name for my new female english bulldog?
  135. Can someone help me with my Chihuahua please?
  136. im have a puppy chihuahua mixed with peakiness need name help!.?
  137. Feeding a staffordshire bull terrier?
  138. I have a chihuahua puppy she is a sweet heart but i need help?
  139. i need help from a vet about my half rot half chow 12 yr old dog?
  140. 2 week old Chihuahua x Shih-Tzu shaking in her sleep?
  141. Questions about my pug's diet.?
  142. About American Pit Bull Terriers...?
  143. How do you make Puppy Chow w/ 1 box of chex mix?
  144. How long does an English Cocker Spaniel live?
  145. Chihuahua started acting odd?
  146. Any specific or well known health problems in Yorkshire terriers?
  147. Chihuahua isn't eating very much ?
  148. Our Pitt and Husky/Collie fights...?
  149. thinking about my chihuahua?
  150. chihuahua names again!?
  151. What are rough collies like, and how long can they be left alone for?
  152. Help-my Shih Tzu is shivering and sleeping a lot after being groomed.?
  153. can I have a yorkshire terrier?
  154. does anyone out there have a chow?
  155. Final name for my new female english bulldog?
  156. Why is my Pekingese dog so vicious!? (read the detailed question below..)?
  157. my female english bulldog is 4 mos old- ive seen brown smears on her bed- she...
  158. Potty Training Chihuahuas?
  159. Is it weird to get your boyfriend some boxers?
  160. Why is my chihuahua puppy scared of people and dogs?
  161. what are my chances on being a proffessional boxer,with me starting boxing at 16?
  162. do schnauzers bite my friend said they do when they first come to your house?
  163. schnauzer growls when let down why?
  164. should i get a husky or boarder collie?
  165. My greyhound has been peeing on the carpet, sometimes on the same spot repeatedly.
  166. Where can I find a purebred Border Collie?
  167. Miniature dachshund Question?
  168. What would be a good companion for my semi-aggressive boston terrier?
  169. Can I pug a normal wireless router into the Ethernet socket of a adsl wireless...
  170. is a pomeranian a good dog?
  171. What to expect from a whippet...?
  172. Is my boston terrier acting normal after luxating patella surgery?
  173. Im interested in geting a saint bernard can anyone give me anymore information?
  174. What kind of things will I see progressing....health wise in my 14 yr old BEagle?
  175. I need to re home my 8month old German shepherd cross border collie?
  176. Shih Tzu started scratching his face?
  177. In the book Animal Farm, who does Boxer portray?
  178. my 70 pound golden retriever got a bee sting on her ear and I was told I could give
  179. Should i get a border collie?
  180. what is some good music such as damien marley, collie buddz, spragga benz, and...
  181. How much are Calvin Klein or Jockey boxers in Manila?
  182. I have a weimaraner pup, and she bark's sometimes...?
  183. How can I train my Golden Retriever to hunt with me?
  184. How much should a 9 wk old English bulldog weigh?
  185. Whats the best food for a toy poodle ?
  186. Is it okay to cut the whiskers on my long-haired chihuahua, or will it
  187. is a pomeranian a good dog?
  188. I have a boxer/basset mix. We were playing with him today and saw he has 5 black...
  189. Please Help me!!! If you know about pugs!!!?
  190. im a boxer n im bord of it now but mum and dad wont let my quit?
  191. We're getting a lab/whippet tuesday but?
  192. Where can I find A cav. king charles spaniel in TN?
  193. Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese?
  194. 7th month old Shih Tzu still not potty trainded? Help? Please?
  195. What are the Pros and Cons or a Yorkshire Terrier?
  196. how fast does a poodle's hair grow?
  197. We recently had our pug fixed and the stitches taken out and there is a knot where
  198. is boxer dog tail docking legal?
  199. How long does it take to potty train a poodle? ?
  200. Eskimo and Samoyed same mean?
  201. How much is a Greyhound Bus ticket?
  202. What are fun ways to work on recall with a boxer and a blue heeler?
  203. doberman or a rottweiler?
  204. schnauzer happiness i need help?
  205. The Biggest Irish Wolfhound?
  206. Who's your favorite current boxer, and your favorite all time boxer?
  207. Has anyone ever seen a Boxer/Yorkie mix?
  208. what is the best advice on taking care of a chow chow?
  209. r poodles hypoallergenic?
  210. who is the best feather wight boxer?
  211. Who would win in a fight between a Navy SEAL and a pro boxer?
  212. I have a insulin dependent chihuahua to which I give her 4 units twice a day. ?
  213. PUGS - An unknown danger to human sanity?
  214. should i get a teacup pomeranian?
  215. Are Yorkies or Toy Poodle better?
  216. im stuck on what i should call my new dog it is a collie crossed with a
  217. Is it too late to get my chihuahua neutered?
  218. I have adopted a female Mastiff puppy. I am wondering if anyone can tell me
  219. is it common for a great dane to play fetch? ive been told its not and my dane...
  220. When I pet my new dog a 1 yr. old, black, female,pug) I will get little...
  221. men only! boxers or briefs?
  222. Is there something wrong with my chihuahua?
  223. I have a 13 year old boxer.?
  224. Chihuahua pitbull mix?
  225. I have an American Eskimo Dog?
  226. Teaching a Jack Russell terrier to walk on a lead?
  227. Why do Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi or even Ariana Huffington get the...
  228. rough collie or golden retriever?
  229. Is a Rottweiler a good dog?
  230. What is the oldest age you have seen a Beagle?
  231. Why does my dachshund throw up after every meal?
  232. name your top ten pound for pound boxers at the moment?
  233. I have a Siberian Husky. Do all of them chew what ever they can find .?
  234. Lump On My Boxers Head Please Help?
  235. How much more will our miniature schnauzer grow?
  236. Anyone in Western Australia interested in buying a White/Cream pomeranian puppy?
  237. does any body know what aspects to look for when buying a beagle?
  238. Where can i get my schedule for my greyhound ticket, i have my confirmation
  239. Shaving a bearded collie?
  240. im getting a beagle/JRT/Fiese mixed male?
  241. How to teach my great dane not to jump up?
  242. sleep in boxers BRIEFS HELP!!?
  243. Is there any potentially world class English Boxers coming through?
  244. can you still doc a Rottweiler's tail?
  245. i hav a pug 306 straight diesel, the interor fan doesnt work! how do i fix it?
  246. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel question?
  247. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel help?
  248. Joe Calzaghe or Floyd Mayweather jr; Who is/was the better pound for pound boxer?
  249. My shih tzu puppy, just vomitted?
  250. English Springer Spaniel!?