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  1. Ok, I have a basset hound dog and he keeps vomiting yellow watery fluid and...
  2. Are all Boston Terriers high energy?
  3. Best Methods To Train A Border Collie Black Lab Cross?
  4. Italian Names for Show Poodles?
  5. My female Dane attacked my female Mastiff?
  6. Is the beagle purebred?
  7. Border Collie is panting a lot?
  8. Does anyone know of any Chihuahua or Beagle breeders that would sell
  9. Where can I get a white English Bulldog puppy in Florida that isn't overpriced?
  10. what else can you feed a pug allergic to beef and chicken?
  11. Paris Hilton new BFF- BRITTANY?
  12. What kind of color is best for a great dane?
  13. boston terrier has bumps on his skin help?
  14. So I just brought home a 14 pound American Cocker Spaniel, I already
  15. Anyone know Brittany Flickinger from Paris new show 'new BFF'?
  16. what should I give my sick chihuahua?
  17. Doberman pinscher bite?
  18. chihuahua having hind leg problems?
  19. Questions for people with chihuahuas . . . ?
  20. Will the Greyhound bus be running on Thanksgiving day? ?
  21. English Bulldogs....?
  22. Should I get a chihuahua or a German shepherd mix lab?
  23. Is an 8 month old Bullmastiff still adoptable?
  24. Can Rabies Kill A Chihuahua Within 30 Minutes Of Bite?
  25. Is it normal for Border Collies to have their tails docked?
  26. Chihuahua Sweater Help?
  27. Is it weird to get my boyfriend boxers foor Christmas? (We're both 13!)?
  28. Are Brazilian Bull-mastiffs banned in Canada?
  29. What happened to the taco bell chihuahua?
  30. Siberian Huskies!!!!!?
  31. Places I can go to find studding purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Florida?
  32. Will the Greyhound bus be running on Thanksgiving day? ?
  33. Italian Names for Show Poodles?
  34. do chow puppies get along with kids?
  35. My mini dachshund won't let me trim his nails with a dremel tool or a clipper?
  36. from paris hiltons my new bff, brittany's hair?
  37. paris hilton's my new bff, brittany?
  38. what can i call my chihuahua papillon jackrussle mix?
  39. Yorkshire terrier…Pitbull….Help!?!?!? Yorkie owners too!?
  40. Australian Terrier, any information on how to care for them?
  41. What kind of dog is this? Skye Terrier sorta..?
  42. mexican chihuahua breeds near Des Plaines..?
  43. mexican chihuahua breeds near Des Plaines..?
  44. chihuahua having hind leg problems?
  45. I have a pug and chiuahua and flying w/ them on west jet,in the cabin....
  46. Should i change my boxers diet?
  47. How do you house train a pomeranian who plays outside right after eating then...
  48. Is Brittany Flickinger layers choppy&&what kind of haircut do she have?!?
  49. With the correct training, could a Standard poodle be used to heard sheep?
  50. anyone own a border collie?
  51. How do i stop my Dachshund/min pin from running away. I frear the she'll be hit.
  52. White Mastiff Breeds?
  53. I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. ?
  54. Poor eating habits from my German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix...?
  55. How do I get A Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky to get Along?
  56. What type of dog should I get, an Australian Shepherd or a German Shepherd?
  57. does anyone know where i can get a dalmatian in California????? ?
  58. i need advice for my future shih tzu pup!!!?
  59. Female Boxers what is your opinion on them? ?
  60. Questions for people with chihuahuas . . . ?
  61. I'm horrified, father Boston Terrier bred with the daughter. What should I
  62. Why is my Basset Hound afraid of my trumpet?
  63. Which do you like better - white boxer shorts or the kind with funny prints
  64. wow i got a whippet dog yesterday...?
  65. Which one is better dog german shepherd, rottweiler, anatolian shepherd?
  66. How big do black labrador Retriever, siberian husky dogs get?
  67. What is the best design for a Doggy Wheelchair for an English Bulldog?
  68. what to feed a pregnant female Pomeranian i heard u can...?
  69. Im looking for a female pug from 8 to 12 weeks in northeast Texas.?
  70. torn acl - bichon frise 10 yrs old (9.5lb) ?
  71. How to get hair like Brittany from Paris Is My New BFF?
  72. Dogs together; Pitbulls, rottweilers, german shepherds, maybe huskies?
  73. At what age does an English Bulldog's head finish growing?
  74. Puppy Chow Recipe...................?
  75. witch kind of underwear is sexier on a gay man boxers briefs or any other kinds?
  76. I have a lovely 4lb. teacup Chihuahua, How can I find proper apparel for her? ?
  77. What are the spotted markings on a basset hound called?
  78. Top 3 boxers of all time?
  79. my 3 yr lab-golden retriever male has white film starting outside inward in
  80. Would a pitbull terrier (~1 year) get along with a chocolate lab/golden...
  81. Taking care of my six week old Yorkshire Terrier?.?
  82. How do I convince my dad to let me have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  83. I have just adopted a Border Collie...?
  84. my first rottweiler?and dog?
  85. Dew-Claws On A Rottweiler?
  86. How to introduce a kitten to a ROTTWEILER?
  87. food for my great dane...?
  88. Does this look like a purebred Great Pyrenees puppy? *Pics*?
  89. Why do Collies nip at other dogs?
  90. Hydrocephalus in Boston Terrier?
  91. Are Pocket bikes street legal in Newfoundland Canada?
  92. hi,need help bought a pomeranian puppy it is just a month or less than it....?
  93. What kind of dog should I get,poodle or pit bull?
  94. :: How can I get my chihuahua to trust more? For instance..?
  95. pregnant siberian husky?
  96. Border collie- barking and chewing?
  97. Question about Boxer dogs? ?
  98. What are some Italian boxers today?
  99. Can you answer my questions about the brittany spaniel??? pleeeaase!!!?
  100. Legal age for Mopeds in Newfoundland Canada?
  101. My 17 week old Boston Terrier has been scratching her neck a lot lately.?
  102. Do you like these boxers and boxer-briefs?
  103. would getting a Great Dane be good for my dog fear?
  104. I have a female boxer dog and she has been sick for two days. She was
  105. Why do mormons wear funny boxer shorts?
  106. My bloodhound is in heat and has been getting the shivers and has been drooling
  107. Do You agree that Muhammad Ali is the best boxer ever?
  108. I have a ? Are Dalmatians make good pets with other pets? Thankxa Male one?
  109. Good news about my chihuahua?
  110. Please help! How do I house train my Pomeranian?
  111. GiRLS: Boxer Briefs Or Boxers?
  112. My 5 month boxer had stomach exploratory surgery 5 days ago. Now her stomach is...
  113. I have a chihuahua that is very very but I mean immensely bad behaved, what
  114. King Charles Spaniels Pros and Cons?
  115. my G.f and i had "dry sex/hump" i was wearing boxer,bball shorts. my g.f
  116. Do pug puppies coats' lighten as they age?
  117. how old is too old for a golden retriever to have puppies?
  118. How big will my Weimaraner get?
  119. Please help! How to house train my Pomeranian?
  120. boston terrier coughing?
  121. I Would like to find A Weimaraner that needs rehoming?
  122. Is this an okay schedule for my beagle?
  123. will my staffordshire bull terrier grow any larger?
  124. I am getting me a new dog[poodle] and I need a name for it?
  125. Has any one read Peter Beagle's "The Last Unicorn" or seen the movie?
  126. why is my collies hair like this?
  127. Is my siberian husky fluffy?
  128. Why does nowadays young boys wear their pants lower than their waist and...
  129. My Rottweiler .. And peoples Misconceptions ?
  130. If i cummed in my pants with boxers on and my gf had her panties on and...
  131. Urgent Need Shih Tzu?
  132. Why does our Beagle go crazy when we drop food?
  133. my boston terrier has one blue eye!?
  134. My Dachshund jumped off a 2ft high couch and landed on his right shoulder.
  135. French Bulldog gift idea for husband?
  136. My fiance and I want to get an Airedale Terrier in a couple of months.?
  137. should i get a chihuahua? ?
  138. Could someone with the inability to feel physical pain become a professional boxer?
  139. Do pekingese dogs like to live by their selves with no other dog in the house?
  140. Is a Pekingese the right dog for me?
  141. How long do you think it will be before these puppies are no longer online? (Shiba...
  142. Can it harm a chihuahua to give birth to puppies when the male was a corgi?
  143. good old english sheepdog breeder in vancouver, boy or girl better?
  144. My G.F and me had Dry sex i had boxer bball shorts and my g.f had panties and...
  145. My pug has all of a sudden started to get red bumps all over his body my vet
  146. Which dog is best Pomeranian or Toy Poodle?
  147. how long does it take a great dane to finish having puppies?
  148. how can i stop my adult chihuahua from sh**ing and pissing in the house?
  149. English bulldog information?
  150. Cairn Terrier~ Anxiety when candles are lit?
  151. what are some good pug names?
  152. Chihuahua Puppy Help?
  153. what to do about my Chihuahua's barking?
  154. Boxer pup sick?Got her first shot and de-wormer on the 14 of nov. ?
  155. How long between dachshund puppies?
  156. Should I starve Pekingese until she eats dry kibble?
  157. chihuahua female heat cycle?
  158. My year old Chihuahua barks at everything?
  159. How come there are all these poor boxers/fighters when training costs SO MUCH?
  160. I'am running out of gift idea's for my Boston Terrier?
  161. My Border Collie Has A Sensitive Stomach?
  162. i would like to know if i can put my 6 month old siberian husky outside...
  163. Do Komondors shed when they go inside?
  164. Dogs together; Pitbulls, rottweilers, german shepherds, maybe huskies?
  165. How tall would a miniature schnauzer and a standard schnauzer mix be?
  166. How long should take to toilet train a Samoyed?
  167. Dachshund nearly house trained....?
  168. My Pug's breathe smells worse than his poo! Why and what to do?
  169. What should I name my tan miniature dachshund puppy (wiener dog)?
  170. what's better a alaskan malamute or a siberian husky?
  171. where can i find a cheap pure bred english bulldog puppy?
  172. Does anyone know about a jack russell terrier & papillion mix puppy? ?
  173. how do I stop my greyhound from chewing my carpet?
  174. How do I treat separation anxiety in a 2 month old border collie cross?
  175. what is the most common length of a pomeranian from baby to adult?
  176. how to fatten up a boxer?
  177. Is there such thing as a brown schnauzer?
  178. My 8th month old mastiff is very fearful and jumpy around strangers, what
  179. What made John Mugabi a good boxer?
  180. im thinking about getting a toy poodle, does anyone have one or could tell me...
  181. Guys: Boxers or briefs?
  182. tea cup poodles????????
  183. what do you thing of this name for a great dane?
  184. raising a labrador retriever and yorkie together will this work?
  185. What colour Chihuahua Should i get?
  186. Pembroke Welsh Corgis for sale in South Florida?
  187. My Golden Retriever Attacks Children, How Can I Stop This He Is 3 Years Old. ?
  188. what colour puppies will my border collie have?
  189. Does anyone have any experience with Basset Hounds as an inside dog?
  190. When does a Boston Terrier finish growing and fill out? We have a 5 month old...
  191. My Chihuahua Ate Chocolate... ?
  192. doberman pinscher or american bulldog (scott type)?
  193. All border collie owners can you please answer these questions?
  194. ::Can a heating bed be dangerous for my chihuahua?
  195. I have a 3 week old shih-tzu pup and it has been moaning and crying for a
  196. what do u need to do to become a boxer and i dont have the boxing equiqment?
  197. Do you think the name Pickles is good for a french bulldog?
  198. POODLE ALERT, please help!?
  199. We gave up for adoption our chihuahua and hes being given back...can i place him
  200. why is my 2 year old Shih tzu starting to bite?
  201. Guys!!! why do you like to wear your pants low and show your boxers?
  202. Why does Newfoundland run on such a bizarre time zone?
  203. Does anyone have nintendogs dalmatian and friends or Pokemon pearl codes?
  204. Is a Chihuahua right for my family?
  205. Shih Tzu eyelashes are irritating his eye HELP?
  206. can u break a chihuahuas tragia if you walk him using a collar instead of a harness?
  207. Is my Boxer Dog FAT ?
  208. Which food is better for a toy poodle ?
  209. My 3 month Old Great Dane is hacking Not constantly just every hour or so...?
  210. How can I get my 1 1/2 yr old Toy Fox Terrier to stop growling and biting?
  211. advice about my insecure Italian greyhound?
  212. Looking for Shiba Inu puppies, and information?
  213. I was watching a show called Dogs 101 I think and they said shih-tzu are a...
  214. Whats the difference between an olde english bulldog and an english bulldog?
  215. Looking for Miniature Schnauzer,pure breeders?
  216. Who are the most exciting young boxers in the world today?
  217. Is 9 Lives Growing Years better than purina kitten chow.?
  218. american staffordshire terrier? $$$$$$$$$?
  219. How to help my beagle with his food obsession?
  220. My New Chihuahua Sheds Alot......?
  221. where can i get a miniature schnauzer?
  222. Shih Tzu with pink eye rims? Other faults?
  223. Chihuahua's potty training and eating habits?
  224. How much a vet charges to do a c section to a preggo chihuahua? ?
  225. How are Doberman Pinschers as pets?
  226. Jack Russell Terrier has seperation anxiety HELP?
  227. how do you make chicken chow mein and chicken fried rice?
  228. what should i name my shih tzu reese cup or peanut?
  229. How Long Can A Chihuahua Hold His Pee?
  230. What to look for in a golden retriever puppy?
  231. Why does my boxer act like this?
  232. help me tame and potty train indoor my 6 week old golden retriever pup?
  233. yo boxers help a novice out.?
  234. Pomeranian puppy, valve in heart didn't shrink?
  235. My border collie pup is always jumping up on people what can i do?
  236. Sudden Beagle Agression?
  237. PLEASE HELP! Our 5 month old Boston Terrier poops in kennel, eats it, and still
  238. (Condom + boxer short) to avoid HPV?
  239. would a doberman pinscher be okay for me?
  240. How do a train my siberian husky? ?
  241. Do you still like Brittany Spears?
  242. Basset Hound or Boston Terrier?
  243. I ordered chicken chow mein but got something else?
  244. is it normal for a dog to be sore when he gets his shots from the vet he...
  245. Taping great dane ears w/out survery?
  246. need help with great dane dog(s) names!!!?
  247. will neutering my labrador retriever stop dominance problems?
  248. What would win in a fight: a Golden Retriever or a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  249. Any Chow/Husky mix dog owners out there?
  250. Butterbean the boxer?