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  1. I rescued two puppies one is a female black lab 10 months girl and one is a
  2. What are some good names for a Heeler aka Australian Cattle Dog? male or female?
  3. what is the difference between English bulldogs and old english bulldogs? ?
  4. Does Any Body Like German Shorthaired Pointers?
  5. Great Dane Ears Question?
  6. How to get a Mastiff to stop barking at everyone who comes by?
  7. I need any websites about anything in the toy poodle catagory, see details.?
  8. Norfolk Terriers ? :)?
  9. Why are my poodle puppies scared all the time?
  10. Searching for American Bulldog puppies in New York or New Jersey?
  11. Does anyone have a deaf Boston Terrier?
  12. How often should I groom my mini schnauzers?
  13. I have a 9 month old bloodhound puppy and she has watery eyes is this normal?
  14. my 5 month old collie/german shepard barking at me?
  15. Are pugs highly allergenic dogs? ?
  16. How big will my Miniature poodle get?
  17. Would an Airedale Terrier and Dachshund get along. ?
  18. Siberian Husky Puppy Help!!?
  19. Steroid Therapy for a Ruptured Disc on a Miniature Dachshund?
  20. dalmatian molly fish pregnant?
  21. Do Jack Russell Terriers have....?
  22. questions about papillon dogs.?
  23. Can a 13 year old go on the greyhound unnacompanied for atleast 8 hours maybe...
  24. Collie Buddz New Album!!!?
  25. Pembroke welsh corgi with cherry eye?
  26. What AE boxers do you like best? got no answers last itme?
  27. basset hound/black lab puppies?
  28. Golden Retriever couldn't walk ?
  29. does anyone know where i can buy a boston terrier in the Modesto,ca. area?
  30. Where can you buy an Ocarina in Newfoundland?
  31. what shall i wear with my skinny jeans - boxers or boxer briefs?
  32. How is the merle pattern produced in chihuahuas?
  33. ok so i rescued a deaf great dane puppy.......?
  34. My 1 year old chihuahua has a hard stomache & diarrhea?
  35. my emo jeans expose my boxers- is it a big deal?
  36. My 10 year old golden retriever has large cyst on tail?
  37. Can Bernese Mountain dogs live in Tampa Florida healthy?
  38. 10-11 year old chow/collie mix who coughs, wheezes, throws up?
  39. Who knows of a reputable labrador retriever breeder in Ontario? ?
  40. HELP im looking for a baby toy poodle please help me can anyone give me any...
  41. about breeding borzoi?
  42. dogs? anyone know about Border Collies?
  43. Would it be sensible to have a Chow Chow dog in MALAYSIA?
  44. Should I get a daschund or a Chihuahua?
  45. Golden Retriever has mange?
  46. Would a Golden Retriever puppy and an Older male Bichon Frise (he's ten) get...
  47. how do i potty train my yorkshire terrier?
  48. How is a golden retriever or a shih tzu born?
  49. How do I keep my schnauzer from running outside every time someone s...
  50. I'd like to know what the most compatible breed of dog would be for my male 6
  51. I need a nickname for the name Brittany...?
  52. What does a rottweiler look like after birth? ?
  53. French Mastiff Help!!!!?
  54. Great Dane Cruciate Surgery and Athritis Question?
  55. Is A Jack Russell Terrier A Good Dog?
  56. There is something wrong with my American Bulldog?
  57. Do I need my passport or any kind of identification at AmTrak or Greyhound stations?
  58. Boxer puppy: Switching from negative to positive reinforcement: Is it too late?
  59. Need some advice on buying a dog online..? people w/experience
  60. My 9 week old collie is gagging,but not being sick.?
  61. chihuahua always LEAKING Pee And PEEING , HELP!?
  62. Can someone tell me a basenji breeder in Ohio or Kentucky?
  63. Has anyone rode a greyhound bus before?
  64. Are Jack Russell Terriers born with full lenght tails or bobtails???
  65. How many of you have english springer spaniels?
  66. im deciding between a st.bernard or a newfoundland?
  67. Can Bernese Mountain Dogs be left alone for this long?
  68. Labrador/Flat Coat Retriever?
  69. WHATS A GOOD DIET??? FOR A DOG THATS OUTDOOR (German Shepherd-Canada)?
  70. how do i make my Yorkshire terrier's fur shine?
  71. Good chihuahua names?
  72. Great Dane Breeder in CO?
  73. What do you think about Toy/Teacup Poodles?
  74. What stereotype for Brittany in Paris Hilton's my new BFF?
  75. why do girls want to keep a guy's dirty used boxer/t-shirt to smell? ?
  76. Could someone please give me names for my new Webkinz dachshund and camel?
  77. Where can I get a toy poodle in Glasgow?
  78. anyone got a link to the father of a boxer who has sarcoidosis , ?
  79. My Female Boxer is going to have puppies this will be her second litter and we...
  80. Ladies,or straight guys. Need held deciding on boxerS?
  81. if i get a pug pug what's the chance that it will get PDE?
  82. For some reason my dog's tail has stopped growing. Its a shih tzu. What could
  83. How Much Do You Know About Adopting A Cairn Terrier Puppies?
  84. Don't you think the name Aubrey is a great name for a male English Bulldog?
  85. my boxer has the blues, HELP?
  86. pomeranian, Chihuahua, jack russel?
  87. my boxer has a white dot over both pupils?
  88. what i should wear boxer shorts or underwear in jeans for overseas?
  89. Brittany Flickinger band?
  90. Why aren't poodles used as hypoallergenic guide dogs?
  91. I have a 7 month old male golden/lab retriever who is not neutered yet.?
  92. OMG My female Maltese Poodle demands?
  93. would like a yorkshire terrier pup where could i find one?
  94. What does my giant Great Pyrenees think when I....?
  95. my English Springer Spaniel keeps running and spinning around, ?
  96. Do you prefer beagles or dachshunds?
  97. best name for a west highland white terrier?
  98. Dry sex in underwear and boxers?
  99. Should i get a Boxer or a Doberman pinscher, or a french bulldog?
  100. how can i get my 6 month old samoyed to calm down? ?
  101. 1 year old boxer.. Cysts?? Need some help?
  102. Boxer has bad teething habit?
  103. NV area Golden Retrievers ?
  104. how do i teach my 2 and a half year old scottish terrier(scottie)not to chase my
  105. My great dane is sick, what could it be?
  106. Brittany's [from Paris Hilton BBF] hair!?
  107. My Chihuahua has been diagnosed with post legged or poor conformation of rear legs.?
  108. Would a Doberman X Border Collie hurt small animals?
  109. I'm DESPERATELY wanting a papillon :)?
  110. What is that one rap/hip hop "We don't need no water.." ? not the one by
  111. What breeds (other than Chows) can have black tongues?
  112. Would you recommend getting a chihuahua? and why?
  113. Pit Bull or Rottweiler?
  114. My beagle has severe skin problems?
  115. My boxer has gotten progressivly worse. We took him to the vet but they...
  116. How do I stop my Boston Terrier from being afraid of me, and cowering from
  117. I'm getting a teacup chihuahua?
  118. I have a 7 month old male golden/lab retriever who is not neutered yet.?
  119. looking for a baby Chihuahua in Wichita kansas or near cities!!?
  120. What kind of names would be good 4 a Jack Russell Terrier female?
  121. Do any guys buy boxers or boxerbriefs at AMERICAN EAGLE?
  122. Is there a difference between a teacup Pomeranian and a Pomeranian?
  123. chow chow owners please answer?
  124. Why is my Pug hungry 24/7?
  125. does this poodle look pure bred?
  126. boxers or briefs???????
  127. what would happened if you add a boxer and a wrestler and a ufc fighter in the...
  128. Komondors and Puli- Does their fur grow that way, or does it have to be braided?
  129. What do you thing about Pugs?
  130. My Cousin's chihuahua just ate a cooked chicken bone ! D:?
  131. Are there any Samoyed breeders in the Tampa Bay FL area?
  132. Do American cocker spaniels live outdoors?Do they need to be indoors in
  133. 5 month old french mastiff pup.?
  134. Newfoundland or Australian shepherd?
  135. miniature pinscher question?
  136. help with my cute little chihuahua...?
  137. in your opinion whats the best color chows come in?
  138. Poodles for sale in Texas?
  139. Do all chihuahuas have tails?
  140. How much is a pure bread long haired chihuahua?
  141. Akita Inu dog breed - Help please?
  142. what should i name a male golden retriever?
  143. what are the titles of the songs use in beverly hills chihuahua?
  144. Help! Pomeranian out of control!?
  145. Do you need a state ID to take greyhound?
  146. Should i get a Boxer or a Doberman pinscher, or a french bulldog?
  147. Question about My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  148. Chihuahua has scabs on sides of mouth and eye..?
  149. When I become a pro boxer someday can I fight in other countries ?
  150. I have a 9 month old male Pekingese and was thinking of getting a second dog. Bad
  151. good name for a havanese?
  152. What to do with a punching Chihuahua?
  153. Urgent: Greyhound Bus Terminal Locker Rates in Toronto?
  154. what is best for a dachshund?
  155. Ladies,or straight guys. Do you like these boxerS?
  156. How do I train my pug and pomeranian to...?
  157. About My Pitbull/Bull-Mastiff That's 51-2y/o Please Help Me Out It Would Be
  158. Havanese breeder in the Philadelphia area?
  159. Is this beagle a pure or mix?
  160. Does a Shih-tzu get along with cats?
  161. is an american bulldog the same as an american pitbull terrier?
  162. Can I have some info on Pekingese?
  163. Train 7 year old chihuahuas to use litter box?
  164. How big will a pomeranian grow?
  165. how big does a yorkshire terrier grow too?
  166. any idea where to find a american bull/boxer mix? ?
  167. Someone in my neighborhood found a welsh terrier?
  168. how many miles will it take to get to New York to Delano by taking the greyhound?
  169. Do boxers use the weights at the gym or is it more calisthenics?
  170. How do I get hair like Brittany Flickinger's?
  171. Smelly cavalier king charles spaniel?
  172. what are some funny things your shih tzu has done?
  173. Should i get a Boxer or a doberman pinscher ?
  174. Help me with Chihuahua's!?
  175. How much to pay for a AKC certified dachshund pup?
  176. Can your chihuahua do any cool tricks? Was she/he easy to train?
  177. is it true that old boxers used to...?
  178. Name suggestions for a Standard Poodle?
  179. Where is there a Welsh Terrier breeder around Northern Michigan?
  181. Silk gold boxers????
  182. i have a 4month old male rottweiler an i would like to teach him his
  183. Do any guys buy boxers & boxer-briefs at AMERICAN EAGLE or AERO?
  184. My border collie has itchy, flaky skin but...?
  185. Yorkshire Terrier - Miniature Schnauzer ?
  186. If You Know Anything About English Bulldogs Click Here?
  187. Are beagles good, active, and sweet dogs?
  188. All About Jack Russell Terriers?
  189. What are ways to get a boxer to gain weight?
  190. sleep in my boxer briefs ?
  191. Where can i find a great dane?
  192. I have 3 Chihuahua's should I get another? Or should I breed?
  193. from paris hiltons my new bff, brittany's hair?
  194. dachshund breeder...?
  195. Are Boxers good family pets?
  196. My femmale english bulldog is in heat, so any tell me if they can get pregnant
  197. my 4 year old male chihuahua always seems so angry. i think he may be...
  198. Is it hard to train a Shih Tzu (shitzu)?
  199. Thoughts on these boxers? urgent.?
  200. Is it wierd/gay to buy boxers/boxerbriefs at American Eagle or Aero?
  201. Does anyone have photos of Brittany from Paris Hilton's BFF?
  202. Can I have some info on Pekingese?
  203. about how much would it cost to get a chihuahua pup spayed?
  204. Which dog is better: Australian cattle or Beagle?
  205. How long will my beagle be in heat?
  206. What are ways to get a boxer to gain weight?
  207. Boston Terrier Color Question?
  208. what is a good name 4 a black pug?
  209. What is the difference between a mastiff, english mastiff and a bull mastiff?
  210. 1860s Confederation Question (Newfoundland)?
  211. How cold for a Cairn Terrier?
  212. 8 month old Newfoundland tries to use his weight or his large foot on our cats ?
  213. Can some experienced boxers give me some tips for a fight?
  214. Training my Pomeranian?
  215. where could i get a yorkshire terrier pup scotland?
  216. Do Mastiff breed can stay outside?
  217. What is wrong with my Yorkshire Terrier? ?
  218. Should I get a Teacup Chihuahua?
  219. my 5 month old rottweiler husky hit her head on an end table pretty hard
  220. How do you get hair like Brittany Paul?
  221. Is a French Mastiff The Same as a Douge De Bordeaux?
  222. why do golden retrievers lose hair on their tails only?
  223. i have a 7 year old boston terrier?
  224. I have a 7month M beagle. He bites me when I take something away from him.not
  225. Should I get a Male or Female golden retriever?
  226. We just are starting to discover that my female boxer is pregnant and we
  227. Chow Chow puppy -Innova?
  228. where can i get a small yorkshire terrier from?Lancashire?
  229. I have question about Legg Calve Perthes in my year old chihuahua.?
  230. Hey animal lovers, I was just wondering if Golden Retrievers and German
  231. How do you make the Holiday cheerful if your all alone with your two dachshunds?
  232. WANTED- Dachshund bitch UK?
  233. Why aren't there more Australian terriers in dog shows?
  234. how much will it cost to get a cavalier king charles spaniel spayed ?
  235. I am dog sitting a mini Dachshund and every now and then he trembles, what
  236. 4 yr spoiled great Pyrenees neutered male. the past 1 month he moans sleeping,& wake
  237. Do you like these boxers and boxer-briefs? please?
  238. Does anybody know which boxers will be featured on EA Fight Night Round 4?
  239. Long haired chihuahua training help?
  240. how big do pomeranian dogs get?
  241. Border Collie with docked tail question again? Pics Included!?
  242. How to wear boxer briefs properly?
  243. Do you think it is possible to cross a chow chow with a shih tzu? rationalize...
  244. Why does my greyhound keep yawning?
  245. Are boxerbriefs more closer to briefs or boxers?
  246. Owners/previous owners of Pugs?
  247. What is the best type of brush for beagles?
  248. Can anyone help me find information about akita/chow mixes?
  249. How well are Border Collies are watchdogs?
  250. boxer problem????????????????????