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  1. My two year old female pug spasms?
  2. Dandie Dinmont Terrier?
  3. When will my mini schnauzer go into heat again?
  4. How much should a shih tzu eat per day? ?
  5. Heart broken mom to a hypocondriac papillon...?
  6. How big (weight) can a St. Bernard Collie mix male get?
  7. whats a good name for a basset hound that's a male?
  8. please dont be mean but i need help i dont wear boxers?
  9. My computer keeps popping up bloodhound.pdf.1?
  10. Are there any Chow Chow breeders on here?
  11. Is it good to put a English bulldog in a cage?
  12. Pomeranian or Shih-tzu?
  13. is it normall for chihuahuas breath to stink?
  14. where should i go to purchase a doberman pinscher in the lafayette, LA area?
  15. How many days does the Lhasa Apso shedding last?
  16. What's a good bull mastiff boy puppy name?
  17. my american bulldogs eye is a little red.?
  18. Is it true that standard poodles are really mean?
  19. Help with my adult beagle!!?
  20. Chihuahua with an ear infection?
  21. What are some cheats for Nintendogs Dalmatian DS?
  22. My Pekingese is very stinky, how can I take away that odor?
  23. Shiba Inu's.....looking for a little advice?
  24. Names for my great dane...?
  25. My family really wants a Shweenie (shih-tzu Daschund mix). How do we find a breeder?
  26. How do I clean my miniature schnauzer's ears?
  27. I want to buy or adopt an American Bulldog. Where's a good place to start?
  28. IS IT OK to feed CHIHUAHUA PUP wheetabix?
  29. American Bulldog question?
  30. I got my black lab/Great Dane puppy a while ago, She is 5 months old and still pees
  31. My 15 year old pug is shaking and has blood in her stool !!! Help!!! ?
  32. Will chihuahuas get along with pot belly pigs?
  33. what is the difference between an american staffordshire terrier and a pitbull?
  34. my chihuahuas teeth.. please help!?
  35. boxer mastiff mix, good dog?
  36. Why do miniature pinschers shake?
  37. What do you think of this pug?
  38. Does anyone know any Great Pyrenees breeders? ?
  39. which underwear would i look better in boxer shorts or boxer briefs?
  40. Pomeranian characteristics?
  41. Facts about a King Charles Spaniel?
  42. Will getting my schnauzer neutered stop him from marking my couch?
  43. Is it true that during pregnancy Shih Tzu is loosing a lot of hair?
  44. Bull Mastiff going to bathroom in the house?
  45. We have a 5 mos old great dane-he is VERY allergic to poultry and lamb.
  46. Why does my English Bulldog keeps peeing on the bed?
  47. My Golden Retriever goes crazy whenever...?
  48. Help My Dachshund Has Worms!!!!!!!!!!!?
  49. Chow mix puppy skin problems? Please help!?
  50. I have a female toy poodle who is 2 yrs old. For about 4 days her body temperature
  51. Boxers, briefs or boxerbriefs?
  52. My English Bulldog Is Scared Of Everything?
  53. What should I do to get this stupid Rottweiler to quit humping my leg?
  54. Havanese Tear Stains?
  55. I urgently need a foster parent for a golden retriever in ft. lee, va?
  56. what can i do 4 my sick pomeranian?
  57. How long does it take for old English bulldog to develop ?
  58. chihuahua can't mate with great dane.. any other examples?
  59. my chihuahua is not feeling well, he ate ham, and is sleeping alot, whats wrong?
  60. my pet vizsla is she skinny?
  61. Basset Hound Puppies For sale?
  62. I have an RAC dog car harness for my greyhound. ?
  63. Names for my basset hound puppy?
  64. dachshund has urinary problems?
  65. Any Mastiff owners out there?
  66. what is better basset hound or english bulldog?
  67. Is my mini schnauzer big for her age? how much will she grow>?
  68. How many times does brittany spears say womanizer in her new song?
  69. Can Brittany play as 'Leah Clearwater' for Twilight MOVIE?
  70. 5 month old golden retriever has diarrhea since this morning?
  71. How do I get my 9year old Jack Russell to get along with my 2month old jack/pug?
  72. How much does an english mastiff eat?
  73. My 13 month old shih tzu just had a heat in october she is bleeding again and its...
  74. Is a komondor right for me? ?
  75. I have been looking for a special harness for my dachshund and I was
  76. Where can i find a chihuahua?
  77. Is a ROTTWEILER equally excited like a Labrador ?
  78. wanted: border collie sheep dog1?
  79. How do I keep a 5 month old pomeranian from barking when I am crate training him?
  80. Does anyone know where I can get a rottweiler pup?
  81. American Hairless Terrier AHS?
  82. golden retrievers as pets. advice from owners please?
  83. My Beagle Has Been Whining For 5 Hours Straight?
  84. My 6 mo. old dachshund male just mated with my adult bitch. ?
  85. dos any1 know of a good dog breeder i could get a st.bernard or a poodle from ?
  86. my chihuahuas teeth.. please help!?
  87. Does anyone know where to buy golden retrievers in Hong Kong?
  88. English bulldog has a bump on his back.?
  89. Why would my mastiffs eyes swell and almost close up an hour after I feed her?
  90. is the bichon frise poof natural?
  91. How do I clean my English Bulldog's Wrinkles?
  92. mating a chihuahua with a boston terrier?
  93. I have a 9yr. old boxer (dog) - he has severe arthritis in his spine.?
  94. To the people who answered my question about breeding my Chihuahua...?
  95. How do I stop shih tzu from peeing in kennel?
  96. umm..how do you breed a beagle?
  97. How many hours a day does a Yorkshire terrier sleep?
  98. My golden retriever (1-1/2) years old just got her vaccinations a week ago. ?
  99. My pug just ate dookie?
  100. is american cocker spaniel really hyper-active dog breed?
  101. how long has your dalmatian lived?
  102. For those of you who wear boxers?
  103. I have a miniature dachshund that has breath that could knock out a MOOSE!?
  104. what is good food for a English bulldog?
  105. Boxer Vs. Boston Terrier?
  106. yorkie/weimaraner holistic care?
  107. How much will my Schnauzer grow?
  108. Havanese Tear Stains?
  109. Studding my English Bulldog?
  110. what are some of the past pugs health care?
  111. What is your favorite puppy chow recipe?
  112. My lhasa apso has a heart problem?
  113. dalmatian molly fish pregnant?
  114. When will my dachshund get long hair and.....?
  115. How do I socialize my mini dachshund?
  116. Whae does spray/neurer do for toy poodle puppt?
  117. Pomeranian coats - male and female.?
  118. Has anyone heard of"choc ottoman" syndrome with labrador retrievers?
  119. i have a 9month old boxer pedigree pup what's the best thing to feed him?
  120. I have 2 Dachshund that have always gotten along untill...?
  121. What is the best puppy kibble for a english bulldog puppy with allergies and a
  122. i have a lhasa apso pup 2 weeks old very small been vet checked but crys a lot help?
  123. For those of you from Newfoundland.....?
  124. Sleeping question for my Beagle/pointer but dominant beagle gene.?
  125. How to lose a pugs weight how is 35lbs fast?
  126. English, French, or just bulldog? Which is the right name for the breed? ?
  127. After I pick up my 8 mo. old poodle from the groomer, he is extremely...
  128. What to feed my chihuahua?
  129. Havanese Information?
  130. I need help with my mink dachshund!?
  131. Is 1 golden retriever, 1 german shepherd and 1 yorkshire dog going to be a problem?
  132. Can anybody think of a good name for a male puppy that's a Lab/Rottweiler mix?
  133. my 10 year old newfoundland in very poor health and suffering. what to do?...
  134. Is there anyway my dog isn't a chow mix?
  135. I have A 6 year old pug from Florida moving to vancouver Bc?
  136. How old do you think my Yorkie/bichon is?
  137. How to train my defiant border collie puppy?
  138. Low pomeranian body weight?
  139. My dachshund had pups 8 days ago 7 of them?
  140. Papillon owners!!! ?
  141. Dachshund Sick!!! Will He Survive?
  142. american staffordshire terriers!!?
  143. American bulldog x staff- toilet training advice needed please!?
  144. Do you think Richard Dawkins is Darwin's Rottweiler?
  145. How to best house train my italian greyhound?
  146. what's the difference between the american staffordshire terrier and a pitbull? ?
  147. How do i house train or kennel train my 6 month old papillon?
  148. Are there any hypoallergenic dogs that are not Poodle-, Shih Tzu-, or Schnauzer-like?
  149. who likes brittany spears?
  150. If you were to walk into a shelter today and there was only a chihuahua,
  151. Who has a greyhound or a lurcher?
  152. How long does it take for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to grow in their full coat?
  153. Good Rottweiler breeder in Michigan, there wasnt even a local club on the...
  154. Help fighting Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pups?!?
  155. could my chihuahua be pregnant?
  156. Going for the hollydays to Vancouver B.C with My Pug?
  157. what is a good dog collar for my english bulldog?
  158. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts BOXER BRIEFS or briefs?
  159. how long can I breed my great dane?
  160. Looking for a purebred border collie sheepdog! Help Please!?
  161. What is Greyhound bus speed?
  162. Cute Toy Poodle AND Beagle Names for a girl? *Read Description*?
  163. Do toy poodle puppy need to shave all the hairs at young age?
  164. Brittany Flickinger hair?
  165. Vizslas, Weimaraners and German Short Haired Pointers?
  166. I NEED HELP! boxers or briefs?
  167. Difference between the feel of boxers and commando?
  168. Brittany Flickinger's hair?
  169. How can I potty train my Lhasa Apso?
  170. I have a 10 mth.old border collie limping on front leg, it comes and goes, seen
  171. Been groomed for the first time 1 year old shih tzu reacting strange?
  172. My 6 month old beagle pup?
  173. What website can i find puppy beagles for free?
  174. is my lhasa apso a pure breed?........b/c?
  175. I Painted A Shih Tzu What Do You Think?? Picture Included!?
  176. what complacations come with the pug breed?
  177. should I get a jack russell terrier or a beagle?
  178. Creationists, why can't you breed two Chihuahuas and get a St Bernard?
  179. Which dog is louder, Basset Hound or a Beagle?
  180. I have a 7 week old american bulldog with roundworms.?
  181. Where can I find a good place to get an English Bull Terrier in Northern California?
  182. i jst got a 11 month old beagle/pit mix?
  183. Looking for a Boston Terrier puppy. Why are pet stores, even "reputable ones"
  184. To find the Jack russell terrier book, on nintendogs, do you have to walk...
  185. why does my English bulldog still bite?
  186. I brought home a papillon from a puppy store to try out and it was so respectful,...
  187. Is the main character in Karate Dog a Briard?
  188. how often do you feed a 4-5 year old shitzu poodle mixed breed?
  189. Do Welsh Terriers act clownish like Airedale Terriers?
  190. i got two puppies that are 75% american bulldog and 25%pit bull will they...
  191. Are German shepherds dogs agressive toward childeren ages 7 and up ?
  192. What are the grooming requirements for an Irish Setter?
  193. is one and 3/4 cup of dog food enough for a 5 mo. old chow mix.?
  194. I Would Like To Get A Rescue Pomeranian In Scotland - Does Anyone Know Where?
  195. Any other border collie owners out there?
  196. X-Factor - I think brings shame...poor contestants, poor Brittany?
  197. My chihuahua puppy pees when she sees me does this mean she has a bladder problem?
  198. How tall should my Border Collie puppy be when he is 5 months old?
  199. Havanese Information?
  200. Is my Great Grandmas French Bulldog in pain or something or...?
  201. bichon/poodle puppy names?
  202. I need help with My CHIHUAHUA!!?
  203. what kind of brush should you brush a Cairn terrier/Yorkie with?
  204. border collie mix?is it?
  205. where to buy a dachshund in texas?
  206. Does anyone have a Bichon Frise?
  207. What is the best substitute for a shih tzu's coat?
  208. my rottweiler had her puppies today and all four of them died except for one...any
  209. WEIMARANER TRAINERS: Is there a dog bed my Weimaraners WON'T tear up?
  210. Should i get a border collie or an australian shepherd?
  211. Where can I get a boston terrier from in Victoria, Australia?
  212. My dogs, a male English mastiff and male Rott keep digging.?
  213. Steroids For My English Bull Terrier?
  214. Help me name my schnauzer?
  215. My Greyhound has a large red mark about the size of a small fist on the side of...
  216. women which would i look best in boxers or boxer briefs ?
  217. I have a small poodle that is in the habit of constant licking the...
  218. pomeranian, jack russel and Chihuahua?
  219. What is the average price of a Pekingese?
  220. I've just got a puppy - a cross between a border collie and an old english
  221. what do you think of the name dusty ann for my 4 month old puppy she's shih tzu?
  222. Any Australian Shepherd owners out there who also have other breeds of dogs? ?
  223. Wanting a Golden Retriever. Is there any requirements?
  224. Boxerbriefs, boxers and briefs.?
  225. Border Collie - yes or no?
  226. greyhound destination question for NYC ?
  227. shih-tzu been acting aggresive?
  228. I'm 17. Can I book with Greyhound to travel to a different state as an
  229. My American Bulldog cant stop digging holes?
  230. how much do vizsla puppies cost?
  231. Which is a better, loyal dog? Maltese or Bichon Frise?
  232. Is there something wrong with my pug's mouth/teeth?
  233. All The Help About Bichon Frise?
  234. I have a little mini 13 inch male beagle, he is about 3 months old. his head is
  235. does a maltese go great with my shih-tzu oreo?
  236. i have the mom too. I have 2new pugs 4 weeks old got worms?
  237. What a cute name for my chihuahua?
  238. Mastiff puppy issues.?
  239. My 1 year old Beagle mix is extremely food aggressive and mildly human
  240. What do you get a Thai Boxer/Kick Boxer for Xmas?
  241. my boxers show because of my jeans,what colours&styles should i go for?
  242. cane corso or rottweiler?
  243. Mini Schnauzer has no hobby?
  244. Are Dachshunds Prone To Bad Breath?
  245. What Dog is better? Dachshund or Chihuahua?
  246. 6 year old mini schnauzer having seizures took her to the vet but they dont know...
  247. Giant Schnauzer+Rhodesian ridgeback=hypoallergenic?
  248. i have a Miniature Doberman pincher that mated with a apple head Chihuahua ?
  249. should compression shorts be worn with boxers underneath? ?
  250. Paris Hilton's My New BFF Brittany?