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  1. Boxers under boardshorts?
  2. What is the bag than is usually plain but has a greyhound dog on the logo/zipper?
  3. English bulldog question?
  4. I need help with my 4 year old German Shorthaired Pointer..?
  5. What is it like to tkae a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  6. Should I get a Male or Female Beagle puppy? ?
  7. My miniature poodle never barks - is there something wrong with him?
  8. anyone know where i can find a song of brittany flickinger?
  9. i have a little 13 inch beagle, he is walking a little bit weird like with a
  10. My 9 month old mini poodle / mini american eskimo X has a sore upper leg took...
  11. should i get a rhodesian ridgeback?
  12. I have a 9 month old Dachshund,when will he be loosing his teeth?
  13. St. Bernard American Bulldog mix info please?
  14. My shih tzu has been throwing up for 4 days...?
  15. promo code viator.com and papillon.com?
  16. how do i know if my dachshund is full breed ?
  17. are staffordshire bull terriers banned in milwaukee wisconsin?
  18. hi,my family is getting a schnauzer puppy..are they easy to train at
  19. Raw diet list for my 18 month old Australian Kelpie?
  20. do miniature schnauzer exessively bark if so how do i regulate it..?
  21. Boxers!! ?
  22. Re Training a Two Year Old Pomeranian?
  23. Where can I buy an Argentino Dogo in Ohio?
  24. karaoke of kangal irandal?
  25. Does this puppy look like a full blooded female Boxer?
  26. Guys: Boxers or briefs?
  27. Is my shih tzu going in heat?
  28. My 6 day old Chihuahua Pups don't seem to be nursing much?
  29. Saint Bernard question?
  30. are sataffordshire bull terriers banned in milwaukee wisconsin?
  31. Ladies: Boxers or briefs on your man~?
  32. My pug has a very bad odor....?
  33. thinking about getting a lhasa apso?
  34. Pembroke Welsh Corgis puppies with tails?
  35. My Chihuahua has something wrong, Please help!?
  36. At what age do female Golden Retrievers get their period?
  37. Rottweiler dogs help me please?
  38. My 5 month old shih tzu,?
  39. Are Shiba Inu's good dogs?
  40. when to breed a english bull terrier?
  41. How much do pro boxers get paid when they have their first fight debut?
  42. Is a Labrador Retriever still be purebred if?
  43. My Papillon just broke her leg, and she had surgery yesterday...?
  44. Does a Shetland Sheepdog bark at intruders?
  45. how much would it cost to have a puppys injections [ shih tzu ]?
  46. what's a good name for a male shih tzu?
  47. i wear baggy skate jeans does it matter that my boxers show a bit?
  48. My chihuahua has yellow teeth and bad breath. How do I fix these problems?
  49. Why are poodles such a popular breed to mix with?
  50. Shih Tzu: what should I know?
  51. what i a good name for a staffordshire bull terrier?
  52. which should i get golden retriever or yellow lab?
  53. I want to buy a shih tzu in CDO. i am not sure if its safe?
  54. What supplies do I need to take care of a Shiba Inu and Pomeranian mix?
  55. for christmas i want to get a pomeranian how can i convnce my parents to let me
  56. Bambii for a Bullmastiff?
  57. Is my Student ID a valid photo ID for picking up a ticket I ordered for Greyhound?
  58. Does my border collie puppy look too skinny?
  59. My poodle started to lick her hair off of her. Is this normal?
  60. I recently adopted a female saint bernard from a very bad living condition.
  61. English Mastiff owners?
  62. Someone can give me information about Schneider Theckla boxer dog Kennes "Marienhof"?
  63. Please help 3 year old Chihuahua is a TERROR!!?
  64. American bulldog females growth ?
  65. when i was at school my troses feel down along with boxers?
  66. What dog looks like a beagle size Lab?
  67. i love Brittany's hair from Paris Hilton's My New BFF how can i do it like hers ?
  68. I gave my dog infant acetaminophen 3 days ago. 1.6mL, wil he be ok? He is a toy
  69. Can you pick a theme song for each of your favorite boxers?
  70. Anyone on here from Newfoundland?
  71. I question about greyhound and money?
  72. Do Cocker Spaniels or Beagles get stuff under their eyes?
  73. update: I'm thinking of adopting this female boxer puppy. Here is her
  74. exercing a dog- doberman pinscher?
  75. Hand stripping a Mini Schnauzer coat?
  76. dachshund with an itch problem?
  77. Does colors matters in thegrowth of a Great Dane?
  78. Is my female Boston Terrier ready?
  79. where can i buy a staffordshire bull terrier?
  80. How much food should I feed my 5 year old Beagle?
  81. How to train a stubborn pug?
  82. i have an 8 week old male chihuahua and i was curious on how much they should...
  83. What kind of bone can I give my Olde English Bulldog (5 months old)?
  84. Can a male Doberman live with a male Chihuahua?
  85. Are Jack Russell Terriers Mad?
  86. Great dane question!?
  87. Question for Pug owners?
  88. I need help with my neapolitan mastiff?
  89. What should I do about my basset hounds bowl problems?
  90. do you own a rottweiler ? if you do i need your advice ?
  91. 5 month old golden retriever showing some signs of aggression?
  92. does anyone no of any beagle breeders in maryland of west virginia?
  93. I have an 8 month old golden retriever that growls at kids and unknown
  94. Chihuahua aggressive towards men....?
  95. I'm thinking of getting another Shih Tzu (but I'm hesitant please read and
  96. is the word "chow" insulting?
  97. what are some clothing stores that sell clothing like brittany flickingers style?
  98. Is there such thing as a brindle Chihuahua?
  99. Why does my 1 year old Chihuahua has an awful smell most of the time?
  100. barbara boxer............................................. ........................?
  101. Beagles, Pomeranians, Labrador Retrievers, Hush Puppies.. which one's better ?
  102. Why does my 6 month old male dachshund poop and pee in his kennel?
  103. why does my 11 month pomeranian try to mount my 6 month australian shepherd?
  104. are pugs hyper dogs ?
  105. If you were a Pomeranian...?
  106. I'm considering adopting a saint bernard I'm wondering if anyone out there
  107. My beagle has been shaking in car rides, how can I help her get over this fear?
  108. Average llifespan for a doberman pinscher?
  109. How much do Greyhound bus drivers make in Canada?
  110. i have a 2 months old saint bernard, she always bite things.. how to avoid it?
  111. My Shih Tzu Puppy isn't eating well...?
  112. Is taking a greyhound bus by yourself safe?
  113. My chihuahua had a cherry eye when we got him and now he has a second one!?!?!?!?
  114. Brittany from paris hiltons new bff?
  115. where can i find a cheap toy or mini poodle in az?
  116. for the people who are boxers?
  117. Why does my basset hound whimper all the time, even after he's eaten and...
  118. golden retrievers/labs!!?
  119. papillon puppies that i've raised are aggressive when woken up?
  120. Calling all vizsla lovers!!!?
  121. Where can I find Boston Terrier breeders?
  122. boston terrier t-shirt?
  123. Omg we have this pitbull/boxer i need ways to convice my mom n stepdad to keep her!?
  124. Where can I find a pure bred cairn terrier?
  125. I've learned that there are several breeds of "Pit" Bull terriers. So whats the
  126. Poll: Cocker Spaniel or Pug?
  127. how do i make food for my two chihuahuas i see people make food on tv for they're ?
  128. Looking for an English Bulldog?
  129. Anyone know a reputable Boxer breeder?
  130. I have a 9 month old Pug Puppy going through her first heat ad she wont pee?
  131. Overgrown rough collie?
  132. Boxers or briefs for little boys?
  133. which Rhodesian Ridgeback would you rather have?
  134. how to i train my chihuahua to sit?
  135. Teething/Nibbling Boxer?
  136. how many different type of Staffordshire Bull Terrier Types are there?
  137. Why is my beagle red?
  138. Does anyone else but me not give a damn about Brittany Spears Birthday?
  139. help with brushing pomeranian's hair?
  140. where in norfolk can i get my boxer/rottweiler neutered at a reduced cost?
  141. Lump on my Chihuahua; Should I be concerned?
  142. Poll: Boxers -or- Briefs?
  143. Boxer briefs vs. briefs?
  144. Where to buy girl boxers?
  145. Potty Training a Chihuahua?
  146. 11 week old beagle mix training help?
  147. Anyone know Brittany Flickinger's cell?
  148. My toy poodle is puking...?
  149. my beagle started being very lazy and tired all of a sudden and has a loss of...
  150. how can you teach a papillon to sit pretty (sit up)???
  151. wat could my rottweiler be mixed with?
  152. How big (weight) can a St. Bernard Collie mix male get? (now with a pic to help)?
  153. My shar pei dog has been throwing up!? HELP!! ?
  154. Could a papillon male breed with a collie female?
  155. MY BOSTON TERRIER chews everything when he is at my parents house, but never
  156. Does anyone know where I can find the coat Brittany was wearing on Paris
  157. My 10 year old Golden Retriever poops on the garage floor every night?
  158. Did my Mastiff contract parvo from vets office?
  159. Does anyone know if Pugs shed a lot?
  160. Basset Hound/labrador?
  161. i am trying to find a new home for my 1 year old boxer mix. i live in a very small...
  162. I have a 20 month old boxer can a dog be cloned and if so where?
  163. Boxer Rebellions affect on American foreign policy?
  164. bichon frise for sale?
  165. american bulldog rash ?
  166. what is the better dog a boxer or golden-doodle?
  167. Does markings of rottweiler darken with increasing age?
  168. Making it easier to walk my Chihuahua?
  169. My dog is an elderly boston terrier and i was wondering when i sit down...
  170. 2-year old shih tzu should I leave her overnight by herself?
  171. Bichon Frise Vs Yorkies?
  172. women which would i look best in boxer shorts or boxer briefs ?
  173. My 12 week old CHIHUAHUA has Parvo...?
  174. Good pictures of Brittany from Paris Hilton's My New BFF?
  175. why is corn bad for st.bernards.oh and what is bigger st.bernards or english
  176. my chihuahua isn't good with dogs what should i do?
  177. What's the coldest tempeture a pug can handle?
  178. My boston terrier has digestive problems. Help!?
  179. Chihuahua Puppy with Weird Jaw?
  180. im 13 i want to be a boxer?
  181. English Bulldog That Smells!!!?
  182. what does new born poodles eat ? what are the names?
  183. How much should a 16 month old boxer weigh?
  184. Is beagle equally energetic like a Labrador?
  185. My labradoodle/border collie Cross breed?
  186. Any websites with saint Bernard rescue dogs?
  187. A book about a girl and a newfoundland?
  188. English Bulldogs????
  189. Is Ollie a cute name for my new Jack Russell Terrier puppy?
  190. Anyone heard of a band named boxer?
  191. my new bff reunion show-brittany?
  192. Tear stains on beagle?
  193. Border collie or australian cattle dog mix?
  194. My dogs balls are lopsided! should i be worryed? 5mths old boxer?
  195. Does Anyone Know If James Sutton Has A French Bulldog?
  196. paris pick brittany as a new bff?
  197. what do you think about yorkie poodles?
  198. Basenji dogs and allergies/asthma?
  199. My female english bulldog puppy is almost 7 months old and she weighs 50 lbs. Is...
  200. American Pitbull or American Bulldog?
  201. Has anyone had a Boxer who lived longer than 8 years?
  202. Why do people think there is no such thing as a Miniature Dachshund?
  203. Kermit the frog boxers?
  204. Papillon grooming - Please help?
  205. I'm looking for a Pocket Beagle puppy also know as an Olde English beagle in Texas?
  206. Staffy bull terrier, how do you know if its going to turn into a large staff...
  207. what kind of gloves do different boxers use?
  208. I want to train my Dachshund to do some commands - are they ok to send to a trainer?
  209. Naming my new poodle puppy!?
  210. does anyone know how to become a proffesinal boxer?
  211. The Evil BB Chow and other stories-response?
  212. Where can I find a safe good home for my Airedale Terrier?
  213. names for a border terrier/jack russell girl?
  214. My chihuahua will not move or respond.?
  215. Looking For Reputable Miniature Poodle Breeder in Southern Ontario?
  216. looking for a very reputable saint Bernard breeder in the north east...suggestions?
  217. information about greyhound busses!!?? help!!?
  218. How long will it take for diabetes to end ny 23 pound poodles life. It is
  219. In what order would you rank these heavyweight boxers according to shear...
  220. What is the best age to start breeding my female Boston Terrier.?
  221. What is the normal weight of basset hound pup of 2 months?
  222. do pugs make good pets?
  223. Do pugs soft palate grow back?
  224. Is it ok to feed my English Bulldog raw chicken?
  225. yorkshire terrier excersise question?
  226. Do you love your boston terrier. ?
  227. Can you tell me what type of Dachshund I have? [pics]?
  228. My dog (beagle) just died but how...?
  229. What can I give my Chihuahua to miscarry?
  230. My 6 w/o chihuahua shakes abnormally while he sleeps. please help me?
  231. Should I get a Beagle?
  232. Socializing a one year old chihuahua?
  233. How is my female rottweiler's growth?
  234. What do I feed obese Bichon Frise dogs? ?
  235. What would be a good name for a black and white pomeranian puppy?
  236. Why do guys wear boxers if they give no support?
  237. what do you think about when you hear the name Brittany Spears?
  238. Names for a Blue Mastiff?
  239. Lhasa Apso has pretty severe allergies?
  240. I have a 4 week old American Bulldog puppy that I think is sick...?
  241. How do feel about American Pit Bull Terriers?
  242. 13 year old girl who wants to be a boxer?
  243. I have a great dane and she is almost 1 year old and not yet potty trained?
  244. Which gender of beagle should I buy?
  245. Our 4 month old Beagle is crying, and barking at night, HELP!?
  246. I'm getting a Chihuahua puppy tomorrow?
  247. Why do you like Chihuahuas?
  248. Pug 206 center console button..?
  249. Havanese Tear Stains?
  250. iam getting a white poodle soon and i need a name for her, please help me!!!?