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  1. Questions about owning a chihuahua?
  2. Differences between an English pointer & German shorthaired pointer puppies?
  3. Shar pei puppies for sale in Georgia?
  4. 13 pound 12 year old chihuahua ate some onions?
  5. how to tell a fake Louis Vuitton Papillon 26 bag ?
  6. How to become a pro boxer ?
  7. Input on bringing home a 5 month old female bull terrier?
  8. Brittany from Paris Hilton is my new BFF?
  9. my shih-tzu bites anyone who comes in the door?
  10. how do i find a pug breeder in my area?
  11. My french bulldog was a lot of extra skin around her neck. Is that normal?
  12. Want a poodle but hates poodle cuts! help!?
  13. What should i name my new little webkinz dachshund?
  14. American bulldog/pit bull miami dade?
  15. Any one own a Labrador Retriever?
  16. What are the dry spots on my Shar Pei's torso?
  17. 3 weeks ago i bought a yorkshire terrier and she is 4 years old and since she...
  18. which would you rather have a Pomeranian or a yorkie?
  19. Why is my dachshund throwing up?
  20. Is it ok to get my ticket on the greyhound bus the day Im leaving?
  21. Skinny Jeans and my boxers- help?
  22. 5 Month old female chihuahua interacting with 2 y/o male?
  23. How much is the going price for a miniature Dachshunds?
  24. OK. We fiund a stray chihuahua in our neighborhoos. nobodys claimed how...
  25. how much will my tax cost????? pug 306 1.9 turbo Diesel ?
  26. Dogue de Bordeaux aka the French Mastiff?
  27. how to pamper my male toy poodle?
  28. Accepted Papillon Color?
  29. Please adopt Bull Terriers from rescue. There is a wonderful one at the
  30. My Rottweiler bit my face, what should I do?
  31. Greyhound and ID's ??
  32. what do u like better pitbulls boxers are boston terrier?
  33. Greyhound complexity..... lol?
  34. Chihuahua and ShihTzu?
  35. should i get a collie or dachshund?
  36. Why Are Chihuahua cross jack russells so cheap? and what do you think of them? ?
  37. My Labrador Retriever is acting up..?
  38. What should i name my new webkinz dachshund?
  39. Border Collies living in towns?
  40. Can someone give me a webkinz collie code?
  41. What can I do with my yorkshire terrier when I'm at work?
  42. I just got a new shih-tzu, but he looks like his paws,tail and legs are...
  43. does anyone really use the fly on mens boxers?
  44. What's your experience with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  45. whats better a pug or a daschund?
  46. Which Dog Breed Is Better Shih Tzu Or Yorkie?...........i Prefer Shih Tzu.?
  47. Female Chihuahua PEEING on my bed!?
  48. Good Name for a chihuahua?
  49. Is a Rottweiler a good dog to have?
  50. my Lhasa apso is having labored breathing. ?
  51. looking for accessories for my shih tzu?
  52. Professional boxers not allowed in the Olympics?
  53. Is a dachshund right for me?
  54. beagle breeders in kentucky?
  55. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and love for rats and lizards?
  56. feeding milk to my shih tzu?
  57. My 6 month old Boxer wants to potty all the time?
  58. Spaniel/Collie/Lab mix, pros and cons?
  59. Lhasa Apso always locked up!?
  60. what would you feed a 2 pound 4 week old golden retriever mix.?
  61. beagle breeders in kentucky?
  62. I am considering getting a dachshund..?
  63. Male Rottweiler has "Eye Entropia" in bottom lid of left eye...?
  64. dog birthday party for chihuahua?
  65. I have 3 kids and I am looking to buy a dog but not sure what would be
  66. How long does it take a Papillon's fur to grow?
  67. Siberian Husky in Michigan?
  68. Is my 4 month old boxer a good weight?
  69. I have a golden retriever chow mix and its really aggressive ?
  70. Would a Border Collie suit me?
  71. Can cold temperature in my house affect my pregnant chihuahua?
  72. Only for rottweiler owner: What are the nutritional requirement of a three...
  73. I need a male for my female Border Collie?
  74. should I clip French Bulldog whiskers?
  75. Question about spaying my 6 month old schnauzer mix?
  76. how can i tell if my boxer going to have baby i need help?
  77. I have a 3 mo.old chihuahua...her ears have started drooping first just one now
  78. how old can i breed my staffordshire bull terrier?
  79. Golden retriever at end of life -I'm wonderingg where to call it off?
  80. How can i make my Chihuahua Gain weight?
  81. Rabbit Rottweiler?? Please explain?
  82. Who thought The Bloodhound Gang rocked as well..?
  83. what were king charles spaniels bred for?
  84. names for my shih tzu?
  85. My Boston Terrier just won't stop barking!?
  86. tiny pomeranian for sale?
  87. My dachshund won't eat her food!?
  88. Boxers or Boxer Briefs?
  89. Why does my 2 1/2 year old female spayed chihuahua have severe hives and a
  90. I have a JRT x Pomeranian, he loves to lick hands, legs, face neck ears!
  91. HELP! can anyone tell me how im supposed to housebreak a chihuahua in the
  92. question about chihuahua?
  93. what is the treatment for a boxer's fracture?
  94. How much food should I feed a bullmastiff?
  95. How to Get Brown Stuff Off Of My Shih Tzu's Eyes ?
  96. Why does my 7 year old Chihuahua automatically does her business in the toilet with
  97. Needs help on getting two Beagles to get along.?
  98. I bought a new home decor on Nintendogs Chihuahua but nothing happened! Money waster?
  99. Tacoma Humane Society Sadie Golden Retriever Mix?
  100. Where/how can I buy a 1-3 month old Pomeranian?
  101. how do you become a pro boxer in canada?
  102. How do i make food for my two chihuahuas i see people make food on tv for they're ?
  103. I need a good scissor for trimming my toy poodle?
  104. Portuguese Water Dog name? HELP!?
  105. my boxer is attacking my collie?
  106. My chihuahua has TWO cherry eyes now, and one started to bleed!!?
  107. Would a border collie suit me?
  108. What should I name my female English Bulldog?
  109. Is my Bullmastiff going to be small?
  110. Which dog is better(or perferred more)?? A yorkie or a border Collie?
  111. Would it be weird for a guy to wear girl boxers?
  112. Should a 4 mounth old siberian husky be throwing up?
  113. Is there a way to stop the little drop of urine that gets on my boxers?
  114. my computer is saying my speakers are unplugged when they are pugged in...
  115. My mum has a staffordshire bull terrier.She needs help finding bedding for
  116. what does chihuahua/sh dog look like?
  117. Experiences with Dachshund, Basset Hounds or Beagles?
  118. How to socialize a pomeranian?
  119. My 3 year old Shih Tzu has diaherra. ?
  120. hi i have a border collie 8 yr's old has pulled tenden in leg what can i do?
  121. How to tell the age of a border collie?
  122. does anyone have a pic of a mostly black american bulldog?
  123. I cut my shih tzu's skin?
  124. Rottweiler, 9 months has gas & often diahria.?
  125. Opinions about a havanese dog?
  126. Chihuahua, slipped disc.....?
  127. Why did you get your Chihuahua?
  128. My 2 year old Chihuahua has been vomiting once a week for a month should I...
  129. What temperature is "too cold" for a beagle to be left outside?
  130. Jack Russell Terrier Heat Cycle?
  131. What should I name my chihuahua/pomeranian puppy? ?
  132. Skinny Jeans and my boxers- help?
  133. Do Basset Hounds have any quirks or particular needs?
  134. Is it possible to get an american line golden retriever in the UK?
  135. are pugs cute??????????????????
  136. I'm getting a Gordon Setter. Help?
  137. Can my miniature pinscher ever be housebroken?
  138. how to make my chihuahua more hyper!?
  139. does anyone know where i can buy a female chihuahua puppy for 400-500 this year?
  140. Is my Siberian Husky's "snownose" permanent?
  141. What is My Chihuahua Mixed with?
  142. I recently purchased EVO brand dog food (the reduced fat one) for my shih tzu,...
  143. Brittany Flickinger's Music anyone?
  144. my 7 mouth old pit bull terrier will not eat anything. ?
  145. problem 2 year old golden retriever?
  146. trying to find a certain newfoundland breeder..?
  147. how do you make your siberian husky big? i like the muscular look on a husky =]?
  148. I have a 1 and 1/2 yr old beagle who gets 4walks & still pees in the floor...
  149. How can I stop my pug from peeing everywhere?
  150. (Boxing fight last night) lately, has Oscar De La Hoya been a Boxer or a...
  151. pomeranian howling and barking at nothing in particular? ?
  152. How long does a standered poodle live? ?
  153. What must be the characteristics of a pure bred female yorkshire terrier puppy?
  154. Should I sedate my 4 year old chihuahua for an 8 hour car ride? ?
  155. Do brittany spaniels shed?
  156. The mass of Zorba, a mastiff born in London, England, was measured in...
  157. how do you get a 2yr old rottweiler to respect you?
  158. I adopted a 3 year old saint bernard. She is very loving and affectionate, but...
  159. I cant decide!! Rottweiler or Staffordshire Bull Terrier!?!?
  160. Did Manny Paquiao convince Mayweather that he is the best boxer in the world?
  161. when does a female Weimaraner reach adulthood?
  162. Help With A Puggle And A Boxer?
  163. How can i become a professional boxer?
  164. How do I keep my Chihuahua from peeing on my bed?
  165. Do Papillons shed a lot? ?
  166. should we get a golden, or a flat coated retriever?
  167. i have a beagle who keeps on itching?
  168. Chihuahua behaving badly!?
  169. what are some problems with collie/lab?
  170. What kind of dog breed would go well with my American Eskimo(miniature)?
  171. What should I use for Treat Training my Border Collie Puppy?
  172. which boxer currently holds the record for most successful jr welter (140lbs)
  173. Shiba Inu Male Being A Pain?
  174. can you remove a bloodhound NsAnti?
  175. How do i make my shih tzu more obedient?
  176. What do you think the most buff haircut for a mininature poodle is?
  177. Brittany in Paris Hilton's new BFF's hair?...?
  178. is they greyhound buslines safe?
  179. which is a better breed japanese spitz or a dachshund?
  180. Good small dog thats not a Shih Tzu or Yorkie?
  181. Now,whos better boxer? Pacquiao or De la Hoya?
  182. Did Pacquiao beat ALL the Mexican Boxers yet?
  183. a good place to find femal boxers online?
  184. I have a 6 yr old Weimaraner who has had aspiration pneumonia several times,...
  185. Who is The Best Boxer In The World?
  186. Having trouble getting my boxer puppy potty trained.?
  187. shar pei collor rash??
  188. A weiner dog french poodle mix??What on earth!?
  189. Dog is overcompensating. Hooked on beer and poodles. ?
  190. French Mastiff With A Kink In His Tail?
  191. Whose punch would hurt the most - a bodybuider, martial arts master, boxer or
  192. i have a 5 month old boxer and he has little bumps all over his body?
  193. Why does my male Shih Tzu still licks pee after being neutered?
  194. My female Golden Retriever is in heat, bleeding and keeps licking herself down
  195. Trying to find the Collie clan tartan?
  196. How can I stop my two Irish wolfhounds from fighting?
  197. Today I put a deposit down on a Mini Schnauzer puppy, I will be going to get
  198. Any tips while riding the greyhound by myself?
  199. Why doesn't Police department use border collies for police service dogs? ?
  200. Is there anymore Mexican/Spanish Boxers that Pacquiao hasn't beaten yet ?
  201. How do I punish and reward my tiny-toy poodle?
  202. I have three chihuahua's. They bite...Growl...Jump on people and they pee...
  203. why do boxers spit so much? ?
  204. How to wire up my remote ignition pug 206?
  205. Have any of you got a Norwegian elkhound?
  206. My 5yr spayed Weimaraner has a leaky bladder after coming back from a walk.?
  207. when is the best time to mate a dachshund?
  208. We have a 1 year old male Dachshund x Chihuahua and we're getting a 12
  209. the bad touch by the bloodhound gang?
  210. My husband just groomed an 11 week old shih-tzu. It was the puppys first time
  211. my 5lb chihuahua is gasping for air after dentistry ?
  212. My Jack Russell Terrier puppy has begun to bite everyone ! Everything is fair...
  213. How does a boxer control a fixed fight? ?
  214. Is it normal that my 8 week old pug is biting my 1yr old pug?
  215. Chihuahua and toy poodle training tips, or basic training tips?
  216. Have you ever heard of a Rat Terrier Dachshund mix?
  217. Has 24/7 on HBO helped you changed your perception of a boxer. If so, how?
  218. Doberman pinscher question?
  219. Toy Fox terrier help!?
  220. How do boxers cut weight?
  221. About how old does a pomeranian get all its fur?
  222. My boston terrier has skin bacteria problems. ?
  223. My poodle is a terror!!?
  224. My boxer/pitt mix eyes seem irritated... Red and producing yellow eye boogers?
  225. Do english bulldogs sleep most of the day?
  226. My beagle breathes really fast while sleeping ?
  227. How much should I pay for a stud fee for a Bichon Frise dog?
  228. what is the time difference between newfoundland and new zealand?
  229. how do you know if your chihuahua has a long coat or not?
  230. I barely got a chihuahua and she is a girl and i have no idea what to name...
  231. What is the temperment of a Pomeranian?
  232. do golden retrievers bark a lot and need a lot of excersise?
  233. my boxer had a litter of pups wednesday, shes lying around alot and has a dry...
  234. Clothes or boots for Boxer in the snow?
  235. If you were a pro boxer, what would your entrance music be?
  236. I am looking into getting a shetland sheepdog...?
  237. My Saint Bernard diet?
  238. I am very interested in the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel breed. Could...
  239. If I want to get bus tickets to East Rutherford NJ,what should i look for in
  240. Should I get a Collie?
  241. Why do boxers make so much more money than MMA fighters?
  242. My golden retriver girl and chihuahua boy had intercourse?.?
  243. Training an 18 month old Golden Retriever ?
  244. women which would i look best in boxer shorts or boxer briefs ?
  245. Can all you Pug owners out there tell me your best story...? ?
  246. Who needs an electric blanket when you have 2 DACHSHUNDS to keep you warm, agreed?
  247. Can you consider Oscar Dela Hoya as a redeemer for the Latino boxers that lost to
  248. Can anyone tell me why my Shih Tzu looks oily all the time?
  249. Who was a better boxer in their prime Manny Pacquiao or Oscar De la Hoya?
  250. the doberman pinscher!?