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  1. boxers, briefs, or thongs?
  2. My shih Tzu's teeth are showing need help pls!!?
  3. when will chihuahua x jack russel become an adult?
  4. My female Golden Retriever is in heat. How long will her bleeding last?
  5. poodle with bad skin?
  6. Where can I find pug breeders in Germany?
  7. Who likes chihuahuas?
  8. How Can i House Train A 14 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  9. How do I find a reputable Yorkshire Terrier Breeder in MN?
  10. my LabraMation (Labrador Retriever/Dalmation) pup is terrified of the
  11. how much do bloodhound puppy's cost?
  12. My Pekingese's nose is very dry?
  13. dog name for a tiny black chihuahua?
  14. What can I purchase to help my Toy Poodle?
  15. giving my chihuahua everyday?
  16. I have a australian shepard mixed with border collie and I can't think
  17. What is the closest Greyhound Bus Station to Delta, Utah?
  18. Who has a rhodesian ridgeback?
  19. How does your English Bulldog handle Houston, TX?
  20. How to train a Miniature Schnauzer to come when called?
  21. Where Can I Find This Specific Breed Of Mastiff?
  22. Anyone selling an inexpensive male toy poodle in Illinois or that will ship cheap?
  23. A good crate for a Chihuahua?
  24. is there any such thing as a mini border collie?
  25. Where can I find a good toy poodle breeder?
  26. I have a small young male Pomeranian & he sometimes humps a 3 month, 5lb
  27. English bulldog eye problem? Please help.?
  28. Is it easier for a boxer to move up in weight or down in weight?
  29. my 6 yr old pug can't hold anything down but 1 tblspoon of rice and broth, ?
  30. how fat is the fattest pug ever?
  31. Italian Greyhound/MinPin mix Problems?
  32. I need to know a few things about a schnauzer..?
  33. Why do border collies make good SAR dogs? (Search and rescue)?
  34. Difficult Maltese x Shih Tzu?
  35. does anyone have an airedale terrier?
  36. does anybody know anything about Pomeranian dogs and what they eat?
  37. boxers or boxer briefs?
  38. Is my poodle a toy or a miniature and is she underweight?
  39. I am looking for a pattern to knit a Newfoundland Salt & Pepper Cap, made with...
  40. What do I do about my Chihuahua he wont stop going to the bathroom in the house?
  41. My vet said he's a pit, but he looks more like a beagle?
  42. Is purina dog chow good for my puppy?
  43. How many houses does Brittany Spears have?
  44. greyhound discounts? ?
  45. where would i be able to buy a chihuahua?
  46. how are boxers with kids?
  47. What do I feed a puppy Pomeranian?
  48. Should I be embarrassed? Should I switch to boxers? Am I too old to be
  49. Do she look like a Australian Shepherd Shetland Sheepdog mixed?
  50. French Bulldog? I really want one, but I still have a couple questions.?
  51. Australian Shepherds as hunting dogs?
  52. Should I take my 7 week old pomeranian out to potty in the middle of the night?
  53. Smelly Basset Hound! :[?
  54. Is Oscar a thief & the most overrated boxer of all times ?
  55. Why does my rottweiler walk around with the tip of her tongue sticking out?
  56. My 10 year old Beagle is sick with something?
  57. South african boxer brian mitchell being inducted into the IBHOF?
  58. My toy sized chihuahua is always scratching and biting at her feet, back
  59. Need information and help on deciding whether or not to get this collie i want!?
  60. Does My Dog Look Like a Pure Bred Beagle?
  61. If you were a pro boxer what would your nickname be?
  62. I want to be a professinal boxer do you think this is possible?
  63. Abused English Bullmastiff ......?
  64. who would win in a fight between a wolf and a rottweiler?
  65. Traveling to Canada via Greyhound?
  66. Best dog to keep with a German Shepherd?
  67. Why does Brittany Flickinger have ugly unwashed hair & sticks a nasty comb in it?...
  68. help i need dog names for a girl dog small anything but pugs and daschunds ok plz
  69. Please help me with our beagles.?
  70. How should we further house/crate train our Miniature Pinscher?
  71. If I have the top of my Simpsons boxers poking out of the top of my jeans...?
  72. Victorian Bulldog she keeps chewing her paws sometimes till they bleed.She
  73. My 2 year old Pug is eating his feces. How do I stop him! Is there something he can
  74. This is out of curiosity about boxers.?
  75. Shih tzu questions...(X2)?
  76. Border Collies vs Rough Collies (Lassie dogs)?
  77. For LADIES: Do you like it when guy's boxers are showing?
  78. Is my shepherd mix puppy mixed with mastiff? How much do you think he'll weight? ?
  79. I just moved into a new place yesterday with just me and my Pomeranian.?
  80. I have a 1 year old boston terrier very playful full of energy but some
  81. Why would my shih-tzu start biting all the sudden?
  82. if a rottweiler lives outside in an insulated dog house w/plenty of toys and...
  83. if someone mixed a Neapolitan mastiff With a shar pei what would the puppies look
  84. Help im buying a "small" Chihuahua?
  85. My dog ate a big chunk out of my boxers. Require vet attention?
  86. boxers or boxer briefs?
  87. Any mini schnauzer lovers out there, I am getting a 2 month old puppy
  88. What does it mean when a boxer is called "shot" in boxing?
  89. help i need a dog something small like a chiuhauha or like that not pugs
  90. My 8 month old Lab/Beagle mix has lost a very small patch of fur close to
  91. i am getting a shih tzu? Questions?
  92. how to set the timing on a pug 306 1.9 d-turbo????
  93. Four year old beagle that still is not potty trained?
  94. I just got a dog hes a beagle and what kinda food do they eat?
  95. At what age should i start housebreaking my pomeranian?
  96. Potty training a beagle puppy?
  97. Shar pei vaginal infection.?
  98. Will my cats be ok if I adopt a greyhound?
  99. My 10 yr old King Charles Spaniel will not eat properly?
  100. What should I name my new male beagle puppy (and not Snoopy).?
  101. Drooling dogs? My boyfriend has a rottweiler and it drips salaiva all
  102. Is it a matter of time before the stories of border collies kick in?
  103. Will a female silkypoo (silky terrier / toy poodle) and a male toy poodle get along
  104. Ladies, do you think about guys who buy boxers and boxer-briefs at AE?
  105. how do i get my mastiff mother to like my mastiff puppies?
  106. Please help me with our beagles.?
  107. Greyhound bus tickets?
  108. Is my Beagle the misfit of the bunch? Is he too big?
  109. I have a 11 year old Shih Tzu that has trembling fits. Is this normal?
  110. Any tips on introducing my 5 month old siberian husky to a new kitten?
  111. My cousin's rottweiler?
  112. what is my dog?? a jack russell or a rat terrier?
  113. Is this a real or FAKE Louis Vuitton Papillon 26?
  114. help this is not funny my chihuahua pee on my pjs?
  115. Survey:Brittany spears?
  116. What is a good low price food to feed a Mastiff breed dog?
  117. When it's really cold out , 10 degrees F or less, is it silly to put my dog
  118. Is it true that with dog breeds, Newfoundlands are from Labrador and Labs...
  119. Should i get a Chinese Crested, Dachshund, or King Charles Spaniel?
  120. if you crossed a basset hound with a Lancaster heeler what would the pups look like?
  121. Do I need parents permission to fly on an airplane? Or ride a bus like Greyhound?
  122. Is purina puppy chow bad for your dog?
  123. Are Yorkshire Terriers Expensive to keep?
  124. I found a random pair of boxers in my bedroom.?
  125. Do all shih tzu's snore?
  126. Husky Border Collie Mix | How to tell which side is more dominant?
  127. Does anyone know of any good reputable boston terrier breeders in michigan?
  128. Bichon Frise? Any One Help?
  129. Do all shih tzu's snore?
  130. Are boston terriers good first time dogs?
  131. Chihuahua Puppy Names?!?
  132. if someone mixed a Neapolitan mastiff With a shar pei what would the puppies look
  133. i have an american bulldog he is 4 months and weights 46 lbs im wondering if he
  134. Agility for Newfoundland?
  135. Overshadowed Boxers? ?
  136. POLL: whos music is better? Miley Cyrus or Brittany Spears ?
  137. if someone mixed a Neapolitan mastiff With a shar pei what would the puppies look
  138. Why does my dachshund cough ?
  139. Please help me with my Rhodesian Ridgeback girl who is a mother?
  140. Whats the best way to potty train a caviler king charles spaniel?
  141. looking for a female Pomeranian in south Florida to breed with my male pomeranian?
  142. my 4 month of chihuahua has been throwing ufor the last hour. ?
  143. how do you potty train a chihuahua to use newspaper?
  144. how do i know if my schnauzer is sick?
  145. i need help with my 8 week old chihuahua?
  146. women which would i look best in boxer shorts or boxer briefs ?
  147. Shock collar for pregnant beagle?
  148. would a mastiff or a great dane be better in a condo?
  149. How do beagles do in winter weather? ?
  150. Do Boxer dogs box, seriously?
  151. Viszla, Weimaramer, or German Shorthaired Pointer?
  152. Will a golden retriever protect the home or just bark a lot?
  153. how does boxrec.com rate their boxers?
  154. my 8 month old male shih tzu try to mate with 1year and 2 month old shih tzu ?
  155. what brand of food should i feed my 4 month american bulldog?
  156. My two dachshunds have recently started having big yellow and green eye boogers,
  157. Need help Pomeranian mix refuses to go to the bathroom outside.?
  158. Why do boys that wear boxers wear their pants so low?
  159. Which build a bear should I get the Scruffy puppy or the Border collie?
  160. Vote on names for new male Rottweiler....?
  161. Any one have a good name for a standard poodle?
  162. breading boxer with no papers?
  163. 6 Month Female GSD with new rottweiler?
  164. so we are most likely going to get an English Labrador Retriever this June But...
  165. How can I exercise my chihuahua during the winter?
  166. where can i get a teacup cavalier king charles spaniel?
  167. Boston terrier puppy?
  168. knitting for dachshund? please help!?
  169. I live in south florida and i am interested in buying an english bulldog...
  170. Jack Russell Terrier Puppies...!?
  171. How much do purebred West Highland White Terrier's (Westies) cost?
  172. Does anyone have any action replay codes for Nintendogs Dachshund and friends?
  173. 61 days pregnant shih tzu not in labor yet?
  174. At what age can a mini schnauzer get pregnant? I have a male and female with...
  175. Poodles! What is their life expectancy?
  176. My Dachshund has black diarrhea, is this bad?
  177. how do i potty train my teacup chihuahua?
  178. Great Dane OWNERS!! HELPPPPP?
  179. I want a pug for christmas?
  180. Question for Mastiff owners.?
  181. Photo ID for greyhound?
  182. What should I name my Bull Mastiff?
  183. Does anyone know how to train a boxer/basset hound mix?
  184. where can i girl boxers with unicorns on?
  185. I have a beagle who is 6 years old and recently started going to the bathroom...
  186. Bored golden retrievers how to manage ?
  187. how do i know if my boxer is pregnant?
  188. Men's wear Where can I find boxer shorts with a button-fly?
  189. Looking for Dachshund (Vancouver BC)?
  190. Is a chihuahua a good dog to get as a pet?
  191. need help with our new collie?
  192. Newfoundland Help Please?
  193. Why does my "purebred" Yorkie have Poodle characteristics?
  194. Can I let a Doberman and Rottweiler dogs get married ?
  195. Portuguese Water Dog,Schnoodle,Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier,Tibetan Terrier?
  196. How big should a 8 week old cavalier king charles spaniel be?
  197. can chow chows survive in vietnam cause they so adorable and i want one but im...
  198. White markings on Golden Retriever?
  199. Jack Russell or Boston Terrier?
  200. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - What could this be?
  201. Does anyone have a Shiba Inu Miniature Pinscher mix?
  202. is my poodle purebred if he is gray in color?
  203. What's the difference between the Great swiss Mountain dog and the Bernese...
  204. stuck between a shih tzu or a shih poo?
  205. I've A basset Hound dog how do i stop him from shedding hairs all over my house?
  206. Can a 4 month old Akita adapt to sharing a home with a 2 year old English Bulldog?
  207. siberian husky puppy potty training! help!?
  208. How much more will my American bulldog Grow?
  209. Brittany Flickinger hair?
  210. i wana be a boxer when i grow up ?
  211. What Do You Think About Obama Getting A Portuguese Water Dog?
  212. Where to get girl boxers...?
  213. what do i need to know about beagles?
  214. Shih Tzu Name Help? Please give me any ideas..?
  215. Border Collies vs Rough Collies/Lassie dogs?
  216. my boxer pup had her rabbi es shoot today and tonight she was standing on...
  217. My boxer eats but not as she should!?
  218. dachshund questions..how do i get her to stop pooping everywhere...and jumping?
  219. How big will my rottweiler mix grow to?
  220. Animation student in need of footage of dogs running esp Old English
  221. How long do pampered toy poodles live?
  222. POLL: Boxers or tighty whities underwear?
  223. why would my english bull terrier have blood in her poop?
  224. Tea Cup Pug, Are they Smart?
  225. weimaraner novel- fiction or nonfiction?
  226. What is the best food for my Miniature Dachshund puppy?
  227. How can you tell the difference between a pitbull and a boxer?
  228. Why are dachshunds so cute?!?
  229. Vets says my Chihuahua is too small to be spayed, but my male dachshund will not be
  230. how do i get my 11 week pit-boxer stop biting?
  231. i really like brittany flickingers hair off of paris hilton's my new bff... ?
  232. When time do you feed a chihuahua?? and.......?
  233. Chihuahua acting crazy help?
  234. boxer or pug for a pet dog?
  235. Boston terrier regression?
  236. When will my pug be more lovable?
  237. What should i name my new webkinz dachshund?Please help!?
  238. Chihuahua wheezing/coughing?
  239. Age to Have a Giant Breed Dog (Anatolian x Mastiff) Neutered?
  240. Teacup Pugs, Are they Smart? 10 points to answer!?
  241. my chihuahua has a lump on the outside of her mouth?
  242. Innova, Canidae or Wellness? Which brand is best for a chihuahua?
  243. Whats your opinion on Brittany spears?
  244. are boxers really that humble?
  245. I have a chance to adopt a 2 yr old fm pug. She's not house trained. Do...
  246. Help! my 3 month old pomeranian could be having an attack caused by hypoglycemia!?
  247. How can I make my cat get along with my pomeranian?
  248. Any dogs as small and lite as a Yorkshire Terrier?
  249. There IS such a thing as a miniature dachshund...why do you say there isn't?!!?
  250. Retraining a Great Pyrenees?