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  1. a movie from the mid-late 60's with couple taking their Dachshund to the vet and...
  2. Shih Tzu help plz...?
  3. belgian malinois ?
  4. whos puppies will my dachshund have?
  5. Im looking for a large dog to help keep me and my 3 boys safe. Im...
  6. I have a boxer who tears up everything should I..?
  7. Is there any way to get a Great Dane and a Yorkie to breed?
  8. The happy Joe Boxer guy?
  9. In what states is Greyhound racing legal?
  10. My puppy is a cavalier king charles spaniel HELP?
  11. Sick beagle-please help?
  12. What would an American Bulldog x cockapoo look like?
  13. i have a english mastiff/cane corso pup what do you feed this breed at?
  14. freind wants me to breed my bull terrier should i?
  15. My Basset Hound wont Stop barking when I leave?
  16. Would a Akita Puppy get along with my boston terrier?
  17. Schnauzer X Pug Overbite..?
  18. What is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in Chinese? ?
  19. having a hard time housetraining beagle?
  20. how do i stop my adult havanese dog from biting ?
  21. I came home from work and my wife had a suspicious great dane in the living
  22. How old does a dog have to be to stop feeding them puppy chow?
  23. What should i do if i've clipped my toy poodles coat too short?
  24. My pomeranian has an enlarged heart and liver ?
  25. Are Long Haired Dachshund Great Pets?
  26. Dis-located hip on a Bernese Mountain Dog?
  27. How do I housetrain an older beagle?
  28. is a boston terriers/pugs good with kids?
  29. My Beagle keeps chewing my underwear....she's 1 year old now?
  30. What is the average price for a Shetland sheepdog?
  31. Why does my border collie obsessively lick my face, hand, though I push his
  32. What is a Rottweiler supposed to look like?
  33. What do you think about this name for a mini dachshund?
  34. Feeding a rottweiler puppy?
  35. How Many Times Should I Ai My French Bulldog ?
  36. I have an 8 week old shih-tzu and I was wondering if they made treats that...
  37. Irish Wolfhound Vs. Bully Kutta?
  38. My 2 year old Boston Terrier has suddenly become fearful of people.?
  39. Questions about Dachshund Coats?
  40. What kind of dog food can I feed my English Mastiff?
  41. Do you make your bed in your cell before going to chow?
  42. are german shepherds still used as herding dogs?
  43. What is the closest English Bulldog rescue to me?
  44. Experienced dog trainers PLEASE help! My German Shepherd suddenly doesn't
  45. How can i get my beagle to stop howling?
  46. What side of an XLR cable pugs into a microphone?
  47. nintendogs help. dalmatian?
  48. looking for bloodhound puppy?
  49. are schnauzers good with kids?
  50. My 1.7 lb 9 week old Pomeranian puppy is getting her first shots tomorrow...
  51. Just adopted a Siberian Husky...?
  52. who knows anything about newfoundland/labador?
  53. I have a havanese (i think), how can I cut his hair?
  54. what kinda poodle is this? here is the link?
  55. I have 3 dogs 2 bostons and a baby german shepherd! HELP?
  56. Shih Tzu help plz...?
  57. papillon has early sighns of agression?
  58. Would it be a big change getting a wheaten terrier when i have had my
  59. What should I expect after spaying my 6 month old Olde English Bulldog?
  60. Greyhound buses in bad weather?
  61. If you like boston terriers you will like this video, Its a boston Terrier
  62. which type of dog should i get a poodle or english bulldog?
  63. when should me golden retriever have her puppies?
  64. Is it possible for my chihuahua to get over heated sleeping deep under the covers...
  65. Looking for a good name for my male bullmastiff puppy?
  66. How to convince my mom to let me to have another dachshund(inside)?
  67. Should i get a choke collar for my 2 month old rottweiler puppy he pulls...
  68. Did eminem really go out with beyonce, brittany murphy,and mariah carey?
  69. Will this border collie mix stay short haired? w/pic.?
  70. Have a miniature dachshund that constantly scratching vet said protein allergy what
  71. Other Than The Greyhound Are There Any Other Bus Lines That Run From Portlan,
  72. My family is getting a Border Collie cross this coming weeks. Is there anything I...
  73. i have an 8 week old siberian husky,he rarely follows me around!! and...
  74. how come my pomeranian that is 3 months old hate water so much but not...
  75. Toy Poodle help needed.?
  76. Doberman Pinschers and other dogs?
  77. why hasn't brittany been out with paris lately?
  78. what is a good name for a reverse fawn brindle english mastiff?
  79. Hey!!! I'm getting my SIberian husky pup on friday....!!?
  80. Can I mix milk with puppy chow for my new puppy?
  81. Why is my Shih Tzu whimpering, whining & dragging her butt over my entire floor?
  82. Were Bull-and-Terriers (predecessors to Bull Terriers) the original...
  83. How can I get rid of static in pomeranian's hair?
  84. 12 week old siberian husky ?
  85. How good are German Shorthaired pointers with small kids?
  86. What are the pros & cons to having my Beagle puppy spayed?
  87. My one year old schnauzer afraid of harness!?
  88. Has anyone seen a Jack russell terrier/American Pit bull Terrier Mix? Does...
  89. Why is my dog (shih tzu) eating that?
  90. My newly adopted pekingese won't go potty outside...?
  91. Are border collies supposed to live indoors or outdoors?
  92. is an american bulldog a type of pitbull.?
  93. can a scottish terrier take down a wolf and are their teeth bigger than a...
  94. Where can I find miniature pinschers in Maryland or VA?
  95. Do you think a Yorkshire terrier is a good pet for an 11 year old?
  96. Siberian huskies?
  97. My Chow Chow's tongue is turning pink!?
  98. Taking the Greyhound bus for the first time?
  99. Who has a pug? And what are they like?
  100. I have a 6yr old beagle dog who I am trying to get use to sleeping in his...
  101. my beagle is pregnant, she has milk, discharge, is nesting a little,
  102. Jack Russell Terrier Rescue in New York?
  103. do you think that bull terriers are hideous?
  104. pitbull/border collie mix?
  105. Rottweiler environmental hip dysplasia question...?
  106. My Boston Terrier who is over a year now throws up about once a day, usually...
  107. Do girls find boxers more attractive than regular guys? PICTURES !?
  108. Is A Pomeranian Cross Papillon a good mix?
  109. siberian husky broke tooth on KFC BQ CHICKEN SANDWICH AND DRIBBLING.?
  110. puppy chow (4 humans not dogs)?
  111. DOG HELP! Norwich Terrier VS. Norfolk Terrier?
  112. labrador or golden retriever, who's a better hunter?
  113. How much, on average does a shih tzu cost to upkeep?
  114. Poodle's hair is changing color. Normal?
  115. What are some good sites for cheap Bichon frise dogs?
  116. sports bras and boxer briefs?
  117. Need a good web sight for picks of poodle cuts?
  118. English Bulldog Help?
  119. How much do you think a terrier poodle shitzue would cost? ?
  120. what is the life expectancy of an english mastiff?
  121. Which two boxers fought the strangest height difference?
  122. I have a 1yr old Chinese Shar Pei who has been experiencing excessive itching ?
  123. English Bulldog on period?
  124. Why does my dachshund want to hurt an abandoned kitten I rescued?
  125. What should I bring to Newfoundland?
  126. my 1 and half yr old collie/lab dog is limping from 1 paw can you help?
  127. How on EARTH do you pronounce the dog breed Bichon Frise? ?
  128. is Evanger's for my Pekingese ok Alone?
  129. How to house train my Pomeranian ?
  130. what's wrong with my pomeranian?
  131. How to find the absolute and Relative location of St. Johns, Newfoundland?
  132. Nintendogs :Dalmatian and Friends?
  133. How can I change my Greyhound ticket, which I purchased online, from a...
  134. Wanted PitBulls Doberman, Rotti, Mastiffs Owners ?
  135. What is the best food to feed a mini schnauzer?
  136. Hi I Am Getting A Dog But Don't Know Were To Get One I Only Want A Baby Little
  137. Please Help!! My friends toy poodles and My chihuahua "did it!" ?
  138. are there any Sussex spaniel breeders in the usa?
  139. What kind of Bull Terrier is the Target Dog?
  140. Do "blue" shih tzu's have any health problems different then normal colored shih
  141. American Pit Bull Terrier Vs. English Mastiff?
  142. German Shepherd dog and alsation?
  143. Good and bad things about Shih Tzu?
  144. my new mastiff was great a traing but now no?
  145. Siberian Husky And Shedding???
  146. Where can I adopt a german shepherd/great dane cross breed?
  147. Havanese or Shih Tzu??
  148. American Pit Bull Terriers would you know one?
  149. How to take care of Chow-Chow?
  150. What type of dog would be better for me a Yorkie or a Long-Haired Dachshund?
  151. Are Border Collies friendly to strangers?
  152. What are some dog names for a red toy poodle girl?
  153. My Greyhound is losing weight?
  154. how long untill my puppy eyes change color?- he's a great dane withblue
  155. 10 week old Miniature Schnauzer turns vicious?
  156. Does this Dachshund seem good?
  157. How do I make 'Puppy Chow'? (the chex mix treat)?
  158. Maltese or Toy Poodle?
  159. Experience Staffordshire Bull Terrier question (picture)?
  160. will my cavalier king charles spaniel ever get rid of ecoli?
  161. 8week old boston terrier with a weird butt?
  162. where can i find Akita Inu Puppies in Tennessee?
  163. Trying to come up with a good name for new chihuahua?
  164. Have you ever hugged a Newfoundland?
  165. rottweiler adoption?
  166. what do i do if my yorkshire terrier has constipation?
  167. wow this pic of Brittany spears is hot ?
  168. How to potty train my Yorkshire Terrier?
  169. Is Margarito a good boxer or just capable of taking punches thrown @ him?
  170. great Dane attacks help !?
  171. Litter Box Training a Dachshund?
  172. Toy Poodles ...........?
  173. German Shepherd Dog Question?
  174. Boxer puppy HELP! Testicles, Crate-training, College, etc?
  175. Photo ID for greyhound...?
  176. how do you write Newfoundland (the canadian province) in french?
  177. Why does my 4yo yorkie pomeranian mix Lacey do this ?
  178. can my 9 week old border collie be around my other dogs?
  179. I need help crate training my brittany spaniel?
  180. My lhasa apso puppy is 40 days old and it has too much dandruff like...
  181. I am looking to adopt a dog I would like a Yorkshire terrier or a schnauzer.
  182. What is this? It is from an old Newfoundland house.?
  183. Dogo Argentino or English Mastiff?
  184. German Shepherd Dog Question?
  185. Hi I got A question if somebody can help me out with? Me and my dogs were
  186. Where can I order personal checks with Old English Bulldogs on them?
  187. why do breeders say its hard to breed french bulldogs?
  188. What types of dog would be able to mate with a Pug?
  189. How can I get my 3-month-old dachshund to stop destroying paper?
  190. Please help with my soil eating Great Dane?
  191. how much time do heavyweight boxers spend time training?
  192. how can i train a poodle puppy? Plz help?
  193. 1/2 Saint Bernard, 1/4 English Mastiff, 1/4 Great Dane any size guesses?
  194. wat does it take to look after a pug?
  195. English Bulldog Puppy Super teething help...?
  196. I want to get a bullmastiff , anyone have one? are they good around kids & other
  197. Riding a Greyhound bus!?!?
  198. i bought a ticket online for greyhound can i get a refund at the terminal...
  199. How many boxer have died in the last 10 years?
  200. I want to get a Yorkshire Terrier but I need to learn everything about them
  201. Border Collie Dog Help?
  202. Why do gay guys love French Bulldogs?
  203. Pomeranian Info?!! Friend Getting Pom?!?
  204. What can you give a Jack Russell Terrier to make them throw up?
  205. How much would a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cost?
  206. Rottweiler Health Problems???????
  207. West Highland Terrier (Westie) + Boxer = okay? ?
  208. does whippet mixed with JRT will they shed alot?
  209. what is a good name for a basset hound?
  210. what dog breed(s) are miniature schnauzers crossed with to get toy and teacup
  211. puppy chow without nuts?
  212. how long do boarder collies live?
  213. Dogo Argentino, Presa Canario, Cane Corso?
  214. a question about brittany speras?
  215. Who invented chow mein? ?
  216. Our maltese shih tzu is 4 months old and weighs 6 lbs. How much more should he grow?
  217. My Boston Terrier has a small growth. Please help.?
  218. Shar pei ear infections?
  219. How to choose a teacup Yorkshire Terrier?
  220. How old should my Newfoundland be to breed?
  221. Will my dogs (Border Collies) learn not to mouth Cane Toads?
  222. Is my 5 month old English Mastiff normal? ?
  223. How cold a temperature can Great Pyrenees withstand and for how long?
  224. About how old is this pomeranian? There is a pic.?
  225. pug lump in ear not going away been there few weeks?
  226. Yorkshire terrier puppy?
  227. what can i do for my dachshund?
  228. 1 year old cav king charles spaniel wont go to the bathroom!?
  229. Do you like The Bloodhound Gang? I haven't heard them mentioned in here alot?
  230. Could someone give me some housebreaking tips for a papillon?
  231. Can a 48kg mastiff dog take 500mg ampicillin 3 times a day?
  232. I want a Samoyed really bad, but where I live its HOT in the summer.Do
  233. Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends Help!?
  234. my 6 year old shih tzu is throwing up blood and runny bloody stools just...
  235. Dalmatians in nintendog Labradore and friends?
  236. I have a 7 month old Beagle?
  237. If you were a professional boxer what would your nickname be?
  238. Get a shih tzu dog! Questions?
  239. should i get a newfoundland?
  240. I have a new pup, half pomeranian and half chiwawa?
  241. I am bringing home an almost 8-week old shih-tzu tomorrow and I wanted to know
  242. bull terrier ears raising?
  243. Can Chihuahua dogs get depressed after having puppies?
  244. my mate has these boxer shorts wuith the s & r logo on them and i was wondering
  245. Is Leila a good name for a pomeranian dog?
  246. question for golden retriever owners?
  247. Does anyone remember that 1980's movie about a girl who works in a garage and
  248. how much would a chihuahua cost at the seattle humane society?
  249. weather question for a traveling newfoundland dog.?
  250. how else here thinks bloodhounds are awesome dogs?