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  1. What would my Bullmastiff If an intruder breaks into our house?
  2. Names for a Doberman Pinscher?
  3. Names for bichon frise??? ?
  4. Nintendogs Dalmatian Version, Or Animal Crossing Wild World?
  5. whats wrong with my shih tzu?
  6. Siberian Husky Owners?
  7. French/ english bulldog 4 $500.00 or less red and/or white prefurably under 5 months?
  8. Question about STANDARD POODLES (Please help me)?
  9. what should i name my female black and white cocker spaniel/papillon mix pup?
  10. how to train a border collie?
  11. Best dog food for a 7 year old Bichon Frise?
  12. Training an 8 month old Pomeranian?
  13. Buy Me Some Chow Chow?
  14. Is this bullmastiff pup healthy?
  15. How can i convince my parents to get a Yorkshire terrier!!??!!?
  16. I rescued a female samoyed in January last year?
  17. If the conjoined twin Abby and Brittany had a kid...?
  18. Question about Greyhound fares?
  19. My Yorkshire terrier bit me and I got a small bump...?
  20. my mastiff has over come her shyness, i want to teach her more then basics...
  21. Flying with Mini Pug!?
  22. Do you recommend Miniature Pinschers? ?
  23. How long can I leave my border collie at home alone for? What can i do so that it...
  24. I'm thinking of getting an Irish Wolfhound?
  25. Weimaraner puppy is eating my deoderant?
  26. What kind of harness is best for dachshunds? I like the Puppia ones I have...
  27. american eskimo names?
  28. how do i register a pug and get him his vaccines that he needs??
  29. Is an Irish Terrier a worth-while dog/pet?
  30. Are there any other breeds out there with the name Manchester other than...
  31. How do i get rid of the Bloodhound.Exploit.213 Virus?
  32. WHy does my Boston Terrier do this when he is scared?
  33. Which is closer to the ancestor wolf: German Shepard or Cairn Terrier?
  34. Which breeds should i get? Boxer Rottweiler or German Shepard ?
  35. Need help with my basset hound puppy!!! He's 8 months old...?
  36. Aggressive Boston Terrier puppy?
  37. 10 Easy Points! Will a Bernese Mountain Dog....?
  38. Why do the greatest boxers come from poverty?
  39. Bassett Hound/Beagle Help?
  40. chow chow help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  41. Do American Eskimo Dogs shed?
  42. What is the difference between an American Bulldog & Bull Mastiff?
  43. Boxers say "Do not Bleach." What about Bleach that is color safe?
  44. Neo Mastiff or French Mastiff?
  45. Do you know where I can find a Schnauzer?
  46. How Much Food Should I feed My Beagle?
  47. My chihuahua doesn't get along with my roomate's 2 year old daughter. Any
  48. Pitbull-Shar-Pei mix aggressive with other dogs?
  49. Where can i get a Shetland sheepdog in BC?
  50. where can i get shoes for a yorkshire terrier that will stay on their feet?
  51. My Siberian Husky question on his diet?
  52. Should I buy a bengal cat? Will it make a good pet? What's a good price? Indoor
  53. Who in houston sells healthy, resonable priced english bulldogs?
  54. How often should you take a 7 month old pomeranian outside?
  55. When is best time to neuter male great dane?
  56. How to put weigth on my miniature pinscher?
  57. Are dalmatians really hard to train?
  58. Anyone know what would make a boston terrier hack and throw up everytime he got
  59. What is my border collie mixed with? ?
  60. Need help with naming my Siberian Husky puppy?
  61. What is best for a small dog (toy fox terrier 5-7 lbs) a collar or a harness?...
  62. Yorkshire terrier mix, what do you think?
  63. How do I get our English Bulldog pup to quit beating up on our 3 year old pug?
  64. Why is this golden retriever acting like a jerk?
  65. Are Miniature Dachshunds registered dogs?
  66. what is the normal size and weight for an american bulldog at 5 months?
  67. Silky Terrier coat color change?
  68. 6 months bichon frise?
  69. having hard time training our 1 year old (ish) siberian husky!!! help?
  70. Poodle Question, Please answer?
  71. What do you think about Poodles?
  72. great dane...want one. help me.?
  73. Do you have a pug? What are they like?
  74. My 20 lb Havanese likes to bully smaller dogs.?
  75. who knows toy poodle breeder who selling their puppy?
  76. When you guys take the Greyhound bus to NYC or L.A. very often, which bus...
  77. What are some ways to entertain a Saluki when hunting is not an option?
  78. I just got a Cairn Terrier. Is it normal for him to be a little food-obsessed?
  79. Whats a good name for a Basset hound/Beagle mix?
  80. Help (as much as i can get!) for a 9 week old shih-tzu/maltese terrior?
  81. Why does my golden retriever....?
  82. looking for names for a male, tan, puggle (pug and beagle)?
  83. Im thinking about getting a Beagle but i have other pets?
  84. Italian Greyhound Help!!!!?
  85. My Boston terrier puppy is really stuffy and snorty (and gaseous), is this normal?
  86. Rottweiler hip dysplasia question...is it possible that a sire and a dam...?
  87. Should I adopt a Weimaraner or get a puppy since I have young children?
  88. bichon frise skin problem?? HELP!!?
  89. Hey!!! I'm getting my SIberian husky pup on friday....!!?
  90. How do I stop my great dane from dragging me down the street?
  91. Why does Brittany Spears have two faces?
  92. To Women named Brittany ; are you?
  93. Anyone know of a site to download free greyhound betting software?
  94. where can i find a pomeranian puppy in texas?
  95. What would you call a jack russell terrier schnauzer mix?
  96. Taking in deaf boxer puppy?
  97. about the italian mastiff?
  98. Where can I find free or very cheap rottweiler puppies?
  99. What is my border collie mixed with?
  100. are there more than one breed of Chihuahua?
  101. how much would training a newfoundland puppy be?
  102. My boston terrier keeps rubbing his eye?
  103. What are some good names for a girl samoyed puppy? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!?
  104. How do i tell my parents i want to wear boxer shorts?
  105. I want to buy my 1st puppy. I want a toy/teacup poodle or yorkie. Where can i...
  106. rottweiler newborn puppies?
  107. who are the Jack Russell Terrier named after? and why?
  108. How should I crate train my Italian Greyhound?
  109. My boston terrier loves the snow how about yours?
  110. omg! ewwww! english bulldog has gas!?
  111. Daschund crossed with Shih tzu?
  112. Any Advice on how I can get my Siberian Husky to like getting a bath?
  113. My Pomeranian Puppy Has Worms! Is It Easy to Get Him Dewormed?
  114. Is www.adorablepoodles.net a puppy mill? If so, are there any reputable poodle...
  115. what is the price of a tibetan mastiff in egypt?>??/?
  116. What is a good price for buying a Yorkie Terrier or Pomeranian?
  117. When should I stop feeding my French Bulldog puppy food?
  118. What is it like to take a 1200 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  119. Price on Miniature Pinscher?
  120. Rottweiler or Dogue de Bordeaux? Which is a beter pet? Guard? anything will help
  121. i want a huge great dane/ st. bernard?
  122. Why did Angela Chow say during the Miss World that the girls were ....? ?
  123. dogue de bordeauz or american bulldog ?
  124. Timid dog- I have a German Shepherd, she is very timid PLEASE HELP. x?
  125. what to do about my toy poodle pup?
  126. my golden retreiver and chow killed my fat small dog.....?
  127. How to i register my Siberian husky? is it too late?
  128. I have an 8 month old rottweiler and he is scared of everything the other day my
  129. Is A Pomeranian Cross Papillon Puppy A Good Mix?
  130. Help with Boston Terrier behavior?
  131. what problems do border collies have with there mouth mine seems to always
  132. Do Siberian Husky's Get Aggressive easily?
  133. My boston terrier licks and bites his tail. Does he have something?
  134. Who are the top 5 Heavyweight boxers of all time?
  135. Last night I put on here about my 6 yr old shih tzu throwing up blood and bloody...
  136. How can I get my 9 month old golden retriever to stop chewing at my baseboards?
  137. how to train my 6 week old Pomeranian pup ?
  138. I Have A Toy Poodle And I Don't Know What To Do!?
  139. Do you like The Bloodhound Gang?
  140. Is Newfoundland drool too much? ?
  141. Do you own a Shiba Inu?
  142. Siberian husky help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  143. Dogo-Argentino ?
  144. My Irish Setter has a small bald patch above her eye...what could it be?
  145. Turkish Kangal vs German Shepherd?
  146. Can I breed my dog(American Eskimo)?
  147. movie from the mid-late 60's where/couple takes their preg Dachshund to...
  148. Where can you get a golden retriever that has a red coat?
  149. My 14yr old chow mix baby girl is driving me nuts!?
  150. Why does my 3 year old black lab/border collie mix attack my other 2
  151. Question about skin problems with my Bichon Frise Dog. ?
  152. I am really interested in the Boston Terrier. Can anyone who has one, tell me
  153. is breeding a long haired dachshund and a short haired dachshund bad?
  154. What is the best and fastest way to train a pekingese dog?
  155. American Eskimo Dogs?
  156. I have champion bloodline rottweiler puppy for showing quality .?
  157. Should my shiba inu be malting?
  158. My boston terrier is a terror?
  159. How long can greyhounds greyhounds race?
  160. beagle help. is that the type of us?
  161. what should I name my Chihuahua?
  162. Can someone tell me about pugs? From personal experiences?
  163. Rottweiler litter size...?
  164. American Bulldog Puppy?
  165. House training a pekingese help?
  166. how do I care for a pomeranian?
  167. I have 3 males and 1 female English Bulldog. Two of the males are fighting?
  168. Siberian husky puppy websites....!?
  169. how do i get my greyhound to take its pills? we have tried hotdogs, cheese?
  170. can anyone hook me up with some chihuahua puppies for 100 dollars or under?
  171. 8 Month Old Miniature Poodle Pup - Biting. HELP?
  172. My English Setters Hair...?
  173. when did american indians first get dogs ?
  174. where can i find shar pei puppies local?
  175. Mini Schnauzer's questions?
  176. Tibetan Spaniel dog breeders in Minnesota?
  177. Should I Get A French Bulldog?
  178. my 12 year old Rottweiler has no appetite and diarrhea?
  179. my chihuahua is acting strange...help!?
  180. I NEED A NAME if you have a beagle or know anybody with a beagle please answer=]?
  181. What's it like living with a standard poodle?
  182. When Border collies herd sheep do sheep get hurt?
  183. Male or female golden retriever....?
  184. French Bulldog ???????????
  185. My uncle's mini-dachshund was just hit by his kid's go-cart...........?
  186. Is playing drums a good workout? Also does it make you a better puncher/boxer?
  187. Labrador retriever question?
  188. what is the appropriate weight for a 5 month american bulldog? ?
  189. What is the best way to housetrain a long-haired dachshund that is one year old?
  190. My chihuahua is being a BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!?
  191. which dog is better to have maltipoo or shih tzu?
  192. What are some tips on housebreaking my new shih tzu?
  193. Should i get a miniature pinscher?
  194. German Shepherd puppy is aggressive towards other dogs. The hair on his neck...
  195. Anyone Selling Real Pit bull Terrier?
  196. Are Miniature Pinschers a good breed?
  197. Sunshine Beagle Kennel ?
  198. how often should i feed my baby toy poodle?
  199. Pictures of Brittany (winner of Paris's new BFF) and Paris?
  200. rottweiler, sick ? aah, help ! ?
  201. could my puppy be deaf?? :( he is a siberian husky (8weeks old) had him for 18days?
  202. Sick beagle-please help?
  203. i need information on teacup yorkshire terriers?
  204. Do you think Miley Cyrus is going to be the next Brittany Spears?
  205. My 20 lb Havanese likes to bully smaller dogs.?
  206. Miniature Poodle Potty training.?
  207. Which dog would win in a fight a German Shepherd or a Pitbull if the German
  208. who here has had a basset hound that was actually trained?
  209. anyone have a rottweiler puppy to give to a loving family on farm?
  210. HELP!! i have a jack russel poodle mix and i need professional advice!?
  211. Is playing drums a good workout? Also does it make you a better puncher/boxer?
  212. Are Yorkshire Terriers easy to look after and are they playful?
  213. Whippet ears .... do they do odd things around teething time....?
  214. Are APBT and American Bulldogs real breeds?
  215. Where can i get a Shetland sheepdog?
  216. is a bloodhound a good outside dogs?
  217. Tell me about Shetland sheepdogs?
  218. Trying to housebreak Chihuahua?
  219. What's happening with the Brittany Holberg case in Texas?
  220. I have a basset hound and she just had her first heat!!! HELP!!!!?
  221. Schnauzer bleeding from lt nostril..?
  222. how big do pekingese puppies get?
  223. Do dalmatians make good dogs?
  224. brittany flickinger's hair !! please answer?
  225. male chihuahua's fighting?
  226. my rottweiler wont let me sleep!?
  227. What would be wrong with buying a "miniature" Siberian Husky?
  228. Rottweiler male has blood spots on the outside of his mouth they are not...
  229. i have a rottweiler question ?
  230. My basset hound pup is healthy but he won't gain weight right? HELP?
  231. Puppy (People) Chow Question?
  232. Can I feed my 8yr old Siberian Husky chicken wings?
  233. In the greyhounds history did they run?
  234. Any female english bulldogs willing to breed?!?
  235. Is it healthy for a pekingese to eat cooked fish? ?
  236. a pomeranian and had me scared me to death! he started to shake like a seizure! ?
  237. Shiba Inu: Can they handle being alone during the day?
  238. Shih Tzu cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  239. Does a lab keep his mouth as much as a golden retriever?
  240. Brittany Spears,Jennifer Lopez,or Jessica Simpson.?
  241. Is it normal for a pug too...?
  242. If you shave your dog in the spring or fall it'll all grow back eventually
  243. whats the name of the dog in the movie what dreams may come? and what kind...
  244. I have a basset hound and she just had her first heat!!! HELP!!!!?
  245. My Mastiff seems to be really small.....?
  246. I need a beagle expert?
  247. What is a Rottweiler supposed to look like?
  248. My 10 month Bichon Frise is sick and i need help?
  249. does any one know a breeder or teacup yokie poos,chihuahua, or poodle that is...
  250. how much should I feed my 5 mth old Mastiff & what food, prefer westminster...