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  1. Border collie 11 months old?
  2. Are apbt/boxer crosses more inclined to breathing problems?
  3. what are the symptoms to a pregnant boxer?
  4. We have just bought an 8 week old border collie and already have a rabbit...
  5. Time difference between Ontario and Newfoundland?
  6. Siberian Husky...Plz Help?
  7. beagles and worm problems?
  8. English Mastiff/ German Mastiff mix question?
  9. My shih-tzu has a skin problem?
  10. Great Dane Health Issues?
  11. How do I wean my new toy poodle puppy off supermarket food?
  12. POLL: Is teaching a Rottweiler sign language a waste of time?
  13. what dog should i get a greyhound or a Tibetan terrier?
  14. Different Types of Crosses in a Collie?
  15. what are the differences between a doberman pinscher and a miniature pinscher?
  16. do Tibetan Spaniel's sheed if so do you think an alergic person could take it?
  17. How can I get rid of static in pomeranian's hair?
  18. when should a boy switch from briefs to boxers?
  19. Are pit bulls and american bulldogs related?
  20. can i mix a german shepherd and an american staffordshire terrier?
  21. Feeding a Shih Tzu by Hands?
  22. American Bulldog Puppy Help?
  23. I have a Jack Russell and I'd like to rescue an Italian Greyhound... Any
  24. American Bulldog Name?
  25. is it okay to use human shampoo on poodles ?
  26. thinking about adopting a husky-kuvasz can you tell me any info on them?
  27. What are a good Brittany dog names?
  28. Gimme some names for my Pomeranian puppy?
  29. Jack Russell Terrier Nintendogs?
  30. golden retriever having puppies soon?
  31. I really like golden retriever but...suggestions?
  32. If I Had A Rottweiler Puppy Would Anyone trade me for a black and tan doberman...
  33. My 60 lbs, month old bull mastiff just age three tylenols. I gave him peroxide...
  34. My Lakeland terrier keeps running off. She's chasing sheep nearby and she'll...
  35. How to find a pug near us to breed with ours?
  36. What Greyhound/Whippet Rescues are in Southern Ontario?
  37. What would be considered the right age to breed chihuahuas?
  38. rottweiler names that start with k or m?
  39. My 6 month old Border Collie hates taking walks. I don't know how to fix it...
  40. Who else really loves their Basset Hound?
  41. Does Anyone Have Or Know Of Anyone That Has A Clumber Spaniel?
  42. Today I brought my new Lhasa apso puppy home. How can I cheer her up?
  43. My Shih Tzu is not eating anything. he has fever and is on antibiotics....
  44. is a keeshond and a pomeranian kind of the same?
  45. what type of blue buffalo food is best for a great dane?
  46. Where can i find a basset hound puppy in the Dallas area?
  47. What size harness should you get a bernese mountain dog?
  48. Big Clumsy Weimaraner, jealous of new baby?
  49. How much do greyhound tickets cost?
  50. how do I train my pekingese?
  51. Help! My Cairn terrier just ate a hershey's kiss!?
  52. Does anyone know where I can get a Dalmatian puppy in the LA/Orange County in CA?
  53. what are peoples feelings towards staffordshire bull terriers?
  54. Irish Setter adoption adjustment?
  55. Cam i bathe a six week old lhasa apso as it has matted bottom?
  56. How to train new pomeranian puppy?
  57. Is nintendogs Dalmatians for ds more advanced than the other nintendogs games?
  58. do teacup/toy poodles die fast?
  59. Guys: what do you think about girls who wear baggy boxers?
  60. My Lhasa Apso hates getting a bath. He grawls and bites me and my husband
  61. My Italian Greyhound puppy will not eat?!?
  62. How long will AirMail from Ontario to Newfoundland take?
  63. Looking for a basset hound slash weiner dog in Oregon?
  64. How often should a one year old dachshund have to urinate?
  65. I have this little problem with my Yorkshire Terrier?
  66. Health problems with Golden Retriever.?
  67. Help with Dalmatian Molly's death?
  68. Having a bit of trouble with my mastiff?
  69. Are Papillon's Dogs A Good Friendly Breed?
  70. new bichon frise puppy crying at night?
  71. My family and i have just got a 12 week old american bulldog?
  72. What Type Of Guitar Pickup Is Used In The Bloodhound Gang?
  73. My new dachshund is 1 year old near the end of January... Knows nothing?
  74. Why, would you say that the Boston Terrier is the perfect dog?
  75. how do i convince my mom into letting me get a basset hound?
  76. Irish Setter's stomach?
  77. Does anybody own a Toy Fox Terrier?
  78. What Do You Think Of The Bichon Frise?
  79. Where can I buy a Shiba Inu?
  80. Why does my bichon frise bring his stuffed zebra in the room when i vacuum?
  81. Help On Introducing A Kitten To A Cairn Terrier?
  82. im getting a english bulldog i need to name it the first name part is gonna be sally?
  83. Which is better: Shiba Inu or Yorkie Terrier?
  84. Your Opinion? German Shepherd Dog?...?
  85. American Eskimo with a black scrotal sac?
  86. is there a pomeranian breeder close to me?
  87. Basset Hound problems ?
  88. Why does my Staffordshire Bull Terrier (15 months) still poo/wee inside?
  89. English Bulldog plz!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  90. Will a yorkie go well with a mini schnauzer?
  91. Lhasa Apso Puppy Okay With Children?
  92. what age is my male shiba inu ready to breed?
  93. 10 week old Basset Hound puppy having seizures?
  94. Which is the best dog in the world?Some say its the jack Russell Terrier?
  95. How can I treat my Lhasa Apso this Christmas ?
  96. My American Bulldog is 7 months and weighs 110 Pounds . . . Is he on track to...
  97. what dog would you rather own a greyhound or a tibetan terrier?
  98. how old do Pekingese live to be?
  99. How many times should my Great Dane Go use the bathroom?
  100. What is a dog like a Jack/Parson Russell Terrier only...?
  101. whats the BEST, STRONGEST and DURABLE chew toy for a Rottweiler?
  102. I am having horrible problems house training my 27 month old shih tzu....
  103. anyone no alot about english bull terrier?
  104. Iamgetting a dog but dont know what breed,german shepherd,Boxer,Doberman
  105. Yorkshire Terrier puppie?
  106. dog mix of husky and golden retriever does anyone have one just like mine?
  107. Help! my pug puppy has flees?
  108. Male or female golden retriever....?
  109. Is this puppy cute?? It's a Boston Terrier/Papillon?
  110. Welsh corgi potty training?
  111. i need help with breeding and information on chihuahuas and pekingese?
  112. How long should you walk a dachshund/yorkie mix?
  113. is a german shepherd x cattle a good dog?
  114. Feeding Pomeranian Puppy!?
  115. Yorkshire terrier weight and ear questions?
  116. When my vizsla is pregnant she develops pica. She eats dirt, rocks, sticks...
  117. My puppy just started trembling while she was eating. She is a small breed...
  118. I can't think of good haircuts for my Toy Poodle. Can anyone help?
  119. Will my weimaraner ever get over her separation anxiety?
  120. How do you train golden retrievers?
  121. why are german shepherds on the top 10 dangerous dogs list?
  122. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Questions?
  123. Best Boxer of all time?
  124. Border Collie Temperment.?
  125. I'm looking for a white pekingese breeder?
  126. Should I breed my toy poodle?
  127. Can you help me with training a 1 1/2 year old Mastiff Pit bull?
  128. is a belgian malinois same breed with German Shepherd and can both male be...
  129. Brussels Griffon and my mix?
  130. Do any of you girls wear underwear, boxers, pants, then go outside like a...
  131. How can I help my chihuahua gain weight?
  132. How big will a boxer great dane mix get? ?
  133. what is a wawa (bloodhound gang song)?
  134. Time difference between Egypt and Newfoundland?
  135. What is the average weight/size of an Australian Shepherd/Chow mix dog?
  136. My rescued saint wants to be left alone. She is a 3 year old st. bernard.
  137. how do i know if my collie pup is expecting pups?
  138. why does my 2 month old Bichon Frise keep biting me?
  139. what to name a webkinz pink poodle?
  140. miniature Dachshund chew toy?
  141. how much would it cost to get a mini Schnauzer and a Jack Russell Terrier to be bred?
  142. Does any1 know of any Dalmatian or Mini Teacup Yorkie breeders in CA that arent
  143. Can a pomeranian fit into a dog purse?
  144. what is a good name for an american eskimo pupy?
  145. How Much Does A Border Collie Puppy Usually Cost?
  146. Hi for people who lived in toronto where is the greyhound station?
  147. What do you think of cairn terriers?
  148. my little toy poodle ate a king size chocoate bar.whats the best thing to do...
  149. Looking for good bloodhounds for sale!?
  150. how can i get my beagle to 'lie down'?
  151. what is a cute name for a Dalmatian?
  152. Who would win in a fight, a rottweiler or a...?
  153. is there something wrong with my sisters toy poodle?
  154. What do you know about Newfoundland dogs?
  155. Do you like Labrador Retrievers?
  156. aggressive 2 months old weimaraner puppy!?
  157. which is the best name for my Greater Swiss mountain dog?
  158. Who has a Basset Hound that needs a good home.?
  159. What breed mix is my Golden retriever?
  160. What Happened To Brittany And Paris?
  161. To Rottweiler owners and breeders Should Rottweilers ever have white on them?
  162. Do Jack Russell terriers get more hyper as they age?
  163. Why does my 10 Month Old Shih Tzu Female growl at me?
  164. Getting a Akita or Samoyed puppy in WA?
  165. Picture of a English/American Cocker Spaniel Mix?
  166. I Have a Silky terrier cross Chiwawa and i want to get a cat what Breed should...
  167. An owner in the large dog area had an italienne greyhound with him (the dog
  168. Um Ok Why Does My American Eskimo Do This?
  169. How do I housebreak my french bulldog?
  170. Bathing a chow mix? Help please?
  171. Whats a good name for a male (a pug and a beagle)?
  172. Beagle with health issues?
  173. How Do I Convince My Parents To Get Me A Yorkshire Terrier!!??!!?
  174. What could be wrong with my weimaraner?
  175. where can i find newborn toy poodles?
  176. I'm thinking of fostering this mistreated italian greyhound mix, what do you think?
  177. Has anybody owned an American Bulldog before?
  178. Yorkshire Terrier Bitch Cesarean Labour?
  179. My fixed female beagle stinks?
  180. Is there any Italian Greyhound breeders in Las Vegas,Nevada?
  181. I just received a female chihuahua. What should she eat?
  182. My Australian Cattle Dog pulls on the leash when we walk but when he wears his
  183. Border Collie mix whelping?
  184. 10 month old Boarder Collie female not eating!!!!!?
  185. male American staffordshire terriers?
  186. Who has a bichon frise?
  187. Border collie cross american eskimo dog owners ?
  188. Best dog breed to suit my cairn terrier as a companion?
  189. native american indian dogs?
  190. Will my American Staffordshire terriers eye's change from blue?
  191. How much would a yorkshire terrier doggy cost? (Best Answer-10 points)?
  192. potty train pembroke welsh corgi?
  193. Is it wrong to dress a boy pomeranian in girl clothes...I really wanted a...
  194. How big do West Highland White Terriers get?
  195. What happens when a silky terrier eats a couple ham scraps?
  196. What is the designer name for a Newfoundland/Labrador Retriever ?
  197. Where can i find 2 Miniature English bulldogs in MN, Around the twin city's
  198. Best age to fix a Newfoundland?
  199. Name for a German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy?
  200. i have some questions about my english springer spaniel?
  201. How can I get my Boston Terrier to eat her food?
  202. Anybody owned an Italian Greyhound? What are their advantages and...
  203. mini schnauzer breed information?
  204. buy wine online from brittany?
  205. 1 Year English Bulldog has cold?
  206. Why do english bull terriers have such a long face?
  207. Which Dog Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Shih Tzu?
  208. American eagle boxers?
  209. My pekingese is engorged and lactating. Pregnant?
  210. which is better a bulldog or great dane ?
  211. What Type Of American Eskimo Are Smaller...toy Or Miniature?
  212. Regarding a Yorkshire Terrier's coat and grooming...?
  213. Bichon frise, licking until fur is gone..help?
  214. I have an 11 year old schnauzer who has started to pee a little when you hold...
  215. Are German Shepherds the mack daddies of dogs?
  216. My one year old Shih tzu seems constipated. Is it okay to give him prune or
  217. Got a Jack Russell Terrier mix for Xmas and have questions?
  218. 14 yr old pug with frequent urinary accidents in house ?
  219. does anyone have a recipe for puppy chow?
  220. Should our Great Pyrenees be outside more?
  221. Can Chinese Herbs work on my Aggressive one year old Pomeranian?
  222. Could a Male Chihuahua mate with Old English Mastiff female if left alone unfixed?
  223. does anyone know any songs like Mope by bloodhound gang?
  224. Why does my Chihuahua make chribling sounds?
  225. My 5 year old Rescued Cairn Terrier is acting afraid to go and eat her food. She...
  226. Any advice on handling a labrador retriever/chow chow mix?
  227. We have an Anatolian shepherd/Kangal+Great Pyrenees/Mareema mix. What causes a big...
  228. Question for Pug owners?
  229. Im writing a story about a badger and a spaniel wo live in a field. What can the
  230. Is my yorkie too young for puppy chow?
  231. We have a 2 and a half year old mini schnauzer...will a torkie fit in?
  232. What should i name my new 3year old great dane?
  233. My bichon frise keeps biting?
  234. If an apartment building is listed as pet friendly can they object to a...
  235. My Mini Schnauzer wet the bed!!! WHY?!?
  236. Rottie ques..can profuse barking,running up stairs romping make a 2 week
  237. How can I get my poodle to not be so timid?
  238. my husky mix is afraid of my Pekingese ?
  239. What's the cost to toronto fro montreal in greyhound?
  240. How much to spay/neuter a Newfoundland dog?
  241. At what age do pugs usually go on heat ?
  242. How would a West Highland White Terrier react if...?
  243. My golden retriever drinks an excessive amount of water. ?
  244. why do so many german shepherd owners muzzle there dog?
  245. How and where can u learn how to draw a pomeranian and anime characters for free...
  246. Do you worry that the movie Marley and Me will have a detrimental effect on the
  247. Why does my Shih-tzu malt?
  248. Poll-Are German shepherd dogs the best dogs ever?
  249. Any Opinions Of Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  250. cannot get boots on my 7-year old pekingese.?