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  1. What type of dog is best for me?
  2. My rottweiler pup is 47 days old and is having continuous loose motion and
  3. Golden Retriever has itching problem please help!!?
  4. Why Chihuahua plays with poo?
  5. Potty Training Puppy Outdoors?
  6. Trying to find the best family dog for us?
  7. Is a Golden Retriever suitable for me and my family?
  8. Does anyone know where to find an airline approved kennel large enough
  9. English bulldog- are they hard to potty train?
  10. What is the best way to introduce 2 German Shepherds?
  11. Is sex with poodles always wrong?
  12. Mini dachshund breeders in Georgia, Alabama or Tennessee?
  13. Maltipoo breeder advice! XTRA POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!?
  14. Were can I find a PURE breed German shepherd in Texas?
  15. What is the difference in between a Shih Tzu and a Havanese?
  16. What is the best dog for me?
  17. i am trying to find a home for my shih tzu?
  18. I have a 5 month old german shepherd male, that continues to pee in the
  19. What can I do to give away my 20 month old Female english bulldog?
  20. Where in the Highlands, Scotland could I adopt/rescue a chihuahua puppy?
  21. Anyone had any experience with English Bulldogs or has one ! Please answer?
  22. why does my jack russell want to play with the ball all the time?
  23. Do Pug Dogs exist? Would any Pug dog be willing to turn me into one?
  24. Does anyone know where i can find a 2-4 year old labrador retriever? ?
  25. Add picture to engraved dog tag?
  26. the dog rescue my family is part of asks each foster home to name our dogs with a...
  27. Pitbull owners or experienced people - question?
  28. poodle was bittin by a bigger dog?
  29. Has anyone ever seen a pure breed english bulldog and mini shepherd mix?
  30. Is there a Chihuahua from New Jersey (maybe New York) in the new Pound Puppies? Or...
  31. How often should I walk/run my super handsome Labrador puppy?
  32. Question about this pug?
  33. What is your favorite dog breed?
  34. american bulldog, staffordshire bull terrier or german shepherd? Read!!!?
  35. Pomeranian owners, I have some questions for you?
  36. DS: Adress/Domain Name name for my kennel/breeding/dog website?
  37. american bulldog, staffordshire bull terrier or german shepherd? Read!!!?
  38. My weimaraner Rufus passed away this morning. What is legal in terms of disposal?
  39. Whenever i'm trying to put my dog to bed, he runs to the couch and while
  40. Can a cockapoo compete professionally in agility?
  41. Where Can I Find Tea-Cup Chihuahua Puppies The Dallas/Plano Area (Texas)?
  42. What dog is smarter than a German Shepherd and around the same size, if there is one?
  43. Would you have someone watch your child if they had a pitbull but was an outdoor dog?
  44. Does anyone have a shih tzu and a lab?
  45. what breed of dog to you think this is?
  46. What breeds go good with golden retrievers?
  47. My Dog Is A Pitbull/Boxer Mix.... He Started Licking/Biting his left hip...
  48. which plush dog do you like the best?
  49. i need names for my new shih tzu?
  50. How do I start a dog breeding kennel?
  51. how to increase my labrador's head size?
  52. Is it okay for a newborn puppies poop to be yellow?
  53. Is my german shepherd dog pregnant?
  54. can a new puppy with uncompleted shots play with completed dog?
  55. Best Dog Carrier for a Shih Tzu?
  56. My 6 year old Yorkie is attacking my 1 year old Maltese- both female. HELP!?
  57. should i feed anything orally to my 48 days old rottweiler puppy which is most...
  58. I have a 13 month old female shih tzu..?
  59. Is it a good idea to feed Golden Retrievers off elevated feeders?
  60. When's the right time to put tape on boston terriers ears?
  61. Any yorkshire terrier pups for sale in Ireland?
  62. Do chihuahua puppies get attached to one person?
  63. will chihuahua need to stay overnight?
  64. How do I get a puppy to bond to me? And not my mum?
  65. how much does a 2 month old shih tzu puppy sleep?
  66. Can someone give me info on the RSPCA?
  67. Are there any rottweiler friendly apartments in Atlanta?
  68. Where should I adopt a yorkie puppy?
  69. Question about the quality of this dog food?
  70. Would it be okay to take a four month old German Shepherd on a walk?
  71. My 6 months old Rottweiler tends to take a bite on my hand often?
  72. Does anyone out there agree with me and think the rapper Pitbull is hot?
  73. What is a sheltie and a cocker spaniel mix?
  74. My dog has allergies, Whats the best dog shampoo for her?
  75. Girl Names for a Golden Retriever puppy?
  76. hi my sister and i are deciding what dog to get and she wants a chihuahua but...
  77. My 5 months Rottweiler never barks at any stranger or anyone who comes to meet me?
  78. What do you think of my chihuahua? POLL?
  79. do you think my golden retriever is too thin ?? (pic included)?
  80. This Pomeranian breeder...?
  81. Havanese vs miniature poodle?
  82. How do you teach a puppy to sleep in a kennel?
  83. Can I take my puppies for walks before they get their third sets of shots?
  84. Is this too big for a Chihuahua?
  85. Help with dog names. 2 rottweiler and a german sheperd?
  86. Pitbull's hip is hurting or possibly dislocated?
  87. how to calm my Labrador puppy?
  88. Am i in love or do i have "puppy love"?
  89. Will my black labrador get a long with my new 3 month old jack russel terrier?
  90. Eukanuba show aired on ABC, was something wrong with that german shepherd?
  91. My bichon frise will be 6 this year, what are some tips to keep her healthy?
  92. Spoilt Westie & Tea Cup Yorkie Puppy..Good Idea?
  93. What is the legal age you can work at a pet store in Michigan?
  94. my dog is very food motivated, how do i get him to stop going for food on...
  95. German shepherd vs golden retriever vs lab?
  96. teacup maltipoo beeders?
  97. Does anyone have a Westie-Lhaso? (West Highland Terrier and Lhasa Apso)
  98. Small pomeranian....please help!?
  99. Under weight weimaraner?
  100. How can I train my dog to stop howling and barking when baby cries?
  101. Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  102. How long should it take to potty train a maltipoo?
  103. What is a better protection dog: Beauceron, Malinois, or German Shepherd?
  104. How to housetrain and rehousetrain Yorkies and a leg issue on a yorkie?
  105. Am I the only person that thinks big dogs are cuter than small dogs?
  106. What is that game called where you are some guy who needs to rescue his dog from...
  107. how can i stop my puppy picking things up?
  108. House Trained dog peeing in house?
  109. Lion vs Tiger vs Bear vs Cheetah vs Elepahant vs Hyena vs Wolf vs Leopard vs...
  110. I have a 4 year old female yorkie/cocker spaniel mix. She will NOT stop...
  111. Another question about my out of control german shepherd?
  112. whats some good dog names?
  113. Why does my 2yr olde English bulldog eat things he shouldn't ? ?
  114. my golden retrievers nose is dry what should i do?
  115. Why does my miniature dachshund puppy cry when she first wakes up?
  116. is fever a must symptom of parvo in 45 to 50 days old rottweiler puppy?
  117. Dog food question (BB)? Best answer?
  118. Why are people, especially dog breeders so opposed to madatory spay/neuter for
  119. Difference between English/American Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeds?
  120. Is it bad to feed a pug who is 4 months adult do food?
  121. Groomers: How do you do a teddy bear face on a yorkie?
  122. What are some small dog breeds that are easy to train?
  123. problems with my weimaraner bella?
  124. My 2 month and 21 days west highland white terrier has a problem when is
  125. Cairn Terrier Information?
  126. My dogs keep fighting and i need to know best way to stop them.?
  127. Why does a Pug's tail curl?
  128. Should I get a German Shepard or Pomeranian?
  129. Hi. My Chihuahua is on her period. Should I do something? Should I be concerned?...
  130. why does my poodle always get ear infections?
  131. How long can Queso Chihuahua be left unrefrigerated before it spoils?
  132. REPUTABLE golden retriever breeders in florida?
  133. Why does my about seven year old jack russel terrier constantly run away?
  134. Someone had a pet mouse from a pet store...and it had eight babies who...?
  135. Which dog breed should I get?
  136. Golden retriever!!!!!!?
  137. pitbull pups for sale in australia vic?
  138. House Training a 4 year old pug...?
  139. what breed is my puppy?
  140. My pitbull has recently starting chewing EVERYTHING!?
  141. small little yellow dots in my dogs stool?
  142. How do I stop my dog from eating her bed?
  143. Why is my rottweiler crying all night?
  144. What's a space-like N64 game where you can be a dog or an ant?
  145. do springer spaniels, cavalier king charles spaniel and West Highland White Terrier
  146. I've a 5 week old labrador puppy. she sleeps 19 hrs a day. can v give peddigree to
  147. will be my dog upset when the puppies are gone?
  148. Labrador vomiting an diarhea advice needed?
  149. west highland white terriers?
  150. Some Shih Tzu Baby Girl Names?? :D :)?
  151. What is the song in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 trailer?
  152. my staffordshire bull terrier is still bleeding is this normal?
  153. What is the average age that a maltese crossed with poodle lives?
  154. Where can I find a uk website that sells English bulldogs?
  155. How to Breeding Boston Terriers?
  156. Is it okay to feed my 15 week old Pitbull/Amstaff large breed puppy food?
  157. 10 week old puppy has diarrhea. There was also a tiny, very small amount of
  158. How often should you walk a senior dachshund cross corgi?
  159. Is my dog a pitbull?? ?
  160. Pitbull howls and cries at other dogs?
  161. if kept in separate rooms most of the time, do yorkies and bunnies get along?
  162. What dog breed is this?
  163. Bichon Frise with Bad gas.?
  164. rottweiler swallowed a billiard ball help!!!!?
  165. What are the chances of ing a pet store and it staying ?
  166. My Pug/Havanese Cross Is Too Excitable.?
  167. Where can i find a pitbull soundboard?
  168. Why wont my maltese/yorkie mix stop licking her paws?
  169. What is a sheltie and a cocker spaniel mix?
  170. Silver dapple dachshund.........?
  171. tea cup maltese puppies?
  172. will my havanese need clothes in cold weather?
  173. What are the best food and bedding options for my pet rats?
  174. My 14 year old pomeranian pees in his sleep?
  175. What is the main difference between puppy food and adult dog food?
  176. what is better for a 13 year old? a papillon,min pin or boston terrier?
  177. 3 Labradors - Genders? Ages?
  178. My 3 year old jack russel terrier is sick?
  179. How do I train my year old dog?
  180. My Pitbull Had 1 Puppy In 5 Hours.. Is It Possible For Her To Have Anymore? She
  181. What types of activities are the most beneficial for puppies / dogs?
  182. Are there any puppy shiba inus avaliable in Pensacola, FL for sale?
  183. Are Yorkshire terrier just so cute?
  184. I just got my 7 week old maltese x shih tzu pup today, any help from anyone? cheers.?
  185. cute maltipoo names? xtra points?
  186. How do I get my Labrador not to bolt in the door and grab and chew stuff?
  187. What are some good names for a pet english bulldog?
  188. which breed is the best untrained guard dog?
  189. Why is my yorkies hair not growing?
  190. Is 1 and a half stone big for a 3 and a half month old labrador puppy?
  191. Any Standard Poodle owners?
  192. Quality pomeranian breeders in Ontario, Canada?
  193. 'Teacup' yorkies, are they good pets?
  194. Pomeranian Grooming and Dental?
  195. Is it still allowed to cut tail and ears of the Pitbull Terrier?
  196. how much does it cost a year to adopt a dog at the rspca australia?
  197. what is the best dog collar for a dog to be tide outside?
  198. Why does my weimaraner eat paper constantly.?
  199. Question about my Maltipoo puppy?
  200. better info on breeding my german shepherd.?
  201. is a teacup yorkies a good house dog to have?
  202. How big do Teacup Yorkies need to be in order to have puppies without...
  203. My standard poodle just ate?
  204. My new bichon frise wont stop barking!?
  205. I have a 11 week old tea cup yorkie puppy. He's whinning when we pick him...
  206. Why is my Boston Terrier puppy peeing in her crate?
  207. Are Poodles really hypo-allergenic?
  208. my tiny chihuahua has been prescribed antibiotic capsules but wont take them?
  209. Which dog to prefer Lhasa apso or shih tzu. Which is smaller?
  210. I need as much info from owners of Cocker Spaniels as I can get?
  211. My small dog is afraid of brooms?
  212. need information on breeding my german shepherd, can anyone help?
  213. Sudden tremor/tremble in my Pomeranian Eskimo?
  214. overweight dachshund diet?
  215. I have a 4 year old dachshund who on Christmas eve was paralyzed in her hind...
  216. How much cough syrup can I give my Pomeranian?
  217. American and English Labrador Retrievers are both of them able to be AKC papered?
  218. Thoughts On Pedigree Dogs Exposed? How Does It Affect Your Breed Of Choice?
  219. dog peeing on her bed?
  220. Looking to get a SMALL breed dog?
  221. What is the right breed of dog for me?
  222. Who likes golden retrievers?
  223. Have an english bulldog he justr got his glands popped and is still showing symptoms?
  224. Im not sure what breed my dog is!?
  225. Anyone know (about puppies for sale)?
  226. is a bichon frise good for people who has allergy?
  227. i want a small fluffy dog. any help?
  228. What is the best collar/leash for my dog?
  229. inbreed puppies information?
  230. How ling do you predict my Yorkshire terrier will live to be? ?
  231. What to do if your dog takes chew from your puppy?
  232. How do I know when it's the right time to breed a shih tzu?
  233. Is it ok to play wrestle with my shih tzu?
  234. How do I stop my Bischon/Poodle from pooping in the house?
  235. How do i keep my pet rat from filling his new bowl with bedding?
  236. If any reputable kennel club ever recognizes designer dogs as breeds...?
  237. How much do I feed my 4 month old bichon frise?
  238. does anybody have pug puppies for sale in wellsboro pa?
  239. Skin under my pug's muzzle peeling! help! please!?
  240. how do i teach a dog to chase after small game?
  241. will my maltipoo be ok if i accidentally step on her?
  242. Are these good pomeranian breeders too?
  243. My maltipoo is yelping everytime I try to pick him up and when he tries to...
  244. Getting a Shih Tzu puppy?
  245. is it a shih tzu? not mixed?
  246. How often can I bathe my chihuahua puppy?
  247. Anyone own a cockapoo or spoodle?
  248. EASY YORKIE QUESTION?can teacup yorkies be trained to get along with rodents?
  249. Proofing a dog's recall with e-collar?
  250. Yorkies for sale???!!!!!!?