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  1. will a staffordshire bull terrier fit in this cage (link below)?
  2. Bloodhound.Exploit.213 virus ?! ?
  3. I need to find out if there were legal postings for britt christener of...
  4. How to keep a 9 mo old Basset Hound from peeing in house if not let out
  5. Is my puppy pure bred Shiba Inu?
  6. I just got an 8 week old shih-tzu and i have only had her for 5-6 days
  7. Owning a Golden Retriever. ?
  8. How are English Bulldogs as pets?
  9. is having a pug a good pet?
  10. Excess saliva- 4 year old rhodesian ridgeback ?
  11. Excess saliva- 4 year old rhodesian ridgeback ?
  12. What kind of sauce do they use in chow main ?
  13. I'm asking this question while I'm hanging from a flagpole at school from my...
  14. Lhasa Apso male names?
  15. can a magyar vizsla (hungarian pointer) hunt during winter in western montana...
  16. Greyhound Bus coupons?
  17. When do yorkshire terriers do most of their growing?
  18. I was bitten in the face by a 200 pound bull mastiff!?
  19. American Cocker Spaniel?
  20. mmm.... how do you train a beagle thats 9 months old, that is hard to train..?
  21. HELP!!!!! American Bulldog troble?
  22. my hubby and i are thinking of getting a Schnauzer we already have a
  23. how can i train my chihuahua?
  24. German Shepherd Cross Cattle Dog anyone have one ?
  25. Does anyone know a good breeder of Shetland sheepdogs?
  26. what should i expect from my labrador retriever who is in heat?
  27. Boxer and Miniature Schnauzer?
  28. I have a chihuahua who during bath time is very...?
  29. Just got a six week old lhasa apso but it seems to have a sore bottom(seems to...
  30. Does anyone know where I can find a white background wallpaper of a...
  31. greyhound bus lines charged my account 3 times! what should i do?
  32. I came home from work and my wife had a suspicious great dane in the living
  33. Where can I get a Scottish Deerhound puppy? ?
  34. Do chihuahuas fart?????
  35. Why do Jack Russell Terrier puppies like to run in circles?
  36. Dalmatian Mini Teacup Yorkie Breeders in Los Angeles, CA? (Long Beach,
  37. Staffordshire bull terrier and small animals?
  38. How much should I feed my Labrador Retriever puppy?
  39. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages if i Neutering my Male...
  40. How often should i give my american eskimo a bath?
  41. Will a adult Labrador Golden Retriever get along with a pure Labrador puppy?
  42. breeding a chihuahua 2?
  43. Bull Terrier guessers only; you know who you are.?
  44. I have an 8 1/2 year old toy poodle who is in heat. I also have a toy
  45. Does any1 know of any Dalmatian or Mini Teacup Yorkie breeders in CA that...
  46. Shiba Inu compatability?
  47. What to look for in an American pit bull terrier puppy?
  48. my pugs eyes are red what does that mean!!!?
  49. Q. about adopting a Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix?
  50. i Just got a American bulldog pure white with one brown patch over her eye, is...
  51. would my mastiff get along with another big dog ?
  52. My 8 month French Bulldog still pees in the house even though I take her
  53. Which Breed Is Most Suitable...? (Border Collie?)?
  54. my poodle stopped eating?
  55. i need help with cats, beagles and puggles!?
  56. Advice needed; city terrorized every New Year's Eve by alcoholic Saint Bernard...?
  57. i think my shar-pei has an ear infection.?
  58. How can I get my new 10 week old beagle to stop chasing my 5 year old cat?
  59. Help! I need a cheap American Eskimo Dog (toy sized) In the DC area or VA!!?
  60. Do you have a Shih Tzu?
  61. my irish setter's right eye looks swollen?
  62. Where can i get a Shetland sheepdog in BC?
  63. Who is the Jack Russell person that the Jack Russell terrier is named after?
  64. HELP! How do i get my 4 year old German Shepherd Dog to fetch?
  65. Toy Poodle 13 yrs old. More details...?
  66. Crate training a Weimaraner puppy?
  67. Help With my Aggressive Chihuahua/Basset Mix!?
  68. Lhasa Apso Good With Children?
  69. is a small crate ideal for a cavalier king charles spaniel?.... HELP!!?
  70. for Clumber spaniel owners?
  71. Papillon owners..help me?
  72. why are some chihuahuas called appleheads?
  73. Whats wrong with my Jack Russell Terrier?
  74. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Information?
  75. Is it safe to have a rottweiler as a domestic dog?
  76. What kind of cut does this shih tzu have?
  77. Why do you wear boxers?
  78. Hi I got A dog question if somebody can help me out with? I got A German Shepherd
  79. bullmastiff and Boerboel question?
  80. Is a Lab/Beagle mix breed a good dog?
  81. are shiba inu good outside dogs?
  82. How long should I walk my overweight dachshund?
  83. Should i get chow chow....?
  84. Whats the hassle of having 3 dogs in a neighborhood... 2 Lhasa Apsos and 1
  85. how to get to Salk Institute from San Diego greyhound station?
  86. can anyone refer me to a Swissy (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) breeder in or around NJ?
  87. Which celebrities have/had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels?
  88. Do pomeranian's ever need a haircut?
  89. How do I train a Labrador retriever to fetch ducks?
  90. do yorkshire terrier dogs make good pets?
  91. Would a pit bull and a Golden retriever get along? ?
  92. What breed is my puppy? Rat terrier or Miniature Pinscher?
  93. Should i buy a shih tzu or a silky terrier?
  94. What age to get a Rottweiler fixed?
  95. Is my Great Pyrenees Pure Breed?
  96. What's the best toys for my boston terrier?
  97. Where could I find a shiba inu?
  98. What should i call my female Border Collie of 8 weeks?
  99. Is brittany spears back in style?
  100. Champion bloodline Jack Russell Terrier?
  101. My 4 year old Collie/Cocker cross has a lump on her tail, anyone know what it is?
  102. can u please give me some info about irish terriers?
  103. words that go with brittany and start with be...punk/scene/emo/rocker type =)?
  104. what is an american eskimo mixed with a corgi called?
  105. Tips needed for introducing new Bichon Frise puppy to our existing 1 year old...
  106. How big will a german shepherd/golden retriever/lab mix puppy get? ?
  107. Welsh Terrier Breeders in WI?
  108. Is my dog a miniature poodle or a toy poodle?
  109. Ruby on Style Network- Is her Friend Brittany the actress from the movie Joe Dirt?
  110. My 7 yr beagle-mix dog is not eating much for 2 weeks.?
  111. if you own a mastiff...?
  112. My Shiba Inu puppy loves to bite =(?
  113. where should I get a Jack Russell Terrier?
  114. Aggressive behavior in a Basset Hound?
  115. What should i name my new poodle puppy?
  116. is an american staffordshire terrier and a pit bull the same dog?
  117. What are the cons of owning a Yorkshire Terrier?
  118. How can I train my Beagle to walk on the treadmill?
  119. Is it normal for Rottweilers to waddle. I have a Rottweiler that is 2...
  120. how often do you think i should exercise my maltese/poodle mix puppy?
  121. what is the appropriate weight for a pug?
  122. Any Shitzu Poo (Shitzu mixed with Poodle) Owners out there. ?
  123. help me potty train my miniature pinscher!!?
  124. Any Japanese Akita Inu owners out there that can tell me about the breed?
  125. Who has a great dane ?
  126. My Great Dane puppy has a foreleg problems. Is this normal?
  127. Bloodhound Gang vs Weird Al Yankovic?
  128. Weimaraner - anyone else have one?
  129. Where can I locate a Bichon Frise breeder in Oregon?
  130. Any good names for a GIRL Great Pyrenees/ Collie Mix?
  131. schnauzer training tips?
  132. my australian cattle dog problem with barking?
  133. Training a Great Dane?
  134. Can chihuahuas and cockatiels get along ? ?
  135. Potty Training Tips for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  136. why are border collies not used for guidance?
  137. Are Doberman Pinschers HIGHLY NOT recommended for novice owners? ?
  138. Does anyone show papillons.?
  139. How long does it take for an irish setter to get a full coat?
  140. My 3 year old dachshund pees... a lot... advice please?
  141. Whats your fav breed? Golden Retrever, Goldendoodle,Weimaraner?
  142. Do dachshunds like to swim?
  143. Staffordshire Bull Terriers - the mascot of the underclass?
  144. I just got a Shih Tzu male and female from two different familys going to...
  145. Forgot to ask... Ollie, 1 yr old Dachshund, problem with being too happy at
  146. How much cost a Bull Terrier miniature pup?
  147. komondor dog info(please)??
  148. Boxer/Pit and moving in to an apartment?
  149. What are some good names for cute little Golden retrievers?
  150. My Italian Greyhound has a temper?
  151. what happens if you dont give your pregnant pug a c section?
  152. Would you rather have Miley, Brittany, or the Jonas sisters perform at your...
  153. My boyfriends Pomeranian killed my Yorkshire Terrier, What do I do now?
  154. i have a male border collie born 8808 he eats royal canine how much should he be
  155. House trainig a 6 month old multese/ poodle?
  156. how much would a german shepherd or golden retriever cost?
  157. how do toy fox terriers behave?
  158. Shetland Sheepdogs(sheltie) ?
  159. my 1 year old beagle mix?
  160. My Scottish Terrier pup won't potty outside?
  161. Anyone out there have a adult pure beed female Pug experience a false pregnancy?
  162. How often should i feed my 75 pound golden retriever?
  163. i want to breed my golden retriever?
  164. Does anybody know how I can trace a waiter that I fell in love with on a
  165. looking for Rob Campbell, worked in Lloydminster, alberta in the 80's
  166. Why did my Border Collie's eye change colour?
  167. Which might be calmer: black lab mix or beagle/basset hound mix?
  168. What collar to get my Boston Terrier?
  169. rottweiler went to really good trainer and was behaving but started to attack...
  170. Any other Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners out there?
  171. Advice on Scottish Terriers?
  172. Is it bad to move from Illinois to Colorado with a Boston Terrier?
  173. I cant find a picture of a silky terrier, dacshund mix(silkshund)?
  174. What is wrong with my mini-schnauzer?
  175. In the last month, my 8 year old golden retriever has bitten 4 people of
  176. What is best dog food available in India which I can feed my bullmastiff?
  177. My labrador retriever is ball obsessed!?
  178. Whos the Best boxer of all time?
  179. 7 week Rottweiler/ Labrador mix has soft to watery stool?
  180. This is a weird question but what nicknames go well with brittany?
  181. Advice needed; city terrorized every New Year's Eve by alcoholic Saint Bernard...?
  182. Why does my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel try to eat my son's nappies?
  183. Are miniature pinschers especially hard to potty train?
  184. Will a beagle and Bichon get along?
  185. Can Pembroke Welsh Corgis live with hamsters?
  186. I just bought a Miniature Schnauzer what should i name it?
  187. What toy would be good for a Scottish Terrier with STRONG teeth?
  188. Would a Jack Russell Terrier be a good first pet for a dog?!?
  189. What is it like to take a 1100 mile trip aboard Greyhound?
  190. How much are Yorkshire Terriers from a Dogs home?
  191. how should you feed a german shepherd dog?
  192. Toy Poodle, Combing Problem?
  193. My boston terrier hates my rat terrier?
  194. How do i convince my parents to get a Yorkie or Caliver King Charles Spaniel?
  195. How do I correctly stack my Golden Retriever?
  196. If i were to take a Greyhound to Canada....?
  197. Name for an English Bulldog?
  198. Are Boston Terrier nice with kids ?
  199. Help! My 12 week old Weimaraner pees in his crate and in the Bathroom -...
  200. Where can I find Dalmatian and Mini Yorkie pups that arent ridiculously...
  201. what other cool songs did bloodhound gang created other that three point one four?
  202. Question about Native American Indian Dogs?
  203. What would be a good name for a West Highland White Terrier dog?
  204. Information on the brussels griffon?
  205. Beagle house messing problem?
  206. I'm Adopting A Pitt bull Weimaraner mix puppy Advice ?
  207. 100 lb golden retriever just ate a brownie?
  208. how do I get rid of fleas on my Italian greyhound-please ,no advertisements?
  209. what's a good name for a female boston terrier?
  210. what kind of dog food will help my chihuahua/italian greyhound gain weight?
  211. Help !!!!! 5 months old english bulldog?
  212. can I keep an english springer spaniel' fur trimmed short?
  213. Why does my papillon whine so much?
  214. Does this look like a purebred pug?
  215. How much does it cost to bring a small dog (mini doberman pinscher)from...
  216. Do Papillon dogs make good pets?
  217. Mastiff Diet ?
  218. Is there a reputable breeder in hong kong that sells Golden Retrievers?
  219. Got any good names for a male Greater Swiss Mountain dog?
  220. Irish wolfhounds? Good pets? ?
  221. Generally training a middle-aged Shih-tzu?
  222. 2 year old English Setter bathroom issues?
  223. How to teach my newly adopted boxer new tricks?
  224. Is it okay to leave an 8 weeks old Shih tzu alone at home?
  225. Does anyone have any ideas on what i should name my pug?
  226. is boxer brief for girls hot or not?
  227. What's the difference between the American, Irish and British Staffordshire bull
  228. I'm looking for a doberman pinscher in the east texas/tyler/longview area.?
  229. Does anyone know where I can adopt a pure bread Pug In South Chicago land ?
  230. Is 1lb 8 1/2 oz. an average size for an 8 weeks old shih tzu?
  231. Names for female chihuahua?
  232. 6 year old agressive boston terrier?
  233. How do I train my 3 yr old Pekingese?
  234. my 5 year old great dane bailey is getting old am i ready for her to pass on...
  235. How long are Miniature Dachshunds supposed to be?
  236. Does my shih tzu look like a 'quality' one? Pictures included?
  237. How do i stop my english mastiff from jumping ?
  238. Is $300 too much for a 2 yr old Mini Schnauzer?
  239. American bulldog, 50 Kg/110 Pounds, Any Opinions?
  240. newscaster for KSBW Brittany neilson?
  241. Should I demand my boxers back? ?
  242. I have 2 Dalmatian lyretail mollies, 1 platy, one black and one yellow lyretail
  243. Can profuse barking,running up stairs and romping cause a 2 week pregnant...
  244. Seniors I need advice have an American Eskimo Dog.21 yrs. old totally blind.What
  245. suggestions on namin my pug?
  246. i have a 4 month old chihuahua mix with yorkie...n she seems to be really...
  247. Is there any good dachshund breeder sites?
  248. What are good dog names for a boxer?
  249. Boxers for girls? How would you wear them?
  250. How on EARTH do you pronounce the breed Bichon Frise?