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  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers Yappy?
  2. Joint problems in a 3 year old schnauzer?
  3. Does anyone here have a Portuguese Water Dog?
  4. 5 month old Golden Retriever bites out of dominance?
  5. toy poodles. . .r they right for me?
  6. Do u think vizsla puppies are cute?
  7. What kind of shampoo is good for a Bernese Mountain Dog's coat?
  8. Why don't I see more Toy Fox Terriers on Dog Shows or even as pets.?
  9. On a scale of 1-10 10 being the highest how smart is a bouvier , a german
  10. Is a 13 day trip enough to drive from Philadelphia, to Newfoundland and Labrador?...
  11. How much should we charge for our basset hounds?
  12. What are some cool Tricks i can teach my dog (lhasa apso)?
  13. Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback right for me?
  14. Well, I've turned 18 now and I'm thinking about getting a bichon frise dog?
  15. Are English Bulldogs known to bark a lot when the owners are out?
  16. What are we doing wrong with our Boxer/Black Lab puppy?
  17. what should i call my american cocker spaniel? can a lot of people answer??? THANKS!?
  18. Our Samoyed freaks out when we cook lamb. Why?
  19. I wear boxer briefs and crack shows?
  20. Where can I watch the drama based on the manga Bloodhound online?
  21. Is it possible for me to own a Labrador retriever if my dad has allergies?
  22. traveling by greyhound?
  23. I am having trouble paper training my papillon puppy?
  24. Adopted boston terrier rubs against furniture?
  25. Boston Terrier in heat?
  26. I've already got a Golden Labrador and I was wondering weather a Jack Russell...
  27. Shetland Sheepdogs????????
  28. mixed Border Collie found shot?
  29. Is it bad to let my bullmastiff puppy play with my 8 year old boy?
  30. How do I get my Mini Schnauzer to be more friendly with people?
  31. Great Dane Lovers Please Answer :-)!!!?
  32. what shall i do my weimaraner puppy has diarrhea?
  33. i want to buy A Pomeranian Chihuahua Cross puppy what injections should it have?
  34. i have a American Bulldog with black and white patches on his chest.Can...
  35. Where could I get a Shetland sheepdog near Fort Bend County?
  36. Where can I purchase a 100 percent pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier...
  37. Why does my boxer growl at my kids?
  38. Does anybody know how I can trace a waiter that I fell in love with on a recent trip
  39. My boston terrier is a lady now...?
  40. are shar pei's good dogs why?
  41. whats a good name for an american cocker spaniel? a girl this time?
  42. golden retriever or german shepherd,which of this is best for my family dog?
  43. How much food should I feed my overweight chihuahua?
  44. is it bad to feed my chihuahua puppies small breed vitamins instead of puppy ones?
  45. I am getting a miniature Schnauzer need help?
  46. To the Great Dane parents...?
  47. 7 month old pomeranian?
  48. my sisters husband left her and now she looks and acts insane , i think she thinks...
  49. My english bulldog is depressed?
  50. My dog is pregnant and she is Chihuahua and he is a miniature weenie dog is that bad?
  51. Should I get a third dog? A Weimaraner?
  52. Can my great dane take human glucosomine pills?
  53. I just got a brand new baby basset hound and need some advice on getting her to...
  54. Do female dogs hump? I have an 8-month mini schnauzer mix and she started
  55. Siberian Husky help plz?!?
  56. Any Poodle people out there?
  57. American Stafford shire Bull Terrier?
  58. bullmastiff german shepard doberman akita or rhodisian ridgeback?
  59. do bernese mountain dogs bark alot?
  60. Does your dachshund have a bald spot on his/her underside? I think it's from
  61. I'm looking for information about American Eskimo dogs...?
  62. GIRLS !! guy's boxers showing!!!!!!?
  63. how do you feel about border collies?
  64. My dalmatian lyre tail looks unhealthy...?
  65. what are the things a chihuahua breeder needs?
  66. Question about Shiba Inu?
  67. What is the best food to feed my 11 month old Dogue de bordeux (french mastiff)?
  68. How far can my golden retriever puppy walk?
  69. My Boston Terrier is eating her own poop?
  70. Im trying to decide whether or not a great dane is the right dog for me?
  71. cutting a Pomeranian hair?
  72. shih tzu or malti tzu?
  73. Should I get a bichon frise?
  74. Beagle going potty on own at days old?
  75. What all priviliges will my german shepherd dog have once he is a trained and...
  76. Potty training for an 8 wk old cavalier king charles spaniel in the winter?
  77. should i clip my american bulldogs tail ?
  78. What dog is better for my climate ? chihuahua, or toy poodle ?
  79. Why is my Mini Schnauzer who is 11 weeks old so bitey? ?
  80. We got a Dalmatian and I have questions?
  81. thinking of getting toy poodle. . .but?
  82. My boxer puppy problem?
  83. dog toy for my 7 yr old beagle?
  84. Whippet left alone??
  85. What is cuter, a lhasa apso or a maltese terrier?
  86. Should i get a Border terrier or a Jack russell terrier?
  87. How do you make simple chow mein noodles?
  88. I think my Tibetan Spaniel might be a breedist?
  89. How can i make my boston terrier muscles toned?
  90. German Shepherds attitude change from puppy to dog?
  91. Newfoundland Leonberger?
  92. i have an english mastiff and is going through heat...Please help?
  93. Any bull terrier owners?
  94. what stuffs do i need to take care of 2 week old english bulldog?
  95. How big should a pug be at 4 months?
  96. Is this true with beagles?
  97. About Newfoundland and Confederation?
  98. Rottie pregnancy question..After how many weeks of pregnacy does the average...
  99. My chihuahua kind of coughs through her nose, is it a health issue?
  100. My Miniature poodle has disc damaged and cant walk but he's in the vets is he going
  101. Jack Russell Terrier's Weight?
  102. allergies to dogs. . .toy poodles?
  103. my Rottweiler's leg is swollen he cant walk?
  104. How do I get to the NYU campus from the Greyhound Bus station (Port Authority)?
  105. Traveling on greyhound soon?
  106. I think my SHIBA INU is gonna have puppies tonight- ?
  107. i have a lhasa apso mix but on the papers acc give me it said he is a toy but i
  108. I need tips on how to train a 7week old beagle puppy!?
  109. English Mastiff Bladder Control Question?
  110. Never owned a dog.... miniature pinscher?
  111. What is a dog similar to a Golden Retriever (eg. size, face, color
  112. My basset hound has an enlarged liver and spleen. What could cause this?
  113. how should i care for a black and tan coonhound?
  114. what should i know my shih tzu?
  115. What is wrong with my Border Collie?
  116. what is a blue chihuahua?
  117. name for my chocolate dachshund mini ?
  118. Basset Hound puppy and diarrhea issues...?
  119. English Bulldog and Mange?
  120. Does a dog, schnauzer remember their puppies if they have not seen them for...
  121. Does anyone know any reputable breeders of great dane saint bernard mixes?
  122. Im getting a Maltese Shih Tzu! Any info I should know about them?
  123. nine year old american bulldog with arthritis health tips, anyone?
  124. i have a Neapolitan bull-mastiff x german shepherd i just wanted to know is it...
  125. How long will it take for my papillon's hair to come in fully?
  126. I have a 9 month old beagle lab mix. How much should he be eating?
  127. Help Me Please!!!!!! About Poodle?
  128. Why does my American Bulldog knaw on my chihuahua?
  129. how long will my american bulldog be on heat (in season) for?
  130. I need help housebreaking my miniature dachshund?
  131. What is a unique name for a white female poodle?
  132. I have a bull mastiff/irish wolfhound puppy who is 12 weeks old, he was raised on
  133. i've been looking into getting a cairn terrier or a pug?
  134. Where can i find clothing for my bull mastiff? ?
  135. Norwegian Elkhound or Siberian Husky?
  136. How can you make a pekingese enegertic?
  137. How can I housebreak my Boston Terrier?
  138. is it important to get a dog sweater for my short haired dachshund?
  139. Charts for Golden Retriever, read more?
  140. Great Dane Paces at Night?
  141. Hello,Im a 7 month old American Bulldog that is about to go into my 1st heat cycle?
  142. Is a Lab/Rottweiler dog a bad mix?
  143. If my family goes on vacation what would we do with our newfoundland?
  144. I have a cross spaniel/border collie what should I do why is he so aggresive? He
  145. What is a good name for a female Bull Mastiff?
  146. Good dog with Pug/Jack Russel?
  147. How do you get a Dachshund to stop whining/barking when you leave him?
  148. my Miniature poodle is sick what should i do?
  149. How do i Bulk up my Boxer/ Rottwhiler?
  150. A LONG LASTING bone for our Jack Russell Terrier Dog?
  151. What happens to Boxer in the end of Animal Farm?
  152. How tall do female Siberian Husky get?? What about a male Siberian Husky?
  153. Do Chihuahua s typically make snorting sounds?
  154. Most dogs do not smell good but, I have a Mini-Schnauzer now that has a
  155. My 10-month-old weimaraner just ate a bunch of cholcolate!!!!!!! HELP!!!?
  156. How do you feed a miniature pinscher puppy?
  157. My 11 week old Boston Terrier won't stop biting. ?
  158. I have a Jack Russell Terrier, pup and people keep telling me that they like to
  159. Can someone please explain how someone could be offended if you did not
  160. My Welsh Corgi is pulling her hair out!!!?
  161. how you can recognize a Standard Dachshund and a Miniature Dachshund when
  162. Black Tan coonhound? Any opinions?
  163. I need to name a male very light golden retriever puppy.?
  164. AAA considers a chihuahua a dangerous dog?
  165. collie and sheltie as house mates yes or no?
  166. Why does my silly chihuahua do this?
  167. is my mini-dachshund a rare color?
  168. Im looking for a medium - large (no bigger than a golden retriever) dog
  169. Jack Russell Terrier or Beagle?
  170. Why does my Mini schnauzer do this?
  171. Greyhound on Coquihalla?
  172. do you have a french bulldog?
  173. any good recipes for puppy chow, also known as muddy buddies?
  174. Mastiff Vs Mastiff ?
  175. Does the chow, Cops, cater to where the show is being broadcasted?
  176. How much does a whippet eat?
  177. My 11 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy won't stop biting...?
  178. What should I name my new Collie?
  179. where to buy a toy poodle in florida?
  180. Breton spoken in Brittany?
  181. teacup yorkshire terrier puppy breeder?
  182. chinese crested/chihuahua X?
  183. I have an 8 yrs old pomeranian,any advice what can be wrong with her?
  184. How can make my new baby chihuahua more comfortable?
  185. My female Saint Bernard is pregnant and she has become very aggressive?
  186. Is my dog a Shepherd/Shiba Inu mix?
  187. Is it possible for a Boston Terrier to physically give birth to Pitt Bull Puppies?
  188. urgent.......i have 3 rhodesian ridgeback dogs that just ate a 3lb bag of
  189. Where To Find Free Puppys? Online I am Wanting a Bull Terrier Mix?
  190. how much do I feed my lhasa apso puppy?
  191. What was Brittany's cell phone on Bring It On: All or Nothing?
  192. My chihuahua keeps covering her and the babies up how do I stop this ?
  193. chihuahua eye problem?
  194. my bichon frise got stolen. what should i do?
  195. does anyone know anything about the old mount vernon greyhound stadium in...
  196. what dogs do german shepherds good with ?
  197. Saint Bernard puppy question?
  198. Attention Attention all dog trainers!!! I really need help.i have a
  199. Anybody own a Papillon or Pomeranian? Are they yappy, or does it just depend?
  200. exercising a great dane?
  201. Is there something wrong with my english bulldog?
  202. Getting a Border Collie Pup Before Summertime: Male vs Female?
  203. does anyone have a border collie i have a question.............?
  204. I am going to get a golden retriever dog but not sure of the sex. Should I get a
  205. chihuahua peeing in my bed?!?!?!?
  206. breeding chihuahuas.....?
  207. My dog is gun shy, how do i help him get over it? Australian Shepherd.?
  208. what are some ways to keep a jack russell terrier from shedding?
  209. Basset Hounds Or Scotties? If i get a Basset what should Her name be?
  210. Shiba Inu Attacking After Eating?
  211. Question about a Scottish Terrier rescue we have had for 6 days now?
  212. does anybody know of a bullmastiff breeder around the dallas area? ?
  213. I'm looking for inexpensive Shiba Inu puppies. Any help?
  214. Torn between a Pug and a Boston Terrier?
  215. Are Great Dane's good for Family pet with kids?
  216. My 4 year old female French Bulldog had a STROKE! part 1?
  217. My Golden Retriever has a weeping eye ?
  218. las vegas vizsla breeders??
  219. Name for a female Weimaraner/Pit Bull puppy?
  220. Do chihuahua males not like their babies?
  221. Whats the name of this bloodhound gang song?
  222. Im getting a mastiff puppy in 2 weeks and..... PLZ HELP! DONT IGNORE ME!!!?
  223. What human food can my 10month old miniature poodle eat?
  224. Maltipoo (Maltese Poodle mix) Owners?
  225. Is there something wrong with my Shih tzu?
  226. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Standards?
  227. Irish Setters??? Does anyone out there have one - What can you tell me...
  228. i am looking for a pug ?
  229. How do I get my parents to get a Yorkshire Terrier?
  230. Chihuahua Is Coughing Up Mucus?
  231. Anyone know where I can find 'Australian Kelpie' puppies in or around Huntsville, AL?
  232. how to make chow mein?
  233. does anyone know the average (or exact!) life expectancy of a miniature poodle?
  234. I got a great dane lab mix and it is very fluffy. will this coat get smooth?
  235. Do Komondor dogs have hair grow like it is or does the breeder make it like that ?
  236. a pitbull and a pomeranian dog mixed?
  237. How would 1 bull mastiff, and 2 Labrador Retriever do?
  238. why do my minature pinscher act like he's a doberman?
  239. Anyone have a Rhodesian Ridgeback or know a lot about them?
  240. Do you think Cody Linley wears boxers or briefs?
  241. What is the height for a beagle?
  242. How much are Yorkshire Terriers?
  243. where can i get an American Staffordshire Terrier?
  244. My chihuahua doesn't sleep that much?
  245. for pomeranian owners only, what are some good tips for owning a pomeranian puppy?
  246. I need help naming my teacup chihuahua!?
  247. I need help crate training my 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier!!!?
  248. Anyone from Ohio know where I can find rottweiler pups under 500?
  249. I have 7 months old F dalmatian and right from beginning we have had problems
  250. Do Beagles, Boston Terriers, and Labrador Retrievers Get Along Okay?