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  1. is this a tumor on my shih tzu?
  2. What do I do?? puppy trouble: Lily the shar pei?
  3. A few questions about owning a Weimaraner?
  4. Where can I find the day and night remix with Collie Buddz?
  5. How much does a greyhound bus driver make?
  6. Am I under feeding my Mastiff?
  7. Chihuahua In Heat Please Tell Me If She Breads With A Poodle That Is A Bit Bigger
  8. My chihuahua has bad dandruff.?
  9. what do i need for my american bulldog?
  10. what's better a cane corso or a american bulldog?
  11. How cute is this chihuahua?
  12. Please help my Cavalier king charles spaniel puppy?
  13. English Bull Terrier has dark spot on all white body?
  14. Portuguese water dog puppy 10 pts best answer!;)?
  15. Can you show me a pic/tell me how long brittany spears hair really is right now?
  16. is my dog's hair long enough for a saddle poodle cut? (pic)?
  17. just got a new male shar-pei puppy :-) i want a cute name for him..thanks?
  18. My pug puppy pees constantly and we can't figure it out...?
  19. Is Timothy Hay ok for a pomeranian?
  20. I have a 6 month old Basset Hound? Which would be a better companion?
  21. How much food should i give my mini beagle? ?
  22. How long can a boxer be home alone?
  23. Is a Coronado Borzoi different from other borzoi?
  24. Do Cairn Terriers swim? ?
  25. Do professional boxers do good in martial arts? Im a professional boxer and
  26. are boston terriers difficult to train?
  27. How to find a breeder for a King Charles Spaniel?
  28. What's A Good name for a Black Bullmastiff?
  29. were can i find a longhared female dachshund for sale?
  30. What to feed skinny border collie pup?
  31. How Can I Convince My Mom To Get A Pug?
  32. Newfoundland song I can't find?
  33. Golden retriever question?
  34. How much can a pro boxer journey man expect to earn?
  35. what's the best way to give milk thistle to my greyhound?
  36. Where can I find a Basenji puppy ?
  37. HELP with my beagle puppy! Is it food allergy?
  38. do u think canary dogs are good family dogs?
  39. Breeds similar to Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?
  40. Do you think the black chihuahua (far left) is cute?
  41. I soiled my Jesus Boxers, what should I do!?
  42. boston terrier age 1 1/2 years olds allergies i think?
  43. Rottweiler pups and vaccines?
  44. My bichon frise's paw fur is turning brown why is that?
  45. My male Beagle of only 3 months started humping his pillow. Is this normal,...
  46. I'm thinking of getting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  47. what to do with TOY POODLES? :)?
  48. Half shar pei and half..boxer!?!?! I doubt it, please help?
  49. Why do you need an enclosed back yard to be able to get a greyhound?
  50. Jack Russell Terriers, good or bad?
  51. My golden retriever, 4 month old dog has all of his shots except his rabies. Can i
  52. Blue brushcoat shar pei puppy?
  53. How long before american eskimo dogs really show their real fur?
  54. Where can i buy a Shiba Inu?
  55. I can't find anything about the Greater Swiss mountain dog?
  56. HELP! I have a jack russell terrier and i have the worst vacumm EVER! if you have a
  57. black lab/chow mix... aren't they awesome?
  58. Does anyone have any experience with greyhounds?
  59. I Have A Male American Bulldog That Needs A Name? He Is All White With...
  60. Questions on Lhasa Apso?
  61. My 2 year old boxer won't gain weight. She seems to bounce between 55 and 60...
  62. I have a basset hound/beagle pup who is 8 months old. I am trying to find a...
  63. I have a 6month old pug male.?
  64. Bull Terriers with other dogs?
  65. Do you have a Greyhound?
  66. Staffordshire Bull Terrier for me?
  67. Do Chinese Shar-Pei shed and are they good dogs ?
  68. how long should i exercise my toy poodle pup a day?
  69. Whats the average price of a Beagle (Dog) i Australia?
  70. Miniature american eskimo with a cat?
  71. owww!! biting Samoyed!?
  72. About how much would it cost to ship a 6lb Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppy...
  73. Does the greyhound bus ask for ID ?
  74. my shiba inu is puking.?
  75. I am giving my chihuahua a quincientieta? HELP!?
  76. What does the song If you seek Amy by Brittany Spears mean?
  77. How much should my two Miniature Schnauzers weigh?
  78. best boxers to buy with a reasonably price?
  79. Can You Keep a Siberian Husky in an Apartment?
  80. Will Siberian Huskies always run away?
  81. Feeding amount and what ingredients for Bullmastiff?
  82. How much exercise for a labrador/ Golden Retriever?
  83. I have a 6 month golden retriever.Any ideas to keep her from going to the...
  84. What is the matter with my dachshund?
  85. Torn between a Boston terrier and a pug?
  86. What is the best color for toy poodle?
  87. Brindle pug stud, question for breeders primarily?
  88. dog question? Australian shepherd info?
  89. I am trying to brush my Shih Tzu puppy but she won't let us. She does NOT like it!?
  90. Could a Boston Terrier have a tail (not corkscrew) I rescued a red and...
  91. I have a 5 month old girl dachshund. What issues have others had with them? I...
  92. my basset hounds eye has become stuck rolled up in his head what could cause this? ?
  93. okay i just got a full grown female bullmastiff....?
  94. Why do you cut off Rottweiler,s Tail?
  95. does anyone know a good shih-tzu shampoo?
  96. Dog Question - Golden Retriever?
  97. aggresive 9 year border collie/macnabb mix what to do?
  98. How much should I charge for my dog's Papillon puppies?
  99. do you think this dog looks like a rottweiler mix?
  100. Is My Border Collie Jealous?
  101. How often should you walk a miniature pinscher?
  102. My Beagle puppy's out of control growling...?
  103. does anyone know if the greyhound bus station in newark nj is in a good neighborhood?
  104. Dog/Weimaraner help please!?
  105. Help?! My Boston Terrier ate a few pieces of Stride gum?!?
  106. personal experience with saint Bernard's?
  107. HELP!!! Our 11 week old Bichon Frise puppy is eating her own poo!!!!!!?
  108. My basset hound is growing a mohawk?
  109. Dogo Argentino puppies for sale in Texas?
  110. Old English Sheepdog or Tibetan Terrier in Houston?
  111. Do Greyhound buses provide food?
  112. Does a 1 year old beagle need extra protection in the snow?
  113. would a english setter or an irish setter be better for pheasant hunting? ?
  114. Potty Training My Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
  115. Best food to feed pregnant siberian husky?
  116. I'm getting a Whippet next week. Any name Ideas?
  117. At what age should you spay a great dane puppy?
  118. My 9 month old Male Chihuahua is Losing His Hair! What can I do?!?!?
  119. Do you need a special harness or lead for a miniature pinscher?
  120. golden retrievers naturally timid, or..?
  121. GIRLS: guy's boxers showing !!!?
  122. How to get: Brittany Snow's hairdo in John Tucker Must Die?
  123. my freind has a very naughty welsh springer spaniel.?
  124. how to tired my golden retriever?
  125. crate training 5 year old beagle?
  126. Where to buy an english bulldog in Egypt?
  127. Hung Chow calls his work and says?
  128. Hi I got A Dog Question if somebody can help me out with? I got A German Shepherd...
  129. Male or female portuguese water dog?
  130. Is there some kind of run for diabetes in Newfoundland?
  131. How do i make a depressed pug happy?
  132. Which dogs are better? Boxers or Labrador Retrievers? Which make better dogs...
  133. I have a 9 month old Beagle/Shih tsu mix and I have a small problem. Every
  134. How do I stop a 6 year old Weimaraner crying at night?
  135. What's the difference between a rottweiler and a doberman pinscher?
  136. Why Don't Right Handed boxers like fighting Left Handed Boxers ( South Paw)?
  137. Can a Chow Chow ever be trusted off-leash?
  138. how much will it cost to get my 120 lb Saint Bernard spayed?
  139. Boston Terrier Price Range?
  140. Why is my toy poodle dizzy?
  141. I have a 9 week old Lab Rottweiler mix. I have managed to housebreak him so I...
  142. I need help training french bulldogs....?
  143. What's the best dog carrier for an american eskimo?
  144. What could possibly be wrong with my chihuahua? PLEASE HELP!?
  145. Why Does My Bichon Frise Have a Reddy Orangey Color Under His Eyes ?
  146. okay if i am trying to go from a greyhound station to a university should i...
  147. Help with my dachshund?
  148. Are Havanese Dogs Relatives of the Cat?
  149. How much will my mastiff mix weight?
  150. training my 3 month old English Bulldog?
  151. Puppies Rottweiler 3?
  152. When do you need to give a boxer a rabies shot? ?
  153. How can i stop my Great Dane from digging?
  154. how much food should a great dane be fed in one meal?
  155. please help ...my american cocker spaniel snore when sleeping?
  156. What do I do if my chihuahua has diarrhea?
  157. Does anyone own a Yorkshire Terrier or know about the breed and diet?
  158. ways to know if a siberian husky female is pure breed?
  159. are golden retrievers ok with birds?
  160. Paris Hilton + Brittany?
  161. porche boxer questions?
  162. yang chow fried rice recipe ?
  163. is there any place in miami where i can train to be a boxer?
  164. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross?
  165. What are some good tips for getting a dachshund puppy?
  166. what kind of grooming/health attention/environment do kings charles spaniels need?
  167. Does neutering a siberian husky calm them down?
  168. Whats a good name for a male Maltese Shih Tzu?
  169. are shiba inu's good with other dogs?
  170. My 3 1/2 year old beagle?
  171. owning Labrador Retriever puppy?
  172. names for chocolate mini dachshund (male)?
  173. Do you feed your great dane evo premium dog food?
  174. What characteristics do you look for in a Greyhound for racing?
  175. my dog is rottweiler 6 months old.alwayes taking mud.hou to controll?
  176. why do people say dalmatians are dumb?
  177. Could you give me some information about Papillons?
  178. Boston Terrier problem please HELP!?
  179. Why Is My 8 Month Old Chihuahua's Back Legs Weak?
  180. Brittany Spaniel??????
  181. To people who have Yorkshire Terriers?
  182. My female 9 in a half year old dalmatian is sick?
  183. My 6 month old American Bulldog puppy is still having accidents. ?
  184. what do you think of havanese's, bichons, and maltese?
  185. Pomeranian Wont Sleep with Me?
  186. what is Newfoundland Canada like?
  187. My Golden Retriever's Size?
  188. How do I train my beagle not to beg at meal times?
  189. Help! Pomeranian puppy is always tired?
  190. West Highland White Terrier question?
  191. How do I know If my Chihuahua is in Labor?
  192. english bulldogs would like to no about breeding?
  193. I need to potty train my very wild Yorkshire terrier are there any websites that
  194. do you show border collies?
  195. why did roy jones jr. become a rapper/boxer?
  196. Anyone have Basenji's? What was your experience?!?
  197. Chihuahua ate an Eraser?
  198. Which boxers should I get my boyfriend?
  199. I have an aggressive male Papillon... Help?
  200. DOGS 101 - australian shepherd?
  201. Is my Labrador Retriever overweight(picture)?
  202. challenging question -Greyhound Bus and Pollards Bus Terminal?
  203. male bullmastiff 7 months old mated with my female will she be pregnant?
  204. Brittany Owners.... Need your help?
  205. Witty Name for an American Eskimo?
  206. Where can I find a record store (online) in canada that will ship to Newfoundland?
  207. Border collie or Labrador retriever?
  208. Border collie x Jack Russell, anyone know of someone selling the crossbreed
  209. How do I potty train my 1 yr old pekingese?
  210. Labrador Retrievers?????
  211. what's that large breed of dog that looks like a great pyrenees and a large...
  212. Greyhound buses from chicago to orlando?
  213. Is this a full blooded American pit bull terrier? What is it? PICS?
  214. Does Anyone Have Some Ideas For A Registered Name For My Border Collie?
  215. What veterinarian office do you bring your GREAT DANE to? (SUDBURY AREA)?
  216. Which color makes German Shepherd Dog look sexcyyy LOL help!!!! ?
  217. Help with bad behavior from my mini dachshund?
  218. Do you have a dog because I have a german shepherd?
  219. What is the average size of the Shar Pei?
  220. Pics Of Dalmatians....?
  221. Where can I get an italian greyhound in Hawaii?
  222. basset hound x lab do you know anything about these dogs, good or bad?
  223. Rhodesian Ridgeback Question?
  224. do Norwich Terriers shed their hair a lot?
  225. do beagles make good pets?
  226. Can anyone recommend a good holiday location in Brittany?
  227. is this dog a pomeranian?
  228. What should I name my new dachshund? ?
  229. Is 7 weeks the right age for a Maltese Shih Tzu to bought?
  230. Has anyone read Saint Joan by Bernard Shaw? Summary of Scenes 3-6 please!!!?
  231. Is it normal for my English Bulldog to pant loud and for long periods of time?
  232. Why does my lhasa apso LOVE to lick things?? ?
  233. good names for a male beagle?
  234. Boxer Brief how should they fit?
  235. I am picking up my boyfriend and I's new English Bulldog Puppy tomoorow from
  236. Names for a border collie dog? Registered and call names?
  237. Do you think a cute teacup Yorkshire Terrier is worth $1800?
  238. Im getting a Rottweiler Doberman mix?
  239. I'm having a problem with my male chihuahua when I take him for a walk.?
  240. Anyone have this newfoundland song ?
  241. Lead Training for an adult Border Collie?
  242. toy poodle breeders near by?
  243. can brother and sister border collies mate?
  244. What should i do for my little chihuahua's b-day?
  245. What would i do?i have a problem my dachshund, almost a year old, she's acting
  246. where could i buy a beagle?
  247. Syringomyelia in Cavalier King charles Spaniels.?
  248. Help, my shih tzu stinks!!?
  249. My golden retriever keeps peeing everywhere ..?
  250. We left my Siberian Husky at a kennel...?