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  1. Neapolitan Mastiff??
  2. I am sorry, it is a English Mastiff/Irish Wolfhound puppy.We have never...
  3. Canine Dwarfism in Mini Dachshund Questions?
  4. Are Border collies more sensitive to things than other dogs?
  5. code for a pug 306 radio?
  6. Does my dachshund look like both his parents were long haired?
  7. Do I have rabies? Beagle bit me when playing, and now acting
  8. Why is wrestling so effective against boxers?
  9. does purina kitten chow have by-products in it?
  10. 2 month old chihuahua, help!!!?
  11. help with my lovely american bulldog his behavioral problem?
  12. Which boxers do you like better?
  13. When does the lhasa apso coat fully grow?? ?
  14. Would a Yorkshire Terrier be good for my...
  15. Any dalmatian puppies for sale?
  16. why does the poodle always get set up with the pit bull?
  17. Newfoundland dog...hot weather...?
  18. How can I get my parents to let me have a king charles spaniel puppy?
  19. where do you bring your great dane to the vets? (SUDBURY AREA)?
  20. My Pekingese Dog is covered with tiny scabs?
  21. I am getting an AKC registered English Bulldog. What should I ask?
  22. 19 month old English Bulldog.....?
  23. Hey Brittany, it's caitlyn. i answered your adventures homework for u!!!?
  24. Japanese Chin/Spaniel breeders in Ontario or Canada?
  25. chow chow owners, how heavy is your chow?
  26. Should professional boxers who never received a title shot still be
  27. My 4 month old pug eats dry poop thats outside. What can I do about that?
  28. Rottweiler pups is it safe to have them around kids?
  29. i have a 13 week old female great dane?
  30. Whats the process for grooming and old english sheepdog?
  31. What would you call the color of my shih tzu's coat? (pics)?
  32. housebreaking my Shiba Inu?
  33. Are Border Collies difficult to train?
  34. are boxers uncomfortable?
  35. What happened to Brittany Kramer?
  36. i have a 5 mth old male rottweiler who weights 42lbs im feeding him natural
  37. Would a Border Collie Suit My Lifestyle...?
  38. chow chow mix getting more aggressive by the day?
  39. my dachshund has a small lump on his forehead,after 2 days it became a small
  40. My poodle was diagnosed with Sarcoptic Mange yesterday...?
  41. should i get a teacup chihuahua?
  42. Can I take a guitar on a Greyhound bus?
  43. What is the title of the movie that includes a coloring book and a beagle?
  44. Does anyone have a yorkie or hedgehog or Italian Greyhound for sale?
  45. What is your opinion on Great Pyrenees Even if you hate them?
  46. Does anyone know how pug dogs are around newborns?
  47. Getting another GREAT PYRENEES?
  48. What should I be feeding my 8 wk old cavalier king charles spaniel.?
  49. what should you bring along with you, as far as identification in order to travel on
  50. I'm going to have a Skye Terrier and I need a name...?
  51. what dose a bichon frise need?
  52. I've had my border collie for over two years, and I have never heard her howl
  53. Cute Chihuahua names? Boy?
  54. Boxers, Boxer Briefs, or Tighty Whities?
  55. where can i find a female american bulldog to mate whit my america bulldog?
  56. Shar Pei owners, what's your personal experience?
  57. Italian Greyhounds.......?????? ?
  58. Best way to crate an 4 year old boxer ?
  59. my 4 year old american staffordshire terrier?
  60. Chihuahuas and children?
  61. My 6 or 7 week old Border Collie is Biting and chewing.?
  62. what dog is bigger american bulldog or bernese mountain dog?
  63. Where can you find a male great dane?
  64. Will One of My Chihuahuas Be Merle?
  65. Is it safe taking Amtrak or Greyhound across the nation?
  66. Why after the first year of my Shih Tzu`s life is his face stained.?
  67. Why don't boxers just take their gloves off?
  68. my female doberman pinscher?
  69. Chihuahua birthday party?
  70. What health/behavior problems might I expect with a Beagle/Basset mix?
  71. Dogue de Bordeaux or Neapolitan Mastiff?
  72. Bloodhound virus on a website?
  73. Who are the top ten greatest boxers of all time?
  74. At How Many Weeks Old Can You Take A Border Collie Pup Home (At The Least)?
  75. Is my Chihuahua pregnant?
  76. The UK Golden Retriever Forum - advice wanted?
  77. Spayed Great Dane -- Can we show?
  78. Jack Russell Terrier puppy help please?
  79. how much to rent a greyhound for a large group?
  80. Has anyone ever seen a boxer pomeranian mix?
  81. Is my Weimaraner being jealous, clingy or is this a dominance issue?
  82. My Pomeranian/Yorkie Mix?
  83. My toy poodle won't listen to me, what should I do?
  84. Destructive nine month old whippet.....?
  85. Cremation Questions About My Pomeranian T.P R.I.P 01/03/09?
  86. Did the liberal media cause my 2 border collies to kick the butts of a...
  87. I have a black great dane, and I need to give him an AKC name.( We call...
  88. i need help with schnauzers please?
  89. What kind of dog is a good companion for an Australian Blue Heeler (Australian
  90. Are beagle hound mix good dogs?
  91. Girls, do you seeing a half of a guy's boxers is hot?
  92. My new Boston Terrier Bitch?
  93. My toy poodle will not accept scolding etc. she will growl viciously and snap...
  94. Why did the colours run in my boxers?
  95. rescue Norwich Terriers...?
  96. Boxers Or Briefs? Does It Make A Difference?
  97. what is a cute name for a shih tzu?
  98. 9 month old miniature dachshund is in season how long will it last?
  99. I've got a 16 week old lab/beagle mix...........?
  100. Mixed breed pup vs jack russell terrier?
  101. Why do Papillons sniff so much?
  102. Ladies, which boxers should i get?/more optional questions?
  103. how do I know if my Chihuahua is done giving birth?
  104. My beagle won't stop barking...?
  105. How do you keep Border Collie in Singapore?
  106. What is best way to train my Boston Terrier?
  107. What is a good way to teach a year old dachshund to walk right on a leash?
  108. My cairn terrier doesnt like his paws touched.... normal?
  109. is chihuahua going to give birth?
  110. What do you do if your wearing boxers and get an erection at school?
  111. Can I leave my Boston Terrier home alone for 8 hours a day 5 days a week?
  112. Quickest way to kill a chihuahua?
  113. Does anybody have any experience with whippets?
  114. what dog brush is best of Dalmatian's coat?
  115. I need a name for a girl/boy chihuahua puppy!?
  116. how do i detangle my shih tzu's hair without causing him too much pain?
  117. boxer question please answer!!!?
  118. Will having my Vizsla bitch calm her behavior down?
  119. Who likes The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang?
  120. My chihuahua is 2 weeks pregnant and already gaining weight! Help!?
  121. What should I name my female great dane?
  122. How do you introduce a young adult cat into a home with miniature poodle?
  123. What's a catchy name for a spring fundraiser benefiting a great dane rescue?
  124. american bulldog with skin disorder?
  125. how to train my rottweiler?
  126. how to get my boxer to stop using his paws on my new pup?
  127. My Border Collie eats ice?
  128. Taking greyhound nerves please answer..?
  129. Can anybody give me some adoption site for yorkie/Yorkshire terriers in florida ?
  130. 2 boston terriers, ONE is a big Problem and the other is an angel HELP ME PLEASE!!!?
  131. what the difference is between the english bulldog british bulldog and a bulldog?
  132. where is the best place i can buy an english bulldog?
  133. do you think an alaskan malamute x rottweiler would be a good family dog?
  134. QUESTIONS! This is regarding our 3-month old bear-type Chow Chow?
  135. Why are Boston Terriers called an exception to the terrier breed?
  136. Introducing a 7 year old basset hound to our house (already have 2.5 year old
  137. My 4 month old puppy(mini schnauzer)started breathing funny today..?
  138. Anyone have a pug with an elongated palate?
  139. Hey USC Fans, Do you Miss having Norm Chow (Just Admit it)?
  140. why is there a bump on my basset hound?
  141. My shih Tzu needs to be shaved the groomer didnt like it that she bites?
  142. Help. My 2 1/2 yr old boxer just started dripping alot of water out of her mouth ?
  143. Would Conan be a cute name for a french bulldog?
  144. New Shih Tzu Puppy...Just getting over kennel cough is now sneezing a lot. Is it...
  145. Basset Hound owners! Do you have to excrete....?
  146. My Chihuahua Randomly Shakes?!?
  147. Scottish And Highland Terriers.?
  148. where is the best place to buy a Rottweiler?
  149. whats the difference between a long haired chihuahua and a papillon?
  150. should i give my girl a poodle for her birfday?
  151. pomeranian with real bad breath?
  152. my pug is in heat and she just started whinnig around 3pm should I be worried...
  153. How many different type of english setters are there?
  154. My 4 week old Siberian Husky keeps throwing up her formula.?
  155. What should I name my Yorkshire Terrier (male) ?
  156. Any ideas on how to clip my dog she bites me when i try? (Shih Tzu)?
  157. basset hound owners. PLEASE HELP?
  158. Do you use a high feeder dish for your great dane?
  159. Pool:poll in the pool poll for a poodle in the pool taking a poll?
  160. Yorkshire Terrier training!! tipss n helpp plzz?
  161. I have 2 dogs a 5 year old dachshund and a 1 year old collie mix?
  162. Would a seven year old Chihuahua/jack russel be considered old and how
  163. Silver/Gray Brussels Griffon?
  164. Is a greyhound station restaurant to anyone to eat there? ?
  165. How do you stop a male Chihuahua from peeing on things?
  166. What will hapenn if I bred a Pit bull terrier with a poodle?
  167. shih-tzu in process of having 5 puppies (3 born) PLZ HELP!?
  168. which groomer rto go to for my poodle?
  169. Are Dachshund Terriers good dogs?
  170. Why are Boxers the best breed of dog?
  171. Beagle/Shepherd Question.?
  172. where can i get a Rottweiler puppy for cheap ?
  173. Ladder today I'm going to foster a Great Pyrenees that is 5 and has heart-worms and
  174. having trouble deciding what to name our bichon frise?
  175. my cousin just gifted me a one month old male,female pair of samoyed puppies....?
  176. Do you think this dog has any Rottweiler in it?
  177. What is the average price of a Chow Chow puppy?
  178. i want to get a toy poodle but. . .?
  179. Need to know about english bulldog?
  180. Where are Irish Wolfhound Dog Breeders located in NW Victoria/South Australia?
  181. Tips on how to bathe an Italian Greyhound dog?
  182. I have a really sick chow pitbull?
  183. pug potty traingin and i really really need some help?
  184. would neutering a 10 month old female miniature pinscher calm her down? ?
  185. My dog, a tiny toy poodle, is always EATING, (not just chewing on) blankets. He
  186. English Springer Spaniel Question?
  187. Why does my dachshund puppy's penis look bruised?
  188. Im thinking of getting a Lhasa Apso puppy...?
  189. What is the difference between and Ole English Bulldog dog and just a regular
  190. Has anyone ever taken the overnight Greyhound bus from Boston to New York City?
  191. Seriously. Why does my greyhound eat cat *%$. ?
  192. Golden Retriever Info?
  193. I'm fostering a Great Pyrenees that is 5 and has heart-worms they say he...
  194. any information on Merle chihuahuas ?
  195. How do I toilet train my Maltese Shih Tzu?
  196. My pomeranian just got his splint off and now has muscle atrophy?
  197. My pregnant chihuahua?
  198. Do you have any teacup poodle advice?
  199. Boxers or briefs?????????
  200. My Saint Bernard had only two puppies. She is young.. around 1 yr 6 months....
  201. Basset Hound Advice: easy 10 points!!?
  202. Would a lab be ok with older border collies?
  203. How to groom a Lhasa Apso with a Show Coat? ?
  204. What is better? A cavalier king charles spaniel or a chihuahua?
  205. Why does an Australian poodle take priority in staying at Blair House over the...
  206. Does anyone known of a breeder of Dalmatian guinea pigs ?
  207. I think my beagle is dying...?
  208. are wire haired dachshunds good outside dogs?
  209. bichon frise....i want 1!?
  210. newly blind shiba inu?
  211. How do I know if my pomeranian is a purebred?
  212. what are some stimulating activites for border collies?
  213. Bullmastiff dogs might be banned in Australia ?
  214. Whats a cute name for my male Maltese Shih Tzu?
  215. My pit bull mix attacked by jack russelll terrier. If I have them fixed will...
  216. Why do my 2 female Shih Tzu dogs pee in my house side by side? One will pee and
  217. Who were some explorers/discoverers in Newfoundland like John Cabot?
  218. Pug Problem with poop?
  219. Tell me everything you know about mastiffs?
  220. I have a pomeranian with a cough problem?
  221. I have a 1 year old female Yorkie and am thinking of getting a Boxer. Should I get a
  222. How good is the Great Pyrenees for protection?
  223. What is the best diapers for a mini dachshund?
  224. German Shepherd Dog / Alsatian?
  225. My great dane who is 8 months?
  226. Staffordshire bull terrier?
  227. Are Schnauzers ok with cats?
  228. Im getting a mastiff puppy in 1 week and.,..?
  229. what is causing my golden retriever to drool excessively?
  230. Can Miniature Schnauzers have a silent heat?
  231. I need help with my 9 month old Brittany spaniel mix!?
  232. Please see my pics - Is this an American Bulldog or Pitbull? ?
  233. How Much Money Are Most Bernese Mountain Dogs?
  234. I want to mix my boy, a Shih Tzu Bichon mix, with a Chow..?
  235. Older Minature Schnauzer questions?
  236. my weimaraner has a weird tail?
  237. Thinking of getting a boston terrier.?
  238. Why does my scottish terrier tire so easily?
  239. i'd like to purchase an airedale terrier. where can i find a breeder close to
  240. How do I make my beagle stop barking?
  241. Golden Retriever Or Labrador Retriever??? ?
  242. How do you exercises a basset hound when it is to cold?
  243. I have a 5 year old great dane with unexplained weight loss. If you have any...
  244. Dog help? shih tzu?
  245. Are Shih-Tzu's Good dogs?
  246. The greatest professional vs the greatest amateur boxer of all time....
  247. When will my German Shepherd/Australian Cattle dog mix mellow out?
  248. How do I stop my Jack Russell Terrier from howling when she is in her pen?
  249. German shepherds or Pittbulls what dog is better?
  250. How to groom a lhasa apso for Junior Showmanship? ?