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  1. Info from Basset Hound owners please?
  2. chihuahua giving birth?
  3. Everything I need to know about grooming and clipping a Lhasa Apso?
  4. What sheds more a Beagle or an American Shorthair cat?
  5. do shih tzu dogs shed?
  6. How can I make my American Bulldog stay off my bed?
  7. Do you like greyhounds? Would you adopt a retired greyhound?
  8. would it be be better to bring a month uld chihuahua homee or wait 2
  9. Chihuahua were to get one cheap?
  10. How to socialize a greyhound with other dogs?
  11. Is the Newfoundland/Nwfie?Newf as Affectionate/Licky/Kissy as they say?
  12. question about my boxer (involes pit bulls) PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  13. Which Breed is better: Maltese or Bichon Frise?
  14. would a siberian husky be happy living outside in Massachusetts?
  15. Do toy poodles shed their fur?
  16. My Chihuahua seems to have some problem going on with his back when you pet...
  17. What are better dogs: Golden retriever or Border collie?
  18. Doberman Pinscher, ear cropping?
  19. My Saint Bernard hates it when I give him a shower...?
  20. How much does your male boxer weigh?
  21. Any Teacup Yorkshire Terrier breeders in the North West area, UK?
  22. Potty training chihuahua!!! Please Help!?
  23. What's another good rabbit hunting dog besides the beagle?
  24. I have a Great Dane/Dalmatian?
  25. Are plaid boxers hot?
  26. Poll: OK!!! I woke up violated this morning, and my boxers were missing!!!!?
  27. I have a 1 year old pug, and her nipples have been showing since november. I know
  28. what are some traits of golden retrievers? ?
  29. anyone have a neopolitan mastiff ?
  30. Does anyone know where i can find a Dalmatian puppy in the Jacksonville or...
  31. Who are your top ten greatest professional boxers?
  32. Amazing Chihuahua giving Birth!?
  33. Which kind of dog is better? Bull Terrier or Papillion?
  34. puppys largest growth month???? mastiff?
  35. 1 year old medium sized shiba inu puppy and large dogs.?
  36. top 5 american boxers of all time?
  37. How much does a golden retriever cost in the area of montreal, quebec?
  38. How do you get a white pug?!?
  39. How long can you keep a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) at home with out visiting and...
  40. How do I get my chihuahua to walk on a leash?
  41. Other then Dachshund what other breed can you breed a Dachshund with?
  42. do you think it is cute if a guy wear panties instead of boxers?
  43. how to introduce my chihuahua and my new German shepard pup?
  44. what is it? Aliens or some ugly people in boxer shorts coming after you...
  45. Has my Shih Tzu bichon frise been beat-in by it previous owners?
  46. St. John's Newfoundland, what is your opinion of this city?
  47. Is there a Yorkshire Terrier for sale in Marietta, GA?
  48. how much does a toy poodle weight?
  49. Im located in Oakland County Michigan. We just purchased a Chinese Shar Pei...
  50. how do i get my boyfriends Chihuahua to stop humping my Cashmere long johns ? ?
  51. Do you have a greyhound or are you familiar with them?
  52. I was wandering which type of dog is the more popular and common the Chihuahua or
  53. Help with my Chihuahua?
  54. why does my chihuahua bleed from where she pees?
  55. Can anyone give me more information about a Husky/Beagle mix?
  56. French mastiff and rottwiler?
  57. Can a Dachshund dog eat lettuce with no ill effect on its health?
  58. rescued a female pit-bull will it be okay with my boston terrier?
  59. Pictures of cute dressed-up Chihuahuas?
  60. So now that Obama has narrowed his choice of dog to either a Portuguese water
  61. Does anyone know if there are any Russian Black Terrier(RBT) for sale in the U.K.? ?
  62. Border Collies, Australian Shepherds Rough Collies?
  63. Chihuahuas questions?
  64. Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix and Demodectic mange...?
  65. My 6 month old schnauzer broke his leg falling off the bed. ?
  66. Does anyone have a deaf dogo argentino female for adoption?
  67. Advice on becoming a boxer?
  68. cant take the greyhound, so ?
  69. I'm wanting a rough coat bedlington whippet will see it as puppy at 10...
  70. How can I play with my Chihuahua and be more bonded to him?
  71. What are the good and bad traits of Miniature Dachshunds?
  72. husband and I already have a Mini-Schnauzer, and want to adopt another.
  73. Looking for a boxer from the 1960's - 70's?
  74. Should I have my rottweiler-like tailbone shaved down?
  75. Do mini dachshunds get attached to their owners easily?
  76. do u like pits or boxers?
  77. My female boxer has a lump?
  78. I have a 4 month old pomeranian/toy fox terrier. He has started to show a lot of
  79. Jack Russell Terrier owners?
  80. Newfoundland Rescues?
  81. what could be wrong with our beagle?
  82. Where can i find more information on golden retrievers?
  83. Giant Schnauzers and Black Russian Terriers?
  84. How big will my toy poodle be and what should he weigh at 3 months old?
  85. This one is for all Shih-Tzu owners?
  86. Puppy, i have a chihuahua puppy soon to be 4 months, i noticed today that
  87. Boston Terrier Questions...?
  88. samoyed dogs, whos got one and tell me what you think about them?
  89. Companies similar to Greyhound in the US?
  90. My chihuahua has been throwing up for nine days. ?
  91. Do you like these boxers from AE? I might get them?
  92. Saint Bernard pit bull and Alaskan Malamute can they get along if they grow...
  93. What are the characteristics of a Newfoundland Pony?
  94. Do you prefer a guy in a thong, speedo, or boxers?
  95. How often should a six week old pug eat?
  96. introducing a new dog to my chihuahua....?
  97. has anyone heard of greyhound wagons childs pull behind?
  98. where is a good place to get a schnauzer miniature?
  99. Border Collies Rough Collies?
  100. King Staff dog (aka)Staffordshire Bull Terriers is this dog a pitt bull?
  101. How do you get the Jack Russell Terrier on Nintendogs?
  102. Shedding Mini Schnauzer! ?
  103. If you saw a weimaraner on the street?
  104. How can I get my dachshund with IVDD to eat?
  105. Are miniature pinschers yappy dogs?
  106. how much does it cost for a golden retriever to get their shots xrays,...
  107. Is this what I should feed my Yorkshire Terrier on a regular basis?
  108. Are chihuahua's harder to house-break than other breeds?
  109. fawn boxer dog vs brindle?
  110. how do i make my Chihuahua loose weight?
  111. I just noticed my beagle has these bumps on his body. they seem like
  112. at wat time does male american bulldog reach sexual maturity?
  113. How do I get my chihuahua to pee in front of me (outside)?
  114. Companies that are similar to Greyhound in the US?
  115. Can pure-bred Golden Retrievers have any white on them?
  116. How well do border collies get along with children?
  117. Poll: boxers or briefs?
  118. Shar Pei owners, please tell me your personal experience?
  119. Neutered chihuahua mounting marking behavior?
  120. Only two breeds left for the Obama's: Should they pick the Labradoodle or the
  121. pedigree dogs exposed, German Shepherd ?
  122. Is Juanma Lopez the best super bantamweight boxer?
  123. My 3 year old female english bulldog is always hungry?
  124. Dogfood for a Chihuahua and a Labrador?
  125. What should I name my baby Chihuahua puppy?
  126. Should I wear a bra, boxers and a cup?
  127. Wats wrong with my Chihuahua? SHes constantly shakin and she has dyarhea she
  128. Is a golden retriever a good pet???=)?
  129. my 3month old chihuahua seems warm is may just be her body or does she have a...
  130. Should i get a border collie?
  131. How do I sell dachshund puppies for the first?
  132. Chiwawa x Pug = Chug?
  133. how far is Ascensión, Chihuahua, Mexico from the U.S. Boarder?
  134. How can I up my dog's weight 6 lbs? (9 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix)?
  135. What's the difference between a Flat coated retriever and a Labrador retriever?
  136. can i still teach my 5 year old Rottweiler german Shepherd mix to walk
  137. my boxer puppy won't eat. He has eaten well for the last 2 weeks but will barely
  138. Do you think that a pug is a good dog for a apartment?
  139. Siberian Husky Name: What Do You Think of...?
  140. How to potty train a Mini Schnauzer pup?
  141. jack russell/chihuahua problem!?
  142. Can I feed my Chihuahua Dry low fat milk?
  143. i have a great dane he is 9 months old and is 32 inchs high and 125 pounds...
  144. What should I feed my Rottweiler?
  145. How old does a papillon have to be to breed?
  146. how many times a day should i feed my new baby chihuahua? and how much...
  147. How to know if my chihuahua has worms?
  148. my 3 month old pomeranian is biting and growing and wont stop?
  149. Where online can I find white boxers with a red heart on them?
  150. what should i feed my english bulldog? he is having skin problems?
  151. Trouble getting 6 month old chihuahua to eat.?
  152. Who loves pugs! Post here if you do!?
  153. Dog bad behaviour. Wats up with Prudence the german shepherd Dobermann mix puppy?
  154. Border Collies Rough Collies?
  155. Bichon Frise Questions?
  156. what dog is stronger a st.bernard or a newfoundland?
  157. which boxers shall i get?
  158. Warts on 9 month old mastiffs chin?
  159. black spot on shih tzu eye lid....anything to be concerned with?
  160. I know you can not give an english bulldog a rawhide bone,what types of bones can...
  161. How long does it take a shih tzu to grow it's full coat?
  162. Shetland sheepdog or not?
  163. which ones feistier a chihuahua or a polmerainean ?
  164. help! nintendogs dachshund and friends?
  165. Does anyone know where to get Siberian Huskies?
  166. Is a Rhodesian Ridgeback right for me?
  167. I want a siberian husky sometime this year,i have some questions...?
  168. Which breed would be the more relaxed of the two the westie or the cairn terrier?
  169. What is better: Shihpoo, maltipoo, or toy poodle?
  170. Boxer pup terminology question.?
  171. What Can I Do To Become A Boxer!!!!!?
  172. Please Help Me Name My Chihuahua!!!!?
  173. Female golden retriever names?
  174. How much food and what exact type of food should I feed my 10 week old Great Dane?
  175. Who likes Golden Retriever's...?
  176. which color boxer do you prefer?
  177. 12 year old dalmatian with a nasty cough?
  178. was mike tyson the best boxer ever.?
  179. Have you ever seen Chihuahua's that are huge.I really don't think these dogs are...
  180. my chihuahua pee on a cactus now he cannot lift he legs to pee or jump on the...
  181. I want to get Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie), but I want to know everything...
  182. Puking Boston Terrier?
  183. What are the best vitamins to give a pug? ?
  184. Are Scotties as bull headed, independent, and defiant as Cairn Terriers?
  185. i got a pug puppy...?
  186. Great Pyrenees Questions?
  187. Akita Shar Pei mix what they look like?
  188. Does my Chihuahua look purebred?
  189. Which dog is better to have a Biewer Terrier, a Yorkshire Terrier, or a Maltese? ?
  190. Which one is better- the Beagle or a Poodle?
  191. Question for someone who shows, breeds, or owns a Lhasa Apso?
  192. Poll: underwear or boxers?
  193. hey, does anyone know how old the worlds oldest known labrador retriever...
  194. Does CM Punk where boxers or briefs? Do you have proof?
  195. My parents think they might get a english mastiff? input? ?
  196. My little pug, who weighs 16 pounds farts like a 300-pound truck driver full...
  197. About how big is an 8 week mastiff puppy?
  198. how long do dachshund dogs live?
  199. i'm looking for a english mastiff?
  200. Chihuahua Pup Has Bloody Stool.?
  201. Pros and cons to getting a pomeranian?
  202. Tighter Boxer Briefs...?
  203. does anybody know how to take care of a pug?
  204. Potty training chihuahua gone downhill, please help!?
  205. How do i stop my lil Chihuahua Dauchshund puppy from eating poo?
  206. My man and I are thinking about having a baby, and we want a rottweiler to...
  207. If a papillon puppy growls when you try to take something away, how do you train
  208. Is your Boston Terrier bad?
  209. In Eminem's movie 8 Mile,is the Brittany Murphy role based on his ex
  210. How often should I be feeding my 9 month old Shih Tzu?
  211. what brands of dog food are best for a english bulldog?
  212. How often should a Jack Russell Terrier be walked?
  213. English Mastiff Vs. American Pit Bull Terrier!?
  214. Is the Newfoundland as Affectionate and Kissy/Licky as they say.?
  215. what runs faster a doberman or a greyhound?
  216. 1 yr old chihuahua terrified of leash. What can I do. She will Pee herself...
  217. I have a golden retriever puppy..how long should it take to potty train?
  218. my beagle is pregnant ?
  219. Why do so many people support the puppy mills and backyard breeders...
  220. WHAT FOOD do you reccommend for my miniature poodle, Suki?
  221. Do you like the faces of an English bulldog?
  222. Small dogs and Jack Russell Terriers. Please help?
  223. Do boston terriers shed as bad as pugs?
  224. What is a valid Greyhound coupon or promo code?
  225. how can i get my three yr old west highland white to accept my mums toy...
  226. Chihuahua problem answer plz..?
  227. Does my puppy look like an American Bulldog or other?
  228. my lhasa apso who is at least 12 years has started uninating on the rug for the
  229. About My Pregnant Chihuahua?
  230. my chihuahua 6 pounds and 14 years old eat hershey kisses dont know how much will...
  231. Who is the greatest Boxer of all time?
  232. what is the best type of mastiff for living outdoors?
  233. Neapolitan Mastiff or Dogue de Bordeaux?
  234. do i look like brittany snow?
  235. bull mastiff or rottweiler?
  236. How much does a two year old male Boxer eat?
  237. What should i name a male shiba inu (japanese name)?
  238. Question about Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie), please help!!!?
  239. my beagle wont let her tail in the air, and she seems to be walking funny, and she
  240. I need some information on Bichon Frise Dogs, Please!?
  241. A rebellious chihuahua?
  242. how heavy is your adult male chow chow?
  243. Whippet, undershot jaw ramifications?
  244. My Dachshund is 6 months old, potty trained and chewing on our kids toys recently!
  245. Trouble cleaning my pug's nose?
  246. what is the official color of my chow chow?
  247. Could my Pomeranian be part Chihuahua ?
  248. Shiba Inu 6 months, biting after eating?
  249. Do i have rabies?!?.... Beagle bit me and while when we were playing,
  250. What movie is the movie where Tom Cruise is singing in his boxers?