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  1. I want to become a beat-boxer?
  2. My Poodle is getting his annual boosters Saturday....do you think he will...
  3. How big should a female black 6mo old pug be?
  4. I think my overweight 13 year old chihuahua dog is pregnant..how dangerous is this?
  5. Are chihuahua's supposed to have fast heart rates?
  6. should i get my male samoyed done?
  7. what do i feed my new baby dalmatian mollies?
  8. why do chihuahuas get nervous when appliances are running?
  9. Border collies question?
  10. How did the German Shepherd Dog get its name?
  11. where is a good place to get girl boxers?
  12. please help this english bulldog?
  13. I need help finding the perfect name for an apricot miniature poodle! ?
  14. i really want a a pit bull terrier but im too scared it might kill me i...
  15. hello my girlfreinds pug has diarea went to the vet and he gave us albendozol?
  16. Best Middleweight Boxer of the past Twenty years?
  17. my chihuahua still isnt eating.?
  18. Can a purebred teacup grow like the size of a chihuahua?
  19. Are Border Collies big dogs? After you answer that give me the name of...
  20. YR - Was it ever determined without a doubt that David Chow killed Skye...
  21. Any Of You Guys Like 'the Greates Boxer Ever', David Haye!!!!!!!?
  22. How much should a 6 month old male mini dachshund weigh?
  24. Where can I find a good, fluffy Mini American Eskimo for CHEAPER than the...
  25. We have an american bulldog. What other toys?
  26. How big will my toy poodle be and what should he weigh at 3 months old?
  27. what is the best dry food for a female 2 year old golden retriever mix?
  28. If I am arriving in DC by Greyhound on Tuesday circa 6AM how long will it take...
  29. why does my chihuahua walk on three legs?
  30. my american bulldog is sick...?
  31. Should I get a yorkshire terrier?
  32. I have a 4mo old standard poodle, his nose is warm alot.?
  33. Thinking about purchasing a Boxer or Boston Terrier?
  34. My 11wk shih-tzu may be constipated? Acting strange.?
  35. Are puggles (pugs) girl dogs?
  36. can i breed my 11yr old german shepherd dog?
  37. Olde or Old English Bulldog?
  38. Toy Poodle breeders in the NYC area?
  39. is it true that people are trying to kill out all english bulldogs?
  40. Dose Anyone Know about a Beagle Lab Mix or Beagle King charles spaniel mix?
  41. Am I in love with my chihuahua?
  42. Do you think my toy poodle puppy is sick?
  43. my poodle has a rash all over her body.?
  44. When is a male Chihuahua ready for Mating?
  45. Why does my dachshund stink so bad?
  46. What if my papillon keeps finding chocolate . is there anything to do at home ?
  47. Puppy Name....trying to name our boxer?
  48. How can i get my english bulldog to get bigger?
  49. Can A Professional Boxer go back to being an amateur?
  50. Shiba Inu Puppy??????
  51. how long should i walk my 6 month old rottweiler?
  52. what is wrong with my shih tzu?
  53. Are german shepherds good indoor dogs?
  54. American Bulldog wont stop itching?
  55. Name for a border collie?
  56. Is there any way to keep a Chihuahua flea free without toxic preventatives? ?
  57. Can little dogs survive giving birth if they have mated with large dogs? my
  58. Will the docked tail of my Weimaraner grow hair back on the tip of it's tail?
  59. Feeding border collies?
  60. male and female dog names. cocker spaniels chihuahua golden retriver and if u guys
  61. Does this dog look like a mastiff? What kind?
  62. Black spots on border collies legs?
  63. i have a boring chihuahua?
  64. im a middel whight amerture boxer and need to buled stamina?
  65. What to feed border collies?
  66. are these type of girl boxers the ones u wear to bed?
  67. Is my new Rottweiler puppy normal?
  68. boxer pup 6month old?
  69. Music Poll: The Boxer this version or the original?
  70. Is this the perfect boxer?
  71. My Shih Tzu (1 yrs) developed loose bloody bowel movements (not quite diarrhea) ?
  72. My Chihuahua is ruining our sex life?
  73. i need a temporary home for my 11mnth old rottweiler,we nedd temp accom for...
  74. Why does the chihuahua do that?!?
  75. are chow chows big or small?
  76. My 2 month old Boston Terrier has vomited 5 times in the past 3 hours.?
  77. Where to look for miniature schnauzers?
  78. I just bought a female Chihuahua and can't think of anything to name her. ?
  79. My 1 y/o chihuahua acts like he wants nothing to do with me. I took him 2 the...
  80. Do you prefer Boxers or Briefs?
  81. i have 2 cats, but plan on getting a yorkshire terrier, which one is more vunerable?
  82. catahoula cur? boxer?
  83. Weimaraner Puppy Breathing. ?
  84. My dachshund is coughing ?
  85. Should I get a yorkshire terrier?
  86. what ingredients do you use for chow mein?
  87. will my chihuahua dog forgive me?
  88. I have a 4 month beagle and she used to go on the paper and then outside. Now she...
  89. question for beagle owners?
  90. How much garlic can i give my shih tzu ?
  91. How is it using greyhound/amtrak for 40 hours drive?
  92. How come some boxers punch harder than others? Is it a natural ability? READ PLEASE!?
  93. why my shih tzu is not BARKING?
  94. is it easy to house train Miniature schnauzer?
  95. Why is my puppy boxer constantly throwing up?
  96. my chihuahua wont eat. please help ?
  97. Do Chihuahuas sometimes have a cough?
  98. my miniature pinscher is ill?
  99. Wondering about Bichon/American Eskimo (Miniature) Mix?
  100. Historic Fair on discoveries or dicovery in Newfoundland?
  101. What country are West Highland White terriers from?
  102. Taking the greyhound bus alone...is it safe?
  103. We have a very aggressive 8 month boston terrier that is attacking our 4 year...
  104. Does anyone know where i can get a baby poodle?
  105. do anybody have a Chihuahua for sale ?
  106. English Springer Spaniel?
  107. What about Parti Poodles????
  108. I would like to get a tattoo in memory of my beloved chihuahua?
  109. Rocky Marciano is one of the most overrated boxers of all time?
  110. Bichon frise mix min pin help?
  111. i have these girl boxers but in navy blue and pink stripes... are they the...
  112. Is it true that there were once miniature horses that are now extinct that were...
  113. my 4 mos old boxer pup is terrified to walk the neighborhood.?
  114. Chihuahua - Bump On Rear Hip?
  115. MY PET 13 year old Golden Retriever has developed third (3rd) eyelid or known as...
  116. What are good Bernese mountain dog names?
  117. i have girl boxers and are they the kind u wear to bed?
  118. why does my poodle keep whimpering at night?
  119. We found a stray chow chow.?
  120. dog activities (a beagle)?
  121. i need a good name for a dark colored miniature schnauzer! and it is a boy! ?
  122. if you breed a Lhasa Apso with a Pekingese will the puppies be mutts?
  123. Which boxers are cooler?
  124. Are Staffordshire Bull Terriers a popular breed in Australia?
  125. Which celebs own chihuahuas?
  126. My Boxer pup hates his leash...?
  127. what do you call puppies that the mom is a poodle and the dad is a chihuahua?
  128. Chihuahua shakeing,.......?
  129. Dalmatian Avocados?
  130. Puppy Names For A Siberian Husky?
  131. help with name for chihuahua plz ?
  132. What should I call my Bull Terrier ?
  133. What mix is the Pomeranian I just adopted and how old do you think he is?
  134. my chihuahua's eye is wrong..is there something i could do?
  135. My mastiff puppy wont stop?
  136. Do you ever have to boost your shih tzu's ego by making him feel like he's
  137. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my chihuahua?
  138. should a puppy pug of 4 weeks have holes in there heads like babys do?
  139. Question about my golden retriever?
  140. Suitable situation for a Mastiff?
  141. Bloodhound.exploit.196 virus. what causes this virus?
  142. I have a 13 week old weimaraner. She keeps getting up at night to potty,
  143. American golden retriever webkinz name?
  144. What food would you recommend for a Bullmastiff?
  145. Two Questions about my three year old Chihuahua?
  146. Age of first whippet before second?
  147. my bf is being stubborn about exercising our english bulldog?
  148. I need a name for my New Miniature Poodle puppy! its a girl!?
  149. my hamster always chows my clothes ?
  150. Renal Failure in 4 yo boxer?
  151. should i get a shih tzu?
  152. how much (approx) does it cost to have a great dane?
  153. How can I make my Chihuahua stop being afraid of going outside?
  154. My 14 month old golden retriever is becoming leash aggressive.?
  155. I am getting a 3 year old pomeranian?
  156. A Boxer vs A Wrestler in a Fight ... does the Wrestler have the advantage at...
  157. What happens if you don't neuter/spay your Shih-Tzu?
  158. where can i buy a top pedigree dwarf boxer dog bitch from a reputable dog breeder?
  159. Should I get a yorkshire terrier?
  160. How do i stop my 3 1/2 mo. old bull mastiff from pooping in his kennel when
  161. my grandbabies are all swollen in the face they are 7wks old they chihuahua it
  162. my pomeranian isnt acting herself?
  163. My CHIHUAHUA just had her first litter of 5 pups yesterday afternoon.?
  164. What do you do with a year old Boxer that just developed separation anxiety?
  165. Good names for an american bulldog?
  166. is there any way to tell how big my german shepherd puppy (lady dog) will get?
  167. what can i call a female greyhound?
  168. How do I introduce my labrador retriever to my chihuahua puppy? He seems
  169. Lyrics to Tear Drop by Collie Buddz?
  170. How long should a four month old Pomeranian sleep?
  171. Staffordshire bull terrier?
  172. Chihuahua On A Rampage?
  173. Does anyone have weight loss tips for a pug?
  174. 1 year old rottweiler stud question!...?
  175. Shih Tzu Color and Tail?
  176. Giant Schnauzers and Black Russian Terriers?
  177. Pilfering Basset Hound...?
  178. How many puppies do Chihuahua dogs have?
  179. how would u train a old and lazy yorkshire terrier ?
  180. I'm getting an 8 pound Yorkshire Terrier. Is that big? Or should I get one smaller? ?
  181. How can i help my papillon girl.?
  182. Can bull mastiffs swim?
  183. What are some dogs that get along well with shih tzu's?
  184. One of my boxers ears is more droopier than the other. Is this normal?
  185. can i feed my 2 month old chihuahua some chicken and rice?
  186. My Miniature Schnauzer never stops barking! Is it to late to fix the problem?
  187. beverly hills chihuahua?
  188. Anyone have a Shih Tzu ?
  189. is it my time to be a professional boxer or do i kick back and hang up the gloves?
  190. Is my pug puppy overweight?
  191. Is the Newfoundland as Affectionate and Sweet/Kissy/Licky as they say?
  192. Who can help me with my Labrador Retriever?
  193. How can i discipline and correct my shih tzu when she growls and goes to snap?
  194. I have a 6 month old shih tzu puppy that i got for christmas at first he...
  195. my boxer has been limping please help..?
  196. my 10 mo . chihuahua accidentlly got bred ? ?
  197. what kinds of training techniques does a boxer undergo? (diet, training)?
  198. Anyone who has a pug or has had a pug...?
  199. What is the best harness for a Chihuahua? Please answer my question, 10 points
  200. Roughly how much will a chihuahua cost in Australia?
  201. my chihuahua jessie has dandruff really bad. ?
  202. How can I turn professional boxer fast?
  203. If you have registered hands and you've been a boxer for awhile...?
  204. Which of the following dog foods is best for rottweiler puppy?
  205. What kind of dog is he? I'm thinking German Shepherd/ Lab mix... any other thoughts?
  206. Parson russell terrier or jack russell terriers?
  207. is shar pei mixed w/ pitbull dangerous?
  208. My German Blockhead Rottweiler seems to be at a plateau, any ideas to help her...
  209. GIRLS ! guy's boxers showing !!?
  210. some dog names for dachshund - doxen ?
  211. Need advice with our poodle puppy ...?
  212. My 5 Month year old Pomeranian has one blue and one brown eye is his vision ok?
  213. I have a 15 mo. old boxer who gets very panicked when he sees other dogs. He...
  214. Do the values of Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinhem, Nancy Pelosi, Babs Boxer,...
  215. Which is better: boxers or briefs?
  216. My Border Collie gets puffed alot.?
  217. I have an 8 month old American bulldog... he is already 90+lbs, how much...
  218. Pug and pregnancy questions?
  219. Chihuahua Pups!! litter of 5!! Born 1-11-09, need help on Runt?
  220. My chihuahua is breathing with a slight rattle in his chest. Also cough...
  221. Puppy food Golden Retriever?
  222. whippet eats poo? any advice gratefull?
  223. Minature pinscher or beagle?
  224. wolf or mastiff?PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!?
  225. i have a 6 month boston terrier and a 3 month lab all the do is fight...
  226. French bulldog names?
  227. does anyone have a boxer crossed with a rottweiler?
  228. I have a 3 mo old chihuahua and he eats alot. How many times a day should I feed him?
  229. Is Fresh Pet a good food to feed my 4 year old beagle?
  230. How do I get my chihuahua used to a walking leash?
  231. Will my Chihuahua like me better if I continue to take 30 minute walks with him?
  232. Have you ever owned or been around someone who owns a Shiba Inu?
  233. My Lhasa Apso was neutered 5 days ago. He's not taking it easy like he's...
  234. Portuguese water dog puppy (10 pts best answer!)?
  235. Why does everyone keep saying that poodles are hypoallergenic?
  236. What kind of a temperament do Boston Terriers have?
  237. How much could I get a cavalier king charles spaniel for in South Florida?
  238. scottish terrier left outside?
  239. My buddy's Pug is EXTREMELY hyperactive and he needs a bath and nail...
  240. What are cute names for a girl havanese?
  241. American Eskimo Help?
  242. What do you wear boxers or briefs?
  243. Need help on Age of my new Puppy Rottweiler?
  244. I Am Getting A Puppy Soon And It Is A Bichon/shih Tzu Mix.?
  245. Should i get a border collie?
  246. How big do teacup poodles get?
  247. where to buy a bichon frise?
  248. Chihuahua..Should I be Concerned?
  249. what happends if my shih tzu swallows one of my prescribed pills?
  250. Is there a site that shows what a boxer pup would weigh each week from birth?...