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  1. Question about soft fuzzy boxers and smoother less fuzzy ones and their uses.?
  2. What do you get when you place a poodle in a microwave?
  3. My 3 year old lhasa apso is peeing in the apartment at night. ?
  4. how old do chihuahuas have to be to learn tricks?
  5. Most underrated boxers ever?
  6. how long are chihuahuas pregnant?
  7. help for boston terrier mixes?
  8. My Dachshund licks me way to much, how can i make him stop?
  9. will my cockapoo get along with a pomeranian?
  10. Is it possible for a fat,lazy, person become a slim,strong,athletic boxer?
  11. Does your Shih Tzu have great big eyes?
  12. What dog breed would be better; chow or corgi?
  13. Doberman Pinschers info please?
  14. German Shepherd Dog?? anyone?
  15. Whats a better dog pug shit-sue or mini labodore?
  16. Do Long Haired Mini Dachshunds Shed?
  17. Papillon lovers and owners?
  18. Rottweiler jumping issue, getting frustrated?
  19. Just got a white West Highland Terrier...HELP!?
  20. Yorkshire terrier breeders near Chicago Illinois?
  21. do you think its hot when guys show their boxers?
  22. how much should a king charles cavalier spaniel weigh at age 3 years?
  23. German Shepherd vs Golden Retriever. Which one is smarter?
  24. what kind of supplements are boxers allowed to take?
  25. What do I need to do to get my 1 year old lab/boxer to stop chewing things
  26. Can anyone tell me about the Breed Pomeranian?
  27. how can i make sure my two chihuahua lock before my female goes out of heat ?
  28. Anyone have a Shiba Inu?
  29. Does anyone know how I can find out who sells toy poodles in the Carolinas?
  30. What is a good pen or pet gate for a boston terrier?
  31. Sick 4 year old poodle. PLEASE HELP!?
  32. EMergency! Unresponsive rottweiler....heat stroke?
  33. My Jack Russell terriers nose is turning brown?
  34. im a 45 year old x boxer i have not boxed in 20 years my question is?
  35. what should i name my golden retriever puppy?
  36. My 7 year old blue Merle Collie died from pancreatitis?
  37. why is my chihuahua losing hair?
  38. What is a Nordic Golden Retriever? ?
  39. how can i get my mom to let me get the cutest poodle in the world?
  40. my Grandma lets her Chihuahua's inbreed?
  41. My pomeranian not fluffy?
  42. What tricks can I teacher my beautiful Border Collie?
  43. Golden Retriever seizures. (question down below)?
  44. Cavalier King Charles spaniels?
  45. I bought an English bull terrier but I'm not sure he is as he came from scotland?
  46. Should I get a Portuguese Water Dog or a Labradoodle?
  47. is my chihuahua sick?
  48. American Pit Bull Terrier Question.......?
  49. Do you think Edward Cullen wears Boxers or Briefs?
  50. How can I get my anxious Weimaraner to calm down ?
  51. I am babysitting a baby boy (21 months old) and they have a chit-zu and a
  52. boxer pup with broken leg?
  53. my pug scratches alll the time?
  54. How much for black Pug, no papers?
  55. Pug - Something I should be worried about?
  56. What are boxer akita lab mixes like?
  57. How much does a Brittany Spaniel cost?
  58. do chihuahua's have any hair what so ever?
  59. My Dachshund mix pees on my bed. ?
  60. whats the best small dog a pug or a cocer spainel?
  61. I have a Saint Bernard Puppy who wont stop chewing on things how can i get him to...
  62. Pekingese Breathing Problem?
  63. my husband has a beagle mix she just got into heat ?
  64. What should i be feeding my chihuahua puppy?
  65. What genetic health tests should Yorkshire Terriers have done before they are bred?
  66. Boxers or Briefs??????????
  67. How can i get my wavy hair to look like Brittany Snow's in the beginning...
  68. Would anyone have any photos of in and around Wabana, Newfoundland (on Bell Island)?
  69. Brittany Spaniel: How much would it cost?
  70. my shih tzu is not eating what do i do?
  71. is a shih tzu a good dog to have?
  72. Does anyone know of an American Mastiff breeder? ?
  73. What is St. John's, Newfoundland like?
  74. I need help with my schnauzer?
  75. my chihuahua is acting different..?
  76. Boxer pup for hunting?
  77. My French Bulldog's nose Is extremely dry.?
  78. Tips for my outdoor miniature schnauzer?
  79. Can't make up my mind between an American Bulldog and a Doberman Pinscher?
  80. How can I train my golden retriever to attack a peacock?
  81. Who doesn't think that mastiffs are adorable?
  82. The temp in NY is 0 degrees I have a Boston Terrier she loves it outside would
  83. i have an english bull terrier and one of his ears has gone floppy and has become...
  84. whats a better dog caucasian ovcharka or turkish kangal?
  85. I'm a bit worried about getting a dachshund, back problems?
  86. does any other girl have a brother that walks around in boxers (with an obvious
  87. At what age can i begin breeding my male basset hound?
  88. What are the toy poodles called... the ones that are the smaller ones and the...
  89. omg i think im gonna kill my pug!?
  90. anyone own a toy fox terrier?
  91. Has anyone had a dog with a broken leg, preferably an Italian Greyhound?
  92. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels? $2000-$3000?
  93. What is the best puppy food? I am feeding my puppy Puppy Chow, is that ok?
  94. My dog ate a pigeon, HELP. What do I do? Vet is closed. 70lb female Rottweiler,...
  95. German Shepherds Dogs ?
  96. i just got a golden retriever/chow mix from a shelter....?
  97. why do people breed english bulldogs to have c sections and alot of health problems?
  98. My 2 yr old dachshund has a white gooey discharge from his left eye.?
  99. How do I know if i have a boxer's fracture?
  100. which dog is better french bulldog, or jack russell terrier?
  101. help with my shih tzu?
  102. Cross-breeding a Lab and a Pekingese...Good Idea?
  103. do you think his the best beat boxer?!?!?!?!?
  104. sumtimes i think my boxer pup has dificulty breathing, always sniffling.
  105. 6 months old golden retriever moving to a new home?
  106. Shiba Inu Puppy????????
  107. About how much would a Beagle Husky mix cost and where could I find one?
  108. Boston Terrier--okay with Halti, if not then what?
  109. Do you have any tips for my beagles?
  110. How would I be able to get a Great Dane at an apartment w/ a breed policy
  111. Do Boxers just use their bare hand in the gloves? what do they wear when with
  112. Top 5 Black Boxers Of All Time!?
  113. Cavalier king charles spaniel and a class of 5 year olds. HELP!!!?
  114. Can a Saint Bernard and a Pitbull breed? Can it be dangerous for the female?
  115. how can we stop a beagle mix from running out of the house?
  116. Is there a dog breed similar to a cavalier king charles spaniel in behavior? ?
  117. I have a Welsh Terrier who started pissing inside again, why and what now?
  118. I have a 1/2 Akita 1/4 German shepherd 1/4 Rottweiler puppy?
  119. Anyone have experience of cocker spaniel crossed with a beagle?
  120. what dog is really fluffy like a chow chow but stays an average size?
  121. my chihuahua randomly get these what are they?
  122. Whats wrong with my dachshund?
  123. Does Purina make soft... NOT WET puppy chow?
  124. P0LL: CHOW MEIN or LOW MEIN? For ppl who like Chinese food?
  125. which is easier to care for dachshund or a pembroke welsh corgi?
  126. Why is my mini schnauzer acting so depressed?
  127. How do i house train my Pug????? (easy Points)?
  128. I'm going to a Cottage this summer! And I have some Shih-Tzu issues!?
  129. why does my beagle smell like blood?
  130. I'm having second thoughts on getting a Shih-Tzu! Please help!?
  131. How many of the health problems for a Rottweiler would be eliminated if it is a mix?
  132. 8 week old staffordshire bull terrier.?
  133. help cant toilet train my shih tzu bitch!?
  134. My Yorkshire terrier has developed a lump on his rear?
  135. How do I keep my dachshund from throwing up every night?
  136. Best dog food for my chihuahua?
  137. Top 5 Caucasian Boxers ever?!?
  138. We got a beagle 3 weeks ago and he is perfect except for one thing. Please read
  139. Golden Retriever vs. Brittany Spaniel: Which is a better hunting-dog for me?
  140. Weimaraner Blue in Eye?
  141. BullMastiff and Shih Tzu?
  142. how loyal are American Pit Bull Terrier will they help you up if some attacks you?
  143. Is it normal for my 15 year old boxer to still hump my leg?
  144. What is wrong with my dog? ( Male boxer 6 years old ) His back ribs and
  145. my bull terrier is getting tired of her food , what 's best ?
  146. We are entering our Boston Terrier into training classes. She is 8
  147. potty training pomeranian?
  148. Are mini dachshunds baby friendly? ?
  149. Having trouble puttig a leash on my 8 month old Toy Poodle ?
  150. training my chihuahua?
  151. I am getting a female Shih-Tzu and I need some information on the...
  152. a shih tzu question, my friends dog?
  153. Has anyone had any experiences with any Cavalier King Charles Spaniel...
  154. Would it be a good idea to bring our chihuahua to New Hope, PA?
  155. My beagle is a little awkward ?
  156. Are Labrador Retrievers safe in cold temperatures?
  157. Who doesn't think mastiffs are adorable? and Why?
  158. Why does my Boxer Slober so much?
  159. Are Jack Russell Terriers okay for beginners?
  160. How much should a baby chihuahua weigh?
  161. Where can i find Wii Boxers?
  162. My mom says I need to find things about them.Does any one know anything about
  163. Boxer is bleeding from whisker area?
  164. I Hate My Shih Tzu?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?help Me Plz?
  165. Difference between the Greyhound and the Italian greyhound?
  166. What are the downsides of welsh corgis?
  167. I have a 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier who is fixed but looks like she's in
  168. My Weimaraner eats grass and bark. Is that normal?
  169. Hello! I have a beautiful maltese-poodle female dog. She is 5 months old and...
  170. I'm looking for my miniature poodle. She is apricot and goes by the name of
  171. Training advice for very stubborn basset hound?
  172. best collar to stop 6 month old rottweiler pulling?
  173. CAN a Chihuahua have allergies?
  174. I have a very very important Shih tzu question!!!!?
  175. What's the difference between pekingese pekinese?
  176. collie/lab trouble :S!!!!!?
  177. Question for beagle owners?
  178. What do you think my Rottweiler is mixed with?
  179. I want to make my golden retriever bark on command, how can I do that?
  180. Are there any Pomeranian breeders in minnesota?
  181. if i were to get a poodle, what supplies do i need to get to make sure i'm
  182. What are some treats I can put in a Kong for a 1.5pd Pomeranian?
  183. How much is a English Bulldog? And would an English Bulldog be good for me?
  184. As my golden retriever becomes elderly will she become less gentle?
  185. does my pug have pde?
  186. Question for my Gma's Chihuahua..?
  187. how do i get a pug on nintendogs?
  188. My dachshund is always starving? ?
  189. chihuahua behavior problems?!?
  190. What food would be good for our Great Dane puppy?
  191. American Pit Bull Terrier questions?
  192. What are the pros and cons of getting my 4 month old Boxer dog's tail ringed?
  193. which dog is better German Shepherd vs. American Pit Bull terrier?
  194. English Bulldogs, just a few questions.?
  195. Siberian Husky Owners?
  196. What is a good song to sing to our Papillon?
  197. chihuahua giving birth ?
  198. How do i persuade my mum to buy me a golden retriever?
  199. From personal experience what are doberman Pinschers like to live with, train etc.?
  200. About English Bulldogs?
  201. Which dog needs less attention, an eskimo dog or a pembroke welsh corgi?
  202. How do i get my yorkie pomeranian to stop laying down when we go for
  203. Why do boxers have little ings in the front?
  204. I just got a 8wk old chihuahua and I need some help?
  205. How much should a 6 month old Pug weigh?
  206. Searching for Perth, Western Australia Dalmatian Breeder!?
  207. can a male chihuahua get a female boxer pregnant? ?
  208. My rottweiler is losing hair?
  209. What do they call a lab poodle mix?
  210. Help! What should I do about my adolescent Pit Bull Terrier? She is very pregnant!?
  211. Does anyone have any idea how to get rid of dog urine smell? My
  212. Can someone educate me on the rottweiler site or just post it as an answers?
  213. I have a 2 year old dane boxer cross and he has started throwing up a...
  214. what is the chance of a Chihuahua surviving a snake bite? ?
  215. potty training a chihuahua?
  216. Border Collie puppy named-?
  217. I got my pomeranian fixed! It this Normal?
  218. COLLIE OWNERS- does you collie tear up the house when your out?
  219. How can i stop my Yorkie Pomeranian from continously scratching on the floor?
  220. I rescued a dachshund from the shelter 2 weeks ago...?
  221. Breeders vs. Rescues Is a Dogo Argentino a dog that one needs to have from day...
  222. i am looking for a mini dachshund, HELP [NY TRI STATE AREA] !!!!!!?
  223. Getting my 2 Chihuahuas from Nevada to Oahu, Hawaii without being shipped as baggage?
  224. What mix is this Pomeranian? He is almost twice as big as a pom...?
  225. should guys wear thong undies instead of boxers?
  226. What can you do for a Chihuahua who is 12 weeks and hit it's head on a rock?
  227. Should i get a collie or a black lab?
  228. how likely is a saint bernard going to get health problems?
  229. Rescued greyhound has tattoo in her ear (BUX7) in green ink. I know this means she
  230. Is anyone else horrified at Brittany Spears' new song?
  231. What Did Marilyn Monroe Name Her Pekingese?
  232. have a 10 yr old spayed Rottweiler just brought in to home a 6 year old female
  233. I want to train my chihuahua to go outside but in MN right now its way to cold,...
  234. My mastiff had 12 pups 2 wks ago, can they get mastitis's? ?
  235. Is there a Boxer's directory? E-mails, webpages?
  236. Are Dachshunds good one person dogs?
  237. Are there any reputable English Bulldog Breeders near Houston, Tx ?
  238. Rescued a 6 wk. old male Chihuahua pup yesterday bout 12pm-havent seen him...
  239. boxer or brief question?
  240. can my shih tzu puppy get sick from eating a dead bird?
  241. Brittany lovers OVER HERE!!?
  242. is my chihuahua part jack russel terrier in labor she had a green mucus
  243. Australian Shepherd/Beagle Mix?
  244. is my shiba inu sick?
  245. Great Pyrenees/Collie Mix?? Introducing dogs?
  246. Does anyone know where I can find a staffordshire bull terrier shaped...
  247. Do Welsh Terriers have any 'common' health issues?
  248. when do female mastiffs get their first cycle?
  249. My mini Dachshund has dandruff, what do I do?
  250. Needs For A Golden Retriever Puppy?