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  1. My 1 1/2 year old Bullmastiff?
  2. Getting a Yorkshire terrier?
  3. Are beagles lazy ......?
  4. How do you handle your Mini Dachshund's digging instinct?
  5. Do you think my youtube beagle video is funny enough to pass on to friends?
  6. i have a CKC registered boston terrier?
  7. Whats the best dog food out there for papillon dogs?
  8. Are there any message boards for people who own boston terriers?
  9. Which dog is better: German Shepherd or Doberman?
  10. yorki Pomeranian mix?
  11. Boston terrier steping on her new pup?
  12. Question about Beagles?
  13. quick brittany spears question, why did she shave hr head after staying in a
  14. I Have Four Dalmatian Molies And Want To Know If They Can Live With My Betta?
  15. how long do maltese/poodles live for?
  16. Name for an Irish Wolfhound?
  17. Golden Glove Boxer.. information?!?
  18. is it safe for REALLY pretty girls take the greyhound?
  19. Does Obama wear boxers, briefs or boxerbriefs?
  20. which do women find manlier on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  21. If punches w/ boxers gloves hurt just as much with them off then how come...
  22. why do boxers chew ice after a fight?
  23. Will a Lab/Beagle mix ever be calm?
  24. airedale terrier question.................?
  25. Bichon Frise. Boy or Girl?
  26. For the guys that wear boxer-briefs?
  27. How long can I crate my Italian greyhound?
  28. 7 week pregnant shih tzu...?
  29. My Pomeranian ate chocolate =(?
  30. Is it possible for my Great Pyrenees to get pregnant?
  31. Why does my pug dog eat every thing?
  32. What are the natural abilities needed for being a fighter (or boxer)?
  33. My beagle is a 2.5 yo female who is discharging a foul smelling vaginal...
  34. What are some good names for a black and brown furred girl chihuahua that isnt...
  35. What exercises do i need to do to Train like a boxer?
  36. pit bull,yorkie,or pomeranian.?
  37. When does a chihuahua start barking?
  38. Help potty training an 8 month year old shih tzu! ?
  39. how do you stop a beagle/basset hound from digging?
  40. Why my chihuahua always sleep, and lazy to walk ?
  41. I am looking for a dachshund breeder in C.A ?
  42. Rock and Pop, do you like The Bloodhound Gang?
  43. Boxer vs Wrestler, who would win?
  44. i was thinking of getting a samoyed dog?
  45. boston terrier breeder around ny?
  46. Q. for experienced/ pro boxers and bodybuilders?
  47. Miniature English Bulldog?
  48. My Chihuahua has little white dots on her fur.. dandruff or lice egg? ?
  49. anyone own a dachsund beagle mutt? i rescued her at the best shelter but
  50. a siberian husky in the south?
  51. questions about a boston terrier pup?
  52. how big do chow chows grow to?
  53. What are some cute female Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) names?
  54. Do you have a Shih Tzu that has had urinary problems?
  55. How to train my Border Collie to pull less on the lead?
  56. My son wants a doberman or rottweiler?
  57. For those of you with chihuahuas, could you please answer a few questions ?
  58. can my 5 yr old beagle be showing symtoms of being in heat by acting really
  59. Does my pug have an ear infection?
  60. does anybody have a borkie (bichon yorkie mix)?
  61. Any information on the German Shorthaired Pointer?
  62. Biting and aggressive 8 wk Cavalier King charles spaniel.?
  63. Dachshund Research... Some questions.... Help?
  64. is it safe for my purebred pug to eat radishes?
  65. How do i know if my dachshund is pregnant??
  66. I Have A Beautiful Italian Greyhound...he Just Turned 1 Year Old. When Will He...
  67. American Bulldog X American Staffordshire Terrier Hybrid?
  68. what about chihuahuas.....................?
  69. Is she an American Eskimo or a Samoyed? Please help!!?
  70. Who else has a golden retriever x labrador retriever?
  71. What would you do with an untrainable boxer?
  72. Boxers and Jack Russells?
  73. Nippy Boarder Collie?
  74. Pekingese is in misery!!?
  75. How do you know when an Italian greyhound female dog is fertile?
  76. my pomeranian scratches his ears until he cries...?
  77. Dog names for a Australian Shepherd?
  78. Siberian Husky feeding problem ?
  79. How do you stop or train miniature schnauzers from barking when they are home alone?
  80. Can you buy greyhound tickets in person(details inside)?
  81. Does anybody else follow in the faith of the Oo Chow?
  82. Boxer shorts that are tight around waist (which pretty much all are) are
  83. Facial expressions of Boxer dogs. True or false?
  84. does anyone hate the english bull terrier as much as i do?
  85. Boston Terrier digs her cage when caged, so we tried a gate w/o the cage
  86. How do i help my golden retriever?
  87. i have a Rottweiler and hardwood floors!?
  88. Help ! Chihuahua puppy ?
  89. Beagle as a family watchdog?
  90. American Eskimo Dog owners, your opinion?
  91. A Question About Greyhounds?
  92. when does a basset hound need shots?
  93. Pug 101, help. suggestions. experiences?
  94. For everyone who owns a golden retriever...?
  95. Anyone know any good Dachshund breeders (mini's) in the North-West (UK) please?
  96. How do I keep a pug dog warm in cold weather?
  97. Are Chihuahua's good dogs?
  98. Toy Poodle or West Highland White terrier?
  99. Hey I'm planing to buy chihuahua (dog) _ so pls help me with something.?
  100. how much is a english cocker spaniel weigh?
  101. Does anyone know the legal penalties for breeding and selling American Pit Bull...
  102. How can i fatten up my Siberian Husky?
  103. chow chow breed question?
  104. Do you think that I'd be a good boxer?
  105. Rottweiler may be pregnant..is this a sign of pregnancy..?
  106. Where do Border Collies rank on a list of the least allergenic dog breeds?
  107. My Beagle just got out of her heat cycle. Mostly she mated with the other...
  108. Bringing a Chihuahua home, What to expect.?
  109. Do Yorkshire Terriers Shed hair?
  110. How much do Chihuahuas cost in Australia? ?
  111. Mini-Schnauzers: Are they good with kids cats?
  112. If you have a ROTTWEILER, or if you've ever had one, please answer!?
  113. Question for boxers ?
  114. How do I train my 10 mo old shih tzu to go downstairs?
  115. What should i name my king charles cavalier spaniel and what colour and gender
  116. Does this look like a purebred Black and Tan Coonhound?
  117. Thinking of adopting a 4 yr old border collie. What can I expect?
  118. Does anyone have experience with invisible fences and Beagles?
  119. how often do you bathe a 11 month dog poodle?
  120. Can a Yorkie male (7 pounds) breed a collie female (50 pounds)?
  121. I'm In Love with Brittany, what should I do!?!?
  122. Mini Schnauzer Limping?
  123. What if you asked boxers or briefs in Europe?
  124. how to a chihuahua's mouth?
  125. Yesterday i was sure to buy chihuahua but now....?
  126. Are Labrador Retrievers good with children?
  127. Ladies:Do you like when guys pants sag a little or when they are sitting
  128. Yorkshire Terrier vs West Highland?
  129. is my dalmatian a mix? (pic)?
  130. Dalmatian Owners/Breeders, I need your advice please!!?
  131. Help!!!!! My Dachshund Ate Chocolate!!?
  132. My collie's eyes look different?
  133. 3 year old Lhasa Apso with awful skin allergy ?
  134. aggressive basset hound..?
  135. How can I stop my basset hound from peeing on his feet when I walk him?
  136. jack russell terrier pupp fiesty in crate HELP?
  137. Why do pugs look like pigs?
  138. is there an age limit for breeding English bulldogs?
  139. Doberman Or Miniature Pinscher?
  140. Are beagles or basset hounds known to snore?
  141. What's the best way to protect my 1 year old Chihuahua from Fleas?
  142. Bringing a Chihuahua Home for the first time, what to expect?
  143. Hookworm--need advice--I am considering adopting a 1 yr. shepard/beagle/ mix
  144. Vague-but how difficult (and costly) is it to take care of a Saint Bernard?
  145. What is the difference between a Murray River Curly Coated Retriever and a
  146. my dachshund is getting milk but im not sure if she is pregnant or not
  147. Shih-tzu!......I Feel bad!?
  148. Brittany? I want it primarily as a companion but would like to be able to work
  149. Does A Bull Terrier Have Jaw Lock Like A Pitbull?
  150. Our 8 Month Old Boston Terrier Rescue keeps attacking our 4 year old
  151. is it ok to neuter my bichon frise pup at 5 months of age?
  152. I am trying to figure out what my beagle is mixed with.?
  153. Does anyone have any experience with Newfoundland dogs and/or Petite Basset
  154. Boston Terrier/Labrador Retriever Mix breed?
  155. What could happen if my american eskimo miniture ate a lot of chocolate?
  156. Collar or harness for a Mini Dachshund?
  157. I have a Border Collie:)?
  158. Nintendogs - Chihuahua and friends for Nintendo DS HELP!!?
  159. Whats a good name for a male chihuahua puppy?
  160. What color newfoundland should i get?
  161. Anyone like Shar-Pei's? ?
  162. What is a good weight range for a Great Pyrenees/ Red Heeler mix?
  163. Shih Tzu - three years old Nov2008 and is in her sixth heat cycle now. Any dangers
  164. New up and coming boxer with a sweet left hook?
  165. what can i call my female pug?
  166. boxer dog aggression HELP?
  167. Need Help with my Beagle?
  168. Beginner boxer Any tips?
  169. Does anyone know of an Italian Greyhound club in western Oregon?
  170. My Italian Greyhound is going bald? ?
  171. Ladies, do you like boxers, briefs or boxer briefs on a guy?
  172. Is this Chihuahua pitiful or what?
  173. Why does my shih tzu always smell?
  174. Toy Poodle or Bichon Frise?
  175. What is a good name for a Great Dane?
  176. My dachshund freezes up.goes pee, poop and vomiits from time to time.Then
  177. 3 week old poodle puppy with black coat on top and brown underneath?
  178. How would a black lab eat a Chihuahua?
  179. A Video Tribute That I made to My Golden Retriever Puppy---If you are bored,
  180. Q. for experienced/ pro boxers and bodybuilders?
  181. how old is my boxer dog?
  182. which do women find manlier on a guy boxer shorts or briefs?
  183. Should I get my 9 month old boxer neutered?
  184. How do I determine what kind of mastiff I have?
  185. is this dog a bichon frise or a maltese?
  186. My chihuahua is in pain! And I have no clue what to do or how to help him!?
  187. rottweiler mix......................................???
  188. A German Shepherd with a Siberian Husky?
  189. Yorkshire Terrier Hair Care?
  190. 6 Month Old Pug unsteady on feet and has a lack of co-ordination....why?
  191. We need some pug name ideas?
  192. Where can I buy new boxers in my size of 10-16. Help? ?
  193. how many times a week should my chihuahua go for a walk?
  194. Yorkshire Terrier Puppiues Uniqueness?
  195. Was there other things than poodles on poodle skirts?
  196. Is there anything that I can do myself for my 5 pound chihuahua which seems to
  197. Will my chihuahuas ears stand up again?
  198. How do I potty train a 3yr old pug?
  199. How can I convince my parents to get me a chihuahua?
  200. is cooper an english bulldog?
  201. Any suggestions? My shih tzu has allergies?
  202. Does anybody know a bordoodle (border collie - poodle mix) breeder?
  203. Having serious trouble housebreaking my Pug!?
  204. Names for a male pug?
  205. My 18 month old Yorkshire Terrier was attacked by an adult English Bull
  206. What type of problems may Chihuahuas have in later life?
  207. Do white boxer-briefs count as tighty whities? (school probs lol)?
  208. Boxers or briefs for a single man ?
  209. what is amir khan (boxer) movie called?
  210. Need advise on Boxer puppy care?
  211. dose anybody know where i can find a Isabella mini dachshund ?
  212. Where can I get comfortable boxers?
  213. Q about soft fuzzy boxers and smoother less fuzzy ones and uses.?
  214. Do you have any stories that happened to you with a poodle ?
  215. how much would it cost to spay or neuter a golden retriever?
  216. breifs and boxer breifs tight or not?
  217. Is it normal for male beagle's penis tip to be hanging out after mating?
  218. Ladies:Do you like when you can see guys boxers a little when sitting down? (2
  219. Can my female beagle and male boxer have babies and be okay?
  220. My mini dachshund is blind in one eye!?
  221. Why is my Siberian Husky losing patches of fur?
  222. My pug's ear isn't hanging correctly....could it be from an ear infection?
  223. We have a bull terrier to bites her butt?
  224. Our great dane was given to us in heat. They say her cycle started Nov. 19 and it is
  225. A cringing mini-poodle?
  226. ok, my little yorkshire terrier barks like crazy when i play the
  227. Can you breed a Dachsund with a Great Dane?
  228. My Bullmastiff Boy, Sumo ?
  229. Are havanese dogs good?
  230. My 10 month old pug at about 6 AM when I was barely awake pukes a very yellow...
  231. Preparing for a Chihuahua?
  232. why do my pitbull cower at the sound of firecrackers while the dalmatian...
  233. My rottweiler has entropion, what can I do for her?
  234. Smelly Golden Retriever?
  235. Yorkshire Terrier History?
  236. My 9 month old Terrier Chihuahua got a bottle of Calcium/Magnesium vitamins.?
  237. Any tips for my beagles?????
  238. Names of 101 Dalmatians?
  239. Which one is better Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cavalier?
  240. Did you know Ivermectin (often in de-wormer) is bad for shepherds and collies?
  241. why is my bull terrier out of control?
  242. Ladies:Do you like when you can see guys boxers a little when sitting down?
  243. Is my chihuahua in heat?
  244. Top 5 boxers of all time?
  245. People who have yorkie russells OR a yorkshire terrier or Jack Russell?
  246. can yall tell me some funny stories or experiences you had with a weimaraner?
  247. Do you think a Mastiff would work for Kyle Myself..?
  248. why is my american bulldog so lively?
  249. when dose Beverly Hills Chihuahua come on to dvd?
  250. Advantages and disadvantages of briefs, boxerbriefs and boxers?