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  1. Are English Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffys) violent ?
  2. Anyone have a Collie and Pom living together?
  3. Miniature Schnauzer with abnormal blood work?
  4. beagle training pleasee. ASAP.?
  5. De-sexing golden retrievers?
  6. Can someone tell me all I need to know about owning a poodle?
  7. Labrador retriever ideas for comic?
  8. Poll: Boxers or Briefs?
  9. How hard is it to take care of a beagle?
  10. new shih tzu puppies...what to do next?
  11. American Pit bull Terrier: Need Advice?
  12. pros and cons for a pug breed?:)?
  13. how to train a 1 month old golden retriever dog?
  14. What colour is the Nintendogs dachshund game cartridge?!?
  15. does anyone knwo anywhere i can get a dog real cheap?[boston
  16. Wrestler vs boxer who would win?
  17. Will my Chihuahua be ok?
  18. My border collie pup is a terrorist, please help.?
  19. Which one should i buy???????Pug or Chihuahua?
  20. Is Marcel Cerdan very underrated boxer ?(in pro boxing)?
  21. How can I stop my pug from licking his paws?
  22. Is it normal for a Saint Bernard to be sleeping all day?
  23. My pug is howling continually. Is he alright?
  24. What are the DNA sequences of German Shephards, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, etc.?
  25. Do german shepherds and mastiffs get along?
  26. Chow Chow puppy questions?
  27. boxer mixed with german shepherd?
  28. Why does my chihuahua keep wandering around aimlessly? She just started last...
  29. Is a golden Retriever a good dog?
  30. How do I get a little chihuahua and a german shephard to get along?
  31. i was thinking of buying a teacup chihuahua ?
  32. can i still teach my 1 yr old pomeranian tricks?
  33. my chihuahua has been getting spots on her tummy is this normal?
  34. Where to buy Smooth Collies?
  35. GIRLS: guy's boxers showing!?
  36. What should I name my pug? Why?
  37. Getting a Pug! need help with names?
  38. Are pugs color blind?
  39. My Schnauzer barks at everyone he sees?
  40. university in brittany,paris, france?
  41. CBB, Should Ulrika use some of her 175G for a facelift, she looks like a...
  42. German Shorthaired Pointers?
  43. Hmmm...question for the guys...which is sexier: boxers or thongs?
  44. My English Bulldog is 13weeks and superstubborn. How do I manage this I'm...
  45. Where is a pugs origin or breed from?
  46. Would a Samoyed make a good guard dog?
  47. English Springer Spaniel size?
  48. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Stud Dog Wanted In Bucks ASAP?
  49. If you give a welsh terrier chocolate will they die?
  50. womens attraction to boxers and briefs ?
  51. Where can I find older golden retriever rescue/adoption/fostering in new england?
  52. Is it weird that I'm scared of a chihuahua?
  53. Why do my poodle's tears stink?
  54. Question for Great Dane owners!?!?
  55. Is Conyers, Levin Boxer going to jail WAR CRIMINALS?
  56. Is my 4 week old border collie pup blind? ?
  57. just got new chihuahua HE needs a name?
  58. i am a boxer and wont to build muscle. just wondering if dumbells alone can
  59. About a year ago, I lost my Siberian Husky to a vehicle accident. This dog was...
  60. Where can I find dalmatian puppies? ?
  61. Male or female shih tzu?
  62. Where can I buy a chihuahua in the Wales area?...?
  63. My 11 year old Golden Retriever Mix dog is very sick and accepting Pedilyte, how...
  64. Could I raise a shih tzu and staffordshire bull terrier together?
  65. does anyone own a jack russell terrier?
  66. I'm looking for a Dorkey, Shorkey, or Shih-tzu pup..?
  67. how long does an english mastiff stay in heat?
  68. What type of boxers do girls like their guys in?
  69. My 4 month old chihuahua has very little hair on the outside of his
  70. Trying to get greyhound ON couch?
  71. Worried about my 2year old chihuahua's stomach?
  72. What is a good name for a Chihuahua?
  73. Boston Terrier Puppy with one Bulging eye?
  74. Naming a Saint Bernard?
  75. Do chihuahuas have to lock to breed or only the larger dog breeds?
  76. Is my chihuahua pregnant ?
  77. Who Would Win Between a Pitbull And A Boxer?
  78. Bichon Frise Gender Problems?
  79. Does anyone know about seizures in chihuahuas?
  80. what to name my new chihuahua?
  81. Help with my 2 yr old rottweiler?
  82. does anyone own a havanese i have questions?
  83. HOW MANY PUAs/PUGs/AFCs are on here?
  84. What music Music video has the girl on the phone talking with a Chihuahua?
  85. What is the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species of
  86. my st.bernard is bigger than my mastiff is this bad?
  87. what should we name our lil beagle mix female?? we already have a male one
  88. Have you ever have sex on a Greyhound bus? I was a GI and so was the guy
  89. how much exercise is too much for 6m female eng.mastiff?
  90. where can i get morkie dogs in newfoundland ?
  91. What can cause English Bulldogs to continuiously scrach their belly? ?
  92. boxer from easton pa?
  93. apartments in brandon that allow pittbull boxers ?
  94. are english bulldogs,nice dogs to have? ?
  95. What is wrong with my dog?(chihuahua poodle mix) please help!?
  96. Help my Boston Terrier doesn't want to eat?
  97. What would a good scrapbooking page title for a pic of a boxer puppy in
  98. My chihuahua will NOT EAT!?
  99. Fawn Boxer Puppies????
  100. Is this a normal trait in a Mini Schnauzer?
  101. Yorkshire terrier breeders?
  102. rottweiler or german shepherd?
  103. How can I train my beagle to be an amateur detection dog?
  104. Does anyone have a link to how you beat all the boxers in Punch Out Featuring Mr...
  105. Cruel to a chihuahua?
  106. Do you own a Bernese Mountain dog?
  107. What boxers during their career, conducted themselves with the most class?
  108. I want to get a rottweiler from a responsible breeder, We currently have a...
  109. 50s poodle skirt colors.?
  110. Ever owned a miniture schnauzer? What are these dogs like to live with?
  111. How much should i feed my 6 month old rottweiler/pitbull?
  112. Is my puppy (Bullmastiff) weight acceptable?
  113. Extremely important questions about Yorkshire Terriers! I need help ASAP!?
  114. Is my chihuahua semi-long haired?
  115. what's the other half of my shih tzu? {pic}?
  116. Just for fun...do any of you have good border collie stories?
  117. Need Beagle Expert advice re: weird behavior ?
  118. hunting rabbits with beagle question?
  119. To those who commented on my question earlier..Why does my Shih Tzu viciously bite
  120. My friend just had boxer pups should i buy from them or buy from a breeder?
  121. How to select a beagle puppy?
  122. Do long haired collies make the house stink?
  123. What are the pro's and cons of getting an ENGLISH BULLDOG. May Eventually...
  124. How do i introduce my French Mastiff( DDB) to my cats for the first time?
  125. Anybody familiar with the kuvasz breed? Couple of Q's?
  126. What about Shih Tzus/Poodles?
  127. What should I name my male Chihuahua?
  128. What can I do about my 10 month old Miniature Pinscher?
  129. My Golden Retriever is getting a brown nose.?
  130. How do you train a Beagle to not run out of an door?
  131. What to do about my Jack Russell Terrier?
  132. Bulldog vs Collie...How can I make them get along?
  133. Girls, briefs or boxers on men?
  134. How can you tell what color a golden retriever will turn from a young age?
  135. My Chihuahua all of a sudden stopped walking up the steps!?
  136. we have a shih-tzu and he constantly bark?
  137. Is a wood pin brush better than a brass pin brush for daily brushing of my...
  138. Boxer puppies, anyone?
  139. Bichon Frise Bonding?
  140. What boxer resembled rocky in a fight?
  141. Were can i buy a fat, but healthy and fluffy, white, cute bichon frise?
  142. Should I move to Newfoundland?
  143. would a chow chow and a bernese mountain dog get along together?
  144. Hyper Golden Retriever?
  145. What is a good name for a Portuguese water dog?
  146. Top 5 latino boxers ever!?
  147. Would people be able to tell my boxers are from american eagle?
  148. need help with miniature dachshund?
  149. Why does my Boston Terrier eat poo?!?
  150. does anyone remember the brindle pug who won in the canadian dog show?
  151. what was the purpose of the boxer rebellion?
  152. anyone giving away a small poodle at my area (santa ana,CA)?
  153. Agree or disagree: Any boxer must be willing, if necessary, to give his...
  154. How do I stop Siberian Husky for wetting inside.?
  155. does the two headed girl (abigail and brittany hensel) share sexual sensations?
  156. How can i stop my Beagle from digging in house plants?
  157. Where can i buy boxer shorts that go past my knees?
  158. i am looking for a cute medium-sized dog that does not shed. i prefer some type of
  159. CAN you immagine what will happen when China will start produce professional boxers?
  160. Where can I find an XXL dog bed for a mastiff that isn't over $200?
  161. Who here thinks that Chihuahuas look like RATS?!!!!?
  162. My 12 year old Dachshund might have a herniated disk ...please help!?
  163. What things can't i take on a Greyhound bus?
  164. Is ma friend crazy how can you hit a vicious rottweiler?
  165. Where to buy a bichon frise?
  166. my Miniature Schnauzer only eats when we are gone?
  167. whats up with boys and sleeping with boxers?
  168. are beagles stupid? ?
  169. does a cavalier king charles spaniel always lick?
  170. I have a miniature schnauzer and everytime she sees a gun she
  171. I have a german shepard mixed with a chow dog whose 4 how long would her life...
  172. Great Pyrenees and Cats...?
  173. how often should i feed my pug?
  174. If anyone owns a Mini Schnauzer do they bite?
  175. Adopting a greyhound but concerned about age?
  176. Is the Greyhound and eL stations safe at 95th Dan Ryan?
  177. I Live At Houston,texas And I Looking For Somebody Want A Donate A Little...
  178. What do black people think about collie buddz?
  179. Any Samoyed owners out there?
  180. Dog breeder info wanting to get a papillon .. need help!!!!?
  181. What can't Pug's eat?
  182. are teacup poodles unhealthy?
  183. Racing Greyhound Records?
  184. My boxer is having seizures?
  185. What to do for fun with my poodle?
  186. Is it ok that my 8 week old chihuahua only eats a few pieces of his dry food?...
  187. My female Rottweiler has yellow mucus comming out of her vagina, I need to...
  188. cavalier king charles spaniel or australian shepherd?
  189. What do you think of Irish setters?
  190. are boxers today better or worse than they were 25 years ago?
  191. shih tzu stud dog please help?
  192. I have a 5 year old minature schnauzer and now my sister just brought home a 6
  193. border collie questions?
  194. is an american bulldog big?
  195. Does anyone know where i can adopt/buy a french bulldog?
  196. Does anybody know where a black and brown Shih Tzu is?
  197. Conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel are now 18--and they want to
  198. yorkshire terrier or papillon?
  199. airedale terrier question.................?
  200. Do any other girls wear boxers to bed?
  201. does anyone have the brittany song?
  202. how do i regester my boxer puppy? the sellers wont give me the mom and dads
  203. Pug being aggressive toward me, after trying to bite my toes. help!?
  204. My pug is scared of men?
  205. why does my chihuahuas eyes water?
  206. How to become a real estate agent in St. John's Newfoundland.?
  207. I want a bloodhound preferably a red female, can anyone help?
  208. How do you know your Chihuahua is pregnant?
  210. My neighbour wants me to babysit her teacup poodle named Puddles; should I...
  211. Who are your all-time favorite boxers that are other than your own...
  212. New Chihuahua question :-) Again!?
  213. Boxing info: avg. boxers per year, # of jobs produced by boxing, etc.?
  214. should i get a shih tzu or lab?
  215. how much would a jack russell terrier be ?
  216. where can i buy great dane,golden retriever,king charles cavalier spaniel ?
  217. staffordshire bull Terrier male?
  218. Boxers from your neck of the woods?
  219. beagle ?
  220. How much do golden retrievers shed?
  221. Is a border collie right for me?
  222. What other bus lines can I take to travel from Washington DC to Cleveland beside
  223. Is there an Australian Cattle dog Rescue in......?
  224. what do you think of Pugs ?
  225. I got a new poodle, but I thinks she's sick......?
  226. where can you get chihuahuas for this amount?
  227. Why did Obama give Conyers, Levin Boxer supena power?
  228. Yorkshire Terriers? Names, Information and opinions? Help!?
  229. Are Labrador Retrievers dangerous? do they bite?
  230. Very Small Runt Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy?
  231. Whats wrong with my pregnant pug?
  232. Why does my chihuahua shake a lot?
  233. Min Pin/Pug mix.....very noisy.......what can you tell me about these dogs?
  234. My miniature poodle has PANCREATITIS problems. ?
  235. Does anyone own a great dane?
  236. Do You know anything about Catahoula Leopard Dog, or Australian
  237. im getting a puppy rottweiler soon. will he be ok with my kids when hes older?
  238. is weeks old too early to buy a pomeranian puppy? I dont want to get it sick.?
  239. how much will it cost for a 6 wk old pug?
  240. my mom and I saw a dog that looks like a husky but is as big as a small chihuahua...
  241. Are Bloodhound Gang good to see live?
  242. Any have pictures of a havanese?
  243. Looking forShih - tzu Cross (X) Pomeranian Breeders In NSW?
  244. What is the best dry dog food for my border collie.?
  245. We would like a Labrador Retriever?
  246. Is this a purebred chihuahua?
  247. How do I potty train a Chihuahua?
  248. Does anyone have a Havanese?
  249. My Bichon Poodle won't eat dry food?
  250. True of False: Brittany Spears Sucks?