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  1. Are newborn french poodles already curly?
  2. calling all chihuahua owners!!!?
  3. My landlord has a older (Golden Retriever) that urinates only in the house and...
  4. Border Collie Tips? :3?
  5. where can I buy a Maltese Terrier or a Yorkshire in melbourne for under $500?
  6. What is the history of a Rottweiler?
  7. How can I Convience my mom in letting us get a chihuahua?
  8. we just got a shih tzu/chi mixed, he is 10wks 6.3 lbs anyone have one and how
  9. Can I take my Boxer Dog to Fort Bliss Housing?
  10. Which is better on guys? Boxer shorts or boxer briefs?
  11. is it likely for a king charles spaniel to get a hereditary problem?
  12. how can i help a malnourished chihuahua i rescued?
  13. Can cold weather hurt a golden retriever ?
  14. My Chihuahua chews to no end!?
  15. Poodle knotting problem... what can i do?
  16. Shih tzu liver problems?
  17. Will my pomeranian shed before she goes into heat or during?
  18. Rat Terrier Chihuahua Mix Heath Problems?
  19. is it safe for my 7 year old golden retriever to have puppies?
  20. What is the womanizers name in brittany spears' womanizer music video?
  21. Name for a female shih tzu !! ?
  22. Irish Wolfhound or Great Dane?
  23. My Bichon Frise is being a nuisance. ?
  24. Wrestler vs boxer, who would win?
  25. Problems with my new Shih Tzu?
  26. Do girls like it when a guy's boxers are showing?
  27. can a pomeranian puppy?
  28. Boston terrier marking in the house?
  29. How can I persuade my (almost) housetrained Whippet to 'go' off our property?
  30. Chihuahua breeding questions seem the most?
  31. We bred our american bulldog last saturday and she now leaking a...
  32. What would a miniature schnauzer/AmStaff mix look like?
  33. I have a pug with weird white stuff in her folds?
  34. Why did my papillon/maltese mix puppy die?
  35. What do you think about this chihuahua??? Cute or not?
  36. fernando vargas boxer?
  37. What is a good valentines present for my Chihuahua?
  38. How can I train my 3 year old schnauzer ?
  39. my beagle keeps shaking her head is she ok?
  40. My Rottweiler's ears smell bad, like feet..?
  41. Should i get a citronella bark collar for my 3 month old dachshund?
  42. what can i do for my chihuahua to gain weight?
  43. Has anyone in the UK have a Keeshond?
  44. bought a dog. Hes 3, shih tzu. struggling to get him to sleep in kitchen...
  45. How do you make a boxer(dog) stop barking?
  46. what should i cross breed my pomeranian?
  47. how do I train my dog at at home I have a 13 month old dachshund who has...
  48. Should Micheal Savage rlun for the office of Boxer or Fienstein in
  49. Which is your favorite color for Mastiff?
  50. Black line on tip of chihuahuas penis?
  51. I want to buy a female Pomeranian puppy the only problem is that I can't
  52. i have a six month old pug and i am having trouble potty traing her. i
  53. i need help locating respected breeders of the american staffordshire terrier.?
  54. the web sight in memory of brittany farsht that was killed?
  55. My pekingese just ate chocolate?
  56. which is better for my english bulldog, a collar or a harness?
  57. I Want To Buy Labrador Retriever Pups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!!!!!?
  58. will my golden retriever have enough exercise?
  59. Help My chihuahua puppy is making weird noises!?
  60. which is a better breed calivier king charles spaniel or golen retreiver?
  61. Should I adopt a 4 year old Stafford shire Bull Terrier from the animal shelter?
  62. Do Isabella Dachshunds really have more skin problems?
  63. My Pomeranian has kidney disease?
  64. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  65. What more Advanced Tricks can I teach my Beagle?
  66. A question for DACHSHUND owners?
  67. I have an old dog Black lab/whippet mix?
  68. Why can't i find a Cairn Terrier Breeder anywhere near me?
  69. Is it possible to start training a 8 week old pug?
  70. Boston Terrier is defying all forms of discipline and obedience?
  71. My new chihuahua is scratching herself raw ?
  72. My 4 year old chow is really sick, blood in urine, not eating, just sleeps and...
  73. Just because a litter of puppies are half English Bulldog does that...
  74. Does anyone know how large a beagle gets?
  75. What should I name my new male puppy? He is a pure white Pomeranian.?
  76. Life expectancy of a boxer and what can I give him to make him feel better, I...
  77. rottweiler biting her owner?
  78. Chihuahua rubbing butt against floor?
  79. Italian Greyhound??? Rabies?? Whats Wrong?
  80. Looking for a Saint Bernard breeder/shelter/rescue?
  81. women which do you prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  82. How to litterbox train my dachshunds?
  83. Looking for a Samoyed Breeder in Missouri, Nebraska, or Kansas, anyone know...
  84. On two occasions my year old Beagle mix has peed on herself (and the bed).?
  85. Yorkshire Terrier breeders on Long Island?
  86. if you have ever heard of a dog called a Finnish spitz, I need you to tell
  87. How to deal with my Bichon Poodle - barking and fear of strangers?
  88. Where can I find an English Bulldog?
  89. I have an Italian Greyhound and a few problems...Help?
  90. Will my Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffy) x Labrador Retreiver have Hip Dysplasia?
  91. whats so sexy about wearing boxer shorts?
  92. Remedy for Yeast Infection in Pug face folds?
  93. Is it dangerous to breed a male cocker spaniel and female Pomeranian?
  94. I am getting a 2 month old Shih Tzu (female) any suggestions for cute names?
  95. Is a German Shepherd an Australian dog? if so.. why?
  96. Puppy chow recipe without peanut butter?
  97. what would happen if a female border colie and a male chihuahua were to mate?
  98. which is better, boxer dog or doberman pinscher ?
  99. My Siberian Husky is acting strange...?
  100. Our 14 week old border collie tends to whimper when he travels in the car?
  101. How much should I feed my chihuahua?
  102. What food should I feed my shih tzu puppy?
  103. Is there such thing as a basset hound bloodhound mix?
  104. theres a huge rottweiler on my street thats sometimes chained out front and lunges
  105. My Boston Terrier has very large upright ears but behind them he is losing hair
  106. how big does a lhasa apso get?
  107. Is it normal for a Pug Puppy to act like a terrible two child?
  108. What is the weather in Brittany, France like in July?
  109. Help on raising a new chow chow puppy?
  110. my boxer started lactating but isnt prego, but i am could she have...
  111. I registered my purebred shih-tzu's with the AKC ?
  112. My housetrained male pug is now peeing all over the house and beds since I got a...
  113. is my pug eating too much?
  114. Do you think Brittany Spears got better or worser over the years?
  115. Does anyone have a English Bulldog?
  116. I have a 3 lb. chihuahua, he is a year and a half old.....?
  117. Jack Russell Terrier Questions?
  118. Why does my Pekingese take mouthfulls of food away from the bowl to eat?
  119. Is my chow chow/ golden retriver overweight?
  120. I'm moving to new zealand and want to take my purebred staffordshire bull...
  121. My pregnant chihuahua died yesterday with blood puring out of her ears. help!?
  122. How often and how long should I walk my overweight beagle every day?
  123. Pug question...Please help?
  124. Has a fighter (boxer, kick boxer, wrestler) ever come back from heart surgery?
  125. chihuahua barks when I put him in his crate?
  126. Just got off the Greyhound in San Francisco it is 4am I need some place to stay warm
  127. How much does a English Foxhound at a breeder?
  128. Overrated/Underrated boxers of the current era?
  129. i have a one year old Chowchow will getting a Yorkshire Terrier be a bad idea?
  130. How much would an American Eskimo puppy be sold for?
  131. What would a cross between a black labrador and a golden retriever look like?
  132. Boxer is 1 1/2 and hasnt gone into heat yet?
  133. Is it ok to feed my chihuahua chicken occasionaly?
  134. How to train two 5 month old mini dachshunds to...?
  135. do you like chihuahuas ?
  136. Who is the most popular female boxer?
  137. Help, I really miss my dead vizsla dog?
  138. pug breeders in central ny?
  139. Which is your favorite colour for Great Dane ?
  140. Shih Tzu tips for 11 weeks old?
  141. were can i find a grill basset hound dog in los angeles for ?
  142. arnaud boxers in eunice la?
  143. Is there a photo of a dachshunds skeleton?
  144. Chihuahua with diarrhea?
  145. Can someone tell me if my Chihuahua is pregnant? She would be about 26 days
  146. My Chihuahua is gagging and throwing up white foam and a snotty like clear liquid,...
  147. Anyone know how to make BBQ Pork Chow Don?
  148. My beagle takes forever to get up after laying down.. does she have arthritis maybe?
  149. What is a good Dry Dog Food for mini dachshunds?
  150. Chihuahua house training help?
  151. My border collies sick!?
  152. tring to find web sight for brittany farsht memorys?
  153. Can I make my Pomeranian skinny again?
  154. How can I help my small poodle to walk again?
  155. Clear odorless discharge from rottweiler that is potentially a little over 4 weeks
  156. Are Boston Terriers hard to take care of?
  157. What breed of a dog would be a good companion for a beagle?
  158. Kick in the knees affective again boxer?
  159. How would you compare the ears and muzzles of labradors versus golden retrievers?
  160. Cairn Terrier info please?
  161. Help finding a black and white chihuahua?!?
  162. my boxer had nine puppies and 6 dies already is it bacause its her first time
  163. My 8 week old boxer puppy has had diarehia, blood in his poop, and has...
  164. Is my pomeranian sick?
  165. I want to get a cat, but don't know how my beagle/basset will react. Any advice?
  166. Confused about Greyhound bus!!?
  167. Know any toy poodle breeders that live around SanFrancisco or somthing?
  168. Hi im currently living in hawaii ohau and looking for a chocolate labrador retriever?
  169. How much do Shiba Inu's usually go for?
  170. Why did Brittany Spears vote for Obama?
  171. What size boxers should I buy for my boyfriend?
  172. Boxers, Briefs, Thongs, or Depends?
  173. Is this normal for a Labrador Retriever?
  174. Did Jesus wear boxers or briefs?
  175. When are Shetland Sheepdogs fully grown?
  176. 2 month Yorkshire Terrier?
  177. Why do chihuahuas sing?
  178. Where can I see that video of that boxer that took 6 gun shots and killed...
  179. What happened to paris's bff brittany? ?
  180. My husband hates my Scottish Terrier. How do I best handle the situation?
  181. Dogue de Bordeaux or Dogo Argentino?
  182. What kind of adult food to feed my 7 month Old English bulldog?
  183. Is Paris Hilton still BFF with Brittany, they girl who won her show?
  184. how to train my toy poodle to do tricks?
  185. Did you know that the national dog of Holland is the Pug?
  186. My deer chihuahua has a skin rash that started out as scabby patches, and now...
  187. I'm getting a pug what should I do?
  188. Do pugs shed a LOT?????????????????
  189. I have a pug, she has nipples since november and now she keeps panting what does
  190. Question for American Pit Bull Terrier owners...?
  191. Was my chihuahuas mum too young to breed?
  192. I have a bit of money saved up....and...want to move to newfoundland?
  193. How Much Can I Sell My American Eskimo For?
  194. What's a good way to correct some challenging beagle behaviors?
  195. Are Boston Terriers very cute?
  196. Shih Tzu Sneezing. Meds are not working. Can you help!?
  197. What do I do about a 9-mth old boxer with separation anxiety?
  198. I have young Full Blood Chow and she has a marble size lump on her groin
  199. which do women prefer on men boxer shorts or briefs?
  200. golden retriever help?
  201. what is a good cute Chihuahua name for a male dog?
  202. Whats up with my Cavalier king charles spaniel?
  203. I have a boxer's fracture! painful...?
  204. my whippet is in 3rd season?
  205. Is my dog a pure breed Shetland Sheepdog?
  206. What is the real name of the pomeranian dog in Blade Trinity and Superman Returns?
  207. My school has stopped the boys from wearing boxer underwear! This is...
  208. Clippers on a Shih-Tzu?
  209. you think Arlanski would be a good boxer in the heavy weight divion?
  210. My toy poodle has a lump under her nipple!?
  211. When can I breed my Pomeranian?
  212. is it okay if i keep my shih tzu shaved?
  213. Why does my Shih Tzu dog viciously bite us?
  214. shih tzu owner needs your help really bad!!!!! =[?
  215. i want to kno what kind of chihuahua do i have?
  216. Does anyone know of a breeder that specializes in Brittany spaniel mixes?
  217. What is a good name for a border collie?
  218. Which boxers do you like better?
  219. Help please, is it ok, my 9 mnth shih tzu ate a chiken bone.?
  220. Who knows about Pugs or Chihuahua's?
  221. Is it normal for short-haired dachshunds do have bald bellies?
  222. Poodle Mixes!.........................................?
  223. has any one herd of the siberian husky breeder Aoi Kita Kaze?
  224. I've got a problem with my cairn terrier. Can you help?
  225. I have a beagle who likes to look out the window. He sits on the headrest...
  226. A question for Boxing fans about an MMA fight!i need ur opinion!Arlovski (boxer) vs
  227. getting prepared to welcome my new super tiny long coat chihuahua. what would i need?
  228. do you have a brittany spaniel do you hunt with it?
  229. Silky Terrier or Yorkie? Any experience? ?
  230. Who is this song by? Bob marley? Greyhound? unknown?
  231. Whats your favorite color? Boxers or briefs?
  232. What can't your English Bulldog live without?
  233. women which do you prefer on men boxers or boxer briefs?
  234. Questions about mini/toy schnauzers?
  235. exciting english boxers?
  236. Should I put my Shih Tzu on diet food?
  237. Barack Obama wear boxer or brief? and wear also jockstrap?
  238. Anyone ever have a good experience purchasing a dog online? I'm looking for a long
  239. Does anyone else have a pug X jap. chin?
  240. my chihuahua has blood in his stool...he also cries alot as if he's in pain
  241. can i be a famous boxer if am very good?
  242. My housetrained 9-mth old boxer will urinate as soon as I leave the
  243. in nintendogs dalmatian and friends, is it true?
  244. Lhasa Apso Distichiasis?
  245. Do you know what a Keeshond is?
  246. how can i find a male pomeranian to breed with my female pomeranian? ?
  247. Whats your favorite color? Do you wear boxers or briefs? and do you have an...
  248. Neutering a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua - too late?
  249. anyone know where to get german shepard, enlgish mastiff, or great dane puppies
  250. My mom's 9 week old pomeranian displaced a vertebrae in his neck. Been to...