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  1. Urgent? Yorkie puking?
  2. my 8 wk old shih tzu keeps crying?
  3. Girl dog names? but nothing stupid like fluffy.?
  4. I have a 7 month poodle who loves to?
  5. Help! I think my Maltese is a reincarnation of Richard Nixon!?
  6. i just got a chihuahua a he is scared of me?
  7. Maltese with a lot of issues?
  8. what kind of brush should i groom my dachshund with?
  9. German Shepherd puppies?
  10. Introducing a teacup yorkie to a 6 year old male yorkie?
  11. What brand of food to feed my dog when she developed an allergy to fish?
  12. Should we get a bichon frise?
  13. my 3 pound Yorkie ate a chocolate chip? will she die?? please help asap?
  14. I've taken my puppy ( 2mnth old pitbull) to the vet due to him walking
  15. expected dog growth rottweiler?
  16. Aggressive German Shepherd? Or something else?
  17. My rottweiler is 10 months and has this symptoms?
  18. how big would a miniature eskimo spitz and a chihuahua get?
  19. who would win a fight a toy poodle against a shelty?
  20. Would it be a good idea to pair a female german shepherd with a male...
  21. Is it a good idea to get a golden retriever?
  22. were is a good place to get clothes for a yorkshire terrier.?
  23. Should I get a Pomeranian or German shepherd.?
  24. Can you give me a breed of dog with these traits?
  25. Chihuahua Help Please!!!?
  26. i need cute dog names?
  27. My pug has V&D help!?
  28. My new puppy...only 6 weeks old and away feom his mommy...is this bad?
  29. What can i do to get my boston terrier/beagle mix dog to stop licking my suede couch?
  30. deleted because it wasnt worded right: how do i get my mom to help me train my dog...
  31. Can someone tell me imformation about Chocolate labradors?
  32. rottweiler, german shepherd, or american bulldog?
  33. which two are best yorkie vs. pug vs. chihuahua vs.shih-tzu vs. irish terrier?
  34. my german shepherd has been licking her front paw and she has a bare spot.?
  35. Is this normal behavior for a Pomeranian?
  36. I have been bottle feeding a two week old puppy. she hasn't pooped but one little
  37. Is my Pomeranian normal?
  38. does anyone know any staffie dogs for sale in the gloucestershire area?
  39. do u guys like maltese or yorkie?
  40. What breed of dog is this?
  41. I know yorkies are regularly expensive but does anyone know where or how i
  42. My pomeranian is acting very strange and wont calm down..Help!?
  43. Looking for a dog, which breed should i consider?
  44. Is Golden Retriever suitable for my household?
  45. Help with a dominant English Bulldog?
  46. How heavy should my bichon frise be?
  47. My 5 month old chihuahua is having seizures right now, what can I do until morning?
  48. My Mini dachshund weighs 10lb and is 6 months, is she overweight?
  49. can a great pyranee and a yorkie get along?
  50. My young pug keeps hacking and gagging...?
  51. how much do you have to brush a labradoodle?
  52. how old is it until a labrador really grows up in marchity?
  53. Does your pet sleep on your bed?
  54. Yorkie throwing up white foam?
  55. Bulldog or Cocker Spaniel?
  56. Shih Tzu topknot matting?
  57. My 7month old Yorkie stands 11 inches tall is this normal?
  58. What to name a pitbull/staffy x?
  59. What breed of dog are these puppies?
  60. How active is an 8 year old standard poodle?
  61. Poll: Who likes the show T.U.F.F Puppy?
  62. What is a pet stores price on rough green snakes?
  63. Dog Training Leaving our 10 acres?
  64. any teacup pomeranian or chihuahua breeders in NJ or NY?? PLEASE HELPP?
  65. can a st bernard and a golden retriever have black puppies?
  66. My miniature schnauzer ate combat roach bait what do i do?
  67. Any Good Spanish & English Songs Like Pitbull?
  68. i have a 5 year old pug rescued from a puppy mill that will not use the bathroom
  69. I want a cocker spaniel?
  70. AKC boston terrier help about register?
  71. which breed is more of a typical "lapdog"? Chihuahua vs. Papillon?
  72. I british and maltese citizenship. My wife is serbian. what visa could she apply for?
  73. DOG OWNERS: What kind of dog food do you recommend?
  74. Labrador overweight in winter only?
  75. My chihuahua acts like she's hungry all the time and is constantly scavenging...?
  76. How much do teacup (runt) yorkies eat a day?
  77. Q regarding dog contracts with reputable breeders?
  78. Walking a golden retriever?
  79. Dog Name for a Black Male Labrador Retriever?
  80. Where can I buy a Irish Wolfhound puppy?
  81. would you consider a maltipoo a good dog?
  82. sick pomeranian what to do?
  83. What mix of breeds do you think my dog is?
  84. My Jack Russel Terrier...?
  85. Why isn't our Chihuahua puppy eating?
  86. My 2 year old cairn terrier has recently had pups and now all of one puppy...
  87. Questions about German Shepherds, any breeders here?
  88. What's your opinion on breakaway dog collars?
  89. What age do you think a child is capable of training or helping to train a puppy?
  90. What do you do if you feel the dog breeder lied?
  91. What breed of dog do you think is the ugliest?
  92. What's better, a Cockapoo or a Border Collie and why?
  93. how can i train my dog to wake up later?
  94. DOG masters help? maltese pups!?
  95. what bone should i feed my small dog?
  96. We have a rescue dog that has OCD(Obsessive compulsive Disorder)?
  97. should i let my shih tzu Harley see my dead Kassidy?
  98. am i the only one who will say i not only know someone who owns a pet store
  99. why is my dachshund peeing all over my furniture?
  100. my english bulldog female suffers from itching she has to get a steroid shot mthly
  101. What breed of dog is this?
  102. Some evil dog names please?
  103. Can you be charged sales tax for raising and selling your own pups that are AKC
  104. Advice concerning my soon to be little pitbull girl and my present chihuahua.?
  105. Maltese housebreaking and separation anxiety help?
  106. Can you help my pug get some votes?
  107. What are good dog clicker training videos on youtube?
  108. i have bichon puppy who isnt eating....?
  109. i have a german shepherd cross and a springer spanielcross collie,can i...
  110. Papillon vs. Chihuahua?
  111. How do rescue places for unwanted pets handle dogs?
  112. a bubble under a poodles eye?
  113. Dog Coats For Yorkies?
  114. Pomeranian OR Golden Retreiver ?
  115. what are some really cute dog names?
  116. Is my Chihuahua sick?
  117. Why do people treat puppies like purses?
  118. arent poodles supposed to like the cold weather?
  119. My Chihuahua has had diarrhea off and on recently and her stomach makes this...
  120. Will a labrador stops a stranger getting into the house?
  121. Girl names for a Golden Retriever puppy?
  122. What is wrong with my golden retriever?
  123. 15 wk old, sheltie puppy parvo survival?
  124. Could someone please help me find a pomeranian breeder?
  125. Looking to buy a Rottweiler pup in Oklahoma area..?
  126. Anyone know whats going on with my chihuahua having seizures?
  127. Does anyone have a creative name for a dog walking company?
  128. Where can I find Miniature Beagle puppies for sale in upstate New York?
  129. why is my pug loosing all her hair?
  130. Can you carry nearly-full sized pugs in the cabin on Air Canada flights?
  131. What kind of pomeranian haircut is this?(pics)?
  132. Why does my boston terrier snore so loud?!?
  133. dog breeders advice? prices $$$?
  134. I want a pocket pug..Where can i get one?
  135. I have a Minature poodle. How can I train him to come back to me during play? Janet?
  136. will my rottweiler be ok when my friends come round?
  137. My Rottweiler eats soil and pebbles. Why?
  138. Why won't my sharpay dogs breed?
  139. where can i get a leather pet bed big enough for a rottie?
  140. I have An 9 week old chihuahua puppy can i feed him cooked salmon (His wieght...
  141. i have one questions on my one year old jack russell/ beagle mix. ?
  142. i want a chihuahua but my mom has bad allergies?
  143. Am i well prepared for a German Shepherd puppy?
  144. Out of these two German Shepherd litters, which would you choose from?
  145. Help, My Yorkie ate a few raisins?
  146. what is the best dog for me?
  147. Are pomeranian dogs good dogs to have?
  148. What kind of breed of dog is this?
  149. cocker spaniel puppy help?
  150. need helo finding golden retriever puppies in?
  151. What dog is best for a single women?
  152. A yorkie puppy in Denver, CO?
  153. can a dog breeder really do this?
  154. how much is a 2 yr. old Maltipoo worth?
  155. Dog snarked at me, what's the best way to deal with this?
  156. Questions about teacup yorkies?
  157. Which sentence is correct? Each of the puppies chase a ball or Each of the...
  158. what is a good breed of dog for a helping hands dog?
  159. how do i get my 6 week chihuahua- Yorkie to drink water?
  160. Does this look like a good dog breeder?
  161. How much is a 2 yr. old Maltipoo worth?
  162. My weimaraner Rufus passed away this morning. What is legal in terms of disposal?
  163. What do you use to walk your dachshunds and feed them?
  164. My dachshund has a strange hitch in his step. Any ideas as to why or
  165. Are conservatives christians fine with using mans best friend (dogs) and our
  166. P&S- Are you for or against electric fence collars for dogs..?
  167. should I get a standard size or miniature dachshund?
  168. How much exercise do Golden Retrievers need?
  169. Is there anything i can give my poodle to make her coat grow faster?
  170. anyone got some cool names for a dog?
  171. how much should my mastiff rottweiler mix puppy eat?
  172. Can any dogs breed? ie different races?
  173. Does my golden retriever have an obedience problem?
  174. German Shepherd injured by car?
  175. 2yr old Maltese / Poodle Cross With Foot Staining From Food Allergies?
  176. Should i ask landlord if i can have Chihuahua in apartment?
  177. how much protein for 8lb 5yr male Maltese/Pomeranian mix?
  178. How do I teach my dog to potty train?
  179. Bernese Mountain Dog ?
  180. Who has a specific way of naming their dog? or dog breed?
  181. Is a Jack Russel a good playmate to get for a fox terrier?
  182. Is the weimaraner the right breed for me?
  183. How to housetrain and rehousetrain Yorkies and a leg issue on a yorkie?
  184. Im getting a 12inch iguana tomorrow from a pet store..? (read on)?
  185. Why is my German Shepherd whining?
  186. how big will a boston terrier get from the floor to the top of its head?
  187. I want a red labrador retriever where should i get one?
  188. how to house train a pomeranian?
  189. What kind of dogs are the smallest?
  190. My puppy growls and then tries to bite me if I try to take her bone away, how can I
  191. I want a small sheltie dog. Is there a mix?
  192. lab/pit mix and pomeranian?
  193. Pomeranian yiking everytime he moves?
  194. Why does my 4 /o Jack Russel Terrier sleep all the time?
  195. Is my english bulldog in heat?
  196. Does pets supplies plus sell snails?
  197. Is there anyway i can use chi energy to help my pug feel better?
  198. My dog who is a 5 lb yorkie ate a shell of a capsule of temazepam 15 mg he is
  199. Pet stain remover smell on bed...?
  200. chihuahua advice please?
  201. Why is my 7 month old chihuahua drooling and licking excessively suddenly...
  202. why do people automatically thumbs down me when i list my source as "my mom owns a
  203. What breed of dog should I get next?
  204. My golden retriever is 16 years old & is having trouble getting up?
  205. Pitbull Puppy Question?
  206. Cockapoo or Havanese?
  207. Yorkshire terrier temperment?
  208. Chihuahua breeders in Lower Mainland/Vancouver area?
  209. Can a Rottweiler take as much as a GSD?
  210. Very shy Golden Retriever puppy?
  211. My dog is a husky cross rottweiler. She has rottweiler markings but will
  212. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Attack?
  213. Which stores in Geelong sell a wide range of pets?
  214. what is a good small dog that doesn't bark all the time?
  215. What is the best way to introduce 2 German Shepherds?
  216. Purchased a zebra pet bed and my daughter thought it was a chair for an adult;...
  217. how big should a maltipoo be at 6 months?
  218. I have a really rare albino Havanese puppy how do I get her pic on a magazine?
  219. Is sex with poodles always wrong?
  220. My rescue snapped at my boyfriend and my boyfriend struck the dog. Now I
  221. German Shepherd outside?
  222. How would you use classical conditioning to help train dogs to do this?
  223. what's the best breed of dog to get?
  224. I have a one year old Pomeranian. Should i feed him small breed BB?
  225. Does your Cocker Spaniel have a HUGE appetite? Mine sure does.?
  226. my weimaraner is 7 month old and he does not listen to a word i say !!!?
  227. How long does a 3 year old Shih Tzu live ?
  228. What's the best way to teach my dog to lay down?
  229. Can you be charged sales tax for raising and selling your own pups that are AKC
  230. Good dog food for sensitive digestive system?
  231. what are the best registration papers to have for a pitbull?
  232. what are some good dog names that go with the name Haley?
  233. My pitbull hates when i leave her?
  234. Dog snarked at me, what's the best way to deal with this?
  235. Are all toy poodles snouty? Do they look the same when they are older?
  236. I have a female shih tzu keep barking and jumping up and down what does it mean?
  237. why did my shih tzu pups died....?
  238. Looking for a dog breed?
  239. My two year old Jack Russel terrier stops randomly and goes completely
  240. What's wrong with my puppy?
  241. Is a Pug x Jack Russell worth getting?
  242. Is 11 weeks too old to buy a pitbull pup?
  243. My 4 month old puppy jack russell has just com eup in loads of bumps under the
  244. why does my boston terrier cry constantly?
  245. Does anybody know this dog's page on Facebook? (picture included)?
  246. Yorkie has diarrhea and is acting strange? ?
  247. what are good names for my pug and other dogs?
  248. reasons why to breed cocker spaniels?
  249. My yorkie has a knot behind her ear?
  250. what would be a good name for my visla dog?