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  1. what type of lighting or lightbulb is best to show of colorful fish?
  2. whats the best cat fish bait?or any bait that always works for every type of fish.?
  3. some fish that live deep in the ocean where there is no light are blind, yet
  4. fish disease type thing?
  5. an aquarium is 4ft long, 2 feet wide and 3 ft high. one type of fish needs
  6. What is this type of fish called?
  7. what type of tropical fish would be best to keep with my goldfish?
  8. What type of silicone can I purchase at Lowe's or Home Depot to reseal my fish tank?
  9. Hi, i want to breed my fighter fish?
  10. How much would it cost to breed my fish?
  11. What type of Fish should my german shepherd dog be eating ?
  12. What type of freshwater fish should I get?
  13. can i put any type of underwater plant in my fish tank for goldfish(coldwater)?
  14. What type of fish is this?
  15. What are the most colourful/vibrant/patterned/extravagant types of tropical fish?
  16. do you need a licence to breed and sell fish in the UK?
  17. How to breed Betta Fish.?
  18. What type of small freshwater fish can withstand cooler water?
  19. My ten gallon aquarium looks empty. What type of fish can I 'safely' add
  20. what type of fish should i put in a 10 gallon fish tank?
  21. What type of bass lures should be fished with certain types of line?
  22. are betta fish a type of gourami?
  23. will the fish breed ?
  24. what types of freshwater fish dont eat their own babies and are easy to breed?
  25. I want to breed betta fish but I don't know what I would do with them?
  26. what type of fish should I get my niece ?
  27. Why don't people breed their own fish to eat?
  28. Why is the color of my angel fish dulling and why do angel fish color pop
  29. what type of fish shall i get?
  30. What saltwater fish should i breed in my 20 gallon aquarium (10 POINTS)?
  31. I want to breed and raise fish to eat myself?
  32. Pet fishes, what type of fish/fishes should I get?
  33. what is your favorite type of fish that can be found almost anywhere?
  34. Im looking to spice up my breeding styles in terms of different kinds of...
  35. what type fish can go in a cold water tank that is 6.5 litres?
  36. please explain me about black more fish breeding?...?
  37. what can i do to make my tank warm for my breeding fish?
  38. If i where to get a freshwater stingray for an aquarium what types of fish
  39. Tiger Barb fish breeding???
  40. do you need a licence or what type of licence do you need to fish in the river
  41. (10 points)What are some types of freshwater tropical fish?
  42. breeding feeder gold fish?
  43. Is there any type of 'Mini' star fish that could go in a 10 gallon Saltwater
  44. What type of food can be used as an occassional treat for Coldwater Fish
  45. What type of fish can live with fire bellied newts?
  46. Breeding fish- any experts?
  47. how to breed Swordtail fish?
  48. i want to breed fish?
  49. What type of fish do glo fish get along with?
  50. is beta fish easy to breed?
  51. anyone breeding betta fish interested in importing a good looking female to
  52. what types of fish can be put in tank with red sharks have a 29 gallon tank?
  53. What type of basic equipment do I need for fishing in Colorado?
  54. How do i breed small fish like Rosies or guppys?
  55. What type of fish is most like an actual pet?
  56. what kind of fish can i breed?
  57. Where can i buy a fish breeding box and for how much?
  58. What type of cichlids or colorful fish should i get for a 29gal aquarium?
  59. what type of fish can i catch in a river at this time, if i were to go farther north?
  60. Can a Green Puffer fish live with these types of fish?
  61. what types of larger tropical fish do they sell at the petco in encino, CA?
  62. What size does my angel fish have to be to breed?
  63. breeding dwarf neon rainbow fish?
  64. Books on Keeping and breeding many types of Fish?
  65. What are the best types of fish to have in a fish bowl?
  66. what type of fish is this? (pic not included as i cant figure out how to do it xD)?
  67. Which type of fish is best for me to get? (I've never had one before)?
  68. How to breed freshwater fish?
  69. fish breeding question?
  70. what type of fish should i get?
  71. breeding fighting fish?
  72. Help my poor fish is dying as I type!!?
  73. What is your favorite type of fish?
  74. How do you breed a Beta fish?
  75. What types of fish can survive in a fish bowl?
  76. I have a saltwater aquarium. Im seeting it up in march. What type of fish...
  77. What type of fish should I get with my mollies?
  78. what fish should i get to breed?
  79. is this a good breeding tank setup for Siamese fighting fish and sword tails?
  80. Sword tail fish breeding?
  81. How to you breed fish?
  82. How Do You breed Glo FIsh? How do you tell their sex?
  83. What type of fish/snail/anything will eat the leftover food on the bottom of my tank?
  84. whay aren't my betta fish breeding?
  85. I have a 10 gallon tank, and have been doing research on what type of fish can...
  86. What type of fish can i put in 5gallon tank?
  87. Can a Betta raja breed with other types of betta fish, such as a a halfmoon Betta?
  88. Information on breeding betta fish?
  89. i have a male and female simease fight fish this is my first time breeding...
  90. What type of fish should I get for my ten gallon tank that has a male betta
  91. What type of fish are likely in this lake and when is the best time to catch them?
  92. What type of fish should I get?
  93. What type of fish do I have?
  94. If you have a tank with a variety of fish, will they breed? If so, then what?
  95. what type of my pet fish would be best cooked?
  96. how do you breed fish on fishville? i just can't do it:)?
  97. Name some fish breeds that get along well-Easy to care for-not hard to find or...
  98. what is the easiest fish to breed?
  99. Do fish from the same breed have the same number of bones no matter what size...
  100. Easiest fish to breed?
  101. Fish Tycoon Help-new fish breeds dying at 19?
  102. what type of fish is salt fish?
  103. Breeding guppy fish....?
  104. Can i keep these breeds of fish together?
  105. What type of fish is this?
  106. What types of fish should I get?
  107. Does anyone know what type of fish this is?
  108. I wan to breed snails or fish?
  109. what is the breed of this fish and if its a live bearer or not?
  110. Whats the best and cheapest type of fish trap to use?
  111. Thinking of breeding my Betta Fish?
  112. what type of food do dwarf puffer fish like, and what local pet store sells the
  113. (10 points) What type of fish and plants are in lake malawi?
  114. how good is a product like this for fish breeding?
  115. What type of Fish Eye Lens should i get for my HDR-XR100 that will fit?
  116. What type of fish can I put in a 1 gallon and don't need a heater with?
  117. What type of fish to stock?
  118. What is a good fish to start breeding?
  119. What type of fish should we get?
  120. How would I go about selling the fish I breed, and possibly making an online
  121. What types of fish could I eat without it having that fishy taste. like...
  122. What type of fish can be kept in small ( I mean small) tanks?
  123. then will the fish breed?
  124. What breed of fish is this?
  125. How do i breed my fish?
  126. what type of fish is this?
  127. Fish Breeding Net or Trapper?
  128. What type of goldfish fish does this sound like?
  129. fish breeding?? cichlids, angelfish, or mollies?
  130. Which of my fish breed?
  131. can u catch an gar fish n this type of weather?
  132. what type of fish can i get that does not require a heater?!?
  133. Breeding Bettas: What is a good filter for 10 gallon fish tank?
  134. what kind of pet fish i can breed in a fish bowl?
  135. there is a place in western US where there is a hole which contains a breed
  136. what type of fish do i have?
  137. betta fish breeding problems help?
  138. what type of fish should i put in my 5 gallon tank, or how many?
  139. fish breeding can breed my fish?
  140. What type of fish should I buy?
  141. What types of fish would get along with a beta fish?
  142. Help with fish breeding?
  143. how much sq feet do i need to breed and raise tropical fishes for sale.?
  144. Whats the best, most tastiest type of white fish?
  145. What is the best, cheap, freshwater fish for breeding?
  146. Why aren't my fish breeding together?
  147. What type of saltwater fish go together well? design a colorful beginner tank!?
  148. What are some types of pink fish?
  149. What are tropical fish like and are they easy to breed?
  150. what fish can breed in a 1/2 gallon tank?
  151. Breeding Angel fish, Need Help!!?
  152. I have a 996 gallon tank, what type of fish and plants should i put in it.?
  153. i want to start an fresh water aquarium which type of fish is best cichlids
  154. is there a website where I can look at various types of tropical fish..?
  155. What Amazon River fish are edible? is is easy to catch a fish? what types of...
  156. what is the fastest breeding fish?
  157. What type of african cichlids are fish these?
  158. how long should i place my livebearer fish in a breeding box ?
  159. What kind of fish is easy and fun to breed?
  160. what species of slatwater fish could breed in aquariums?
  161. What other types of fish can I put with guppies?
  162. What is a Ethical place to Buy Fish? All tank breed.?
  163. What are some fish types that come from the ocean and can live in the same tank
  164. What type of fish is a whale?
  165. what type of fish is this?
  166. how to breed goldfish, zebra danios in a 300 litre fish tank?
  167. How do u sell fish after you breed them?
  168. What type of freshwater fish is the hardiest and doesn't require a filter?
  169. what type of fish eye lens do i need for my canon eos rebel xt1?
  170. What type of filter should I get for my fish tank?
  171. can fish cross breed?
  172. What species of saltwater fish could breed in aquariums?
  173. What type of fish could, i get for a 10 gallon fish tank?
  174. Type of Food for SW Fish?
  175. My friend ran out of fish food and she does'nt have a car to go get some until
  176. Are there any types of fish that you can put together with fancy guppies?
  177. What fish breed of fish is in this video?
  178. what type of fish is it?
  179. What type of fishing rights are in Afghanistan or connected to it?
  180. Breeding red oranda fish?
  181. i have a female texas cichlid and a male blood parrot in a tan alone.can i breed
  182. What types of problems might occur if minerals were mined and fishing was
  183. what fish should i breed?
  184. What type of fish is fast enough to get away from a red eared slyder? I want to...
  185. How can i get rid or frogs that are breeding at my fish ponds,i think they are
  186. slightly easy fish to breed?
  187. How may types of fishing artificial lure? How to differentiate them?
  188. What types of fishing questions do you excel in/like to answer the best?
  189. Fish breeding........?
  190. What types of fish are common to see when snorkeling in Mexico?
  191. Siamese Fighter Fish Breeding HELP!?
  192. So, I am in the process of breeding Beta fish. And I was wondering how...
  193. Whats your favorite type of fish?
  194. What is a good type of fish for me to get?
  195. i want to breed betta fish?
  196. How do I know when my Female Betta Fish is ready to breed?
  197. Type of concentrated fish or game stock?
  198. smallest type of these fish?
  199. For raw feeders: What types of fish are good to feed your dog?
  200. does anybody breed fish as a side job?
  201. DEMAND elasticity for fish Please Help The demand for flounder (a specific
  202. breeding gold fish 2?
  203. Type of fish for dorm room?
  204. Bristlnose fish and vegetables - what types can they eat and how do i
  205. what are some types of fish that are really hard to kill?
  206. Mediocre fish to breed?
  207. what fish can you breed in a 2.5 gallon aquarium?
  208. what type of fish are these?
  209. How Do I breed my Fish on my own?
  210. Can you put a Betta fish with other types of fish?
  211. What are different type of feeder fish that can be housed in the same tank as
  212. Could you please tell me what type of fish is in the top left corner of this picture?
  213. Do angelfish bite, and what's a fiercer type of fish?
  214. how to breed snails and a fish?
  215. Hey Guys ! I want to breed two different species of fishes ? can it happen?
  216. How do i get my fish to stop breeding...?
  217. Whats better breeding fish? or having muilt cultural fish?
  218. What type of fish should I get for my 15 gallon aquarium?
  219. What type of fish should I add to my 28 gallon Nano?
  220. what type of fish is this?
  221. what r some diffrent types of jelly fish?
  222. What type of african cichlids are fish these?
  223. can you sugest fish types to buy for my tank ?? i want something new?
  224. Keeping fish with breeding snails?
  225. Getting an easy fish? - breed etc?
  226. where can i find young betta fish to breed on the big island of hawaii?
  227. what type of fish was this?
  228. angel fish breeding?????????????????????????????
  229. How can i breed my Betta fish?
  230. What type of bait is best when fishing for Perch?
  231. i have two oscars they are both 7 to 8 inches long, what other types of fish
  232. Breeding Bettas (Fighting Fish)?
  233. how easy is it to breed fish micky mouse mollys how can u tell the difference...
  234. what all kinds of fish will breed with a convict?
  235. what type of marine fish is this?
  236. What type of fish do I have?
  237. Anyone know what type of fish Deb/Flo is from Finding Nemo?
  238. Can anybody tell me what type of fish this is?
  239. Breeding fighting fish importent?
  240. does any one know what type of fish this are?
  241. What type of feeder fish is this?
  242. Is it easier to breed goldfish or betta fish?
  243. What kinds of fish breed a lot in captivity that could live with bala sharks...
  244. my puffer fish is pregnant and i know nothing about breeding fish, what do i do!?!?
  245. Is it easier to breed betta fish or regular gold fish?
  246. Survey..What type of Fish would you like to be ?
  247. Breeding fighting fish?
  248. Can you breed fish for eating?
  249. Why arn't my fighting fish breeding?
  250. How I can breed silver dollar fish and how I can recognize their sex?