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  1. Can I return a dying fish to Wal-Mart?
  2. First Aquarium in AZ! WOOO!?
  3. Albino catfish + Beta fish question.....?
  4. What are more fish I can add?
  5. Can you fix an aquarium once its cracked?
  6. How to make a fish trap?
  7. what are the advantages of adding live plants to a freshwater aquarium?
  8. What kind of fish would be nice in a 50g tank?
  9. Chicken, Steak or Fish?
  10. I boguht a beta fish today and put a house decoration for shelter in his...
  11. How many fish are in her aquarium?
  12. Can you NOT breed fish in a community tank?
  13. My Beta fish must be a dirty boy cause he has algae! Help!?
  14. Does anyone know where i can find fake fish or toy fish?
  15. Mass. Bass fishing in March?
  16. Freshwater Aquarium...cloudy?
  17. white spot on fish help?
  18. Do you really need a CO2 generator for your aquarium or will most easy grow...
  19. How come my fish tank is cloudy?
  20. Two Fish breeding question?
  21. Fishing for the largemouth?
  22. what kind of fish shoul di put in my 20g and 15g?
  23. fishing help with gang hooks?
  24. will these fish work together in a 48 gallon tank?
  25. why do you keep fish tanks?
  26. I have a yellow cloudy water in my fish tank? Why? What can fix this?
  27. Common fish species in Cuban coast?
  28. question for fish experts. about arowanas can i keep an arowana in a .....?
  29. can anyone suggest a good mixture of fish to start off my community tank ?
  30. have you ever heard of a fish turning black due to ammonia poisoning?
  31. Can anyone tell me a web site to identify fish?
  32. would these fish be ok in a 55 gallon?
  33. Do fish oil tablets make you break out?
  34. What is a colorful plant for a freshwater aquarium?
  35. is it ok to change the lighting settings by an hour in fish tanks ?
  36. Big Fish Games unauthorized charges...?
  37. Early Spring Bass Fishing?
  38. step by step details on how to cycle a fish tank?
  39. Looking for fish to put in my tank need ideas please and thanks...?
  40. Are there any creatures you can add to an Aquarium that can act as a cleaner of...
  41. another fish myth to pls clear up ?
  42. What kind of fish survive without a filter?
  43. Can my fish get diarrhea?
  44. What kind of fish do I own?
  45. How come Chameleon Cichlids(Chromis facetus) aren't popular as Aquarium fishes?
  46. good fish for my 1 month old 29 gallon saltwater aquarium?
  47. help with aquariums on second floors?
  48. How do I make concrete statues safe for my FW aquarium?
  49. Is it okay to use everyday garden rocks/stones/pebbles in your aquarium and
  50. is this normal about my pregnant fish?
  51. PLECO FISH. i want to help my favorite fish to grow big and strong?
  52. I dont know what my fish is!!?
  53. Fish for a 36 gallon bow front?
  54. Algae taking over my aquarium (picture!)??
  55. has anyone ever listened to the bands cream or fish and not been high and still...
  56. how do i change water in my aquarium.?
  57. What is a name of a fish with a deadly tail?
  58. why do all my fish act like they hungry all the time?
  59. parrot fish fin rot problem?
  60. Can my zebra fish be pregnant? Don't fish lay eggs? help!?
  61. I need to eat more fish, not crazy about the taste......?
  62. Fillet-O-Fish rap!??
  63. Fish and chips for breakfast, should I do it?
  64. Will small gold fish eat baby zebra fish?
  65. what Kind of fish should I get for my freshwater tank?
  66. Do aquarium filters filter the water conditioners?
  67. What has your doctor told you about eating fish?
  68. I have read on numerous Fish Profile Sites that mollies benefit from a little
  69. Help with saltwater fish tank?
  70. I gave my gold fish the wrong food...?
  71. What do i do when one of my fish eats most of the food?
  72. cycling questions help, fish in distress?
  73. How to clean my fish tank?
  74. My friend gave me a 75 gallon fish tank as she is moving far away and...
  75. Why does my Betta fish make these ever-lasting bubbles?
  76. anyone have a good fish recipe?
  77. Why did my fish die? Over the past 2 months we have lost nearly all our fish.?
  78. How do you prepare the fish to put in a pasta dish?
  79. Do biofilms form on fishes?
  80. is salmon/fish a healthier source of protein for dogs?
  81. i want to start a planted aquarium...what is CO2 Injection?
  82. ...therefore the Christian God created the universe, jesus was the son of god,
  83. About how much would a small filter be for a small fish tank?
  84. shark for a 29 gallon aquarium?
  85. Do crabs/lobsters/fish feel pain?
  86. i want to start a planted aquarium...what is CO2 Injection?
  87. Aquarium Water in Air Pipe?
  88. i have a bacterial bloom in my fish tank?
  89. i need help on where to find an 150 gallon aquarium cheap please help!!!?
  90. how long can fish tank go without carbon?
  91. HELP little worm things in aquarium??
  92. do i really have to change the water during the nitrogen cycle in my fish tank?
  93. What Kind of Fish are these?
  94. Fish compatibility in one tank?
  95. i have a 20 gal long aquarium and its empty! i want to add real plants this time
  96. Are there any cheats for fish tycoon on the full version?
  97. Help! Unknown fish disease, need to find a cure!?
  98. Fish Tank Fish Questions !?
  99. If I ate fish at 7:30 P.M., got sick from it at 10:00 P.M., pumped at 10:30
  100. Does eating fish cause cancer?
  101. I want to know what is the fish gravy, how's it like? which country it is in?
  102. The best hang on back of aquarium filter?
  103. Is this list of fish ok to live with?
  104. What type of fish is this??whale??shark??...picture included?
  105. can tetra betta fish blink and move their eyes?
  106. i am going to get tropical fish soon but i want to know how to take good...
  107. What is the best way to clean aquarium decorations?
  108. Saltwater fish are hypotonic to their surroundings while freshwater fish are...
  109. Can I feed my Saltwater aquarium fish live red wigglers?
  110. quail.... fish???????
  111. do you need a filter for a small fish tank?
  112. I dont think my fish heaters working????? Why?
  113. What is the best filter for betta fish?
  114. Buy or Sell: Fish ScaleIronman?
  115. What kinds of fish can you keep in a small vase not an aquarium?
  116. why is my fish eating my other fish tail?
  117. 68 Gallon Aquarium Upstairs?
  118. is this a good name for my fish?
  119. my fish aquarium is always foggy?
  120. I have a 44 gallon corner aquarium, anyone know of a web site that give uses
  121. What's wrong with my fish?
  122. How long does it take fresh aquarium water to be ready for general fish populations?
  123. does anybody know where to get a 90-150 gallon aquarium kit (freshwater) for
  124. Best fish for a 2 gallon tank (freshwater)?
  125. different water for my fish?
  126. how many fish tanks do you have?
  127. do you need a heater for a small fish tank?
  128. tetra plants okay for saltwater aquarium?
  129. Any good design or Idea for aquarium ?
  130. Another freshwater fish aquarium question?
  131. Runscape makin money! 43 fishing.?
  132. What equipment is needed for a saltwater aquarium?
  133. what is c02 for planted aquariums?
  134. what kind of animals live in a aquarium?
  135. My Oscar fish has one gill clamped shut.He is acting normal. Swimming around tank
  136. My Betta Fish in Tap Water?
  137. How long can a mini aquarium reef be neglected for?
  138. Getting rid of Aquarium snails?
  139. Putting new fish in my tank?
  140. Fish tank nitrate levels?
  141. can i keep my oranda ryukin gold fish in a ten gallon!!!help me!?
  142. how long will it take for the first ammonia spike during the cycling of my 10...
  143. why the pH of water in aquarium are change?
  144. Saltwater fish remove extra salt from their body by active transport
  145. I have a small lake i fish in, but all i catch is small largemouth bass.?
  146. What fish can i stock in my 275 litre freshwater aquaponics tank?
  147. I want to make my own aquarium. What is the common ingredients needed and
  148. What should I name my fish?
  149. Broken Aquarium Thermometre?
  150. I just bought a red Betta Fish! Anyone who has a Betta Fish please help
  151. Is using pure aloe in an aquarium safe?
  152. 7 of my fish died after the tank guy came and cleaned it?
  153. who else caught a fish like this today..........?
  154. What fish eat algae in a pond?
  155. Fishing Rods? Vintage....?
  156. Convicts the Fish...................................?
  157. If you put a gold fish in tap water how long until it dies?
  158. What should i keep with my betta in a 15 gallon aquarium?
  159. i just found a baby fish in my tank how do i kno it the right temps in the...
  160. Fishing help please !!!!...............................?
  161. a four letter word for a herring-like fish, the fourth letter being d?
  162. Not trying to sound like I'm 'pitty fishing' but...?
  163. why is my fish tank cloudy?
  164. About egg layer fish?
  165. wats wrong with my ghost knife fish?
  166. anyone have a phobia of fish?
  167. catfishing: catfish rod/reel combo at wallyworld,,how big a fish you think it will
  168. Can fish burp and fart?
  169. Chicago... how can i get to the navy pier from Shedd aquarium?
  170. the local fish store told me i can put 6 ram cichlids in my 10 gallon fish tank?
  171. Introducing new fish?
  172. I have an aquarium decor question...?
  173. Are most vegetarians anti-hunting anti-fishing?
  174. Betta Fish: reflection to the glass FLAREING?
  175. Which live longer fish or sea monkeys?
  176. Why did scientists develop ways to raise and farm fish?
  177. How long will it take to get 11-99 fishing in runescape?
  178. do malaysian trumpets eat fish eggs?
  179. So long, and thanks for all the fish!?
  180. Can you help me with my freshwater aquarium?
  181. My inexperience is killing my poor fish?
  182. Aquarium Concepts employee's names?
  183. I'm obsessed with fish. HELP!?
  184. keeping my fish tank healthy?
  185. Starlight (Muse), Weird Fishes/Arpeggi (Radiohead), or Falling Down (Oasis)?
  186. do you believe the myth/prophecy of the fish that lives in mirrors?
  187. Can I keep anything with my Betta in a 10 gallon aquarium?
  188. I just got an arowana fish, need some tips on keeping it.?
  189. My Angel Fish Won't Move!!!?
  190. wil a aquatank x-plus 10 gallon articlear aquarium work saltwater?
  191. help with fish in a 29 gallon?
  192. Fish: Rena Heater Smart heater?
  193. Commercial Fishing Question?
  194. Which of these best explains why a freshwater aquarium would be a dangerous habitat
  195. How many crumbs of fish food to feed a beta fish a day?
  196. Is it ok if i take those fish oil capsules when?
  197. freshwater aquarium related q?
  198. i bot my 1st fish tank, have 4 mollies, 2 black, 2 orange, the black has
  199. since adding ozone to my aquarium my skimmer has stopped working any ideas?
  200. How many african cichlids can I put in my 115 gallon aquarium?
  201. What are your fish stocking list?
  202. my 20 gallon fish tank is 30 inches long. but my stand that i have for it...
  203. Would it be better to get a light or medium light fishing rod?
  204. i have a turtle/fish tank, how can i keep it clean?
  205. is Super Glue poisonous to fish in a fish tank?
  206. My beta fish is sick. please help?
  207. is my fish dieing? help?
  208. How can you tell the difference between a boy zebra fish and a girl zebra fish?
  209. platy fish pregnant is she ready now?
  210. animal crossing city folk: how do i put away my fishing pole?
  211. What kind of fish should I get for a small tank?
  212. What kinds of angel fish are these?
  213. whenever i turn the lights on in my fish tank, my 2 oscars who normally get...
  214. aggressive sharks fish for home tank not exspensive?
  215. How should i fish a lake on sunday.?
  216. How do I keep my fish tank healthy?
  217. why dose my fish have white bubbles and red streaks on its fin?
  218. Which fish and how many can I get?
  219. i need help, my betta fish won't eat!?
  220. what fishing reel would be the best reel...........?
  221. What did the fish say when he swam into a concrete wall...?
  222. Tetracycline treatment turned my aquarium dark red?
  223. How do i get rid of ick (ich) on my fish?
  224. animal crossing city folk: how do i put away my fishing pole?
  225. Who else likes to go fishing?
  226. what do fish fingers consist of?
  227. i have a 20 gallon long Jewel aquarium!!?
  228. i have a 85 leisure battery and use a 300 inverter to use while fishing for...
  229. When do the fish start biting again in Illinois?
  230. Fishing with the current weather in Michigan... Will the fish bite, on
  231. Has anyone else had this problem with feeder fish from wal-mart?
  232. Who owns a Oceanic Bio Cube Aquarium?
  233. Is a parrot fish's fin not pointy, a surefire indicator of femaleness?
  234. Lipstick brands/any lip product that color lips not made from fish scales?
  235. New Aquarium is cloudy after putting in crushed coral. Should I wait to
  236. Are there any fish my Blue Gourami won't eat?
  237. Bass Fisherman : Would you rather catch a dozen small fish or one big one?
  238. Something wrong with our fish?
  239. what is the best fishing line?
  240. Flax seed oil and fish tablets?
  241. how many fish can i put in a 37 gallon eclipse fish tank?
  242. If it its 47 degrees and i am fishing for catfish will they bite or will it be
  243. a big, flat-mouthed fish found dead in the river ganga( india). the name is
  244. How much would a 55 gallon aquarium with everything except fish and plants cost?
  245. how to wash away a smell of fish from clothing ?
  246. saltwater fish question?
  247. what are some cures for fish fungus. my fish is said to have it because he...
  248. Algae eating fish in same tank as other fish?
  249. Spanish translation yahoo babel fish?
  250. Why is my angel fish's fin's tip turning red !?