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  1. Do you think puppies are cute?
  2. so many
  3. help at wits end
  4. My goldfish's anal vent is visible?
  5. Eskie questions: ukc, akc, and registered? Help?!?!?!?
  6. fose anyone know when dogpawfile will be up and running?
  7. Need a recommendation!?
  8. What snake is this and what's hanging out of this hole in the side of
  9. My dog is not eating her food.?
  10. why are rabbits paws not as sensitive to cold as dog paws are?
  11. can you post me a link of a of a irish wolfhound x great dane?
  12. Is laser declawing more humane than the traditional method?
  13. what is safe to use on my dog's "hot spot"?
  14. Kitten who has diarrhea after taking ALBON?
  15. For those who've used diapers: doesn't cutting a hole for the tail eli
  16. Why can you only bath your dog once a month?
  17. Dog section: What time is it in your time zone?
  18. Are dogs allowed to eat fruit?
  19. What's your fave animal and why? ?
  20. Are dogs allowed to eat fish?
  21. Are dogs allowed to eat cheese?
  22. Whats the difference between ravens and crows?Are they 2 different spe
  23. What are the cutest dog hybrids?
  24. My family really wants a reptile, can you answer this.. ?
  25. What Dogs Do You Own?
  26. Relapse in potty training?
  27. any suggestions on how to do this ?
  28. Housebreaking Puppy Question / Problem?
  29. Quite a few guppy questions + worm in tank q...?
  30. MY DOG does not like that much, HELP!!!?
  31. changing diet question...horses?
  32. Why does my cat like to come in the bathroom when i take a poo? ?
  33. A stray cat came in my garden and i fed it tuna and milk...?
  34. should i get another rabbit?
  35. What is the average cost for a B horse show?
  36. Is it ok to put two male rats together if they haven't grown up with e
  37. How to make a home made turtle leash?
  38. Citric Acid............?
  39. Why has our 5yr old male cat stopped showing us affection after we got
  40. Dog Agility Question...?
  41. I have hears but do not know for sure - is it true all pure white/blue
  42. How do i get my dog to stop eating poop?.. ?
  43. Is this true about guinea pigs?
  44. plz answer the question?
  45. What is the ideal pet insurance for me?
  46. Housebreaking Puppy Question / Problem?
  47. Quite a few guppy questions + worm in tank q...?
  48. MY DOG does not like that much, HELP!!!?
  49. changing diet question...horses?
  50. Why does my cat like to come in the bathroom when i take a poo? ?
  51. A stray cat came in my garden and i fed it tuna and milk...?
  52. should i get another rabbit?
  53. What is the average cost for a B horse show?
  54. what is the goal of a warm-up?
  55. Ball python question for owners or experienced?
  56. any ideals how to train a puppy of 9mths to tell me when she needs to
  57. My sister wants a pet but what one suites her? ?
  58. my hamster is acting weird help me plz?
  59. Which pet would get along better with a cat?
  60. i have a labrador & german shepherd?
  61. Best dog feedstuff? (food!)?
  62. Hamster cage help please? 10 points for best answer promise!?
  63. how to keep my cat from marking?
  64. Would you like to join a Hamster and Guinea Pig Project ?
  65. Are there any saddle seat magazines out there?
  66. My dog has a fever! How can I make it better?
  67. What is/was the fattest cat in the world EVER?
  68. do yorkies or silkies need to wear sweater and booties for walks in th
  69. my goldfishes both have white visible spot on their anal vent?
  70. Guinea pig or a hamster?
  71. how do you caress your horse? (treats? rubs?)?
  72. Do you ever wonder what your adopted dog looked like as a puppy?
  73. White worm coming out of cats butt?
  74. Deramaxx vs. Rymadil?
  75. can my aqua turtle live on land?
  76. Dog teeth?! recipe for teeth cleaning homemade?
  77. What do I do I gave my puppy 1/2 cc too much wormer?
  78. How do I Housetrain my puppy?
  79. How to do you pronounce cane corso?
  80. Any knowledge about kittens?
  81. My cat owns me and the house?
  82. What pet would be best for me?
  83. how many lives does a cat have in mexico?
  84. Are white patches possible on just black labs, or all three colors? ?
  85. Does your vet charge for this?
  86. is rambo a good name for a small dog?
  87. My 8 week old blue eyed kitten's eyes have suddenly turned dark grey h
  88. Cockatoo laying eggs?
  89. phytoplankton GOOD for bubble tip anemone?
  90. What is a natural flea deterrent for your dog?
  91. which is a better breed japanese spitz or a dachshund?
  92. How long do pets in a shelter have to get adopted before they get put
  93. What about a box turtle ?... ?
  94. How much would a dog cost?
  95. My kitten has a cold. Wheezing a little. What can I do to help him oth
  96. why have my last 2 piggies died to what seems to be in impacted bowel?
  97. Ferrets, evil or not?
  98. homing a musk turtle?
  99. Grooming Tips Helppp?
  100. Rate my fish please it is a 29 gallon?
  101. what is a good for me to feed my 6 month old.........?
  102. what is the best way to start off a young horse?
  103. can i put a water heater in a acrylic tank or will it start 2 melt?
  104. what is the best pet to get on a low budget?
  105. help me with pet loss!?
  106. Has anyone else ever heard of this?
  107. Will a yorkshire pig run away if i have no fencing.?
  108. why does my westie go crazy everytime i use bleach?
  109. Would you leave town?
  110. I have a question...?
  111. What R U doing to make sure Christmas is safe 4 your pets?
  112. Is my fish tank over crowded or is it alright?
  113. How do i potty train my dog?
  114. question about my kitten?
  115. What is the best cat toy?
  116. what is the life span of a Chihuahua?
  117. Would a baby whale work with these fish?
  118. Man is definitely not Man's best friend?
  119. How can we find out if a turtle is male or female?!?
  120. what would you pay for this horse HELP ?
  121. Me and my friend are starting a guinea pig and hamster project is anyo
  122. i have two male hamsters and neither of them will drink or play on the
  123. my guinea pigs are always fighting but they don't want to be separated
  124. My cats leg just cracked?
  125. Do you know a place where Friesians 4 sale under 3000 in tx in tx?
  126. Abbreviations for dog champions on pedigree certificates?
  127. Why does my 1.5 year old pit bull bark and whip her butt at me? ?
  128. Can I hatch Triops eggs without detritus?
  129. why doss every breeder/pet opwner/or competive shower act like this?
  130. I need some tips on horse care?
  131. What kind of dog is this in the picture?
  132. Is there a temperature where it is unsafe to work your horse?
  133. my dog had puppies they will not suckle on 2 of her teats they are swo
  134. I Think My Guinea Pig Hates Me Now. Help?
  135. I cant make up my mind on cat food?
  136. Brunos chewing is driving me bonkers.?
  137. DO you always have to give a treat with "leave it" as the praise?
  138. can you get head lice from guinea pigs? ?
  139. My puppy SNAPS...!!!?
  140. Help With A Dog Name?
  141. I CAN'T WAIT please help me pass the time until my pup comes!?
  142. what can i do to stop my puppy from eating.........?
  143. Is it just an infection or cataracht in my cats eyes?
  144. Why in the he__ does my son's little dog, a chiweenie, piss everywhere
  145. can male Chinese hamsters be housed together?
  146. When and how to handraise a clutch of lovebirds?
  147. I have another puppy problem?
  148. i want a Chimpanzee, please help?
  149. How can we find out if a turtle is male or female?!?
  150. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I went for a walk with my dog and she ate a pois
  151. How many puppies will a jack russel usually give birth to ? ?
  152. What kind of dog is this in the picture?
  153. Is there a temperature where it is unsafe to work your horse?
  154. my dog had puppies they will not suckle on 2 of her teats they are swo
  155. I Think My Guinea Pig Hates Me Now. Help?
  156. I cant make up my mind on cat food?
  157. Brunos chewing is driving me bonkers.?
  158. DO you always have to give a treat with "leave it" as the praise?
  159. can you get head lice from guinea pigs? ?
  160. I found a stray cat and I want to know stuff I'd have to feed it.?
  161. Does your dog give a hoot that it's freezing 15F outside ?
  162. Is my cat about to give birth?
  163. Discus Care, Feeding and Tips?
  164. My maltese puppy......?
  165. My dog, food, and eating?
  166. What can I do for my cat that has worms?
  167. My dog just ate a whole chocolate advent calendar!?
  168. Going on a vacation!!!?
  169. Can cats sense negative and positive energy in people?
  170. What to do with my turtles?!?
  171. How long does it take two cats to finally get along?
  172. How many puppies do mastiff generally have? ?
  173. Should distemper be a concern?
  174. How long does a pigeon hen stay fertile after she has been with a male
  175. leopard Geko lighting?
  176. How can I convince my mom to get me Guinea pigs.?
  177. Dog afraid of new puppy?
  178. online dogs free i need?
  179. Social behaviour of a kennelled dog?
  180. Introducing new dog to cats?
  181. My daughter has two young female cats, both spayed. Someone she knows
  182. Does anyone here have a horse with dietary issues?
  183. What's wrong with my turtle?
  184. How old do cats have to be before they can go into the cattery? (UK)?
  185. Has anyone ever hatched brine or fairy shrimp before if so can u give
  186. I've just been out with the dog, and another little dog followed us ho
  187. what are the side effects of getting rat wee in an wound on a dog
  188. Brunos chewing habit is driving me bonkers?
  189. Good Dog biscuit/treat recipes?
  190. i have a boxerador (boxer/lab mix) and at 3 months he was 19 pounds i
  191. what is your favorite thing about cats?
  192. Attention Cesar Milan and dominance theory fans?
  193. im just a little worried so can you please help me?
  194. Can you get just one dwarf hamster?
  195. 10 points for anyone who can guess the names of one of my guinea pigs?
  196. Things I can use as toys for my rabbit that I might have lying around?
  197. How can I get my kitten out of a tree?
  198. Training an 18 month old Golden Retriever ?
  199. horse buying/selling/loaning/competing problem! please help!?
  200. Has anyone else ever tried this with a bored cat?
  201. Can animals be born mentally retarded like humans?
  202. Has anyone used the dry bags for dogs that you use when your pet is re
  203. how can i give my 6 month old chocolate lab a bath ?
  204. i have a few questions about rock pythons.?
  205. i reely want a puppy?
  206. Constipated hamster.....still not 100%?
  207. winter white russian dwarf hamster breeding?
  208. what is the easiest way to clean this cage?
  209. do i need a license to keep a sulphur .. sulfur? crested cockatoo in a
  210. what is the best aquarium filter and plants for my community aquarium
  211. Why does my cat randomly sound like hes dying?
  212. Taking a dog on a plane?
  213. If Steve "crocodle Hunter" Irwin was so popular with animals how come
  214. Sulcuta Spur Thighed Torotise ....?
  215. spayed...neuture....??? is it cruelty to animals?
  216. Instructors, let's be honest: how often do you ride without a helmet i
  217. How do I "Crate Train" my dogs ?
  218. how to take good care for husky or malamute?
  219. Any designs or websites for building a rabbit cage?
  220. Help With Dog Breeds?
  221. I have a male cat approx. 6 months old. He litter trained quickly (son
  222. How do I "Crate Train" my dogs ?
  223. how to take good care for husky or malamute?
  224. My dog is looking a bit thin?
  225. Can Foals Eat Fresh Fruit And Foods??
  226. Any good snakes for pets?
  227. Can Anyone Answer Thease Questions On Leopard Gecko's?
  228. Can you keep two corn snakes?
  229. My cat's sleeping arrangements have changed?
  230. How do i make my shih tzu more obedient?
  231. Angelfish Question...?
  232. Problems petting my fish?
  233. Does anyone know a good substitute for fish food?
  234. can anyone answer this?
  235. Raising My 2 Dwarf Hamsters.?
  236. my puppy is in heat and humping everything and everyone?
  237. how can i train my dogs to not be afraid with the water?
  238. Please help cat pregnancy question?
  239. what do i do my cats covered in chip pan oil?
  240. why does my rabbit never poop?
  241. My 5yr spayed Weimaraner has a leaky bladder after coming back from a
  242. How do I protect against white spot in my fish tank .?
  243. How much land do i need ?
  244. 6 Week kitten is she sick?
  245. my friend has mice in her bedroom it comes now and again?
  246. i have been told that frosty grass is not good for laminates pony's bu
  247. What's this weird fish killing disease? ?
  248. is it creepy to cuddle with your cat?
  249. which type of fish can live longer in a bowl?
  250. Help me with my hamster please?