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  1. Amphibouse Tank Community???
  2. guniea pig pregnant (what do i do?)?
  3. dog antifreeze accident?
  4. I have a big bunny problem, please help!!!?
  5. My gerbils are too noisy!?
  6. Any types of dogs that won't get lonley when left home alone during th
  7. Lowest temperature for decorative rabbits?
  8. what tropical fish are good for beginners?
  9. can i have some advice on taming my budgie?
  10. Anyone know what type of hay this might be?
  11. i have a 13 week old red nosed pit bull, suddenly her eyes are very re
  12. Introducing aggressive dogs...?
  13. what size ( in cm ) enclosure should I have for my 5ft ish long carpet
  14. I have a male and female lovebird, they sometimes fight and bite eacho
  15. Roommates separated cats?
  16. My horse is getting fatter. Is is just a gain in weight or could she b
  17. rabbit had sprained ankle,urinated on himself for days,ankle seems bet
  18. Is it OK to keep a pet Mongoose in a cage with a Goose?
  19. Stray dog in the neighborhood..How do I help out?
  20. Why is my iguana's buuttcrack horizontal?
  21. how often do i have to bath my dog ?
  22. i just got a large convict cichlid from the local pet store and it has
  23. how to make my hurt adult cat go to the bathroom?
  24. Bacteria in Fish Tank or just Plant growing?
  25. Do miniature poodles have jealousy problems?
  26. I bought my ferrets from someone who might have given me wrong informa
  27. 8years untrained Jindo Dog~?
  28. Which parakeet should I buy?
  29. Do you enjoy my poemettes,?
  30. How do I know for sure if my dog is having a reaction to his stitches?
  31. My black lab is sick! she was going through garbage and got into and a
  32. Why do cats have ears sticking up and dogs have ears sloping down ?
  33. Mini lop Question..?? please read?
  34. Does any one know of a site that show's you what cats see as far as th
  35. What is the type of dog in this video?
  36. Will electric yellows get along with these fish?
  37. sorta fliped out about horses behavior today?
  38. How often do/should doves eat?
  39. How is this For an Amphibiouse Community?
  40. Accu-clear doesn't clear my cloudy tank..?
  41. I need help getting my cat to eat wet food?
  42. is this true about a cat?
  43. Help! My puppy is chewing up my house?
  44. I have 2 male rabbits who wont bond.?
  45. can diseases be transferd to chicks from peacocks, ducks, turkeys and
  46. Betta Fish! Do you like the ideas? 10 points!?
  47. how do you get a dog to sit?
  48. is my unknown gendered hamster pregnant?
  49. My puppy broke out in a hive like rash ?
  50. What am I going to do? I hate dogs but my brother keeps bringing home
  51. I have a cold..can my 1 month old puppy get it too...?
  52. Yayz..my dad bought me 4 rabbits yesterday?? i need some advice on how
  53. why is my cat hiding in the kitchen cabinet for ?
  54. i have zebra finch young in nest. what do i feed them? have 80% feathe
  55. HELP!!! puppies nose is runny and its coughing and it sounds like its
  56. Border collies peeling?
  57. dog sectioners, do you speak spanish?
  58. Whats the least popular dog breed ?
  59. my rabbit is 7 years old and he looks so depress what can i do?
  60. Looking for an arena to ride in - Idaho!?
  61. what kind of dog is this?
  62. is it alright for my rabbit to have those nature valley oats and honey
  63. What's a cute/cool Japaneses name for a male guinea pig?
  64. Brother and sister dog that mated?
  65. HELP! Mousey is sick :( ?
  66. what kind of fish can i put with coral & live rock?
  67. Help pleeeeeease!! My BP seems Underweight?
  68. how do you clean a mare horses sheath?
  69. I have a sweater with 10% rabbit hair?
  70. Why are snakes so scary?
  71. Need help about my Female cat.?
  72. I have two orphaned puppies.They both are 2 days old.One puppy has dia
  73. My 8 Month Kitten Licks Then Puts His Teeth There?
  74. Cats are peeing on my clothes because I moved the litter box, how do I
  75. feliway spray for calming cats?
  76. how do i get my cat to lose weight?
  77. does anyone know about killifish?
  78. Is my Silver-Tail Molly pregnant? (Pics inside)?
  79. my 5 week old kitten bite off the tip of a nipple of a bottle and swal
  80. what do upside down catfish eat?
  81. How much does prozac cost for dogs?
  82. cichlid problem mystery....?
  83. What dogs are suitable to live in Los Angeles?
  84. is this rabbit albino?
  85. adding slate to aquarium?
  86. what will happen if my dog ate chicken?
  87. Jaguar Sibling Python wont eat rats.?
  88. My cat snores is this normal?
  89. No-kill animal shelter in Los ?
  90. Is it illegal to keep foxes as pets in GA?
  91. My cat has aids and I'm unsure of what to do about biting.?
  92. My dog is limping....?
  93. could someone please give me a list of things i need to setup a standa
  94. How would you know if you're alergic to a cat?
  95. i found a blue tongue lizard, can i keep it?
  96. Can you vote for my puppy?
  97. how do you know if you have a dwarf cat? ?
  98. Im about to get my male cat neutered .He spray around the house and it
  99. My Rottweiler has bad arthritis, and I'm taking her to the vet on Thur
  100. can someone give me all the information i need to know about a great D
  101. How much did it cost you to start your own grooming salon?
  102. I gave the wrong dog carprofen (rimadyl)?
  103. Bored, depressed dog.?
  104. What kind of dog is on the Cesar commercial?
  105. Have you ever noticed this in the pet section of craigslist?
  106. Will birds get scared if their cage is too big?
  107. I Have a Female Cat,How Will I know When My Cat is Preganant?
  108. Fire belly newt care help please?
  109. How do I stop my dog from bitting my feet when I leave.?
  110. My puppy is sick please help!? UpDate?
  111. Ball python AND gecko questions!! Please Help?
  112. What should I do about my aggressive cat and integration?
  113. what other fish can I put with my male betta?
  114. is it a boy ora girl hamster!?
  115. My 2 year old husky is making these weird breathing noises with his no
  116. horse riding breech color?
  117. what kind of dog is this? Pictures....?
  118. Border Collie like Calico Color?
  119. at what age does a male cat become mature?
  120. Questions about siamese cats?
  121. i have a 6 month old male kitten, and id like to know when he will bec
  122. whats a good cat name...?
  123. Taking a dog overseas . . . .?
  124. What should my dogs be taking?
  125. what to do if my new baby kitten has butt worms? plz hlp! 10 points to
  126. My 2 year old female shih tzu seems constipated but has done her poop
  127. My cat's eye is kinda grey-ish...?
  128. traveling with my kitty ?
  129. How can a 14 year old make money online?
  130. keeping weight on my horse ?
  131. Does anyone in perth have a ferret that they cant look after anymore?
  132. Horse head shaking & coughing...advice?
  133. my dog was tsung by a bee please help?
  134. bunny not pooping or peeing in his litter box...why?
  135. how do you know if a cockatiels wings are clipped?
  136. How much should my 5 1/2 mth old Choc Labrador Weigh? And is Chicken a
  137. Just got a new bunny, need help naming her!!?
  138. What can a Body Corp do if you have a unapproved pet?
  139. not rodent bite...then what?
  140. how much should my 5 month old female kitten weigh?
  141. Uromastyx cage interior? What should go inside?
  142. What do I feed my baby convict cichlids?
  143. horse lunging help or training hints?
  144. have you tried yahoo shine?
  145. Is my cat to fat????
  146. black velvet chinchillas (black) for sale with picture with website ?
  147. Hi, Does anyone know what really works to kill fleas? I have tried it
  148. what to get a german shepherd puppy?
  149. my cats are depressed :( i don't know what to do to help them. ?
  150. corn snake dried up and died? i have no idea how this happened?
  151. Is there a difference between Scoop-able and Clumping cat litter?
  152. My Armadaillo hides from me... why?
  153. If a dog runs so far its feet get raw and bloody do all 4 get the same
  154. could i use a hailea fish tank for saltwater ?
  155. my dog is limping around.. i think she jump off the sofa and jammed he
  156. What type of dog is this?
  157. My dog won't pee and poop in the same place.?
  158. what makes your dog better than somone elses?
  159. Help! Turtle Overnight?
  160. MY BETTA PleaSe hElp ME?
  161. Can betas eat cockroaches?
  162. My puppy just growled at my mother. Is it a challenge?
  163. What is the average age for a puppy to be completely potty trained?
  164. Will my teddy bear hamster find her way out?
  165. What is The perfect pet Parrot for me?
  166. when my dog died my parakeet started to pluck at his feathers?
  167. Are German Shepherds good dogs?
  168. Why is my dog not pregnant yet?
  169. My Water Is Cloudy And Smells Bad .. I Had My Tank For 7 Months !!!?
  170. how can I make my horse go?
  171. Why do people get so offended when people call mix breeds mutts?
  172. Does the runt of the litter have a shorter life span than the rest?
  173. What do crayfish love to eat?
  174. what is the funniest thing your cat/kitten has done?
  175. my hammy hurt his leg what should i do?
  176. what to do when puppies don't do much?
  177. How do I get my Dog to poop outside?
  178. how many hours a week do vets work and when?
  179. Can toads give each other warts?
  180. Why is my kuhli loach so stupid?
  181. What is the Pill used for fleas?
  182. cute name for a male miniature pinscher puppy?
  183. I think it suits it! Its an awesome name!?
  184. My dog has chafing in her armpits. Should I use vaseline or neosporin?
  185. trying 2 mate my female chi who is in heat but the male chi barks at h
  186. PLEASE ANSWER! What would happen to a Feral Mare if she had a Miscarri
  187. can i feed my dwarf hamster a cricket?
  188. Cat cold without nasal discharge or eye discharge?
  189. 29 gallon tank? goldfish? snails? HELP!!!!! ASAP! QUESTIONS ON MYSTERY
  190. Heartworms..throat infection...paranoid?
  191. Maltese; Yorkie.. good breeders on long island? for around 500 dollars
  192. How To Keep A Soil Centipede As A Pet?
  193. Does your cat watch television?
  194. Both my parakeets died suddenly!?
  195. Sick of dog pee on my bed!?
  196. Cat going outside is that ok or not?
  197. Do speckled Kingsnakes eat frogs and toads?
  198. i noticed my dog has a very weird bark today, kinda like he may have a
  199. What is a good type of snaffle bit to get?
  200. which animal would make a good pet?
  201. i had my dog dewormed. but he's making weird sounds?
  202. A good show name for my new horse?
  203. What Is Ur Favorite And Least Favorite Dog Breed???
  204. Where can I find information about a horse?
  205. ???? help! im confused?
  206. Were my gerbils grooming or fighting?
  207. Powerhead for 55 gallon?
  208. How can I keep animal smells out for good?
  209. How Do I Convince My Mom To Get Me A Pomeranian Puppy?
  210. what is a dog, or what is a cat-dog?
  211. Do you know anyone who ever had to go to therapy after the loss of the
  212. How do I put my hamster pic in my locket neckless?
  213. didnt clean tank for 3weeks but water is crystal clear??? please answe
  214. Where can I find Chia Pets?
  215. what r good names for a six toed black girl cat?
  216. Can dogs dream and have nightmares?
  217. my dog fell off the bed and now cant walk on one of her hind legs.?
  218. What is the best name for a pet deer?
  219. is this dog food good?
  220. how can you tell if a dog have caderack in the eye?
  221. Cute Puppy Names for a Female?
  222. one dog smell, the other digs. whats the deal?
  223. betta help please help me with my darn beta?
  224. What Should I Name A Pomeranian Puppy?
  225. My puppy is sick please help!?
  226. what kind of gecko do i have?
  227. cat dermatology issue...lots of little scabs?
  228. my cat keeps peeing on my stufff?
  229. My Fish always seems to do some weird swim.?
  230. what is the difference in a staffy and a pit bull?
  231. Im trying to find this hat company: Had pictures of dogs on the front
  232. my dog has very big testicals why?
  233. My puppy keeps gagging; is he sick ?
  234. My 6-month-old kitten is already 9 lbs. Is this normal?
  235. what are the easiest freshwater fish to breed?
  236. im from the Philippines and i live with my golden retriever & no mattr
  237. New Dog Owner needs input?
  238. how do you clean out an old fishtank?
  239. fleas are invading my house?
  240. i promote puppy mills, so what?
  241. For one budgie, is a 23 by 16 and 25 (height) cage good?
  242. Ok. i have a baby Teacup Chihuahua. and we got her from petland, and n
  243. help my dog wont shutup?
  244. Flee infestation... Need to get rid of them ASAP?
  245. why do parakeets and close their eyes when they sleep?
  246. why does my dog run away, bark, growl at my dad?
  247. Help my cat wont stop growling at my dad?
  248. a high protein/calorie/fat senior cat food?
  249. a question about a blood hound!!?
  250. How many guppies in a 3 gallon and 2.5 gallon tank?