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  1. What do I need to know to breed my dog?
  2. Helmets: IRH .vs. Charles Owen?
  3. Please Help Me!!!!!!?
  4. If you owned a racing horse, what would you name it?
  5. What has to be done in order to care for pet goats?
  6. are guppies compatible with gold gouramis?
  7. how do i tell if my cat is boy or a girl for sure!!?
  8. How Can I Get A Iguna harness/leash?
  9. Do you like CATS or DOGS?
  10. I need a name for my cat..please help!!!!?
  11. What are some good dog names?
  12. Is there a behavioral different between a male and female green cheek
  13. Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull T
  14. How many pounds of feed does a healthy horse eat per month?
  15. Whats the best temperature for a tropical community tank?
  16. In my tropical tank are these fish ok together?
  17. my son's 11 month ol lab was perfectly fine this morning ,when they wo
  18. I will soon buy a cockatiel from Petco. I want a younger one so I can
  19. CATS or DOGS??????? which one do u luv more?
  20. Boston terrier owners please respond if you have had this experience?
  21. what are some small dogs?
  22. My brother found a turtle in a river and doesn't want to let it go. Ho
  23. Do dog breeders go to heavan?
  24. I need advice on coping with the loss of a pet?
  25. good things and bad things about ferrets?
  26. What is a good store in canada with cheap fish tanks?
  27. Is my dog going senile?!?
  28. Is a brown house cat rare?
  29. why does my dog pee when he gets excited?
  30. kitten names..help?! x?
  31. 75 gallon saltwater tank, Reef? FOWLR?
  32. What should my horse be...?
  33. hey eveyone i might get a albino corn snake i just whanted to know if
  34. Separation Anxiety in Dogs?
  35. My dog bites me when I try putting on his leash?
  36. help! my puppy has kennel cough?
  37. Are German Shepherd And Lab a good mix?
  38. can white clouds go with other fish than goldfish?
  39. Bottle-Feeding a Kitten?
  40. my rabbit seems poorly?
  41. urgent help about my puppies?
  42. how many fish can i put in a 5gallon tank?
  43. My New Ducklings are doing well...?
  44. 12 weeks and 13 pounds.?
  45. best breed of kitten...? x?
  46. what should i name my turtle?
  47. Do dog whistles work on squirrels or other rodents?
  48. Best Barn Ever!?!?!!!?
  49. is catnip okay for ferrets?
  50. Such Thing as Horse Insurance ?
  51. My Betta fish won't eat.?
  52. what would be a good horse for me?
  53. What do you think is the............?
  54. Can a full sized Ford Bronco pull a 2 horse trailer?
  55. Out of all the dog breeds out there, which is always trying to please
  56. how do i find american robins sleeping at night?
  57. What was the recipe for dog cookies from tv show on FLN?
  58. Pugs, Beagles, or Puggles?
  59. which is a better product hartz or fourpaws when it come bathing and g
  60. Can anyone give specific names and locations of pet stores that sell l
  61. My dog has a big lump on her stomach?
  62. New peeing problem - which animal is it!?
  63. At night i see a tiger looking thing?
  64. Box turtles sick, what could be wrong?
  65. Does anyone know what breeds of hamsters petco carries?
  66. Im going to purchase a budgie bird right now! Please tell me how the h
  67. How much do you like cats vs dogs?
  68. Dog needs help...What should I do now?
  69. birds and how their beaks affect their diet?
  70. i need a french lop in tx lubbick?
  71. How often am I suppose to change the fish tank water?
  72. Where can I adopt a puppy yorkie, maltese, or shihtzu for under $300,
  73. Why is my dog so scared of everything know to man?
  74. what do i need to keep a painted turtle alive?
  75. Anyone have ideas as to what breed my cat is?
  76. Which breed of chicken lays the most eggs?
  77. fish troubles what shall i do? ?
  78. Did you guys know that apparently PETA kills a whole lot of pets? I'm
  79. Sleeping arrangement tips for my resident cat and my new Bengal cats?
  80. Feeder Fish Minnows!?
  81. Help!I am feeling somehat overwhelmed by new puppy...?
  82. what name should i do?
  83. Has my puppy got a UTI or is he just marking his territory?
  84. walker breed of dogs is that a good dog?
  85. i just got a male betta in a 10 gallon tank and i dont know what to do
  86. Will my horse get colic? I'm so scared :(?
  87. Hey,Are you interested in having a cat that needs sitting?
  88. what can i do about dog with fleas?
  89. are ball pythons compatible with corn snakes?
  90. can i feed a hamster and any one wont's a :]?
  91. I go to school in the mornin and come home at 3:30 in the afternoon. I
  92. What are some common verbal commands given to a beagle as it is huntin
  93. Why does my Boston Terrier have pink fur?
  94. Funny Dog Tricks Website!?
  95. I found a snail! It's different from others?
  96. Did you guys know that apparently PETA kills a whole lot of pets? I'm
  97. Is there anyway to "test" to see if a horse has been given bute or ban
  98. how much blood does an average cat have?
  99. What should i get? I am not really sure right now, so HELP PLEASE?
  100. Do birds fart? lolz!?
  101. Cycling Tetras in my tank?
  102. I've just adopted a husky, she's very thin.We've wormed her,How can we
  103. i need an algae eater?
  104. Can you vote for my puppy?
  105. Help Me Please!!!!!!?
  106. What do you think of My pups? Also what is your favorite memory with y
  107. New puppy/litter box...?
  108. my dog has 3 feet is it still ok to take him on walks?
  109. Why is my dog so smart?
  110. What is Pyrethrin/ based shampoo for rats? What does it look like?
  111. My Shiba Inu is full grown and smaller than standard AKC size?
  112. Do yorkies shead hair?
  113. What exactly is a BYB?
  114. dealing with my cats death?
  115. What should I name my pet rabbit?
  116. Which protein skimmer require no or minimum adjustment to get very goo
  117. do birds need toys ?
  118. Why are my dog's "testacles" red and puffy?
  119. Shoes vs. No Shoes??
  120. whats a good pet for a 12 year ?
  121. Advise for dog attacking cats?
  122. What dog breed is this? ?
  123. Routine Vet Check Expence?
  124. i am looking for yorkie-poos..?
  125. how do you build a duck coop?
  126. Is My Quaker Parrot ill? I had him since August 14th, for 47 days and
  127. Cat, baby, what to do?
  128. How do I train my dogs to hunt squirrels?
  129. How do I care for a pregnant Praying Mantis?
  130. how did you potty train your dog?
  131. could i keep a bird in my classroom would it dye because of the loud k
  132. Border Collie Puppy - Exercise?
  133. How do you get a pet koala ?
  134. Fatal infections in dogs... ?
  135. My chihuahua is pregnant help me?
  136. can we feed red chillies to cockateils?
  137. is this a good idea??
  138. Would this dog food help him?
  139. How do if I know if my Rabbit is lonely?
  140. Question About Cestex for Dogs Tapeworm?
  141. what is the difference between a cross breed and a mutt?
  142. my cat has swallowed two plastic wrappers. she has been sick but they
  143. People with dogs in this area take their dogs around to go to the bath
  144. There is a bird that sounds like someone cleaning a window. The squeak
  145. You know you love your dog and they love you when...?
  146. Do washable pooch pads work with poop? ?
  147. treatment for artiritis for dogs?
  148. First Aid for a Pug? What can I do?
  149. HELP!! my dog has a torn ACL :(?
  150. how many fish can you have?
  151. Cat Home After 9 Day Escape?
  152. help me save my hamsters life!?
  153. can small ants eat lizards if there lots?
  154. so i got a pitbull puppy his a runt his weight is 6 lbs almost 7 is th
  155. can i fedd my trapdoor snail leaves from a tree out side?
  156. My cat lost her kittens, is she in pain?
  157. What can I do for smelly water. I'm on well water?
  158. My cat's ear is swollen shut, what can i do for him?
  159. i have two kittens in cairo need to go toilet trained and healthy ?
  160. is my rat dieing????
  161. Is feeding my six-year-old cat fresh ham bad?
  162. normal thoroughbred saddle size?
  163. should I neuter my amstaff?
  164. crested geckos where to buy? western MI?
  165. Parvo - more questions?
  166. Am i feeding my rats enough?
  167. today I found a pigeon injured & standing in 3 inches of rain in the g
  168. Why don't dogs have thumbs?
  169. What would I need for a Decent size aquarium For Angle fish ?
  170. Why do dogs smell so funky when they are wet?
  171. how do you get fleas off of kittens?!!?
  172. Stud fee for german shepherd?
  173. Bearded Dragon Question 10 Points+ Best Answer !?
  174. How do i deal with this?
  175. should i get a gerbil or a hamster ?
  176. Are guppy fry a good choice for feeding my african aquatic frogs?
  177. Hamster V.S. Hedgehog...?
  178. How do you tell when your cats gonna go into heat?
  179. minis are pretty sweeeeeet?
  180. How much will this cost?
  181. please pleass plleasee help?
  182. Is this mean too mean to do? and would it be painful for the cat?
  183. my gold fish this last week spends most of his time at the bottom of h
  184. I just recently bought my kitten, when he was 2 months old. ?
  185. Why is a squirrel burying rocks?
  186. Red eard slider Gravel?????
  187. Do you know where I can find a garden stone with the rainbow bridge po
  188. we have two 8 week old puppies and they keep puking?
  189. how can i stop two cats from fighting !?
  190. Eukanuba Dog Food Question? :)?
  191. How Do I Get my pet rat to eat treats?
  192. Lost Dog, need tips please help?
  193. i want to adopt a puppy in nyc?
  194. Bulldog mixed with pitbull?
  195. Are you afraid of pit bulls?
  196. How should I treat her wound?
  197. how many people would want to buy a 1 yr old pup? ?
  198. I am looking for a Himalayan Kitten in Ireland does anyone know where
  199. Im thinking about getting a yorkie, preferablly a toy yorkie, does any
  200. Housebreaking My Yorkie?
  201. Have you heard this news?
  202. Red eard slider turtle Gravel And wallpaper.?
  203. Im thinking of getting a hamster. Tips?
  204. people still think dogs are smarter than chickens?
  205. stuff cats kittens will eat ?
  206. What is a flexion test?
  207. If your dog was able to communicate with you the way that humans commu
  208. I Want A Kitten Help!!!?
  209. Questions about electric fences?
  210. took my dog a bath again but these time sum kind bug fell off and i do
  211. Do you need a stall door or can you just use a stall guard?
  212. some rat help........?
  213. Whatever happened to all the riders from Horsepower: Road to Maclay?
  214. When giving a horse an Epsom Salt soak...why shouldn't it go past thei
  215. my dog has hives what can i do ?
  216. Can you recommend the best (small) inside dog that's not hyper?
  217. When giving a horse an Epsom Salt soak...why shouldn't it go past thei
  218. my dog has hives what can i do ?
  219. Can you recommend the best (small) inside dog that's not hyper?
  220. found a lizard is 5" head to end of tail greenybrown spotted underneat
  221. What does "blocking" a horses tail mean?
  222. What show cats come in calico?
  223. How do i convince mom to get me this adorable puppy we found?
  224. What is the best quality, and biggest freshwater eel that I can fit in
  225. Kitten food question.?
  226. my cat is sickk.. help please?
  227. If I put a silent spinner that has the stand on it into an aquarium ca
  228. What is up with my pup?
  229. is it possible to make a ferret locator at a low cost project?
  230. Corn Snake and Gerbil in same room?
  231. what are some family owned pet stores in st pual?
  232. my dog has the runs what should i do to help him?
  233. which is better a rat or a guinea pig?
  234. can i give advil to my yorkie has swollen foot and pain?
  235. how old would you say my leopard gecko is about?
  236. Parakeet training/abandoning help?
  237. I got a new kitten and need help with a name?
  238. what is a fish that is at least 6'' long that I can fit 2 of in a 29 g
  239. Pets that won't bother cats!?
  240. Is it okay to give my puppy MSM ?
  241. a question about pet adoption and shipping fee.?
  242. Please help with a Dog/rabbit problem!!?
  243. My Pug just had a litter of 8 puppies, NEED HELP!!?
  244. How many cherry barbs can i put in a 5 u.s gallon tank with a female b
  245. Should I be worried about the stray cat?
  246. Does cat milk really work or is it just marketing?
  247. will frogs from the same litter, mate?
  248. nuts for african grey?
  249. Hamster promblem!Which one!?
  250. I really need some advice about what to do about this situation. will