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  1. How can I make a................................................. .....
  2. if you breed a dog does it have a chance of dyeing during that breed?
  3. How do you get a turtle to hibernate?
  4. Breeding Lease for a mare?
  5. do you make nicknames for your pets?
  6. help me pick one!? hamsters?
  7. teddy bear hamster...?
  8. what should the dH/KH level be for red eared sliders?
  9. how to stop my female spayed cat from peeing everywhere?
  10. my dog who is 10yrs old,he is a outside dog he is bloated and drinking
  11. Why must my dog annoy me when I am eating my beloved CHEESE FRIES?
  12. Umbrella Cockatoo or Macaw?
  13. Is a ryukin goldfish common or fancy?
  14. I'm to scared to see if my hamsters dead, help!?
  15. Why is my dog puking?
  16. What kind of dog is this?
  17. Would sunglasses help?
  18. how do you teach your dog to come when you call its name?
  19. My dog had a tick on his ear,Removed it but the head is still there,Wh
  20. My Kitty Meows When She Is Tired?
  21. Will Puppy biting stop eventually?
  22. Any advice/help for sick dog?
  23. kittens question please help?
  24. my dogs has lumps on her belly, neck & back of he legs?
  25. what do i do so my dog wont bark at people?
  26. Is it normal for my chicks to stretch their legs under the heat lamp?
  27. Where can I find a hemp lead rope for my horse?
  28. my dog constantly?!!?
  29. Why are chihuahuas so attached to one single person?
  30. what are some lizzards that have cool talents ?
  31. are there any types of angel fish that wont eat small tetras ?
  32. what kind of pets do you have?
  33. Will my black horse grow a brown winter coat, or will it be black?
  34. How do you attach a breastplate to the girth correctly?
  35. How can I help my cat transition from a farm cat to a house cat?
  36. Do you got a nibbler?
  37. Help me name a kitten. It's a female siamese with very blue eyes and q
  38. Will you kindly answer my question about rats?
  39. Fleas, sick dog with sensitive skin?
  40. do people still thing dogs are smarter than chickens?
  41. poll what kind of rat do you have?
  42. Did my hermit crab really have a baby?
  43. how can I make my dog want to go to the groomer or kennel?
  44. What to do with cat that attacks our other cats?
  45. Who all on here has a male Pomeranian?
  46. How hard is training a horse?
  47. how long do dogs live ?
  48. FOR SALE: HORSE $700 Do you want her?
  49. a question about chiweenies?
  50. How much do PetSmart dog trainers make?
  51. were can i get these animals?
  52. Where can i get a puppy for free/low price?
  53. HELLLP My new beta fishy isnt eating?
  54. What else can I add to this nano reef tank?
  55. Im getting a bird-Budgie.........................?
  56. what should i name my pitbull puppy?
  57. Tank,Tank,Tank,Tank. Mhmph. ?
  58. I have a Rodent problem?
  59. how do you catch a VERY fast kitten? ?
  60. what should i name my cat?
  61. How much is a betta fish at petsmart?
  62. What is the name of your pet?
  63. How do you clean up a cage of a guinea pig that died?
  64. Can someone help me identify this dog please?
  65. anyone who knows about puppy food!?
  66. How much would I charge to Stud my Tri Australian Shepherd? ?
  67. how can i train my two dogs to eat out of their own dishes? ?
  68. where can i buy a teacup york terrier?
  69. Describe your dog in one word?
  70. Are there any wild mustangs and mustang auctions in the USA?
  71. How big will a male Red-Ear Slider get?
  72. I still can't figure out..?
  73. Cat pees on my bed!!?
  74. Does anyone know anything about possibly having a "Blue Penguin" or a
  75. Attention All Animal Lovers...?
  76. what are some reasons besigner dogs, and byb is unhealthy and wrong?
  77. what type of angelfish would i get?
  78. Why did gary die? it was just lying on the floor.......?
  79. Help with a new puppy?
  80. i just bought this aquarium!?
  81. What is making my cat cough?
  82. Canary was well bt was sleeping @ bottom of cage 29/9. Tried wakin her
  83. How do you know if your kitten is too warm?
  84. what is a good species of conure to get? 10 pts.?
  85. Adopting an adult alaskan malamute into a house with cats?
  86. Does chocolate really hurt dogs?
  87. Can I change my dogs name?
  88. This guy can't do anything to my dog, right?
  89. I have a new kitty, what would you name him?
  90. I recently purchased a english bulldog but it does not have alot of wr
  91. Do cats lick people or are they allways mean?
  92. Looking for another pet lizard or lizards?
  93. Hi, My 15 Yr. Old Son And I Are Getting A Kitten. We Are Highly Allerg
  94. How long will my dog feel the side effects of a cortisone shot?
  95. My cat is sick!! Is this normal?
  96. how is the new Linette the clown?
  97. Im trying to subscribe to Eventing Magazine?
  98. Is milk o.k. for dogs?
  99. My dog is digging in the couch cushion?
  100. My puppy is acting strange.?
  101. why my betta fish isnt eating? ?
  102. my dog had white bumps on his chin and head that have us and seem like
  103. do you think this is a little crazy!?
  104. I really want a yorkie and i do not no what i should i do because i ha
  105. Where do you order your pet's meds from?
  106. My dog isn't drinking enough water i think?
  107. I have a female Holland Lop bunny named Haylee. She is 8 months old no
  108. Cat peeing in house, not litterbox!?
  109. Awesome dog names anyone?
  110. Why isn't my ammonia and pH in my fish tank going down?
  111. how do i get my cat to stop peeing in the house?
  112. In the game Let's Ride Friends Forever?...?
  113. Male Kitten vs. Female Kitten?
  114. my dog is acting like his mouth is hurting him he cant eat or drink an
  115. Is forcing the dog to roll over the best way to teach the trick?
  116. Is there something wrong with my hamster? :(?
  117. Can you guys vote for my pet so I can get scholarship money?
  118. How do you set up a hermit crab tank?
  119. What are the steps I can take to......?
  120. should i fill up my 10 gallon tank to the top inorder to make betta sp
  121. My fish seems to be dying...?
  122. A few horse questions...?
  123. i need a good name . . .?
  124. The Vet Tech stole my dog, what can I do!!!?
  125. Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier?
  126. i think my dog prego but im not sure?
  127. Dogs that look like Anubis?
  128. Kitty's Like The Food Best At My House?
  129. Why is there diarrhea on the top of my rabbits cage?
  130. i want to give my goldfish some unique names help please in choosing t
  131. What is the average price for a farrier to trim the hooves of a miniat
  132. pet scorpion, plz help?
  133. my hamster died a few days after a few weeks do they addapt well?
  134. How much does it cost (on average) to build a 4 stall horse barn? PLEA
  135. Any one have REALLY good tips on how to train puppies?!! I need help N
  136. Is it legal to own an Akita inside Denver city limits?
  137. A new home for my cat?
  138. Can anyone give me a link to where they have czechoslovakian wolf dogs
  139. Why is my Tabby Cat so addicted to me?
  140. What are the cons of having a dog?
  141. My Dane Is Getting Spayed!?
  142. I just moved to Florida last month and a gator keeps showing up by my
  143. what are some good exotic pets ?
  144. My New Mini Schnauzer bites!?
  145. dogs-in heat or pregnant?
  146. how does painting cool off a dog?
  147. what kind of treats if any can I give to my two cockatiels?
  148. Does anyone know how long goats live?
  149. how do u get a monster as ur pet?
  150. what should i name my pet?
  151. How often should my horse get a west nile shot?
  152. Getting My Birds Wings/Nails Clipped?
  153. My Dog won't stop jumping on the door?
  154. Animal Welfare Question - For Volunteer Application!?
  155. How much does it cost to maintain a fish tank heater?
  156. Why does it seem like there are no teenage guys who like horses?!?
  157. Dogs and bladder problems?
  158. How do Dwarf Bunnies Survive the Winter? ?
  159. Stocking my 30 gallon tank - What do you think?
  160. I got bit on the nose by a baby squirrel, what should I do?
  161. HI, I have 2 fish 1 inch long in a 8 litre tank, is this okay?
  162. is my pitbull going to have a big head?
  163. My puppy bites...bad habbtt?
  164. algae eating fish ?
  165. woodpecker pecking on the side of my house?
  166. my dog hats other dogs?
  167. I got a new pet and i need help?
  168. What type of horse does this look to be?
  169. why does my shih tzu hate my daddd?
  170. I need help identifiying a snake with an orange stripe down its back.?
  171. What do box turtles eat?
  172. Tips on winterizing the house for birds?
  173. Where can I find a reputable Golden Retriever breeder in the Metro are
  174. Is it normal for 9 day old puppies to spit up?
  175. my horse has a cut right above his fount tooth. Its not like a sliver
  176. Her ears are back when she goes?
  177. What about a Recall Whistle?
  178. how big does a gold fish grow in a pond?
  179. What is the best and better smelling way to clean a litter box?
  180. What would be a good name for my chinchilla?
  181. puppy help ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  182. How do I get my kitten to like my dog.?
  183. snakes that dont eat rodents?
  184. Should I be concerned?
  185. Which Tarantulas are native to Auburn CA?
  186. Why is my puppy peeing everywhere!!!!!??
  187. what do you wear to a horse-hunter pace?! help!asap!!?
  188. Is an Arabian horse show different than other horse shows?
  189. How often should i clean my fish tank.?
  190. Help me please!!!!!!! I think my cat is sick?
  191. i can't train my dog?
  192. Training My Australian Shepherd?
  193. How much would you buy a kitten?
  194. What is a cute dog name for a chihuahua ?
  195. 6 month old kitten suffering from diarrhea, help/advice needed?
  196. What is warmblooded horses?
  197. My dog seems to be constipated and when I went down to her pen ?
  198. My cockatiel is making these wierd squeaky noises!?
  199. Hamster Questions ( mostly about cages )?
  200. how to potty train a chihuahua?
  201. Poll: Does your rabbit bleat?
  202. Heart worm prevention medication?
  203. Should I Get Another Dog Even If My Dog Is Scared Of Dogs?
  204. Yaay! =D Im a grandpa!?
  205. what is bad about puppy mills?
  206. My dog keeps vomiting,what could be the reason/cause?
  207. I have a 5 month old long-haired chihuahua who weighs 3 pounds. When i
  208. How do you change your avatar?
  209. about how old is my leopard gecko?
  210. How can I adopt a puppy in another country and get it back home? whats
  211. How do I get my kitten to like my dog.?
  212. snakes that dont eat rodents?
  213. Should I be concerned?
  214. Which Tarantulas are native to Auburn CA?
  215. Why is my puppy peeing everywhere!!!!!??
  216. what do you wear to a horse-hunter pace?! help!asap!!?
  217. Is an Arabian horse show different than other horse shows?
  218. How often should i clean my fish tank.?
  219. Help me please!!!!!!! I think my cat is sick?
  220. i can't train my dog?
  221. Training My Australian Shepherd?
  222. How much would you buy a kitten?
  223. What is a cute dog name for a chihuahua ?
  224. 6 month old kitten suffering from diarrhea, help/advice needed?
  225. What is warmblooded horses?
  226. My dog seems to be constipated and when I went down to her pen ?
  227. My cockatiel is making these wierd squeaky noises!?
  228. Hamster Questions ( mostly about cages )?
  229. how to potty train a chihuahua?
  230. Poll: Does your rabbit bleat?
  231. Heart worm prevention medication?
  232. Should I Get Another Dog Even If My Dog Is Scared Of Dogs?
  233. what should I do about my rat?
  234. When should I get my puppy spayed?
  235. What kind of dog is this?
  236. If you are a veterinarian or almost one, please click on this!!!!!!!!!
  237. Where can I find used English Riding Apparel? I check Craigslist all t
  238. Rat Poop! Help, please!?
  239. male or female poodle?
  240. clicker training help!!!!?
  241. What can a chinchilla eat?
  242. My goldfish tank is cycling. Nitirite is always high.I change water 3
  243. can kittens get fleas?
  244. Help! What's wrong with my chick?
  245. how do i help my dog if she is foaming at the mouth.?
  246. indoor kitten...jags?
  247. my cat ate my sons medication!!!?
  248. What kind of dog should I get?
  249. Are turtles legal in Nova Scotia?
  250. I can't part with my stuffed animals!?