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  1. My dog's claw on her back left foot is kind broken off and a little tw
  2. what to give chihuahuas for allergic reactions Help!?
  3. Should I get a Quaker or a GCC?
  4. Is our cat going senile?
  5. how do you post your aquarium in gaia?
  6. My dog is pregnant for the first time. What are the precautions to be
  7. is diabetic medication for humans dangerous to pets? my dog ate a 1000
  8. how big will this dog probably get?
  9. what gender parakeets do i have?
  10. Will this work thank for a bird cage ?
  11. can a jack dempsey live in a 20 gallon tank?
  12. do cats have depth of perception.?
  13. What is the difference between a Rhode Island red and a New Hampshire
  14. Have your ever decided you didn't want your pet, and found it easy to
  15. how do i get rid of fleas?
  16. Should I worry about bulges on my Red Ear Slider turtles?
  17. favorite dairy goat-what's yours?
  18. Does anyone remeber that show last year?
  19. Hi guys, any comment on my tank set up? Picture included?
  20. What level should my nitrates be for my tropical fish tank?
  21. Trouble with litter box training my kitten?
  22. What type of fish can live in a small fish bowl for 7 hours?
  23. miami dade pitbull ban repeal?
  24. Need to introduce a new horse to herd?
  25. look at this pony please!!!?
  26. Questions about Betta's?
  27. What food does your dog eat?
  28. Plz define my flowerhorn gender, picture attached.?
  29. what month should I stop giving my dog flee medication in NJ?
  30. Can you vote for my puppy?
  31. Chihuahua puppy odd blue eyes? ?
  32. HELP!!!! I need help on re training a 4 year old chihuahua dog?
  33. Why Does My Cockatiel And Budgie Sometimes Smell Like Black licorice?
  34. anyone selling a dog kennel or know where i can find a cheap one?
  35. Need help with getting a good tortoise. EASY BEST ANSWER?
  36. Is my cat going to have her kittens soon?
  37. wy can shell eggs or shell fish be accepted at a higher temperature?
  38. what kind of freaking spider is this...?
  39. Chronic Dog UTI, How to prevent?
  40. getting ready to be an equine vet?
  41. what are grate danes used for?
  42. help my hermit crab lost 4 legs?
  43. my dog just got flea(s)?
  44. What should I sell un-registered pug puppies for?
  45. i have khaki ducks.. & both have flipped tails ?
  46. Middle aged cat becoming braver?
  47. my dog is expecting puppies anyday?
  48. boston terrier housebreaking problems?
  49. Where can I buy /just/ the divider for a 2.5 gallon minibow?
  50. How can a dog earn money?
  51. hey guys i gots a question? do any of you no some really cute names fo
  52. where can I buy turtle stuff like food, water heater, lites, peeples,
  53. Bestiality- wrong or right?
  54. hairline crack in hoof?
  55. what ever happened to this fish?
  56. what are some fish that take a long time to get fully grown (3-4 years
  57. Little White worms in fish tank?
  58. what are irons or iron strapes are they like stirrips?
  59. I bought a box turtle what are the supplies I need? it was legal?
  60. How many times a days I should feed my baby parakeet?
  61. what breed has the cutest puppies to you?
  62. Cats in heat - suffering?
  63. please tell me how to get my dog to stop pottying in the house. ?
  64. Corydoras catish not swimming, possibly sick?
  65. Help: Can spaded dogs have a heating cycle?
  66. My parakeet keeps biting itself, is it sick?
  67. What kind of tank do you keep your betta(s) in?
  68. Short hair, big dog? HELP!?
  69. What does a stressed betta do?
  70. Anyone having more problems this year with colic/bloating?
  71. what's wrong with my dog?
  72. Can a human get fleas? Can they live in hair?
  73. ideas on a fundraiser for a shelter?
  74. Is it best to change only 1 of 2 filters at a time?
  75. Oscar in a 20 gallon tank?
  76. How to care for a snapping turtle?
  77. Do you think African cichlids are going to have babies?
  78. Could have my bearded dragon died?!?!?!?!?
  79. Abused dog wont lift her tail?!?
  80. Can I give my pet emetrol for nausea? How much?
  81. Fav UNIQUE horse names!?
  82. Leo seems to be dying... :(?
  83. Is it a good idea to get my two male rats de-sexed ? ?
  84. How common is it for a 6 month old puppy to get tumors?
  85. Is there anything that REALLY takes the smell of pet urine out of carp
  86. What, by law, must you have or do to be able to legally board horses o
  87. Why won't my dog use the bathroom outside?
  88. How old dose a puppy need to be ?
  89. Can I still clip adult parakeets' wings?
  90. Plz Help Me. My Dogs Face Is Swelling Up!?
  91. can i get any transmitted disease by a scratch from a cat not vaccinat
  92. How much would you pay for dog walking?
  93. how long does it take sea monkeys to get to full size?
  94. ok i have three pups over 8 weeks old and only one pup has all her tee
  95. Good equine college on the eastcoast of USA?
  96. My dog was diagnosed...?
  97. Where and how to i get puppy vaccinations?
  98. egg to chick????????????????????????
  99. Horse Related Jobs in Michigan?!?
  100. Choose: Laptop or Dog?
  101. Does anyone know where I can get a free Wiemaraner puppy in Alabama?
  102. what is a good scavenger fish for a freshwater tank?
  103. Benifits of Oaten vs Wheaton Chaff?
  104. what dog is cuter??????????????
  105. What's better to have, Dog or Cat?
  106. is it normal for a puppy to have diarrhea poop?
  107. under tank heating pad temp?
  108. Why do you love your dogs?
  109. What kind of puppy is this? (I have the link right)?
  110. Am I doing something wrong with my hamsters? 2 questions in 1?
  111. How much would a Blue Roan that is 2 and broke to ride bareback and un
  112. Are Minature Collies good dogs?
  113. Human Foods That Are Poisonous For Dogs?
  114. How can you tell the gender of a goldfish ? ?
  115. Is my Fancy Goldfish sick? Please help, for him.?
  116. What kind of dog is this?
  117. Where can I get a Golden Retriever for my husband FREE?
  118. What Happens If A Kitten Attacks and Draws Blood?
  119. how much does a rabbit cost to keep?
  120. How can I tie in my pet portrait art service with animal or pet organi
  121. do oscar fish always get a foot long?
  122. I have a lab/pit mix who won't stop crying when in her kennel. ?
  123. Fun Fishbowl Help Please!?
  124. Why does my dog keep on licking my other dog?
  125. Dog experts please help!?
  126. Can Cats detect when another animal is going to die?
  127. what kind of puppy is this?
  128. is there any one who giving away puppies by the borward area in fl ?
  129. hamster should get fixed?
  130. Help! My Ferret Has Fleas!?
  131. what kind of dog do you have?
  132. how long does a cat stay in heat?
  133. Help i think my 3 of my fish have a disease?
  134. Barrel racing anybody? horses, help!?
  135. is it bad to blow in a dog's ear?
  136. do molly fish jump from their tank?
  137. Is my snake blind??? PLZ HELP!?!?
  138. What are some west highland terriers personality's?
  139. my leopard gecko eggs!!?
  140. Bad groomer? Bad owner?
  141. why do people pay more for their dogs grooming than there own hair cut
  142. hhelp me with my bettas please?
  143. are tokay geckos annoying?
  144. Aquarium sand,gravel, or rocks for Demasoni Cichlid? Easy points!!!?
  145. Rabbit Eye Infection? NEED HELP!?
  146. how to take care of a hermit crab?
  147. Training my dog to heel properly?
  148. Snapping Turtle Hatchlings! A few questions!?
  149. I found a baby box turtle what do I need to set up the tank thank you
  150. I'm looking for good Chartreux Breeders in the US?
  151. Why does my cat attack my other cat?
  152. Flea problem HELP PLEASE!!!?
  153. Naming my soon to be puppy?
  154. What kind of dog do you think she is?
  155. More help with my puppy pleaseee?
  156. what do you think this cat is thinking?
  157. What puppy breed is good for my boyfriend and I?
  158. Are pine cones safe to have around kittens/cats?
  159. Would my dog be easy prey for hawks?
  160. Outdoor turned indoor cat still unhappy after a year?
  161. Cat Isn't this silly?
  162. my cat like doesn't come back for a week and i don't want to keep him
  163. How would I prove to my Mom that I'll take care of the dog?
  164. What fish can live its life in a 45 gal tank and eat mice?
  165. Choose: Laptop or Dog?
  166. Can someone give me a recommendation for flea and heartworm preventati
  167. Any Creative horse people out there I need some help!?
  168. Help me, I don't want my fish to die!?
  169. Breeders, owners, show people? WWYD?
  170. What are your views on spurs?
  171. Did I do the right thing? ?
  172. My 1 year old lab mix just growled and almost bit?
  173. Lameness in dog, vet has no answer...any ideas?
  174. horse suddenly lame?!?
  175. who knows about dog therapy?
  176. Do you think my hamsters are on a good diet? ?
  177. Is this a good cage for a RAT...?
  178. Is my hamster pregnant again? She just had 2 babies on the 15th of sep
  179. Leopard Gecko tips, just got one today?
  180. fleas on a cat?????????????????????
  181. I have a 3.5 lb Yorkie and I have seen a hawk on our deck. Would my do
  182. What is wrong with people?
  183. Do cats make a lot of noise?
  184. My Cat won't shut up.?
  185. whats the risk of having cats in the house that are not vaccinated?
  186. I just got a 8 week old female yorkie any ideas for her name?
  187. my green severum is hurt, what can i do?
  188. What is the smallest turtle?
  189. swollen shin? should i take to the vets?
  190. My dog "leaks" in the apartment.?
  191. i gave my golden retriever penut butter on his new kong can this cause
  192. Why is it that male dogs have lower prey drives and are more layed bac
  193. Have you ever seen a fish that likes to swim upside down?
  194. what are some lizard that are cool have cool behaviors can do cool thi
  195. horse suddenly lame!?
  196. What could be wrong with my pony?
  197. whats the best food for puppies?
  198. Over 6hour trip with 11month puppy plz plz help!?! ?
  199. What is the best legal and decent way to dispose of a dead dog in an u
  200. What are some good female desert tortoise names?
  201. hunting dogs list????
  202. Why does my mothers cat pee on my bed!!?
  203. How are English Bulldogs as pets?
  204. My rat is chewing a hole in her cage!?
  205. what is a heifer??????????????????????
  206. Looking for a certain cat collar?
  207. do people still think dogs are smarter than chickens?
  208. Why isn't my guppy giving birth?
  209. my puppy has alot of drainage on her eyes green stuff and alot of tear
  210. my dog had diarrhea for three days because i tried to switch his food
  211. How do i know if my fish is dieing?
  212. My puppy's poo has a little bit of blood in it. What does that mean?
  213. Why arent my chickens laying eggs?
  214. Why is my Chinese Water Dragon sitting with his mouth ?
  215. Can you help identify this bird?
  216. i need more stuff in my betta tank?
  217. I want to get a NY State Service Dog License?
  218. How much should i feed my iguana? he's about 1 yrs. & eats everything
  219. Best type Of Kitten?? Pleaes Help?
  220. How do I get my cat to go to the bathroom?
  221. What is better for dogs, natural bones or rawhide?
  222. Catnip and Cats question?
  223. my cat pee's all over our carpet!?
  224. Making my mices' own food?
  225. StingRays? Fresh water? Legal?
  226. should i put frontline flea control on my preggo dog?
  227. my dog was playing football and got kicked in the shin?
  228. Two hamsters, two cages, still going crazy?
  229. my dog is throwing a white foam any thoughts?
  230. Is is illegal to keep a sugar glider as a pet in Oregon?
  231. Do the wintec 500 close contact's actually look like actually leather
  232. I just bought a pineapple muffin for dog. Is the pineapple good for my
  233. is this overcrowding?
  234. Question about my dogs behavior? (pic)?
  235. Is brown sugar bad for rabbits?
  236. is it hard to take care of a kitten? ?
  237. Red Belly Piranha, Oscar and a JD in a 55 gallon?
  238. What are some jump exercises to do with my horse?
  239. Does join up work on every horse?
  240. How can I get my dog into..?
  241. UPDATE to question about french bulldog/boston terrier dog - Link to p
  242. How can I get a desert tortoise permit?
  243. Cat urine IN hardwood floors?
  244. Any special care for premature kittens?
  245. How long after surgery can a cat run, jump & play again?
  246. My Diabetic Chihuahua going for cushing test!?
  247. For people who know alot about puppies?
  248. what can I keep in 10 gallon tank?
  249. whining puppy... S.O.S?
  250. athritis in my old mare?