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  1. How can a person leave dogs in such horrid conditions?
  2. Is this harmful to dogs?
  3. Any ideas on how to make poultry leg bands?
  4. Help! Should I report this to the humane society?
  5. question about hay prices?
  6. Why is my cat vomiting?
  7. my cat ran away and was gone for 3 weeks. now found but doesnt act her
  8. What the heck to do with these mice?
  9. What Snake Will "Bite" For Me?
  10. Betta and Oto feeding?
  11. Can someone give me the number to that Joseph Petka the cat killer?
  12. What about a plastic bowl causes puppy acne?
  13. Calling all vets!!!!!!!!! Or people experienced with animals?
  14. Anyone experienced with canine aspergillus (aspergilious)?
  15. Has anyone had a litter box that they think picks up odors more than o
  16. Help Stop This Website! Dog Fighting!?
  17. Really Easy Rat Question!?
  18. Can my pet iguana live with a tarantula? ?
  19. What do you think to nylon bridles?
  20. Jumps: Please tell me the correct measurements between fences in feet?
  21. How do I stop my cat from peeing on our beds?
  22. survey: if you owned a local petshop?
  23. How can i get my pet ferret 'Monte' to .....?
  24. Cycling a New fish tank?
  25. What is a good horseback game for disabled riders to do at a therapeut
  26. what do you feed your baby Betta's?
  27. what should i feed my brand new baby leopard gecko?
  28. Anyone have any ideas?????
  29. Question about showing?
  30. Why isn't my rabbit eating it's food?
  31. i think my kitty has a cold do i need to take her to a vet?
  32. Would it be safe to have my 10 year old Rottweilers teeth cleaned?
  33. why does my corn snake never come out of its hide?
  34. do you have any bad petshop stories ?
  35. Im A Junior Handler With My Dog.?
  36. A question about my pet rat?
  37. my pregnant dogs temperature?
  38. Why is the duck eggs not hatching?
  39. How do I train a dog to obey off-leash?
  40. Can Pomerania's have triple coats?
  41. average price of a beagle with papers?
  42. how do I get my alligator lizard to have babes pleas help me?
  43. Labrador Retriever........?
  44. How do you take care of a newborn puppy that has been abandoned by its
  45. What freshwater fish prefer to be alone or in a pair?
  46. My hamster poops in her bed. Normal? Safe?
  47. my dog is majorly lethargic cant afford vet !!!?
  48. do all budgies have..?? pls answer.. thmbs up and 10 pts for fast answ
  49. Can anyone tell me what breed my cat is?
  50. Why can't the puppies get along?
  51. I'm getting a new dog, any advice?
  52. Should I wait on getting a new puppy?
  53. at what age will my puppy stop growning?
  54. What's the trick to growing a horses mane and tail long.?
  55. My dog is 11 months old and chews on everything. I bought her chew toy
  56. How should I tame this young cat?
  57. Scared! My Maltese made a funny coughing noise maybe twice.?
  58. Need Help With Western Pleasure!?
  59. Does your dog remind you of an animal...other than a dog?
  60. Why does my cat keep vomiting?
  61. how long does it take?
  62. Relocating some kittens?
  63. what does it take to go to large animal vet school?
  64. What is the length of you cat's back foot? My male cat's is 5 inches,
  65. Little test! Guess what breed my dog is at different ages?
  66. how much does it cost to get your dog fixed or neutered?
  67. how young do kittens have to be before they can be tested for feline l
  68. so im thinking about getting a ferret..?
  69. needed afghan hound pls read details?
  70. heartworm and flea/tick medicine?
  71. help with a four week old kitten?
  72. What was wrong with my rabbit?
  73. How would I know if my cat has arthritis?
  74. how do you get a horse to run?
  75. Is Wellness CORE dry food only for adult dogs?
  76. my rabbit won't play with toys?
  77. Get him gelded or leave as stud?
  78. Yeah thanks for your help...again, how can I get my cat to use the lit
  79. 20 gallon Freshwater fish tank?
  80. red eared slider tank water?
  81. How can i make my dad believe that i can have a dog?
  82. My RES sleeps at the corner of the tank all day.?
  83. need help...my dog?????????
  84. Should I Stud out my Dog?
  85. give me one good reason why chickens aren't as smart as cats and dogs?
  86. my cat has red raised spots on his back - looks like chicken pox- hes
  87. What am ai supposed to feed my male cat who has a couple of UTI's?
  88. Best overall riding helmet for safety and value?
  89. Can Any 1 help w/ pickin a name for a male J.R.T.?
  90. describe about parrot?
  91. My Carien Terrior has black scabs on his black?
  92. Dog won't stop peeing in house?
  93. I was just wondering if there were any other Border Collie owners out
  94. Recommend a good pet for me? I'm 14 turning 15, I've had gerbils, fish
  95. Im feeding my rabbit with a mixture of hay but he always leave out one
  96. What do you think of this horse?
  97. Cycling my 29 gallon goldfish tank? HELP ASAP!?
  98. What type of breed is my cat?
  99. my do may have swallowed some chicken bones, what should i do?
  100. have you ever changed in front of your dog(s)?
  101. how much would a Dorberman Pinscher cost I am trying to sale my dog bu
  102. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? Maybe a beagle/shepherd mix
  103. are vegetarians eat fish ?
  104. is the cat trying to bite me?
  105. where can I buy a 20-30 gallon fish tank?
  106. Irish Wolfhound and horses?
  107. What should i do if my dog is scared when people pick him up?
  108. what can i do with my dog's fleas ?
  109. how do i take care of a red slider turtle?
  110. my 20 gallon tank getting soon.?
  111. Walking my dogs before school?
  112. caring for red slider turtle?
  113. female rat doesn't want to breed?
  114. PLEASE HElP!!! My dog is scratching to the point were she bleeds!!?
  115. Looking for AKC yellow "white" female lab to breed with beautiful male
  116. chicken is sick help?
  117. I recently rescued a toy poodle who will only go potty outside on gras
  118. are tube worms or ball anemones bad for a saltwater tank?
  119. baby ball python breeders in Louisiana?
  120. Black Lab Biting in Pool...?
  121. what does rabbits eat?
  122. What would be the best fit...?
  123. Oklahoma City Dog Socialization?
  124. Is it illegal to eat your pets?
  125. First ever eagle sighting?
  126. How much does Panhandle Pet Supply sell for these catfoods?
  127. How can I convince my parents to get another dog?
  128. My puppy ate a cigarette. Repeated question!?
  129. Anyone else had an experience like this? with an accidental dog breedi
  130. Bearded Dragon Stopped Eating, could it be brumation?!?
  131. im my fish tank i notice that theres some little specks an bubble in t
  132. What color with a dark chestnut?
  133. Do the male hamsters testes shrink or recede?
  134. i lost mt hamster today?
  135. What could be the problem with mi dog (eating disorder) HELP?
  136. hey guys i got a 300 gallon ?
  137. Where can I buy marbled crayish or Krebensis Cichilid?
  138. What are some components in dog saliva? (like bacterias and stuff)?
  139. fish with ick: how often should i use salt, when treating ick?
  140. who knows allot about dogs?
  141. why do guppies need SO much space?
  142. need help badly with my dog!!!!!!?
  143. Horses Snorting at The Canter?
  144. lol stupid question about bettas?
  145. What's wrong with my dog? Please Read.?
  146. Would it be a REALLY bad idea to get my girlfriend a hamster as a pet?
  147. Can two Jack russlles (male female) brother/sister be left alone. ?
  148. I have a pisser - cleaning product?
  149. Scruffy, barking at family member...?
  150. I have a Big Albino Oscar and I just bought another oscar a little sma
  151. is the cat trying to bite me?
  152. Question about cycling my 29 gallon tank? HELP!?
  153. What should i get a Dog or Ipod touch /? help!?
  154. Can someone help me with my goldfish? I know I am doing everything rig
  155. where can I buy turtle stuff like food, cage, water heater, lites, pee
  156. My dog after birth: Why is her vagina bleeding after 2 weeks?
  157. am shocked with my 6 weeks old AKITA INU puppy?
  158. Our cat can't meow anymore?
  159. Did people let dogs live in their houses 100 years ago?
  160. URGENT! About my baby mouse!?
  161. how early can a male puppie reproduce?
  162. What do I do with cats DEAD KITTENS!!!!?
  163. ways to get a golden good and tired?
  164. How do I setup a tank for a little turtle?
  165. Why is my puppy getting diarrhea after a few hours of getting his shot
  166. about my 20 gallon tank again.?
  167. Whats the best and cheapest online store to buy dog Revolution?
  168. How can I persuade my mother into getting me a guinea pig?
  169. Are crank nosebands legal in eventing?
  170. where can you buy dwarf puffers 10 points to best answer!!?
  171. what kind of dog is this?
  172. how much do you think it will cost to build a chicken house with an ad
  173. Do you have a funny story about your cat or another cat that you know?
  174. What is the brown spots on my artificial plants?
  175. Is my cat near death?
  176. what kind of dogs can cats get along with?
  177. Did you get two puppies together? Male and female from same litter?
  178. is it ok if i give my guinea pig a little piece of apple?
  179. Why is my Iguana being aggressive?
  180. How do you convince a Mum to get a pet Schnoodle?
  181. My friend has a sweet unneutered dog and when he meets up with certain
  182. My cat has fleas - how, why and what medicines?
  183. my savannah monitor up chucked a rat and will not eat its been 1 week?
  184. My puppy ate a cigarette?
  185. cruel or not????????????????????
  186. How can I find out my puppy's real age?
  187. Cat vomiting and not eating or drinking?
  188. red eared slider, eyes closed. help?
  189. What Dogs get along with cats and kids?
  190. do you think my german shepherd mix will kill my 6 chickens if they ar
  191. Can you type this coupon in please?
  192. Fish, swollen pink belly when dead. What does it mean?
  193. My Carpet Python should be shedding soon, which method should I choose
  194. Water snail problem.......................?
  195. my lionfish was just floating on the surface of the tank...more detail
  196. Older horse has coughing problem?
  197. What else can I do to hlep my sick puppy? stomach infection or worms?
  198. Is cycling a fish tank really needed?
  199. My dogs decided to switch their names?
  200. I just rescued a 9mo old American Bulldog puppy, He seems to sleep alo
  201. Is a harness better or collar?
  202. Should the cost of dog food be such a problem?
  203. Why is Amerz such a bitch?
  204. What type of fish should i get?
  205. hamster wont drink from habitrail ovo water bottle!!?
  206. Do American Shelters have this policy?
  207. how old is this betta please help?
  208. How bad do sugar gliders REALLY smell?
  209. We were given two cats last week & our pomeranian dog tries humping th
  210. is there something wrong with my chicken?
  211. What happens if you breed a crowntail betta and a veil tail?
  212. Help quickly is he gonna be ok?!?
  213. why does it float???
  214. What is the name of my dog and the breed? PART 2?
  215. Why does my cat's tooth now stick out, like he has an underbite?
  216. Do you think my dog is going to die??? HELP. Please.?
  217. Is there such thing as an autistic cat?
  218. I need to get rid of my 1yr old dog and pound is not an option help?
  219. Why, when you walk like a monster, your dog knows you are fooling arou
  220. Australian Shepherd eyes...?
  221. one of my old ponies value?
  222. 4-5 min on animal crulety speech:leather fur and wool please help me w
  223. Should i clip my parrot's wings?
  224. What would be better, a Maltepoo or a Maltese?
  225. what kind of dog do you have?
  226. My Pet Pigeon is 13 years old. She will not eat or drink. I love her a
  227. Mini Green Parakeet??!!?
  228. Should I get 2 English Mastiffs 2 weeks apart?
  229. Boa acting a bit strange and VERY aggressive.?
  230. Online videos that I can put on for my cat?
  231. What is the name of my dog and the breed?
  232. what do u think of him?
  233. My two goldfish are sitting at the bottom of their tank... What do I d
  234. 8 month old Shitzu Maltese maybe pregnant? I'm calling my vet tomorrow
  235. Training a miniature schnauzer help...?
  236. For Team Penning What Type Of Saddle Do You Need?
  237. Thinking about getting a dog. What breed should i get?
  238. How do you feed a wild frog?
  239. i know i asked this already but..................................?
  240. French Bulldog owners: How do you keep them from getting skin fold inf
  241. Pet photographer needed?
  242. whats a good name for a new pitbull dog?
  243. Why does my dog pick one dog at the dog park to harass?
  244. Would it be safe to...?
  245. Why my parrot speaks french?
  246. German Shepherds?......?
  247. big red bump on my dogs thigh?
  248. My 2yr old cat just diagnosed with haemobartonella sp.?
  249. puppies that don't grow?
  250. Anyone ever give Regumate...?