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  1. how to get my dog on dogy food??? i need help 911?
  2. Why do cats stick their tongue out a little bit?
  3. Dog agility: buliding confidence and enthusiasm?
  4. Dog Agility: The weaves...?
  5. CDC FDA ban on prarie dogs and gambians?
  6. Dog agility, the contacts. I'm really stuck! ! !?
  7. A Few Ratty Questions..........?
  8. can we save the polar bears ?
  9. My Bubble Eyed Goldfish Died!?
  10. Is there a secret to breeding Red platys?
  11. my neighbours dog wont stop barking help?
  12. Rat breeders in Central Queensland?
  13. I killed my fish!!!! ?
  14. Cockatiel feather characteristics.?
  15. what pet should i get?
  16. What's a good gift to give a veterinarian?
  17. Cant feel pain ?
  18. so upset our rabbit has just died !?
  19. Do rats make a good pet?
  20. Im looking to foster abandoned newborn kittens in adelaide sa. i have
  21. savannah monitor and tegu question?
  22. Dog was bite by a shark and dragged under water the dogs owner dived u
  23. When does a male puppy/dog start cocking his leg to pee?
  24. I am 13 would a beagle be a great pet for me?
  25. My guinea pig shivers when I pick her up? ?
  26. my 30 l biorbs water look really dirty ?
  27. help me name my puppy please !?
  28. I have 4 koi carp fishes.2 of them presenting with white hypopigmented
  29. My black moor has become very slow! sitting side ways at the bottom of
  30. any idear what spider this could be? ?
  31. What's Wrong With Me I hit my Kitten! Details Included?
  32. My dogs and kittens have fleas!! HELP!?
  33. Do you enjoy stepping on snails when walking dogs in wellingtons or ru
  34. Why does a rabbit stink after being given a bath?
  35. any puppy commands please?
  36. whats the difference between a female swordtail and a platty?
  37. cats like plastic bags but not crinkle tunnel?
  38. tick problem???????????????
  39. Does anyone know the name of a good pet psychic, or can give me a webs
  40. Cats and recognition. ?
  41. A question about a kitty cat?
  42. Awesome Name For A Pitbull Dog?
  43. Helping my rescue staffie become more dog friendly?
  44. Can cats with earmites go blind because of them?
  45. opaline gourami compatibility?
  46. Can You Microwave Gerbil ....?
  47. Problem with my Golden Retriever's testicals....?
  48. my cat keeps getting into the fridge...how can i stop him?
  49. How to clean anything that goes into the hermit crab tank?
  50. Dog Yoga............?
  51. Do you find the sight of someone of the opposite sex walking dogs in w
  52. I have 2 mice and I need help, because?
  53. My Friend Flicked My Kitten in the eye and now...?
  54. my cat has balls of fluff stuck together what do i do?
  55. would a medium sized angelfish and paradise gourami be ok together?
  56. My kitten plays with my dogs tail but still hisses at him?
  57. what do u think of this cop's reaction to a rabbit?
  58. I'm trying to figure out what breed my dog is?
  59. What dog breed would be best for me I am 13?
  60. Why isint my cockatiels wing growing back.?
  61. Pet registration? can somebody explain please???? HELP!?
  62. when can i start to add fish into my marine aquarium? and what should
  63. how do u kill nats in ur home?
  64. What type of parrot suits me best?
  65. flipping fleas!!!!!!!!!! what am i doin wrong?!?!?
  66. how long will my chihuhu dog be pregnant for?
  67. What foods Can't Gerbils Eat?
  68. inquiring about Kibb's Kennel?
  69. How to solve my rat infestation?
  70. Are border collies good pets please tell me??
  71. Where Can I Find Angora Rabbit Farm In India. Can Anybody Help And Pro
  72. i want a puppy but i cant convince my parents help?
  73. My pup is losing his hair!!?
  74. when to give puppy an injection or deworming?
  75. why do you get sad when a rabbit leaves you?
  76. how to feed One month old Lab Puppy ?
  77. is it possible for a dog to be a ghost?
  78. How can i housetrain my husky?
  79. When to give a puppy a bath?
  80. wanting to buy Yorkshire Terrier, know anyone?
  81. How to get a shih tzu dog to be potty trained, grooming, etc. ?
  82. Doberman pinscher and Rottweiler?
  83. I just got a 5 month old cat from a friend and found out she has fleas
  84. Are we doing the right thing with our beloved dog?
  85. Aggressive dog, opinion?
  86. Which is the best breed of dog to get for adults?
  87. Help with algae eater in fish tank?
  88. "Where do I find a mate for my dog?"?
  89. What pet(s) should I get? My girlfriend and I are thinking about a pup
  90. African Emperor Scorpions?
  91. How do I reintroduce my puppy to my friends dog after one got injured?
  92. can parakeets have epelepisy or have strokes?
  93. I Want A Dog But My Parents Wont Let Me Help Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  94. what is the name for my pet?it is a cat?
  95. Why won't my new kitten eat dry food?
  96. Is this normal for a dog groomer to do?
  97. If a mosquitoes bites a dog, is it 100% that the dog will get heart wo
  98. Freighting Rats to rockhampton ?
  99. Where can i adopted a chinchilla in utah?
  100. Cat keeps peeing in the same area?
  101. My cat's back spasms from time to time, she is being dewormed as we sp
  102. Why does my deaf ( since birth ) dog bark so much?
  103. do you think you're dog is only happy when he or she is panting?
  104. Itchy DOG, scratching please help?
  105. i have a new rat it's about 7-8 week's old.?
  106. Does this "Birds of Wisdom" PowerPoint presentation appear?
  107. why does my cat cry when im in the shower?
  108. is it okay for my cat to eat catnip?
  109. Feeding my neighbors dog with bread?
  110. What can I do for this depressed rat?
  111. my dog just gave birth to 10 pitbull puppies when can i shower them? ?
  112. can a muzzled dog drink?
  113. Do you think this would be a good cage for my hamster?
  114. A mouse in my house URGENT PLEASE HELP!!!?
  115. How could you tell if a dog is a boy or girl?
  116. how do donkeys and goats get along?
  117. Black Labrador- Eye Color Question?
  118. Got any ideas on Guinea Pig Names?
  119. what is the best dog to get a mouse in my house with kids?
  120. What kind of dog is this?
  121. MY ferret wont follow?
  122. What are good suggestions on how to take care of a maltiese puppy.?
  123. Kitty flicks his tail up and down..what does it mean?
  124. What would you like to ask?Do all cats have 6 claws on each paw?
  125. he just won't listen?
  126. Question abotu hay for horses?
  127. We just got a 6 week old maltese (male)?
  128. Dog is scared of the rain?
  129. my dog is being a nasty crasty ?
  130. Buying a dog- particularly a German Shepard- from a shelter over a bre
  131. do white cloud mountain minnows eat their eggs/fry ?
  132. can i abrubtly stop my dog's hyposensitization?? please just answer my
  133. My German Shepherd has started to grow white hair all along on her bac
  134. Scorpions in Northern Cali?
  135. I own a large dog, I would like to know of some really good online sto
  136. An aquarium capacity with a sump filter is 900l.What is the ratio betw
  137. Should I Let My Kitten Free Out doors?
  138. My dog ate cat food and now she is sick. What do I do.?
  139. How do you make cats do very cool tricks?
  140. i need a dog please heelp mee?
  141. how big will my 17week old yellow Lab puppy grow?
  142. Betta floating upside down?
  143. pure breeds vs champion line dogs?
  144. Which One Young Pup Old Dog ?
  145. i found a black crab like spider..?
  146. My dog bites other dogs...?
  147. ya know the electric underground dog fencing ? would that work on a ho
  148. Bearded dragon eggs not hatching... over 60 days.?
  149. what a better pet? cat or dog?
  150. How old is my ball python? ?
  151. How do I get my pet horse to like me again?
  152. your favorite and least favorite breed and why?
  153. If someone owns horses their whole life...?
  154. Sudden death of Corella Pet Bird...so sad??? But why?
  155. My dog is acting strange lately, like he may be hallucinating and is r
  156. cheap, cold freshwater fishies =D?
  157. Why is my bearded dragon changing colour?
  158. I don't have time/too lazy to clean my hamster cage. What do i have to
  159. Which Dog do you prefer? A Samoyed or a Japaneze Spitz?
  160. Is my cockatoo making my Chihuahua sick?
  161. Can someone reccomend a good site to find a dog?
  162. Dog barks way too much at everything?
  163. I have a cat problem.....?
  164. What are five adaptaions of the cotton tailed rabit?
  165. i need a dog in serch for partie?
  166. how much is it to castrate my male miniature?
  167. I think my dog is really sick..... ?
  168. what causes your pet to vomit yellow liquid?
  169. Maltese and Yorkie at animal shelters?
  170. what is your pet name?
  171. question about a bluie pitbull puppy?
  172. how to make my dog do this?
  173. My dog keeps flapping his ears. Why, and what do I do?
  174. killing racoons? gdfhhsd?
  175. best frozen food for color?
  176. Ever been to the basset hound parade in Ocean city NJ?
  177. Have You Heard Of A Grand Prix Show Jumper Named...?
  178. What can we do our dog crys when our 7 month old baby girl cry's ?
  179. I have a horse and she is..........?
  180. Cleaning saltwater tank with a mandarin goby (dragonet)?
  181. Senile dog lunging at cat?
  182. If you were an animal what would you be and why?
  183. Could I put a Jack Dempsey in my Cichlid tank?
  184. Is It Possible To Pair Up Two Albino Cockatiels To Breed For More Albi
  185. My Quaker Parrot Kyo is being mean now, what should I do? D=?
  186. How many Goldfish can I have in a 84 Gallon Aquarium?
  187. Chihuahua puppy name?
  188. is it normal for rats to shed?
  189. What is all the required horse tack?
  190. does any one know how to deal with a pain in the but bichon?
  191. I would like to have everybodys opinion on how large of fish can I put
  192. Is it weird to hump a big teddybear?
  193. Corn Snake Shaking End Of Tail While Eating?
  194. Will my kitten have problems?
  195. I Need Help...with My Dachshunds!?
  196. what is your local petshop like?
  197. what is your favorite action/habit that your pet does?
  198. Missing My Merlin. How do you deal with the loss of your best friend t
  199. What is the best brand of cat food for your cat/kitten?
  200. Fish Questionnn!!.....?
  201. Would getting another dog help my dog chill out?
  202. whats the worst fish stocking rule you have ever heard?
  203. getting your dog neutered?
  204. dog breeding help!!??!?
  205. How do i treat a betta for fungus?
  206. Can I feed my parakeets UNCOOKED oatmeal?
  207. What kind of things does your dog like for treats? Mine is so picky!?
  208. What is the most surprising thing your dog has done? Something you had
  209. Help me please!........................................... ..?
  210. when choosing a pet, what are your reasons for it and what kind of pet
  211. What do most Rottweilers die from?
  212. I just got a 6 mo old puggle who's not housebroken or crate trained?
  213. Anyone know of any good rabbit forums?
  214. Pet rat fight...What should I do?
  215. How much would a vet cost for a rabbit?
  216. Where can i find Bull Snakes in Reno ?
  217. Where can i get one..........?
  218. Rose Hair Tarantulas ?
  219. What do u think of a male maltese puppy?
  220. How Many Acres do You Need for 2 Horses?
  221. What do i do if my cat got stung by a bee? Help me he is my baby!?
  222. Leopard Gecko heating Question?
  223. Fish Question.........?
  224. Could my male molly fish have an internal parasite/worms?
  225. I have a 24year old Cat that needs grooming. ?
  226. Will my hamster die from falling?
  227. rack system for gtp/emerald?
  228. Is getting your cat fixed considered surgery?
  229. Got a betta, he has a white spot on a scale, it got smaller, should i
  230. is it normal for a poodle to wheeze when he breathes?
  231. Horse blanket and sheet?
  232. What type of terrestrial lizard?
  233. my dog has a hurt toe nail she was limping I couldn't see anthing so I
  234. my guppies gave birth...now what?...a challenge for all guppy breeders
  235. why do people think that it is ok to hit your dog?
  236. What breed of puppy is this?
  237. My puppy wont sleep at all?
  238. I think my pet guinea pig is sick?
  239. What countries do Rottweilers come from?
  240. is tying a cat a crime?
  241. why do we need WORMS?
  242. 11 month old female dog with red skin irritation?
  243. New puppy is really mean to my dog, what to do?
  244. I'm not thinking of getting one but what's it like...?
  245. I'm getting her spayed but I'm sad. Is this normal?
  246. how high can a buzzard fly?
  247. Snake emergency: Snake got his head stuck in tiny hole in cage?
  248. How long does it take Frontline Plus to kill new fleas that hop on?
  249. how hot should i make the tank for my leopard gecko?
  250. Hermit crab- spider truth? ?