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  1. where can i get a good betta breeding pair?
  2. My Rabbit Has A Large Lump?
  3. teacup dogs as a fashion trends?
  4. My cat is starting to pee on everyones clothes..we got him in May and
  5. my dog has a lump on her neck about a nickel size , it looks like a cl
  6. Mexican red knee tarantulas?
  7. why is my dog all of a sudden peeing when I call him?
  8. What to feed my baby snapping turtle ? HELP.?
  9. Why Don't Animals With Hair Get it Greasy?
  10. If I feed my betta flakes for tropical fish, will it improve his color
  11. My Mini Schnauzer was at my Mom's house for a week and he has a swolle
  12. hamster help can someone help me?
  13. make a good dog toy under $10?
  14. Should i get a goldfish or a betta? ?
  15. Why is my puppy gagging in the middle of the night?
  16. Why does my cat do this?
  17. i really love dogs and what type should i get?
  18. What a man can say to his dog that he can't say to hi girlfriend?
  19. Wild Australian Rainbowfish?
  20. Does your dog make a chuffing sound when she/he sleeps?
  21. Name suggestions for an ornage kitty?
  22. Is there something wrong with my dog?
  23. Different hamster breeds?
  24. My cat passed away almost one year ago now. 10/22/07. Im still not ove
  25. Have you experienced this with your rabbit(s)?? i need some help?
  26. I have a five gallon fish tank?
  27. Can bearded dragons eat Clementines?
  28. Does This Brighten Your Day?
  29. Information about Ribbon Guppies?
  30. I want to be a breeder of English Bull Dogs, what do I need to know?
  31. PLease pelase help. WHAT could this be?
  32. My cats are indoor cats...?
  33. I have 2 cats. One of them is chubby. Both eat from the same cat 'cadd
  34. My Boa just pee'd and poop'd for the first time. So the piss was yello
  35. my neighbors dog barks constantly?
  36. What's the best way to settle kittens into their new home?
  37. 4 1/2 Month old black lab great dane mix, Biting problem?
  38. how to obtain a copy of your dogs AKC certificate when the person who
  39. what is wrong with people!?
  40. Help getting rid of excess NO2/NO3 in a Tropical fish tank.?
  41. I have a wild Mouse as a pet.?
  42. Is my baby chi hua hua sick?
  43. Is my betta acting normal?
  44. Any vets or cat owners out there with Coccidia experience?
  45. What is the record age for a golden retreiver?
  46. Commission when buying a horse?? Who pays and what's the going rate?
  47. my female boxer is not eating anything before and after her delivery o
  48. Preparing a meadow for horses to graze?
  49. 4 1/2 Month old black lab great dane mix, how do i get her off the fur
  50. cycling my tank............?
  51. How can I get my cat down from the tree?
  52. HELP!!!!....(leopard gecko)?
  53. To Spay or not to Spay?
  54. 4 1/2 Month old black lab great dane mix, Barking problem controll?
  55. How can I discourage my cat from bringing dead animals back to our hou
  56. How do you know if your pony is happy?
  57. Cat with radial nerve damage?
  58. my dogs have been losing hair on bakes like crazy lately?
  59. What is your opinion on training collars?
  60. Homemade Ant Farm Question?
  61. What should I feed my new pet rats?
  62. How many starfish can go in a 55 gallon tank?
  63. How to get green horse to move his feet?
  64. who do you call to help a stray animal that was hit by a car in themid
  65. Can you use ceramic rings if you have live rock?
  66. What can i feed my little chicks?
  67. Anyone knows where I could buy marble crayfish as pets?Also is it alle
  68. During winter when is it best to you rug a pony?
  69. My Dog Just Ate A Tube Of Polysporin!!?
  70. Florida Man Punches Shark To Save His Dog!?
  71. if your pet is being attacked in the park or in your garden by someone
  72. cat vet needed or some one that knows a lot about cats?
  73. PediPaws or Pedicure?
  74. Berkshire - Really need to rehome my fish. Help?
  75. Can you believe this?
  76. How do I stop my dog from putting his paws on people?
  77. I have an 8 week old chihuahua..she weighs 2 lbs, im confused about th
  78. Which is better for a horses back?
  79. Animals have no right to travel?????!!!!?
  80. Is this a bad thing for our hamster?
  81. Biscuit_n_bailey1982?
  82. Cockatiel Vomiting Motions?
  83. I saved a squirrel yesterday... will it die?
  84. Female dog names that relate to alcohol and begin with the letter "B"?
  85. Horrible Flea Infestation In House,Yard,Dogs AHHHH!?
  86. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  87. dog attack victim help?
  88. Is there a difference in wild rabbits and domesticated rabbits as far
  89. What temperature does the fish contribute to the sea?
  90. 5 days ago my dog was bitten by a rattle snake. What can I expect?
  91. where can i get a female puppy desexed cheap - i always get ripped off
  92. Thanks to all who tried to help with baby mouse?
  93. Why do dogs enjoy us patting them?
  94. IS Declawing really that mean?
  95. 9 yr old dog neutered yesterday, wont drink, eat or pee, just sleeps?
  96. How to stop my cat from scratching!!!!?
  97. can a 29 gallon tank support 2 convict cichilds and 2 african clawed f
  98. how big can a gold fish grow in a 20 gallon fish tank?
  99. My Rabbit Died Today And I Have Had Her For 6 Years!!?
  100. A Few Questions About My Horses Feet..?
  101. my kitten's eyes are watery and the skin underneath his eye lids start
  102. Bichon peeing in bed..?
  103. Should I get another dog her age, or a puppy?
  104. How do you know if you Cat/Dog really loves you?
  105. How long do you leave your dogs daily and where do they stay while you
  106. I am in desperate need of advice ! I have a 7 year old mini schnauzer
  107. Suggested Breeds of Dogs?
  108. What Size Saddle Would My Horse Need?
  109. Helping people to get a dog neutered?
  110. Hey my dog is 8 years old. How much is that in dog years?
  111. What would happen to my turtle if i fed him Raw chicken?
  112. help i need to get a question on hamsters?
  113. What breed of coon hound is large mostly white with black spots,some t
  114. Who is afraid of spiders?
  115. Who does spaying refer to dogs or cats?
  116. my does my bunny attack other bunnys?
  117. Whats wrong with my dog?
  118. Is Maple Syrup Dangerous For Cats?
  119. Can anybody give me a list of dogs that are good with cats and kids?
  120. My cat cant pee,why? help!?
  121. Has anyone ever tried a product such as Feliway Comfort Zone Plugin or
  122. How can i tell if my land snail is a male or a female?
  123. Tell me your funniest experience with a fish.?
  124. How old was your outdoor dog when it killed its first animal?
  125. how to stop a cat from biting me?
  126. My kitten has a little blood coming out of his bum...He is just a baby
  127. my sons parakeet was bleeding from his feet not alot it seems he has r
  128. Is it safe to bathe a pregnant dog?
  129. Russian dwarf hamsters?
  130. how long will this last?! (kennel training)?
  131. i have a 5 years old germen shephered dog??????/?
  132. Anyone use Peticure dog nail grooming tool?
  133. my house dog has fleas help???????
  134. what should i name my new dog?
  135. How do I keep my puppy busy while I'm sleeping?
  136. whats wrong with my kitten?
  137. My cat is having a hard time adjusting to a new home what can I do to
  138. My Yorkshire keeps going potty inside..?
  139. My Aquarium Is Cloudy?!? HWLP?
  140. Is it dangerous to have a protection trained dog with kids at home?
  141. i have got myself a pleco will it grow?
  142. I have a very timid 5month bull arab, who even though she sees my grow
  143. my cat has diarrea hes got a little red dot on the ring of his bum. la
  144. Guppy body turning pale?
  145. Do people ride shire horses?
  146. My dog is 8 yrs old and just started to pant like Crazy?
  147. Boston Terrier has become agressive. What can I do?
  148. what is the name of this bird? I,ve found it in our yard today!(click
  149. Can somebody give me a list of animal shelters in melbourne?
  150. is my rat dieing????
  151. How do I get a cat to quit using my front yard for his litter box? He'
  152. Should i get an ipod touch or a puppy read all detail please!!!!?
  153. Cure for eye infection in dogs?
  154. What Winter rug do I need for Brisbane?
  155. How do I get rid of cat wee odour?
  156. I want a pure bred German Shephard?
  157. He people I bought him?
  158. Old english sheepdog groomer?
  159. what do you think about these two horses?
  160. Wirey Haired Jack Russell Terrier?
  161. How to train a beagle X spaniel puppy?
  162. How can I Send a dog over to africa by Air?
  163. What's the Average Lifespan of a Cockatiel? ?
  164. How can I help ease my dogs discomfort?
  165. how much does it coast to feed a Baby arowana to a foot long?
  166. wound on my dogs ear...Help!?
  167. Entertaining bored dogs?
  168. how long to Netherland Dwarf rabbits live?
  169. How do I humidify Ball Python Racks?
  170. Corydoras not swimming, tissue around mouth pale? What's wrong?
  171. How old can miniature schnauzers get to? ?
  172. i got a stray puppy .it is one month old,after consulting vet he told
  173. will 2 5 liters of carefresh bedding be enough for a guinea pig cage?
  174. can oscar fish eat earthworms?
  175. why is it that my chihuahua sits on my foot?
  176. i want to buy a parrot but need help?
  177. Energy Efficient Fish tank lighting?
  178. how do you know when your dog is...?
  179. I need help, my cat is....?
  180. Are guinea pigs suppose to eat seed shells?
  181. How do I teach my dog to be patient when she is at the Veterinarian's
  182. where,can I find a home for my 3 cats?
  183. To those who've had to put your dogs to sleep, how long did it take to
  184. whats a good pet for a 12 year old but not a guinea pig rabbit or bird
  185. Success rate with using a Black Light?
  186. what filter to use for 55 gallon tank of oscar fish?
  187. Yellow Pus Coming From My Pup?
  188. Will a stoat attack my chickens?
  189. How long a walk is needed?
  190. is it all right to keep a male ferret with the female ferret together
  191. What are the responsibilities of having a dog?
  192. My guinea pig shivers when I pick her up? ?
  193. how do I treat dog wounds?
  194. Why do some Jack Russell Terrier's ears stick up?
  195. im getting ferrets & don't no which foods to give them ive heard u can
  196. Should i write a letter to my parents saying how much i want a dog?
  197. can i feed a fly to my freashwater turtle?? the flys pretty big ?
  198. How can i convince my parents to let me have a dog?
  199. looking for a minuature chow-chow?
  200. Dog walkiing 0x :)!!?
  201. How long due ferral cats live in the UK?
  202. Chinese water dragon?
  203. Isn't scaring your cat the funniest thing?
  204. i have one betta fighting fish and 5 mollies, can i put them in one aq
  205. New Cat Owner - Which cat is best for me?
  206. Where did you get your pet?
  207. Does anyone need a tortoise rehoming?
  208. Black lab baby has MAJOR fleas, too young for chemicals?
  209. How much do kelpies cost?
  210. When you see a perfectly normal person walking an APBT, AmStaff, or a
  211. My pet rat has a tumor, is it expensive to euthanize?
  212. How long or what age does a boxer puppy stop peeing in his crate?
  213. What's the funniest thing your parrot says?
  214. does anyone know how to make a runner for my dog help me plz plz plz ?
  215. Is my dwarf hamster pregnant?
  216. How can I save my duckling from dying?
  217. My fantail fish and it's poo?
  218. How can i get my alexandarian bird to stop biting everytime i approach
  219. Which dog breeds are easy to train? ANSWER PLEASE?
  220. Why Does My Dog Always Look Depressed?
  221. Kitty litterbox training!?
  222. Name of "droopy" rottweiler ornaments?
  223. What is your favourite breed of dog and why?
  224. How can I get my mare to let me pick her hooves?
  225. My Bubble Eyed Goldfish Died!?
  226. Is there a secret to breeding Red platys?
  227. my neighbours dog wont stop barking help?
  228. Rat breeders in Central Queensland?
  229. Cockatiel feather characteristics.?
  230. what pet should i get?
  231. What's a good gift to give a veterinarian?
  232. Cant feel pain ?
  233. so upset our rabbit has just died !?
  234. Do cats whiskers grow back if cut off?
  235. How to (not) declaw my cat?
  236. Teaching my cat that the laptop is for me....not her!?!?
  237. I am very sad. My pup get stolen. How can i get him back?
  238. New Hermit Crab Intro's?
  239. I have a major horse problem?
  240. Homemade Ant Farm Owners?
  241. Is there a way to make crickets leave your garage? I can't kill them ?
  242. How do I get rid of these fleas? HELP ME HELP MY DOG?
  243. About my canaries??????????
  244. Is kelp good for my cat's fur?
  245. Can anyone recommend a good cat drinking fountain and website to get i
  246. Starving fish at walmart! This is horrible?
  247. My goldfish likes to drink saltwater is this bad?
  248. how do you know when the horse is angry?
  249. My cat is not very affectionate?
  250. how do you keep cats out of indoor pot plants?