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  1. my cat is pregnant i need to know when she'll give birth?
  2. can someone tell me how i can get my 6month old puppy fixed for cheap
  3. I just got a baby pit bull, my bf has 2 chihuahuas, will my pitbull ki
  4. What was your favorite pet?
  5. where to start - cat shows?
  6. Does anyone have a chiweenie? ?
  7. My cat looks sick......?
  8. I need to get my cat neutered cheap near philadelphia, please help. No
  9. please share your story ?
  10. in a 29 gallon fish tank?
  11. should i be worried/concerned?
  12. how do i know if my bearded dragons are male of female?
  13. any puppy name ideas? small dog (pic)?
  14. Raising the Singleton Litter??
  15. Does anyones cat have pancreatitus and diabetes?
  16. Our Cat Has something wrong with....?
  17. My puppy (5 months) just got into contact solution stuff and I think h
  18. Need help with a crate training issue?
  19. can 2 dogs still mate if the female dog already went into heat 4 month
  20. my cat is pregnant i need to know when she'll give birth?
  21. can someone tell me how i can get my 6month old puppy fixed for cheap
  22. I just got a baby pit bull, my bf has 2 chihuahuas, will my pitbull ki
  23. What was your favorite pet?
  24. where to start - cat shows?
  25. Does anyone have a chiweenie? ?
  26. My cat looks sick......?
  27. I need to get my cat neutered cheap near philadelphia, please help. No
  28. please share your story ?
  29. Why does kitty have a bald spot?
  30. What should I do with a puppy who has separation anxiety?
  31. Who feeds Eukanuba? Is it a good food?
  32. Hamster constantly bites/chews...?
  33. How much for her...............?
  34. can dogs get kennel cough without being in the kennels or can lots of
  35. i read in Horse Illustrated that if you're faced w/a flood/incliment w
  36. I cant choose which is breed is better for my house..?
  37. Dog agility: Training contacts?
  38. Freshwater aquarium habitants other than fish?
  39. Has anyone tried the "peticure" device advertised on TV for trimming p
  40. How do you groom a Siberian Husky for shows?
  41. how do i introduce my jack russel terrier to my parotlet?
  42. why are veterinarians against raw food for pets?
  43. Is my Beta Fish Sick or just having old age problems?
  44. I dont get why a rat...?
  45. german shepherd names?
  46. what type of pet should i get?
  47. can you guess what type of dog this is? First correct will win!?
  48. My puppy ran away and I need help?
  49. Hamster Help Please!!!!!!?
  50. Why micro chip your dog?
  51. parasite question help?
  52. I have found some little black bugs on my dog. They're long and skinny
  53. Is my freshwater tank overpopulated? ?
  54. Need Adice on Which Breed..?
  55. Where can I get Parvaid in Cleburne, Tx?
  56. why cant dogs eat chocolate?
  57. Im putting up my horse for sale, and don't know what would be a realis
  58. Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food?
  59. Do you prefer long haired or short haired Chihuahuas? Also, do you pre
  60. Does the Mini boxer exist? yes?
  61. What is the best way to my dog used to my cat and vise versa? ?
  62. who thinks this puppy sounds big?
  63. i have a snapping turtle got it from a creek im asking how big will it
  64. do all horses have new yr birthday's like Thoroughbred's?
  65. How often should i feed my rabbit pelets and other fruits?? to keep hi
  66. how old do guppies need to be to sex them ?
  67. Is My Puppy Sick Or Spoiled?
  68. My 14 month old dog(pomapoo) is going to the bathroom in our house aft
  69. What is the best wet cat food?
  70. Are Raccoons dangerous - could they have killed my cat?
  71. border collie ISSUES... training?
  72. does anyone own a lhasa apso dog?
  73. my new dog is jealous of my old dog ?
  74. Labradoodle, Purbred?
  75. Give me one good reason why chickens aren't as smart as cats and dogs?
  76. Responsible Cat moms and dads - Before I get a cat, what are the thing
  77. Male Rhodesian Ridgeback Names?
  78. How long does it take for algaefix to work? 2 questions about algae?
  79. How long would it take for a gerbil to starve to death?
  80. can turtles hear they dont seem to have ears?
  81. can 6 to 7 weeks kitten can eat fish or it sauce?
  82. why does he do this.......?
  83. I found a injured Mockin Bird. How can I care 4 him? He has a wou
  84. daddy long legs family HELP?
  85. My yellow bellied turtle's belly is turning a pinkish color?
  86. at what age teeth of kitten come out from jaws.and what will the age?
  87. Hi,does Any Else Have A Cat,?
  88. What medicament can help my dog to become fertile?
  89. should prairie dogs be pets?
  90. American or English Golden Retriever?
  91. does the breed shih tzu bite?
  92. Who wants a needy Basset Hound?
  93. Puppy itching and im getting bit!?
  94. Does anybody know why my cat has consistent Diarrhea?
  95. where can i buy day old chicks?
  96. Does anyone know anything about dobermans?
  97. what are the good things and bad things about beagles?
  98. My Puppy Has Swelling?
  99. How big will a male Rio Grande River Cooter turtle get?
  100. is horse riding ok for girls?
  101. cant get my dogs to get along HELP!!?
  102. Are Hunter Wellies Really Worth The Money?
  103. Is there anything I can do or give my puppy to help his broken leg hea
  104. Tea Cup/Toy Sized... Is This True?
  105. My puppy dog has a swollen elbow, it feels like there is a lot of flui
  106. what size do miniatures grow to be ?
  107. How quickly will a yorkie get sick?
  108. We suspect that the baby rat we bought from the pet store is pregnant.
  109. what kind of lizard besides another berdie can i put wit 2 baby berdie
  110. Information on a purple clam?
  111. My cat pees everywhere..?
  112. how can you tell if a goldfish is a girl or boy?
  113. Why are cats attracted to fish food?
  114. do pet stores sell puppies to minors?
  115. can i buy a puppy if i'm a minor?
  116. Can you please walk on your own four feet? ?
  117. my dog just ate a battery but it has no mercury in it will he be safe
  118. Sleeping habits of 14 wk. old Dachshund?
  119. How can i stop my Red Tail Tinfoil barbs eating my Anubias plants?
  120. Help with a Yoyo Loach!?
  121. How many dogs can a person have in their home without having a kennel
  122. whats the life of a dog?
  123. when other birds flap their wings while flying kites seems to float on
  124. My New Pushy Female Golden?
  125. advice on breeding my king charles cavaliers?
  126. Should I get a snail for my tank?
  127. my dogs got a cough and when she barks it makes it worse is this norma
  128. My dog has pimples/bumps on his neck & head?
  129. Cat is all of a sudden very thirsty and has blood in urine?
  130. Tell me about puppy farms?
  131. can dawn dishsoap kill fleas from dogs?
  132. is this true? for a 20 gallon tank.?
  133. My 3week Old Puppy Has Swelling?
  134. How did you end up with Your dog or dogs?
  135. pup has parvo , taken to vet, just wondering how many days should he g
  136. SO SICK of my parents ill behaved dog!!!!! HELP?
  137. I have a 1 yr old male dog, i just adopted a puppy and she is very pla
  138. what should our community do about these horses?
  139. how to stop a dog from snatching food?
  140. you love your Dog more or family selfish relatives?
  141. Hermans Tortoise tips?
  142. Is This Combination OK for my 29-30 gallon fish tank? ?
  143. What emotions are dogs capable of?
  144. how can i tell if my cat peggy is pregnant?
  145. kittens with no shots?
  146. What are the drips from?
  147. My goldfish is floating on top but still breathing.?
  148. puppy's and garage issue?
  149. How would you find a lost kitty, and prevent another one from leaving
  150. Will a "Guard Llama" work for me?
  151. Rats in my cook house? Thinking too much?
  152. i dont know how to get my dog here help!!!!!!!?
  153. My cat is missing a patch of hair and has a red spot?
  154. Bad breeders & props?
  155. my cat is drooling and possibly may have been poisoned, can he survive
  156. My 5 month old kitten ?
  157. How can I stop my male (neutered) rabbits from fighting?
  158. why don't you want laws to stop back yard breeding?
  159. Can you train one parrot and it will train all the rest?
  160. Does anyone know where i can board two horses near Plano TX if it isn'
  161. How long will it take?
  162. can i add fish now????
  163. Ornate Uromastyx Hatchling?
  164. Can I teach an my older cat to branch out from her tiny little room?
  165. What are some funny things you've seen horses do?
  166. my cat has gingivitus he needs all his teeth out, how much it will it
  167. Please Help My Rabbit Which has Myxomatosis?
  168. Do you feel a person should be an expert on a breed...?
  169. Have you ever licked a dead animal or used it as a hair brush?
  170. I saw my blue budgie behind my yellow budgie.....?
  171. what can I do for my dog she has tore her middle toe nail off.?
  172. How can I get away with a yorkie in a no pet building!?
  173. Uncertain diagnosis for dog's bump on toe - mast cell? ?
  174. How do I treat my fish with Ick?
  175. how do i cleaqn a fish tank out?
  176. Can Chocolate kill cat's?
  177. How to get a puppy leash trained?
  178. Signs my dog is pregnant???
  179. How do I keep my Puppy calm during his recovery period?
  180. Can i feed 'cerelac' to my African Grey Parrot?
  181. Every night my dog climbs in the bed w/ me for about 10 minutes. Then
  182. What is the best way to train a litter of puppies to use puppy pads!?
  183. How can I teach my 1 year old Pug to jump up onto the couch?
  184. what type of dog do u like?
  185. Is Banfield Pet Hospital (connected to Petsmart) in Madison, TN a safe
  186. How do your dogs greet you when you get home?
  187. Will my Shar Pei need warm clothes for winter?
  188. i want to get matching t-shirts for me and my dog?
  189. Can someone help me find a good protection dog?
  190. hello everyone i am looking to buy a pair of breeding horsefield torto
  191. Most and Least Favorite Dog Breeds?
  192. Do you need a bio filter for keeping cold water fish?
  193. Any suggetions for black long-haired cat?
  194. Why does only one puppy whine all the time? ?
  195. feeding alaskan malamute...?
  196. What would you do? Kitty at Shelter?
  197. Is there a way to keep a male dog from marking other than those silly
  198. can gerbils pee kill dogs if the dog lick the pee?
  199. Once Spunky, Now Lethargic Beta Fish's Mom Needs Advice?
  200. what do snakes study in college?
  201. my dog is having her period?what can i do?
  202. is there a scent a dog does not like?
  203. An older cat with anothers babies...?
  204. Can you make a fixed cat stop humping?
  205. Other Ant Farm Owners Or Ant Specialists?
  206. gay jay, cal girl, tow eyed goldbo or smokeys cowgirl van, what are th
  207. What would you call a fly with No wings?
  208. why do cats howl at night?
  209. do German Shepherds make good family dogs?
  210. Is 50 a good deal for...?
  211. Help! My cousin's horse decided...?
  212. How can owls completely turn their heads?
  213. Constant barking 24/7 I can't take this..?
  214. How much are Siberian Husky puppies?
  215. I just got a month old Shih Tzu and on Monday im going to have to leav
  216. I have a temperature problem in my tank please advise?
  217. Kittens - Vet and fixed,ect care?
  218. I have an 8 year old dog, and a year old cat....how to introduce a new
  219. What's the best pet insurance available?
  220. What is the best wet cat food?
  221. Anything to worry about?
  222. I just noticed these roundworms in my puppy's feces, should I have ask
  223. I was told on new boots you can put oil on them. What kind of oil is t
  224. How to stop cat litter dust trail?
  225. Can you help with my Bit confusion?
  226. Need help with aggressive dog?
  227. Which gender Lab is better for a first time dog owner?
  228. Should I get more parakeets? (budgies)?
  229. What is on my tetra's eyes?
  230. I need them to leave!?
  231. Can someone name all of the different types of crops whips and bats?
  232. Where to purchase blackworms?
  233. Is a female boxer pup(17wks)more difficult to train than a male? My 11
  234. Should i go to work? DOG PREGNANCY?
  235. HELP! my dog is scaring me! ?
  236. Will my cat ever come home?
  237. dog dilemma, 3 legged shepherd with bad foot?
  238. Let me know what you think please......?
  239. Teaching Dog Tricks??????????????
  240. why is my hamster so tiny?
  241. Who has a premier epupz account, please help me!?
  242. I think my betta has fin rot and i've done everything to help and it s
  243. i found a baby mouse, what should i do?
  244. Blood Parrot feeding?
  245. Can my snails get that ich parasite? What all diseases/parasites can t
  246. Any vets in London willing to practice early neuter on kittens? ?
  247. what makes dogs itch and chew raw spots on their bodys?
  248. my puppy was barking while she was sleeping, does that mean she had a
  249. My Hamster's is Crazy?
  250. My dog is acting weird... help!?