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  1. Dog Spay question????
  2. Help please???? I just got a baby alligator and need a care sheet ASAP
  3. question about guinea pig male parts? OMG! it s!?
  4. What breed do you think my dog is?
  5. what kind of dog is a labyhound?
  6. Does your cat do that thing when they lie on there back and look at yo
  7. Does anyone know any sites that have lots of horses for LEASE (Austral
  8. kitten w/ ringworm; how long before ok? what do with other cat? rest o
  9. How do you correclty use horse cross ties?
  10. What size blanket should i buy?
  11. y does my dog lay in my bed?
  12. I hate my boyfriend's dog is this normal?
  13. My little Garden Snake? :(?
  14. Does your cat like to punch holes with his teeth?
  15. Question for Westie owners about skin problems?
  16. Where can I find a python breeder in Victoria (Aus)?
  17. 13 week old kitten coming?
  18. How to completely house train my puppy.?
  19. what to keep with blood parrots, and maybe a severum?
  20. How do I get my dogs to stop begging?
  21. Will my Oscar Cichlid heal okay?
  22. My dog just got spayed. They had to keep her at the hostipital in a sm
  23. gypsy a good name for a kitten?
  24. My cat sleeps with me...meaning?
  25. MY 5 week old kitten just swallowed it's feeding tube!!!!?
  26. Why are dogs afraid of water? ?
  27. How old do horses get?
  28. does trader joes sell cat shampoo?
  29. should i get a labrador or a pug?
  30. i just bought a budgie that is little but fully feathered so like a mo
  31. is this a good list of items? answer soon for many points!?
  32. is this okay for a betta?
  33. how many cats are too many?
  34. Black lab sprayed in face by skunk.. eyes seem ok..washed him with van
  35. Kitten outside, its cold!?
  36. Peacock for pet......?
  37. Help with Cichlids please?
  38. how big do mini rex rabbits get?
  39. TWO kitty cat questions? One being very important, please?
  40. What are the side-affects after getting a kitten de-wormed (using a sh
  41. Is this normal for a 1 yr old Lab?
  42. My Dwarf Hamsters does not want to take a sand bath!?
  43. How should I BUY A HORSE?
  44. need help picking cat names?
  45. im thinking of geting a pet? what are the responsibilities?
  46. Feeding Siamese fighter with microworms?
  47. how wld u answer this?
  48. Hellllpppp!!!! I Need Ideas!!!!?
  49. where i can buy pos pigeon in indonesia?
  50. Why are black cats always considered bad luck?
  51. aggressive dog eye mask ?
  52. Ball Python Heatng. Help Please!?
  53. Dog going into heat soon.?
  54. Why does my budgie bite my teeth?
  55. i need some advice on how i get my bird to trust me?
  56. something about my kittys?
  57. Corn snake safety questions ?
  58. training a ferret to not bite down on people?
  59. i have a name for my dog but i need a breed?
  60. how do i stop my big cats from eating rats mices?
  61. What are the laws of Animal Cruelty to different animals?
  62. Illegal Pets How Come?
  63. 14 week old kitten weighs over 5lbs?
  64. Can too many litters of kittens eventually kill the mother cat?
  65. Adopting a cat this week?
  66. Infection's remedy for my dog anyone?
  67. How Do i Stop my dog from eating Cat and Horse Crap?
  68. how old does the gerbil have to be to sell them?
  69. Are Cheerios (the cereal) okay to give a rabbit as a treat?
  70. Minature poodle question?
  71. ferret dehydration? Help?? ?
  72. Treating betta with Marcyn?
  73. were do i find a song like gummy bear and hamster dace?
  74. betta fish question!?
  75. how many times a day do rats eat?
  76. Horseback Riding Camps?
  77. Anybody know how to build a half water half land tank for a firebelly
  78. Other ideas for head throwing?
  79. i want to see your birds cockatiels?
  80. this big dog is is a cage in the back yard. they feed it but never let
  81. How is my dog able to a wet can of cat food?
  82. My dog seems to have hurt his tail?
  83. Do green cheeked conures enjoy eating raisins?
  84. Do they make fur coats out of cats in China?
  85. can i wash my fat russian blue cat with human shampoo or body wash lik
  86. Should I be worried about getting another Guinea Pig?
  87. what are these toys called?
  88. if a hamster gets bit by another hamster?
  89. I'm getting a chinchilla tomorrow?
  90. where t buy Apistogramma cacatuoides ?
  91. Does my cat have a broken leg?
  92. Does anybody know if male chinchillas shed more then females?
  93. What Breed/Mix do you think he is?
  94. what is a good name for a golden retriver?
  95. i would like to get a shrimp in my fresh water tank to eat algae?
  96. Im planning to get an automatic feeder for my hamster, is this a good
  97. Can I put a beta fish in a larger tank?
  98. Aggressive and Overly Shedding Rat Terrier!?
  99. Understanding of fleas?
  100. what makes the rope breakaway in breakaway roping? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!?
  101. Please Answer ASAP! Important?
  102. In the movie Must Love Dogs is the black dog a Newfoundland or a great
  103. How much water should my dog drink each day?
  104. Why does my dog do this???????
  105. 3 year old Whining Chihuahua...HELP!?
  106. Any theories on why I STILL have a FLEA PROBLEM?
  107. Can a Dog eat Hotdog?
  108. How does my gsd look for 6 months?
  109. Hamster problem? (easy best answer, mature answer please)?
  110. Show Pig for the FFA?
  111. stocking 6 gallon tank (10 points to best answer!) puffer and oto?
  112. is a dog laxitive okay to help when she strains?
  113. why does my betta fish contantly come up to the top of the tank?
  114. how humid should my moist box be for the leopard geckos?
  115. Dog Barking at night when alone?
  116. I want to see your cat(s)!?
  117. is eucalyptus mist safe for cockatiels?
  118. I just got my puppy her shots and she is very sleepy which the doctor
  119. my cat has a warm nose is he sick?
  120. What is the recommended amount of time to spend at home with a pet dog
  121. Will a dog breeder take the dog back?
  122. Can I use a regular collar on a Siberian Husky?
  123. Planted 10 gallon tank with pics of fish and tank included. Does this
  124. How do I feed two dogs?
  125. can african cichlids adapt to low end brackish?
  126. is it true that the colour of a catle dogs paws is it's adult coat col
  127. I want a dog but a have two cats HELP NEEDED READ ALL DETAIL!?
  128. recovery time for vestibular disease in dogs?
  129. Why is my hamster constantly sticking her butt up?
  130. What type of pet should I get?
  131. what's the difference between a vet tech and a vet assistant?
  132. Should I use a mini dog agility A-frame, or a standard one? (Same goes
  133. A cheap teacup poodle?
  134. how of then sure I wash my shih tzu puppy ?
  135. Does anyone own this saddle?
  136. Sometimes my dog twitches when she sleeps?
  137. dog has really bad gas?
  138. where do sharks live?
  139. if i were to get a bearded dragon.. ?
  140. cats whiskers ? help !!?
  141. What is a good dry dog food?
  142. Any advice/tips for keeping a Male Betta and a few Merigold Swords?
  143. would it be a bad idea to?
  144. Am I going to become that crazy cat lady?
  145. My rabbits fur smells bad?
  146. hi i need help with my guinea pig.?
  147. my betta fish is not that healthy ?
  148. My dog got cut in the lower eyelid at the groomers. What should I do?
  149. 9yr old German Shepherd fed on Chappie and Veg what supplements?
  150. Hamster Names >>? ?
  151. How big can molly fish get?
  152. I would like to switch my 3 month old German Shepherd to a Raw Diet. W
  153. Do curly hair tarantulas make good pets?
  154. Should I take my puppy with kennel cough to the vet asap?
  155. why is my 13yr old dog havetrouble poopin?
  156. fish for 1 gallon tank??!?
  157. Where would you go to find out where a dog came from by the numbers ta
  158. Where do I find a Sugar Glider in Chicago or nearest suburbs?
  159. My Ball Python may be pregnant..?
  160. Fat cat diet suggestions?
  161. Help!?! What Dog Should I Get?
  162. should i still take my cat to the vet ?
  163. How much do Bearded Collies shed?
  164. use bedding mix that was made for orchids for my tarantulas terrerium?
  165. My Turtle shared...? Umm... help plz!?
  166. Who needs a helping horse hand in clark county washington?
  167. Am I A Responsible Animal Owner?
  168. how do i help my sick fish?
  169. 2 two inch Red Belly Piranha and 2 two inch Albino Oscar?
  170. At Petsmart, are trainers supposed to allow socializing time?
  171. My guinea pigs sick, but i don't know whats wrong with her.?
  172. how do you set up a brackish water tank for figure 8 puffers?
  173. Dog ate burrs off his fur, now is coughing, eating dust, grass and is
  174. Fish or anything that eats only food at the bottom?
  175. Do you like this name of my new golden pup?
  176. Okay, so i bought 2 male mice yesterday & have no idea how to look aft
  177. Do you celebrate your dog's birthday?
  178. how big do pens have to be for dog boarding?
  179. Dog friendly coat paint for Halloween?
  180. Do spider or capucin monkeys make good pets?
  181. What causes a goat's droppings to be round?
  182. Do you think my cat is suffering from too much exposure to?
  183. Another question about pack dynamics?
  184. Female Bettas with no Males?
  185. Physically only: GSD or APBT.................?
  186. Is this a good price for these fish?
  187. What's going on with my cat?
  188. what does a frog need?
  189. Why do I always find worms in my dogs food bowl after a rain ? Just cu
  190. Can green tiger barbs live with guppies or platys?
  191. Where can I find a rat breeder close to Madison?
  192. my pug was attacked by another dog and is in a lot of pain?
  193. does anyone have any times on how to teach your self to rope?
  194. Convincing mom to get a pit bull?
  195. We have a 5yr. old Neutered male treeing walker,very timid was abused
  196. Does anyone know if the sheep used for Uggs live humane lives before t
  197. Where can you buy good quality but inexpensive riding boots?
  198. My snake acted weird today...?
  199. How much math do I have to study before becoming a Veterinarian ?
  200. Horse will NOT pick up feet.?
  201. Turtle Help? any one?
  202. Can You Pick Up A Dog...by The Scruff Of The Neck?like Cats?
  203. we have a puppy that is half rat terrier and half mini doberman?
  204. why do gangster and thugs prefer pitbulls as in theyre best friend i k
  205. i want pictures of guinea pig?
  206. Does science diet puppy food for "large breeds" make puppies smaller?
  207. I can't breed my Silver Sharks?
  208. Im phobic of cats. I cant be anywhere near them or I get hysterical. H
  209. How Old Do You Have To Be To BuyA Puppy ?
  210. Two cats & a dog ???? help please !!! read all detail !?
  211. Can I let my cat go out during winter?
  212. What pet should I get?
  213. Can I spay/neuter a cat that hangs around but doesn't have a collar?
  214. my hamster wont let anyone hold him but me why?
  215. post neutering surgery concerns?
  216. Where can I find a breeder for small dogs in Massachusetts, that are p
  217. I have entered my dog in a howloween contest and they have rewards for
  218. REALLY EASY dog recipes?
  219. Problem kitten...help!?
  220. My dog was eating a pedigree brand dog food that was recalled.?
  221. in breakaway what do you do with the rope?
  222. What's it mean when your cat licks you?
  223. HELP!! my baby sand boa won't eat its been 2 weeks what am i doing wro
  224. How do you tame a tokay?
  225. What happened to my rabbit? :'(?
  226. What are some algae eating saltwater fish?
  227. Pygmy Rattlesnakes and Scarlet Kingsnakes?
  228. what is something fun i could do or make for my three rats?
  229. Do dogs get bad eyes like us?
  230. What do mat turtles look like?
  231. Which breed of dog do you think is the smartest?
  232. How should i treat my dog?
  233. Do you own your cat or does your cat own you?
  234. Have you had a dog that has had pancreatitis? (Dog food question) I'm
  235. fish is dying, help!?
  236. Limiting Scaring on Scratch on Dogs Face ?
  237. help! My dog isn't recovering!!?
  238. Will drycleaning remove cat hair from an electric blanket(I'm very all
  239. Approved ASTM Helmets...? Please Help?
  240. What is The Process of Buying a Puppy From A Pet Store ?
  241. is reptical a goo product?
  242. I really really really want to go to a reptile expo!?
  243. Can I give my dog SUERO instead of water?
  244. is a 55 gallon tank big enough for a water dragon?
  245. place that makes pet names on food/water bowls?
  246. Can you use this lamp?
  247. My 8 month old Yorkie ate some ceiling paint that was spilled in the s
  248. does my puppy have kennel cough?
  249. can gerbil's be tamed after one handling?
  250. How can I tell if my labrador is having eye issues?