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  1. Is there any way to fine out if a horse is registered?
  2. My dog is stoned! What should i do?
  3. What do I feed my sea anemone?
  4. my guinea pig had 2 babies a week ago. one is active the other moves l
  5. What dog name should i have?
  6. pet people awnser please... my sanity depends on it?
  7. I Love Cats am i Wierd?
  8. Snails in my Fish Tank?
  9. What can I do for my dog who was hit by a car a week ago?
  10. What is a good temperature for cichlids?
  11. How often should I change the BioMax in my AquaClear power filter?
  12. Pregnant mini-schnauzer has sticky discharge?
  13. can you put live rock in a african cichlid tank?
  14. hedgehog care needed please?
  15. Does anyone have any Miniature pigs for sale...?
  16. Is it true that female fish can reproduce by themselves because they a
  17. my puppies aren't getting the attention they need?
  18. Am I going all wrong by doing this with my new puppy?
  19. Cage training my puppy, but she keeps potting in her cage?
  20. Question about feral cats?
  21. were can i buy a baby goat in sa ?
  22. how do you get a hamster out of a wall?
  23. How can I help these poor bunnies!?
  24. What are some good names for a Bird?
  25. Do Mantis bugs bite if you hold them and is it possible to keep them a
  26. Help - Damaged Horse Mane?
  27. shipping Walmart products to Australia?
  28. After much research and asking around, we found a siberian husky we'd
  29. does anyone know about shipping animals inter-island (hawaii)?
  30. Oh No, Not Wikipedia Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  31. are these mites....??????????
  32. How do you train a puppy to use the bathroom in a certain area if the
  33. What would be best or better for my puppy?
  34. How to get the smell of cat pee out of the walls?
  35. Help Me With My Dog!?
  36. Fitting a show steer?? HELP! mostly clipping!! in FFA / 4H?
  37. When potty training a puppy, does it help to have them with a dog who
  38. My rabbit has bloody poop?
  39. breeding convicts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  40. Which pet is best, Bunny or chinchilla?
  41. Hamster Awesome-ness?
  42. I just purchased a Belgian gelding and don't have much experience with
  43. why do dogs sleep with there tongues sticking out?
  44. Is there any over the counter heartworm medicine for dog tha i could g
  45. omg my dog might be preagnant and Im flat broke, what to do?
  46. Where can I buy hamsters in bulk?
  47. Where can I find a list of dog kennels such as where I can walk in and
  48. How can i calm my beagle down?
  49. How do I know when to change the filter cartridge?
  50. Need Help Naming My Kitty?
  51. Is it okay to give a dog Benadryl?
  52. Why do cats completely lose their marbles before & after pooping?
  53. My puppy had revolution put on her but still keeps getting ticks?
  54. How do I stop my rabbit from chewing up the baseboards?
  55. Is my red tail shark pregnant?
  56. How many Litres are in my fish tank?
  57. i live in Oregon and want to own a big cat?
  58. i feel like crying!!!?
  59. My dog had vomiting and diarrhea and now he can't move at all, he's br
  60. how often do fish get pregnant?
  61. neighbor letting my cat in?
  62. How do I stop my cat from missing the litter box?
  63. do i need a pump for my fish tank?
  64. How to work cows and introduce a horse to them?
  65. Is okay to this with young puppies?
  66. Question about rabies shots?
  67. Does anyone know anything about pyrenean shepherds?
  68. Guinea Pig Lettuce Intake?
  69. how do I keep my ferret from biting my shoes?
  70. Price of Chinese Crested?
  71. I have a Rare Parakeet with six color variations.... I'm a little conf
  72. Should i get a hamster or not?
  73. My cat is peeing outside her box! (please read detail)?
  74. My male dog humps my neighbors dog !?
  75. what mammal has the shortest gestastion ?
  76. What are basically all of the steps i need to take to start my new fis
  77. how can ya tell if goldfish is male or female?
  78. Before I become a dog walker...?
  79. How to get rid of 20% water when cleaning a fish tank (without literal
  80. Questions about raising geese?
  81. My pet ferrt had no food what can I feed her from the house?
  82. Which is bigger a budgie or lovebird? and which one can be trained to
  83. How old is Tweety?!(The Bird)?
  84. Eheim 2215 set up need help please!?
  85. Let's pretend you're a responsible breeder...?
  86. What is the best type of hay for rabbits?
  87. Cat did have tapeworms, lost a lot of weight, given medication, and ha
  88. Is there any way to get my new ferret to like my cats and dog?
  89. If a raccoon keeps coming to my house, what should I do?
  90. New puppy problems!!! PLEASE HELP!?
  91. can gypsy vanners jump?
  92. How much does a Yellow Tang cost.?
  93. puppy training question?
  94. 4 weeks after my old dog had a rabie shot it died. Her neck looked swo
  95. Why dose my Aquatic Reptile Heater turn off when water is cold?
  96. Trying To Buy A Black German Shepherd!!!?
  97. My kitty finishes her food right after noon and then doesn't have anyt
  98. question about fish breeding?
  99. Why is my 10 month old bearded dragon wagging his tail?
  100. Can someone with experience answer my question ?
  101. Why does my cat rub her face on EVERYTHING?
  102. Who is the Alaskan Malamute on the 2008 Animal Planet Championship Dog
  103. How do you get the cat urine smell out of the carpet?
  104. My puppy hates it when I cradle her... Help?
  105. Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. My Dog Ate A Little Chocolate, Will He Be alright? ( Urgent )?
  107. do female dogs get periods?
  108. Ick question please help!!!!!!?
  109. What animal do most guys like?
  110. I think my dog may be depressed.?
  111. please read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  112. I Entered The Hamster Derby At Petco!!!?
  113. For people who have dogs, and live in california !?
  114. Why is my ferret biting?
  115. Are hognose snakes illegal to own in Wisconsin?
  116. does anyone have a french mastiff male in san antonio texas?
  117. What is wrong with my dogs foot?
  118. Is dressing my pet wrong?
  119. Is milk actually good for cats?
  120. pregnant female rabbit?
  121. a guy gave me a dog with lost papers, how can i get the papers?
  122. Can dogs develop personalities?
  123. is the crittertrail z okay for my russian dwarf hamster?
  124. guinea pig---pad of foot bleeding...?
  125. how do petstores contribute to dog over population?
  126. our female maine coon cat who is only a year and a half old has just v
  127. Help!-Guinea Pig Bathing?
  128. What is a small dog that would make a good house pet?
  129. how do komodo dragons reproduce?
  130. Will baking soda in water cure my cat's cancer?
  131. Rat terriers are the best dog ever!?
  132. Have you ever seen an animated creature, and just wanted to hug it?
  133. Rough friends and family members with my cat?
  134. fleas from dogs ??!! helppp?
  135. there's a black thing on my hamster it's not a tick cuz it's not hard
  136. i have a female manx mice an i want to breed her with my male that is
  137. How to stop my puppy from biting? And learning her name?
  138. Would would you do? Cat not eating 48 hours, puking all the time, only
  139. What is this weird noise?
  140. How long do I leave the water conditioner in my 3 gallon fish tank?
  141. Anyone found a generic form of IVD diet for dogs?
  142. Question about dog discipline...?
  143. How should I control my parakeet from getting too excited?
  144. desert banded geckos?
  145. Help i think my puppy is gonna die!!?
  146. can i send my dog to another country alone? how can i do it? ?
  147. Could neighbor have caused my dog's strange behavior?
  148. We have 5 sebright hens, ?
  149. Can excess of fleas cause a cat to scratch so much they lose their fur
  150. Allergic to Shedding Rat Terrier!!?
  151. So maybe my betta has dropsy? Or..helppp meee(pics)?
  152. do horses hate walking in mud?
  153. Cat cold help!!! Bad cold.?
  154. AntiSocial Dog?? Really need some help here!?
  155. how can i get my dog to relax?
  156. Guinea Pigs help!!! plz?
  157. Can You Ride A Horse That Has Been Abused?
  158. Can goldfish live with koi ?
  159. if my dog has loads of treat will she die?
  160. My dog was eating a dead bird, will she be okay?
  161. What do fish think about?
  162. S>O>S I got a 5 yr. old dog from the pound. What do i do????
  163. how much is a female puppy pug?
  164. What i want to do when my cats was very lazy?
  165. How much should I feed my new puppy?
  166. My cat hasn't pooped in at least 2 weeks!?
  167. what sound do guinea pigs make when they like it?
  168. Can you give your dog his own shots....?
  169. Does anyone know of any breeds of snake that are less than a foot long
  170. How much do cat vaccinations cost in North Central PA? ?
  171. Can Father be around pups?
  172. we have a litter of puppies they are 4 days old?
  173. Not sure if 4 month old boxer has gotten his vaccination, is it ok to
  174. When my female Rottweiler has the puppies, when is it safe for my male
  175. so...there is this dog in my room...and?
  176. What is the minimum size tank for a green anole?
  177. whats the best type of filter for my fish tank?
  178. can AFD frogs eat mealworms?
  179. Can guinea pigs eat wheat bagels?
  180. What Happened to the relationship between my cats and other neighbor h
  181. What should I do about my cockatiel's hurt wing?
  182. adjectives that start with m?
  183. Guinea Pig TROUBLE!!?
  184. Mother abandoned newborn kittens?
  185. What should I name my Show lamb?
  186. question about my dog and her?
  187. Do you think this is a good idea?
  188. Put Frontline on Today, but he's got something in his fur now?
  189. how old should budgies be to breed?? also can i use my normal bird cag
  190. can you be allergic to only puppies?
  191. do i need my own horse for riding lessons?
  192. Can guppies go with goldfish? ?
  193. i broke a chicken egg and it had yellow with white gooey stuck stuck t
  194. can a rat fit through a inch wide space?
  195. Once a dog gets fleas does it have it for life?
  196. where can i get an incubator? ?
  197. What is a good name for this colt?
  198. Aggressive 2 Year Old Terrier!?
  199. My dog keeps growing these stringy bump things.....?
  200. anyone ever used a flea fogger/bomb with small kids?
  201. Is this good food for my kitten?
  202. Should I neuter my dog even though there's a reason why not to?
  203. Can a savanna monitor have babys with an iguana?
  204. rubbing a dogs face in his poop... effective or cruel?
  205. i might get a veiled Chameleon would a 65 gallon repterrium house it a
  206. how many hours between feedings for kittens?
  207. I've noticed a difference in my recently spayed lab incision. ?
  208. My dog won't do a dookie outside because it's raining, what to do?
  209. tank compatible ?
  210. can i put green tree frogs in my normal large fish tank?
  211. What else can a fish eat?
  212. ghost shrimp eggs? 2 of my ghost shrimp have eggs how long dose it tak
  213. when should i teach my labrador to track and to use his sense of smell
  214. leopard gecko baby ?
  215. Why won't my kitten eat or shut up?
  216. can you wash a kitten after it gets fixed/spayed?
  217. I have a 5 yr old dobie. Her stomach is bloated all the time. Can I gi
  218. I just bought a bearded dragon...?
  219. Two questions; Wondering about cats not getting along & a poll?
  220. Schnauzer fell over dead in the front yard w/ blood pouring from her m
  221. flea controll !? helpp?
  222. I have a Rabbit Question?
  223. My chihuahua puppy doesnt like people?
  224. Are there any free online animal whispering websites I can go to?
  225. What breed would be good with a Tibetan Terrier? ?
  226. Are you a cat or dog person?
  227. What do you think about this dog?
  228. Can my 2 male kittens live in harmony?
  229. How are Shih Tzu's with children?
  230. How do I knock out my dog?
  231. omg!! is my beta fish pregnant???(pictures inside of it) HELP!!!!?
  232. How do I convince my parents to let me get a rabbit(s)?
  233. my puppy is 8 weeks old, she is vomiting and having the dirahea. What
  234. I bought a small filter for my 2 gallon tank with a betta fish, is thi
  235. Other Fish With Betta?
  236. What to do with this male betta?
  237. hmmmmmmm pet rats????????????
  238. new kitten in the house and what to do?
  239. If you neuter a dog, do they become less physically fit?
  240. How do I care for my guppies?
  241. small bearded dragon food?
  242. what about these Puppy mills?
  243. Does anyone do "dog-sitting" in Southern California (near Fullerton?
  244. my rott is a big baby?
  245. What snake should a 11 year old get and how to prepare?
  246. how do i take care of a puppy?
  247. why do so many people keep bettas without heaters?
  248. How clean should my carpets be before I get a new kitten?
  249. can a golf ball goldfish live with my fish?
  250. Treating betta with Maracyn?