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  1. wats the cost of taking a dog abroad on plane?
  2. How to house train a dog?
  3. What is wrong with my cats eye?
  4. should I change my horse's name?
  5. How to be a good pet owner?
  6. my hamsters 31months old and 1 off her eyes looks like a red raison ?
  7. Halloween ideas for our dog?
  8. bearded dragon question 10 points+ best answer?
  9. I have purchased a pair of five months old silver pheasant,?
  10. Will a ph urine testing strip designed for humans work the same for do
  11. Is it possible for dogs to catch diseases from humans?
  12. wats the best price of female lab puppy in new delhi fir sale?
  13. I have a regal tang w/white spots...?
  14. How Can I Convince my parents to get a dog?
  15. Where did the saying 'curiosity killed the cat' come from?
  16. HELP! what happens if you put a betta in water with insufficient water
  17. new ducklings coming tomorrow!!!!!!!?
  18. Koi gets the shakes quite often, is it dying?
  19. Parakeet question! Please help! ?
  20. Strang Cat movment - backward movement?
  21. how can i treat cotton mouth on my piranha?
  22. why does bird dooty look like spinach?
  23. Can i get a job as a dog walker at 13?
  24. how would i keep my dog from jumping on my bed after i leave for work?
  25. tried to introduce the budgie to a bird bath for the first time?
  26. my 12 wk puppy has bad diarrhea? ?
  27. My tropical stocking idea?
  28. My son threw a cat in a pen with two pit bulls and they destroyed the
  29. Lost puppy please help!!!!?
  30. Southeast Asian Box Turtle Info...HELP!!!?
  31. Can a dog live off of processed meat and cheese?
  32. Might be getting Dwarf Hamsters? (Already have a Syrian so I'm not a c
  33. can i feed a hamster a 300ml bunny water bottle?
  34. About my regal tang fish...?
  35. im house sittin for my friend and she has 6 rats but one seems starved
  36. nursing at vomiting with blood?
  37. I need some help in picking a name for my black mare...?
  38. HELP ME, my dog is peeing out drips of blood ?
  39. I'm looking for a Maltese female puppy in Malaga region, costa del sol
  40. guinea pig or bunny owners please?
  41. what age will a captive bred tortoise start to hibernate when kept in
  42. gorilla who loves kittens (pictures inside)?
  43. I gave away my neighbors kittens and then lied about it when they aske
  44. Guinea pig or bunny owners, I want to talk to you?
  45. Is a normal desk lamp enough for plants in small aquarium?
  46. why wont my yabbi eat?
  47. Why do I love dogs, but I'm scared of them?
  48. how much gallons is in 48 litres?
  49. why won't my yabbi eat?
  50. Does anyone know of any chatrooms for horsey people?
  51. is it cruel or cute to dress your dog for Halloween?
  52. Any Burt's Bee User know about this?
  53. What is the best breed dog for children? I currently have mix between
  54. I got a new kitten and a day later noticed she had fleas. if its only
  55. Why wont my fat tail eat?
  56. Can Ball Pythons breathe underwater?
  57. more feeding tips for my dumbo rats?
  58. How do you teach a dog to fetch.?
  59. Will my hamsters breed?
  60. Do birds' mites affect humans?
  61. Do you believe euthanasia is humane when there are other options?
  62. Havanese dogs?????????????????????????????????????/?
  63. how do i tell how old my chinease dewarf hamsters are?
  64. Baby got scratched by kitten...?
  65. Help me. I don't know what to call her!?
  66. I have a Regal Tang W/white spots...?
  67. How much do cats eat in a day and when they wander how long are they g
  68. help me------------------oil in my aquarium?
  69. My hamster is too active, what should I do?
  70. Can King Parrots be trained to talk?
  71. Does a puppy pee or poop very often?
  72. Why do dogs generally have fur and we don't?
  73. Any shops in the philippines that sells a ferret?
  74. Anyone know how (or if it is possible to) register a Munchkin kitten w
  75. my pit bull has a rash all over her....?
  76. I have fallen in love with 2 mini shets but do you think they would be
  77. please help me to find my cat! please!?
  78. How to calm down a dog?
  79. where to position an avery?
  80. A rabbit with a watering eye?
  81. At what age should I start training my puppy?
  82. how much do boxer puppies usually cost?
  83. A mane question....please help?
  84. Does a spayed female dog bleed during their period?
  85. Why do people get snakes as pets? ?
  86. why does my cat have this thick fur in between it's paws?
  87. What breed of cat is this?
  88. How much do Jack Russel's cost? ?
  89. how much do fox terriors cost?
  90. What is the best age to sterilise my puppy?
  91. How can I get my puppy to tell me she has to pee?
  92. Another bearded dragon question?
  93. i am big n strong. who do i no if a owl will attak me?
  94. if a dog or cats toungh is starting to turn black what dose that mean?
  95. how old is your oldest pet you've ever owned ?
  96. I really want a dog but my mum won't let me?
  97. why are my otocinclus like this?
  98. I want to get a pet but I don't know what to get I want something you
  99. feeding habits for a dumbo rat?
  100. Cats or dogs, which is more dangerous?
  101. Papillon Puppy: Male or Female?
  102. Biting lil ponies.. What to do?
  103. i have an old lab/border collie mix dog. at 14 of course she's dying,
  104. What is the best age for puppies to leave their moms?
  105. Cute names for this dog (pic included)?
  106. Why is my puppy getting chubby around belly?
  107. What's your favourite dog breed?
  108. Puppy with fleas...wat to do =[?
  109. i clipped my budgies wing and he is alot calmer now and he is slowly w
  110. stock horse ex polo pony, very forward moving what sort of bit should
  111. how can i convince my mom and dad into getting a cockatiel?
  112. what ever happened to hairy fish in our ?
  113. breeding bettas, what do these signals mean?
  114. Should I get a Labrador?
  115. Any land plants for my aquarium?
  116. I need help naming my female sun conure!?!?
  117. Why does pet hair only grow to a certain length?
  118. Windsuckers.............Settlex?
  119. Is it better to leave food out for your puppy/dog all the time or regu
  120. What do you think of?
  121. Mexican walking fish?
  122. Gerbils, girls, and hospitals?
  123. Flea advise for chihuahua?
  124. How do you calm down a crazy boxer dog?
  125. what do you think of my girl?
  126. Can I have these fish in a 40 gallon tank?
  127. Dry Kibble or the yummy looking wet chow?
  128. Argentine Black and White tegus?
  129. how often should a German Shepard be walked ?
  130. how to get them to stop annoying me?
  131. My neighbor can't keep hold of a dog!!?
  132. Is it allowed to keep Pets(Dogs) in appartments in Bangalore? Can asso
  133. What is neck reining?
  134. My kittens have eye discharge... what can I do?
  135. ...........................................???
  136. Why hasnt my betta made a bubble nest in a while?
  137. i just got a yabby why wont it eat?
  138. Should I Call the Trainer?
  139. how do i breed my pet yabbies?
  140. aliges for african gray?
  141. What exactly is "flea dust"?
  142. Pet Rat With Rash On Tail?
  143. Dog Not Eating Most Things?
  144. Is my puppy sleeping to much?
  145. Some Brazilian Rainbow Boa Questions...?
  146. Dog Agility Help Please?
  147. do rats make good pets?
  148. Can you please pray for my lost puppy?
  149. how to stop a dog chowing the furniture?
  150. What does this mean my cat?
  151. Owls appear to be human sometimes?
  152. bearded dragon question , 10 points+ best answer?
  153. how can we know when the male betas has finished building the bubble n
  154. horse riding camp in New South Wales?
  155. Biting gerbil, had him for a day?
  156. Considering new puppy!! Help!!!?
  157. What mix breed do my pups look like? ((pics))?
  158. was I being too rude? man having a conversation about....?
  159. What are treats that rabbits can have?
  160. attention seeking goldfish?
  161. i think my hamsters prego...HELP!?!?
  162. Is it possible for my dog to contract AIDS. through sexual contact?
  163. Puppy biting ..Any tips for controling?
  164. Does a dog understand house foreclosure?
  165. how do i train my dog to let me know when it has to pee/poop?
  166. is it ok to use any branch you find in your back for decor in my fish
  167. dog custody in minnesota?
  168. how long in between litters?
  169. My *NEW* bearded dragon?
  170. Pregnancy termination for my dog. ?
  171. My Rat Has A Red Rash On His Tail?
  172. Chewing on the bit and tilting his head when being ridden?
  173. what makes an Aussie bulldog different to British bulldogs? Can they t
  174. Were my gerbils play fighting? I hope so!?
  175. My dog is always licking "herself," is this normal?
  176. fish competition ?
  177. How to make my Oranda goldfish cap/wen grow bigger?
  178. can cats causes cancer?
  179. How do I know my Ball Python's age?
  180. What should i give a nursing dog?
  181. Does anyone in San Francisco know of a good puppy social for smaller d
  182. What would be a good name for my new female pit bull puppy?
  183. is it alright to feed my puppy ofcut meaty bones?
  184. blue tongue lizard walked into my loungeroom and i think was checking
  185. How do I litter train my kitten?
  186. Should you tame a gerbil during or after the "split-cage" method?
  187. What breed of cat was this?
  188. Chinese Crested Dog??
  189. Should I save these bunnies?!?
  190. Would you spend $20 on a product for your dog if it helped them during
  191. can someone please walk me through the steps of asking for a lope? ?
  192. can i have ?
  193. Do you think i'd be able to sell a litter of baby bunnies...?
  194. So I think my neighbors took my dog?
  195. if there is only one female dragon in alegasia, then how does that wor
  196. How Long Of A Walk Should I Give My 4 Month Old Toy Poodle?
  197. What is the best for my kitten?
  198. how do i convince my parents to let me breed gerbils?
  199. salt bathing a sick fish?
  200. I just got a new puppy and I'm not sure about some things...?
  201. whats an easy fish to breed?
  202. teach puppy to stop chewing?
  203. How can you tell if your dog has fleas? ?
  204. Do you have a pet??? if u do what is it and what is it's name?
  205. What do you think of this horse?
  206. Cayuga duck cant tell apart?
  207. Okay, hmm I need some help? dogs?
  208. I want my dog back! I miss her! ?
  209. Who would win in a fight: Korean Jindo dog or a Grey Wolf?
  210. yorkshire terrier puppy?
  211. I've got two questions regarding my Betta fish!?
  212. i need a name for a little black female chihuahua?
  213. ghost shrimp...................................:)?
  214. Will it hurt to give my dog flea medication if im not sure he has flea
  215. My cat eats meow mix (dry) and is not getting enough nutrition. ?
  216. My kitten (9wk) has this type of scabby type stuff on her nose, and I
  217. Answer This Question Please Ugently Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  218. What company to use for shipping tropical fish?
  219. how do i get my parakeet to trust me ive had him for 2 weeks but i nee
  220. Im feeling guilty!!!!?
  221. What would be the best brand of filter for my red-eared slider?
  222. Does it mean something when a cat winks at you?
  223. what is going on with my fish?
  224. My Male Rat is Scared How can i get him to calm down?
  225. Does anyone have any good recommendations on dog food brands that are
  226. Could you please name me some foods that red-eared sliders will defini
  227. What is wrong with my cat?
  228. Puppy housebreaking training help?
  229. i got a 34 by 23 tank i put one yabbie in it how many can i put in?
  230. Seven -year-old goes on rampage at zoo.What should be done?
  231. Easiest Way To Clean Dog Poo Of Concrete Seriously Need Help!!?
  232. I like Reptomin and Mazuri's pellets but I can't find them in the near
  233. boy or girl cockatiel?
  234. How long in between birth of baby rabbits?
  235. Does anyone know how large the largest Ball Python on record is?
  236. Arizona deworming schedule?
  237. does any body know where i could find a mini bulldog in new zealand?
  238. What is would be the best brand of heat light and UV light for my red-
  239. Can i add aquarium water to my plants?
  240. what rabbit breed should i get?
  241. Ball Python Help!!!!!!?
  242. will my kitten be playful after he gets declawed?
  243. puppy potty training EMERGENCY?
  244. I have a 9 month aslaskan malamute..?
  245. Held back by going on a holiday because of my dog...ideas?
  246. cat died, other cats aggressive towards another cat?
  247. How can I get my puppy to stop biting?
  248. How can I help an adult cat accept my new kitten?
  249. My 11 yr old cat recently diagnosed w/ diabetes insist on using the ba
  250. i just got a yabbie i gave it mince meat and carrot but it wont eat ?