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  1. Hamster help????????????????
  2. Are there any advantages to selectively culling a litter?
  3. whats wrong with my dog?
  4. why is my bird cusing?
  5. Dog harness!! ?
  6. by doe has taken one live kit out of the nest should i take it home an
  7. my toads want to escape?! help?
  8. Help! Max attacks the kids when they are on the swing set?
  9. What do you think of these horses im going to buy?
  10. I want to get a bird, like apet bird from petco or petsmart and was wo
  11. Ball Python living situations?!?
  12. Are grapes bad for dogs?
  13. if you cat is making a caughing like noise (like a cold) can you give
  14. my hamster has just had babies?
  15. i need help with an aggressive pit bull mix?
  16. What does full-blooded in dogs mean?
  17. My dog is having problems with her hips?
  18. Fleas in S. California are really bed. People out here don't even take
  19. can i put a rabbit in my garage in the winter in southern wisconsin?
  20. What are good names for a pet rabbit?
  21. How do I feed my map turtles?
  22. is it normal for 10 day old kittens not to have there eyes ?
  23. 3 day old kittens dyeing ?
  24. Just a question about equine first-aid...?
  25. How much does it cost to get my Chihuahua's nails trimmed at Petco?
  26. Who thinks it's okay to dress up dogs?
  27. Was told this is a husky/lab mix. I'm thinking more like husky/pit bul
  28. What do I need for a beta fish?
  29. This dog is a mix, what breeds do you think it is a mix of?
  30. Cat heaving/vomiting but nothing comes out?
  31. Is it normal for puppies to salivate alot?
  32. alternatives for rat snakes to eat?
  33. Do you allow strangers to pet your dog?
  34. What things should I buy for a pet rabbit?
  35. What are the three diseases in animals at the Zoo Tycoon Extinct speci
  36. why is my Chesapeake Bay Retriever so small?
  37. Should I get a horse?
  38. How Do I Lower The Humidity For My Bearded Dragon?
  39. feeding gerbil crickets?
  40. 11 year old Budgie; not himself, hanging his head to left side, unbala
  41. What type of dog is best to buy?
  42. How do you stop your house smelling of dog?
  43. kitten trouble please help what could this be?
  44. when the cricket eggs are in the dirt do u have to close it with a lid
  45. What do these things my do mean? Why does my dog do these things?
  46. miniature poodle grooming ?
  47. Going to look at a horse for sale..?
  48. What are malti-poos like?
  49. I would like a list of diseases and infections dogs can pass on to hum
  50. which dog harness do you think looks better?
  51. what would happen if i brought in a puppy?
  52. Advice about my hyper labrador?
  53. Why wont my tadpoles grow into frogs?
  54. where can i find minii lop rabbits breeders in orlando?
  55. What's wrong with my cat?
  56. How do i teach my dog to laydown?
  57. will my cat forgive me/remember me. ?
  58. Kennel Club- Good or Bad?
  59. My Horses Head Is Too High?
  60. How do you tell how old a salamader is?
  61. I want to get a pet, but I don't know what to get.?
  62. How do you potty train a dog?
  63. hi i am looking for an end clip for a Rotastak hamster cage does anybo
  64. How much would it cost...?
  65. to dog groomers: what do I need to be able to groom my poodles and bic
  66. My two ( 9 week old) kittens keep coughing or sneezing of some sort an
  67. How much do pigs weigh as adults?
  68. my dog has worms and i need HELP!!?
  69. My Puppy cut his paw and i need help aiding him?
  70. This question is about sniffer dogs.?
  71. how big to maltese/shitzu's grow?
  72. my cat is about 4 to5 years old and she has a loose tooth you can tell
  73. Since being treated for a swollen bladder, my cat can pee but stopped
  74. easy 10 points!what is wrong with my betta?
  75. Help! Why has my dog's crate training progress degressed after potty t
  76. i need a hero help me choose?
  77. Pomeranian Puppies 4sale??? (AUS)?
  78. i need girl puppy name please!!!?
  79. how many food should i feed my turtle?
  80. Question about the hamburger/rice diet for diarrhea in dogs?
  81. Which litter box is better and why do you think so?
  82. Spray that cats donít like?
  83. A Surprising Trainer Conflict?
  84. Q about blind dog guide?
  85. Yorkiepoo Puppy Questions!!!!?
  86. How to clear up aquarium water?
  87. my cat has diarrhea he does have some problem with his back legs and w
  88. Why do random starfish appear in my aquariam?
  89. What is with my budgie?
  90. Can I return Nutro Ultra Puppy food?
  91. What are baby parrots called?
  92. What to do with mystery snails' eggs?
  93. Do hermit crabs like to climb rope netting?
  94. Food for my rabbits?...if i see the plate empty should i add more or w
  95. My new kitten isn't eating?
  96. can cats have reactions to flea medicines they have had before and wer
  97. whats a good cage for a Guinea pig?
  98. Questions about Maltese puppies!?
  99. Bubble-face goldfish acting funny?
  100. My dog is a 4yer old black lab and has green discharge coming out of b
  101. Worming my horse should i ride after if not how long should i wait to
  102. My female parakeet has a large bald spot on her belly. What do I do?
  103. how do you get a puppy cokerspaniel to smell nice?
  104. Parakeet/Cockatiel- Fruits Veggies/ Introducing Them?
  105. I need some one elses point of view! What is up with my chinchillas we
  106. Cleaning the filter, bag?
  107. How Do You Get A Hamster Out Of A Wall?
  108. What would happen if zebra mussels were added to a fish tank?
  109. Do i have to give toys to my rabbits?
  110. best kind of puppy?!?
  111. How do you remove pet stains from wool rugs? ?
  112. Do winter white hamsters bite?
  113. How can I feed my bumble bee catfish!?
  114. Who Should I Go To? To Trim My Tiger's Teeth?(dentist,vet Etc.)?
  115. My pet rat has a bump above his eye that seems to have gotten bigger t
  116. How hard is the upkeep of having a mouse or a hamster?
  117. Why do cats always make a hiss?
  118. Why is this cat crying every morning?
  119. would snails climb out of my top tank?
  120. I saw a black creature (I thought was a mouse) It looked right at me,
  121. can my chihuahua be alergic to a certian kind of shampoo?
  122. I bought a green cheek conure and a lovebird 3 weeks ago. they both di
  123. Should I get a chinchillas as a pet?
  124. Can a dog really be trained to only eat what his owner feeds him?
  125. What are ways to give hermit crab heat and humidity?
  126. Is it hard to take care of chinchillas?
  127. how long does it take until the wings grow back on parakeets?
  128. Cross breeding Rosella's?
  129. How much am I suppose to feed my hamster daily?
  130. I am going to catch a frog at a pond. Is there anything I need to know
  131. can i train my 2 month old puppy to walk on a leech? if not then how l
  132. Animal? Trading it? Breed?
  133. Can you describe how a bird makes a nest?
  134. My hamster is evil...?
  135. Help, my betta!!!!!!!!!!?
  136. Brown bugs in dog's fur?
  137. will two female guinea pigs fight ?
  138. i have a pet hen that mated with a rooster but we dont have the rooste
  139. Keeping male mollie in fishbowl...?
  140. how big will this kitten be in about 3 weeks?
  141. Soft lump on my horses back - advice please?
  142. what colours do Chinese painted quail come in ?
  143. I recently got an almost 6 month old Maltipom (maltese/pomeranian hybr
  144. Is this corrects about anoles gender?
  145. clever/cute girl dog names?
  146. Kittens -- just wondering if anyone else has ever had kittens like thi
  147. Should I get a chinchillas as a pet?
  148. Can a dog really be trained to only eat what his owner feeds him?
  149. What are ways to give hermit crab heat and humidity?
  150. Is it hard to take care of chinchillas?
  151. how long does it take until the wings grow back on parakeets?
  152. Cross breeding Rosella's?
  153. How much am I suppose to feed my hamster daily?
  154. I am going to catch a frog at a pond. Is there anything I need to know
  155. where can i buy a proper house for my pet hen that is neer syracuse ne
  156. how in the world can you make a 8 month old fillies mane lay down??i s
  157. when would i have to get my female kitten spayed?
  158. What dog should I get?
  159. can-i-have ?
  160. Hamster fluff bedding?
  161. where is the best place to buy tropical fish in Newcastle?
  162. where can i find the proper food for my hen that wont lay on her eggs?
  163. If i mage a growling noise or a a hissing noise at my cat when he does
  164. What is the best dog food brand?
  165. Help please cat problem!!?
  166. What should my dogs be for halloween?
  167. how do you know when a dog is sick?
  168. Does anybody know where I can find a Boston Terrier breeder in South C
  169. How do I house a puppy?
  170. Why is my kitten acting like this after his first set of vaccinations?
  171. think my dog has an abscess ?
  172. how often do rabbit molt?
  173. Where can I find a lone foster kitten for free in Gloucester, VA?
  174. what happens when a cat is born wit it's cord on?
  175. please help me in desperate help?
  176. Has your cat ever ran away?
  177. how long can a fish survive without being in water?
  178. My dog has really bad dry skin!?
  179. Veterinary Help, Dog getting "Fixed" for Infection(s)?
  180. please help me and my cat...?
  181. My english mastiff puppy drinks alot of water is this normal..?
  182. how to stop a 5 month old labrador puppy weeing in the house?
  183. Info all about Guinea Pigs help please.....?
  184. do these puppies look sick (link)?
  185. my betta's bottom fin, lost colour,?
  186. who likes the name Lydie for a dog?
  187. if a goldfish bites you does it hurt.?
  188. Horse rider insurance in the UK?
  189. Please help me! My cat is suddenly very weak and lethargic i am crying
  190. is cat`s nice and bad?
  191. What should I name my hamster?
  192. How much should rats cost.?
  193. im asking where is the best website to buy a puppy or dog?because im l
  194. how do you keep your bettas?
  195. help gerbil question??????????????
  196. My dog licks excessively. She licks blankets, pillows, and even my car
  197. i am starting western coming from doing english riding,i am interested
  198. My kitten has problems (please read and help)?
  199. Eheim ecco external filter, not blowing water out as hard as it did.?
  200. Dog true/false game...prize: 10pts?
  201. why does my cat twitch his rear end when he's kneading the blankets?
  202. Should dogs eat tomatoes? Or peppers?
  203. what drill team was at the equine affairs and preformed to how bout th
  204. why are my budgies feathers falling out?
  205. I ran out of dog shampoo. what else can i use?
  206. My betta is starting to die how can i save it?
  207. Leopard Gecko Help?????????????????
  208. 8 Week old Golden Retriever growling at family?
  209. my gerbils look bigger than i expected?
  210. What is the most wolf like dog breed or a dog breed that resembles a w
  211. What Would You Get A Syrian Hamster For Christmas?
  212. Millet Spray Plant Questions?
  213. will my kitty cum back?
  214. Not sure what's BITING ME, but the pets don't seem to have fleas!?
  215. I have a dog that attacks other dogs she a small dog we have other dog
  216. I have a dog! My bffl hates dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  217. Potty training my puppy using a Bell by door and she seems to be afrai
  218. Anybody as bored as me?
  219. Help!!! Hamsters Leg!!!!!!?
  220. hamster acidently left a dwarf hamster outside dont know if its dead o
  221. Name for my new horse ??
  222. Does anyone know what the sleeping disorder is for dogs?
  223. Kitten hurling himself at me like a tasmanian devil - help!!?
  224. I hit my head on the wall yesterday and ever since i cant stop kicking
  225. Where can I get a bunny?
  226. Could this possibly work for a bearded dragon cage?
  227. Toy poodles barking so annoying!?
  228. please, cat is seriously hurt!?
  229. What is the cutest type of dog?
  230. Horse lovers survey.........................................?
  231. Emergency Pet question?
  232. Whats wrong with my female bettas?
  233. How do you teach a small dog to come, stay, and heel?
  234. Want to get hermit crabs... maybe you can help!?
  235. Please help with my hamster's name!?
  236. are these ok for a gerbil???????????????????????????/?
  237. whats wrong with my cat?
  238. What should i do my Dog is in heat and we are going out of town?
  239. have a 55 gal aquarium, finding 1/4" worms on the glass, anyone know w
  240. How do you pluck a broken blood feather from cockatoo wing?
  241. my dog bit me and white bubbly stuff came out what does that mean ?
  242. Where can I buy a Pet Rock?
  243. my friends acreage cats bring home mice on the porch, eat them & leave
  244. my kitten has vaccinated wormed on friday iam still worming him now it
  245. I bought my puppy a new shampoo but her shampoo its making her all itc
  246. i need names for my mice?
  247. i've dropped my hamster once by mistake will u think it'll affected by
  248. what is the worst dog food brand?
  249. How can I make my dog not so afraid of car rides?
  250. Alternative snake food?