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  1. Will my dog be ok alone?
  2. Is ear mites in an adult female contagious towards other dogs?
  3. 20 gallon aquarium fish?
  4. BFF just bought a siberian husky PUPPY...BIG MISTAKE?
  5. When you Fix a Dog can you unfix it?
  6. Feral Cats?? please help ?
  7. what is wrong with my dog?
  8. can you figure out what fish i own?
  9. shelters near trenton mi?
  10. Where can I buy baby bunny rabbits?
  11. help needed with my dog crying, pleeease!?
  12. How to stop the fights ?
  13. it is possible to "feel" the babies inside a mouse's stomach?
  14. How can I clean my half-chaps so they look new?
  15. Ball python has purely white fecal matter... what is the deal?
  16. What are some cool treats I could give my horses?
  17. Is it ok for my dog to be so hungry?
  18. can i mate my bettas fish again?
  19. what king of bunny is this?
  20. why is my dog an angel when she is on her own?
  21. Will Betta Get Used To Other Fish?
  22. what are the pros and cons of using activated carbon in fish tank filt
  23. how much should a baby boxer me fed?
  24. Looking for some good names for dogs?
  25. i have a pair of blood pythons they are blowing bubbles out of there n
  26. Using fungus clear and maracyn together?
  27. My budgie's blue cere area is dirty, is this is a health concern? I ne
  28. can a bala shark live with my fish?
  29. How long after treating a kitten for worms should his bloated belly go
  30. Cat - having too many litters of kittens? PLEASE HELP!?
  31. i have a fish tank question please help?
  32. Am I To Big For My Horse?
  33. Is there anything wrong with these fish?
  34. HELP! I Need to get rid of infesting snails in my fish tank.?
  35. Ugh! I love my dogs but their barking is driving me crazy!?
  36. Was clipping my 2yr old falabella today and ....?
  37. This girl wants to feed her puppy a vegetarian diet... please back me
  38. Can I make our cat stop torturing our dog?
  39. where do beadie dragons orriginate from?
  40. my pet hen is eating her eggs and i dont kno wat to do? she attaks me
  41. guppies i need some help please look?
  42. What to expect with an English Bull Terrier?
  43. Does anyone know any vets that crop ears in L.A?
  44. Animal testing and medical usage?
  45. Can anyone give me ideas for homemade dog toys?
  46. Is a Portable dog kennel good for a rabbit?
  47. *How much would you pay her?
  48. Can a rat stay in the same cage as a ferret, or will they fight?
  49. Horses and Dads?????
  50. mites are eveywhere/bearded dragon??
  51. My dog died. Why do I feel guilty?
  52. Repeated Dog Toys!?
  53. doberman or German shepherd?
  54. stray cats pooping all over my yard, neighbors feed them,anyone got an
  55. What should I name my new guinea pig?
  56. should we change vets?
  57. How do I fix my one year old boxer puppy's habits?
  58. If I buy two golden short-haired hamsters will they get along?
  59. How was the quarter horse of 19 century,that quarter witch drove wagon
  60. My dogs dumps his water bowl?
  61. My turtle just ate the Repto-Guard!?
  62. why isn't my cat eating wet food?
  63. My Western Hognose has stopped eating. Whats up?
  64. Can budgie parakeets eat cauliflower and the leaves of them?
  65. Does anyone want to buy my cichlids?
  66. how fast can a blue and gold macaw fly?
  67. Black as Knight vs Paprika alone?
  68. Kitten names: Alchoholic beverages and old-fasioned books?
  69. how do you tame a cockatiel??????
  70. Questions on becoming/being a veterinarian? Please answer!?
  71. mites my bearded dragons????????
  72. How do I apologise? (I feel really guilty)?
  73. Horse excercises or activities to gain muscle mass?
  74. my guinea pigs have what it looks like poop stuck onto the bottom of t
  75. Could a pony live with a prostetic leg?
  76. Give me some small Short haired dogs?
  77. Does anyone know any good Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breeders in Pe
  78. Did you enter in the Hamster Ball Derby?
  79. Retraining horses. need some help.?
  80. What can I do to make my Dog happy?
  81. if a cat came up to you and started dancing and than singing what woul
  82. What breed of dog was in the (i think) frontline commercial with numbe
  83. cat question. Is it true cats meow because we talk?
  84. Is my fish going to die? What should I do?
  85. Does anyone know where I can get a free dog in England?
  86. dwarf puffers/snails 10 points to best answer?
  87. Rescued a 2 yr old male cat.That was dumped on street. What to name hi
  88. How do you train a mouse to STOP a behaviour?
  89. whats going on with my fish?
  90. I just injected my cat with sub-q fluids for the first time - did I do
  91. what does it cost to breed?
  92. i have another question i think i have it right but not sure ?
  93. blue and gold macaws plz help 10 points?
  94. Hows best to move a fish tank?
  95. Do cats have to get shots?
  96. Is ham ok to feed my cats?
  97. This might sound silly but how young is to young to use dog spray on c
  98. I can't get my cat to stop jumping up on the bed. What's a simply tric
  99. Time between kitten births?
  100. How do you socialize a dog?
  101. I know you can give dogs Benadryl for allergies but can you give them
  102. My bearded dragon has mites?
  103. Why is my dog in heat again after having one two months ago?
  104. What is wrong with my snail?
  105. what if i put a betta fish?
  106. ferret or rats? which should i get?
  107. How many fish can I put in a 2.5 gallon tank?
  108. Which would be a better pet, Iguana or a Black and White Tegu?
  109. My horse is on the naughty step...?
  110. The dark side of PeTa?
  111. Does you dog stare in the mirror?
  112. What age should I start feeding vegetables to my bunny?
  113. how can i treat hamster mites at home?
  114. How much dogs do you have?
  115. What do you do for dog inflamatiion?
  116. how to litter box train a rabbit. . .?
  117. Where Can I Find a Toy Poodle?
  118. Are oregon newts legal in NC?
  119. What Would Happen If You Breed A Piebald Ball Python With A Fire Ball?
  120. Please help my beardie!?
  121. What kind of fish and how many for 2.5 gallon tank?
  122. some answer's for you?
  123. can two pups survive out of a litter of ten that have the fading puppy
  124. Can anyone tell me any good virtural pet games?
  125. can gekos eat small crickets?
  126. Shouldn't my mice be pregnant?
  127. what is the best breed of small dogs to have as far as training, perso
  128. How can I convince my parents to get me a python?
  129. Need Some Homeade Dog Toys!?
  130. who has seen the movie THE BREED do you know if they are making a seco
  131. What do I feed my pit bull and boxers to make them stocky and have a g
  132. is my fish better of on its own?
  133. my cat got an injury and i don't know what to do...?
  134. In your opinion, Black Russian Terrier or South African Boerboel?
  135. How Do You Make A Paradox Ivory Ball Python?
  136. I still need help convincing my parents into letting me get a hamster!
  137. How do I gain more muscles for horseback riding without riding a horse
  138. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Names!?
  139. How can i tell if my fish is a.............?
  140. How do I get my dog to stop running up to strangers?
  141. i have a 9week old labrador puppy how much do i feed her?
  142. Kitty Questionnnnnnn?
  143. what can i give my dog to chew on?
  144. If a dog was wearing the same out fit as you?
  145. i have one apple snail did it just lay eggs or waste?
  146. Why does my cat have hairless spots that are wet on his skin?
  147. Fish Tank Cycling Help?
  148. growling puppy meaning?
  149. How do i disinfect a stick i found outside for my cornsakes cage?
  150. weird noises in my head?
  151. How do I get drops into my dogs ears?
  152. peoples thoughts on my geckos health?
  153. Change my rabbitry's name?
  154. Why are rescues importing stray dogs from foreign countries?
  155. My runt cat..... help?
  156. Why does my dog shiver, twitch and get edgy around my 2 new rats?
  157. why wont my fish eat food that floats?
  158. Silver Tabby Kitten, W/ Completely Different Colored Parents?
  159. white guinea pig names?
  160. how much does it cost...?
  161. i have snake mites what can i do immediately?
  162. at 8 weeks kitten can eat a meat or chicken?
  163. Cat or Dog person?Want to now!?
  164. Do you need a license to keep capuchin monkeys in BC?
  165. Can a female rat escape from a 7/8 wire spacing cage?
  166. CAN A JACK D a jaguar a midas and a convict all live in a 55 gallon an
  167. can adult parakeets live together in one cage?
  168. Can anyone come up with a great name for my new dog grooming business,
  169. blackline flying fox ?
  170. Vegetarian dog treat recipes?
  171. Does anyone know what kind of cat this is?
  172. Will anything disguise liquid metronidizale taste for cats?
  173. does anyone have good cat names?
  174. do any of your animals have a mickey mouse spot?
  175. My dog's been in bed all day for two days; is this something serious?.
  176. why are my convict cichlids shy?
  177. Are there any wild gecko's in the uk?
  178. What are some good dog names?
  179. What size tank for a mud turtle?
  180. Help I need info about my new dog she is A shetland sheep dog mixed wi
  181. Trying to get my new kitten and my current cat to get along, HELP!?
  182. Best cat litter that your cat likes and you can stand the smell of?
  183. Where should i get clothes for my maltipoo puppy?
  184. How do I make my tanks water colder?
  185. how can i get our cats to be friends ?
  186. Is milk bad for kittens?
  187. Name for a new kitten?
  188. is it normal for guys to like cats instead of dogs ?
  189. Why is my horse eating its own manure?
  190. what do you guys think of this litter box?
  191. I was given 3 parakeets, 2 male, one female. I already have one female
  192. My horse is having trouble jumping higher?
  193. What should I feed this frog?
  194. Our 6 month old cat is meowing and rolling over is there a chance she
  195. i am going to get a dog but i dont kno what kind?
  196. what states is it illegal to own sugar gliders?
  197. I am getting a frog from a nearby pond. Is this cage good?
  198. Injured horse question?
  199. What to do when one of your dogs bites the other?
  200. do you think the dog section is the most active section on Y!A?
  201. What kind of dog shampoo or flea colar kills fleas?
  202. I have to sell my paso fino gelding. anyone interested? ?
  203. How skinny should my puppy be?
  204. have you seen the movie CUJO do you think that this has a bad reflecti
  205. What size dog kong toy should I buy?
  206. what is this stray dog's breed?
  207. i have a female puppy and want to get a male help?
  208. How many gallons is a 60x31x45cm turtle tank?
  209. What could I use as a homemade leather cleaner for my spurs?
  210. Yorkie terrier, costs, personalty, pros and cons?
  211. we have new pet gerbils, any tips on care for them? for giving them fu
  212. can fishes slime coats grow back?
  213. is it ok to change my cat's litter box?
  214. Mini Lop Rabbit Breeders in Orlando, Florida?
  215. how could i get my cats into the modeling business?
  216. What do i do when i first get a hamster?
  217. How Would I Make A Cockatiel/Parakeet Play Gym?
  218. My hermit crab just completed molting but...?
  219. I'd like to get a pet toad, which type should I get?
  220. Is there a difference between Yesterday's News ferret formula and rabb
  221. Are snakes expensive and/or difficult to keep as pets?
  222. Hay causing my mare to have diarrhea Help!! ?
  223. are hermit crabs hard to care for?
  224. why did my hamster whimper?
  225. Asking New trainer about lessons?
  226. Want an eleey $20.00 each?
  227. Silver Tabby Kitten, W/ Completely Different Colorado Parents?
  228. We need to neuter a cat but she has kittens?
  229. you no a CAE( chinese algea eater) i got one last week and today was t
  230. Puppy needs dog toys!?
  231. Ideas for ferret bedding please?
  232. I'm worried about my cat......?
  233. why is my kitten being sick please help ?
  234. Is this normal for a female cat?
  235. Can a dog and a guinea pig get along?
  236. What are Alaskan Malamutes like?
  237. should i take my mouse to the vet?
  238. She Has No Name :( Helps?!?!?!?
  239. When the cricket eggs are in the dirt do u have to close it with a lid
  240. Worth saving a injured duckling?
  241. Why does Fish Food actually smell of Fish?
  242. Is anyone here allergic to toy poodles?
  243. How calm is a Black Mountain Rosy Boa? ?
  244. Merrick dry dog food... is it good?
  245. what should i name my new female puppy?
  246. Help with these tanks, probably my last fish question, give or take a
  247. Should I be concerned about my dog?
  248. How Much would a full hamster set from petsmart cost?
  249. Dog is still acting sick?
  250. Please help me i really want a guinea pig !!!?