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  1. Controversy about BYB...your opinions?
  2. One of my cats is attacking another, how do I make it stop?
  3. will a cat willingly breed with mother?
  4. Are there any bird species that feed their old and weak parents?
  5. What flea collar brand is the best for a large dog?
  6. How to castrate german rabbits?
  7. My Male Crowntail Betta has Started to Look Grey Like He's Lost His Co
  8. hi i have 3 female bearded dragon and 1 male but he doesn't want to ma
  9. Are there any pet shops in wolverhampton that sell ferrets/mature/baby
  10. In horse riding what are the numbers of the different walks/trots/cant
  11. Eclectus hormones kicking in?
  12. Help!! My Dog Has Bad Diarrhea!! Is It Parvo? he had his injections wh
  13. my mouse has lost all of its hair and its tail is fallen off!?
  14. What do u do with ur horse when?
  15. hey i live in india can u tell me the positives of keeping a lab puppy
  16. Payne12 Who is your vet's nurse and where is she located?
  17. My cat is obsessing over me?
  18. dog help....need to know about wauzers?
  19. Who is your vet's nurse and where is she located?
  20. my dog won't eat?please answer!!!!?
  21. Need a good name for a soon to come foal?
  22. Which dog food is better, Innova's EVO, or Nataure's Variety's Instinc
  23. The best millet variety for hay to feed horses?
  24. can i put two ball pythons in the same cage?
  25. Is it okay for a turtle to sleep behind a rock?
  26. My Red Eared Slider Turtle is eating the silicone off the corner of hi
  27. Its me or the dog episode?
  28. where are all my pigs at?
  29. hey can domestic rats swim?
  30. The vet told me my cat wasn't dieing?
  31. are these fish ok with a fast current?
  32. why rabbits eat their babies?
  33. can i feed my corys ?
  34. I have 2 rats what should I do when one of them dies I don't wanna get
  35. My dog gets nervous about space and play?
  36. Do Bunnies attract bugs?
  37. My Fish needs a haircut?
  38. my dog just doesn't listen.. ?
  39. Hey, another question about sick puppy?
  40. Mummy cat still suckling them?
  41. advice on keeping angels?
  42. New cavalier king charles...?
  43. i am getting a mine A-frame for dog agility!?
  44. I have just got my pet rat and need a bit of help?
  45. Question about my cat.?
  46. Can you suggest some remedies for cat-hair loss?
  47. whats the perfect horse????
  48. my new puppy wont stop crying in his crate is it to soon to let him sh
  49. Are all lovebirds the same?
  50. what type of dogs are good for apartments?
  51. Is this a good Rabbit Name?
  52. Help! My dog always bark at small animals.?
  53. Is this "in heat" aggression, traumatic past defense or natural alpha
  54. What is growing in my tank?
  55. Should i let my son get a cat as a pet?
  56. Ok..So i have just got my first ever rat and it is very scared what sh
  57. Rabbit behavioral questions. my rabbit is crazy?
  58. How long will it take a 35 gallon tank to cycle? ?
  59. What do I do with "Kitty", Cat lovers?
  60. help wild baby bird ?
  61. where could i buy a GSD pup?
  62. Please Help Me With My Cockatiel!!!!!?
  63. i have saved my avatar but it is not displayed where i check my mail?
  64. Black Gold Dog Food...?
  65. Dogs that can be left at home a few hours each day?
  66. What does everyone put in their backpack that they carry around at hor
  67. What is a crate? Where do I get one? OR how do I make one? And how big
  68. my gecko wont eat :(?
  69. info on Mitral value disease in cavalier king charles spaniels. breedi
  70. what kind of puppy was janine garufalo holding in half baked?
  71. My dog keeps panting or beathing really hard?
  72. In theory what would a pitbull mixed with australian cattle dog person
  73. How long does it take for a dog to reach it's full adult size?
  74. just a question about my kitty?
  75. my two year old dog whines and won't stop, how can i break him of this
  76. Anybody want Free Labradors?
  77. Are there any type of loans for pet owners for vet visits?
  78. What can I do? I was slightly bitten by our pet dog.?
  79. My 7 month old, fixed, kitten urinated on a chair, what is wrong?
  80. will my pet ducks survive winter?
  81. my friends dog has eaten a bait in the woods HELP?
  82. I have a very bizarre question- I have a 16 month old female dog whose
  83. Does cornell university allow birds?
  84. What would be good matching names for girl kittens?
  85. Will these fish do good in a ten gallon?
  86. my dog does not like it when i sit at computer. why?
  87. How can I train my indian ringneck parakeet?
  88. when mares are in season do they get a mucus discharge?
  89. Dwarf Gourami losing scales?
  90. If you bred a............?????
  91. A good cage for rats? ?
  92. Me and my boyfriend just adopted a stray kitten. We havent taken it to
  93. Having trouble with my fox trotter's gaits?
  94. Do pet foods still have a problem being poisionous?
  95. I just found a little dog in the dark rainy night?
  96. Is molting uncomfortable for parakeets?
  97. is it necessary to take shower when lizard touches you?
  98. What does it mean when your dog puts it's paw on your foot while your
  99. Need help with my Oscar fish's behavior?
  100. Our 1 year old dog chews, pees, and barks uncontrolaby.. HELP!!?
  101. Pellet for green cheek yellow sided conure?
  102. Should i be worried about my dogs eye?
  103. Can I put these fish with goldfish?
  104. is adopting a dog at the san leandro fairmont shelter free?
  106. my friend found an african dwarf frog...?
  107. will bronze corrode my fishtank?
  108. How does a HORSE GET SPOOKED?
  109. Can rabbits get heartworm?
  110. Ever had a HORSE GET AWAY FROM U?
  111. Me and my boyfriend just adopted a stray kitten. We havent taken it to
  112. New cat owner: What are some ways to interact with my cat and show the
  113. My Cat has a lump on her back leg?
  114. What does it mean when my cat does this?
  115. how well do bio-balls work?
  116. Not sure if my dog just had a Seizure?
  117. Brewers Yeast safe for dogs?
  118. Are Long Tailed Grass Lizards Hard To Care For?
  119. do u think its a good idea 2 get a dog?
  120. urgent question..for those who really knows or has experience..how to
  121. My dogs tits starting leaking. Vet said it was a false pregnancy, but
  122. are quarter horses BAD?
  123. Is there any way I can get my cat to stop love biting?
  124. Is this okay for me to do...?
  125. If my sugar glider got out...?
  126. lsu equestrian team help????????
  127. Are you stuck with the clicker?
  128. Do turtles require any type of lighting?
  129. Are dogs able to live healthily solely off of dog treats?
  130. Is it okay to have a baby bearded dragon raised in a 4x2x2 terrarium?
  131. What is a safe- home made remedy to get rid of fleas around the home?
  132. is it ok to have two babycornsnakes in one cage?
  133. Please please help us!!?
  134. how do chicken eggs get fertilised, how do they know they arnt fertili
  135. My cat seems sick but I'm not sure..any advice?
  136. What is "green broke"?
  137. I think my mouse has pink eye.?
  138. Is a Bit necessary for Neck Reining?
  139. What Is Wrong With My Rat?
  140. Question about HALTERS?
  141. im having a problem with my 1 yr old kitten/cat can any one help?
  142. What's the difference between a lorikeet and a parakeet?
  143. where is the best spot for a Fish tank filter.?
  144. lots of horse questions ?
  145. Dog Sick - Vomitting.?
  146. My big dogs don't like little dogs at all and we live in a neighborhoo
  147. my guinea pigs claws have somthing no them in worried about it ?
  148. A nice name for a guinea pig?
  149. what filter media ?
  150. Has your dog ever done anything amazing or ever saved someone's life?
  151. What should I do with my kitten? ?
  152. rodent treats??????????
  153. How much ash will there be following my 17 pound cats individual crema
  154. The cute little animal hat costumes for my fennec?
  155. 3 week old puppies mucusy stools?
  156. I used Frontline Plus yesterday on my cat and she still has fleas on h
  157. OMG PLease help!!!!!!! Hamster might get wet tail!!!?
  158. can i feed my betta fish....?
  159. how do toads know when there is food in there cage?
  160. Does anyone keep mudskippers in a fish tank?
  161. My cat is very loud at night, any advice?
  162. will sarah palin be the attack dog, pitbull for mccain. one month till
  163. Should my horse have shoes?
  164. Why do dogs run in their sleep?
  165. horse lesson[group lesson] tips?
  166. Have you guys ever heard this about black cats?
  167. Help! kitty has fleas?
  168. My dog goes crazy because of these things?
  169. Puppy may have parvo?
  170. Why is it that when my boyfriend holds our puppy shes still and quiet.
  171. I have an 8 week old Jack Russell pup (male) is it too young to sleep
  172. What are the temp requirements for a ball python?
  173. just got a 4 1/2 week old puppy this is the youngest i have ever had p
  174. Can I put another bird in with my Dusky Conure?
  175. Australian snakes: Which to choose? Centralian Carpet Python or Jungle
  176. My pregnant maltese.....?
  177. I need some jumping tips please...?
  178. looking for white ducklings?
  179. Should I take my pup to the vet again?
  180. How much is my horse worth?
  181. Did you recommend me the teacup dogs?
  182. So I went on vacation and all my fish are dead...why?
  183. whats your favorite pet?
  184. can somebody tell me what kind of dog this is?
  185. My 3 year old dog can walk on hind legs?
  186. What would be best for my puppy? Am I doing the right thing?
  187. Help need information on shipping a dog by train?
  188. My senior dog just had a seizure? ?
  189. Has anyone dealt successfully with Clarida yeast infection in a dog?
  190. All About Robo Dwarf Hamsters(well Atleasy What I Know)?
  191. How can I stop my hamster from biting?
  192. my wiener dog will not stop peeing?
  193. Will this mouse ever crawl right again?
  194. My teddy guinea pig has a blad spot on her belly.?
  195. I just got bit by a white mouse? (pet(snakefood mouse.))?
  196. Is My Heat Mat Working?
  197. Why can't ducklings swim when they're newly hatched and when can they
  198. what to feed my doberman to make him big?
  199. Does your cat play fetch?
  200. Ive got a cocker spaniel puppy. I cant figure out between these names.
  201. Best brand food for corys?
  202. Pet Question Of The Evening:)?
  203. What type of breed would you guess this to be, its supposedly an Akita
  204. How to keep a kitten from chewing wires?
  205. Is a dry dog nose always a sign of bad health??
  206. Can dogs get the Flu ?
  207. My betta fish has ammonia burns and refuses to eat. ?
  208. neon tetra disease? help!?
  209. please help the side of one of my dogs eye is red?
  210. Video of me and our puppy to my husband?
  211. Is it OK for a kitten to have a saggy belly?
  212. Has any one used Royal Pet Resort & Spa Boarding services at in Las Ve
  213. Is there anyway that you can tell when a dog is about to have pups?
  214. Dogs fighting, how to stop them.?
  215. do hamsters die with eyes ?
  216. My 7 mnth old kitten urinated on a chair?!?
  217. where can you buy frogs legally in australia?
  218. My dog is constantly urinating and has a rash starting on her chest...
  219. Good Dog Boarding in Las Vegas, NV?
  220. I just got a german sheperd/lab mix, from a shelter...however I cant t
  221. What should i do about these kittens?
  222. How to put a top knot in my shih tzus hair?
  223. Info Need on the Great Dane "Charmbred Angelica Lass" Harlequin bitch
  224. Can horses cure people ?
  225. Alternative for kitty litter box?
  226. Can anyone give me a list of the top ten best talking birds?
  227. How can i get rid of all these fleas?
  228. Why did only some of my cats get sick?
  229. Some general Pit Bull information, please!?
  230. My dogs dew claw???????
  231. Why did my kitty die?
  232. My cockatiel has had diarrhea for a month. Already been to a vet twice
  233. My Beta fish keeps attacking his reflection...?
  234. Does Anybody Want To Give Away A Pit Bull Puppy?
  235. Our English Bulldog is 7 months old and is very aggressive towards my
  236. What type of fish should I get?
  237. Can my puppy contract parvo if hes only been vaccinated for a week?
  238. Hello my girldriend and I just got a 8 week old Pug. When should we de
  239. My Dog wont stop whining?!?
  240. Beverly Hills Chihuahua ?
  241. Need help potty training puppy?
  242. baby bird help asap ?
  243. Putting Down my Dog please just please...?
  244. 10 gallon stocking question?
  245. Whats A Really awesome nonshedding Dog?
  246. Hi Do you need a special licence to keep a Ocelot cat as a pet in the
  247. I really want a dog! help, dont be mean! READ!?
  248. do great billed parrots do well as caged singles?
  249. Prosthetics legs for dogs in Canada?
  250. Dog with twitchy eyes?