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  1. Why does my cricket bag smell?
  2. What is a good name to name a kitten?
  3. Dog collars under 10?
  4. If you could be a fish, what type would you be?
  5. Do beardies need a temperature drop at night?
  6. my hamster bit me how do you train them not to bite?
  7. how many years did your corn snake live?
  8. my dog has worms when she poos is it contagious to humans?
  9. can you potty train a rabbit.?? on news paper.?
  10. Why do my cats only eat the head of the mouse after catching it?
  11. i think my dog is pregnant?
  12. How many/often should I feed my pleco algae wafers?
  13. Horse riding dreamssss... Am i going right?? Plzzz?
  14. help with ammonia......?
  15. My Puppy Has Fleas, Medication?
  16. tank a little cloudy?
  17. thinking about getting a corn snake?
  18. Is that true that Dutch Dobermans are biger then the usual ones? In wi
  19. Have you ever been part of a dog pack?
  20. Can mixed breed dogs compete in rally obedience at an akc event?
  21. I really need help with my puppy?
  22. My 8 yr old asked me this Do mocking birds have their own so
  23. How do I get rid of these fleas?
  24. I just got an 11 week old puppy and every time i see him he pee;s on t
  25. 100 gallon tank in apartment?
  26. Are there any jumping spider in Singapore because i caught one an don'
  27. where can i find a maltese puppy for sale?
  28. im down size to a flat carnt take dogs ,no one will take my dog ,she w
  29. i feed my baby ball python mice so when would he shed?
  30. My cat keeps breathing through his mouth?
  31. Do cats/dogs go "mad" if water enters their ears? ?
  32. here are some awesome animal (dog) quotes from Mark Twain, which is yo
  33. How do horses and cattle feed in arid areas of Usa?
  34. 11 week old puppy freezes when i try to walk him?
  35. how do i make my tank warmer for my juvenille leopard gecko?
  36. does anyone want to buy a baby chameleon?
  37. Recipe to make your own Shapley's M-T-G?
  38. Silver Shark eating Tetras?
  39. Midwest Indoors horse show?
  40. where can i find this pets?
  41. How can i make my scared rat love and trust me? Rat experts?
  42. my friend recently found a moth that has a head that looks like a mous
  43. PLEASE HELP!!What science fair topic can I do having to do with livebe
  44. what can i feed my doberman to make his hair shiny?
  45. Can you tell me why you don't fight for something?
  46. is it realy bad if a cockatiel has bled a tiny bit on its wing but the
  47. I need help with orphaned newborn kittens?
  48. Are hamsters considered exotic pets?
  49. How do Dogs (in general) and Collies (in particular) express gratitude
  50. Can tiger barbs go with....?
  51. Does anyone know of a good way to get cat hair off clothing? I have tr
  52. dog breeding..a lady wants to use my dog to breed with her bitch,how d
  53. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp stupid's italian's boy.......?
  54. Puppy had diarrhea and threw up, but still eating and acting fine?
  55. Should I Get A Corn Snake?
  56. my kitten has a big buldge from her stomach?help?
  57. Strange horn like growth on my rat's nose?
  58. How can check if my dog has a disease/make sure she doesn't have any d
  59. My litter trained cat is suddenly peeing on things? Why?
  60. i have a hamster problem?
  61. I have three guinea pigs 2 male and one femle...?
  62. Best Cage cleaning method?
  63. what do i do about my neighbours cat?
  64. My mum is trying to get rid of my puppy D:?
  65. My little kitties are left all alone =[?
  66. Any idea why my cat is acting this way?
  67. Where can I find/buy a pet rat in Selangor?
  68. Why was my snake acting strangely last night?
  69. should i use it in my hamsters cage?
  70. My Dog and His Dog Food?
  71. Is my guinea pig ill?
  72. what fish can i keep in my 60 gallon tropical community tank? any suge
  73. how often should i clean my rats out?
  74. Puppy has really bad gas!! ?
  75. how long do bunnies live?
  76. Why do girls like cats so much?
  77. How much should i charge for full time pet services?
  78. What do people think of Market Harborough's?
  79. what kind of snake would be good?
  80. What fish? PLEASE ANSWER!?
  81. How big is a Mini lop Rabbit Adult ? 10 points?
  82. Please can someone give me advice about my missing Cat?
  83. My cats are wrecking my apartment, what can I do?
  84. How fast can a dog's tooth rot?
  85. my new cats being nasty?
  86. how to say yes to him, no to his dog?
  87. What age do eclectus males start displaying mating behaviours?
  88. how should i train my pommerian dog ?
  89. Would giving my cat catnip cause him to urinate on the sofa when he ne
  90. Do Malamute's have a puppy coat and at what age do they lose it?
  91. how big do neverland dwarf rabbits get?
  92. Does this product exist?
  93. which puppy breed will be best for us?
  94. Does anyone else like puffins?!?
  95. which is better:Hill's Science Plan or Royal Canin?
  96. What works better, A furazone sweat or a Poltice?
  97. i have a 60 galon tank (4ft) and im turning it into a tropical communi
  98. how can you tell when a betta is constipated?
  99. Which one is better Polo Wraps or SMB's?
  100. how do i house train my puppy in the least time possible.?
  101. which is better:Hill's Science Plan or Royal Canin?
  102. how do i watch movies or find photos of natural environment of green a
  103. my kitten follows me around when i am not looking, when i turn back sh
  104. how do i stop my cat urinating everywhere?
  105. i am getting my first snake (ball python) and any info would be very h
  106. Potty help (training pad)?
  107. I recently found out my 2 cats has flees. I went and bought them both
  108. New 12 week old Shih Tzu puppy keeps barking at my mum?
  109. Do you pour beer on your cat when she tries to scratch and maim your h
  110. are white german shepards?
  111. our little girl is sneezing?
  112. Should i feed my pet rat cornflakes?
  113. Cat Skin Condition! Please Help!?
  114. My dog may be in some medical trouble. Please help?
  115. what willl a pitbull and bulldog look like?
  116. Bearded Dragon waving? ?
  117. I live in Australia and was wondering about getting a hawk.?
  118. What should i call my adorable Rat?
  119. Please reccomend me a suitable tortoise breed?
  120. Have you ever been given a un-identified fish?
  121. Why do dogs like belly rubs?
  122. Old rabbit - what would you do if he was yours?
  123. Whts wrong with my cat?
  124. Sick Mexican Walking Fish (Axelotyl) plz help?
  125. "German Shepherd" & "Alsation" .. is there a difference?
  126. How can I help my pleco (Being Bullied)?
  127. Can cockroaches chew through plastic and if so how long does it take?
  128. My golden doesn't like men?
  129. what does it mean when they say a pony is forward moving?
  130. Can you Keep a Wild Rabbit as Pet ?
  131. Why does my cat attack me and my family?
  132. New Mixed Breed Puppy?
  133. What is the name of this fish and how do i know about breading?please
  134. why dose our house have fleas rats?
  135. Dog Sitter Question. What would you want in a sitter?
  136. I got a rat from a "friend", and wasn't told she was pregnant?
  137. Any one else had problems with Buyonlinepetshop.co.uk ?
  138. How can we find our cat?
  139. What should i feed my pet RAT?
  140. Has anybody used this before?
  141. I can't deal with my hamster anymore?
  142. animal cruelty straplines?
  143. i need help on issues regarding breeding hamsters?
  144. my cat has a stuffy nose,what can i do to clear it for her?
  145. I post on the web for a local shelter's dogs once they become urgent.
  146. Pomeranian Tear Stains?!?
  147. Is there ammonia in dog urine/feces?
  148. should we behave more as our dogs do?
  149. SUGARGLIDERS.....anyone own any?
  150. Couple Horse Questions?
  151. HELP! My Pleco is Pooping every were!?
  152. why is it so easy to be a dog owner?
  153. hey how much time period to we have to take the puppy to the vet for r
  154. Chihuahua puppy , help?
  155. my sister had a cat with fleas,the cat has now gone,will the fleas sti
  156. i have 4 chickens in a small coop in my garden, i let them out in the
  157. Pet flea bites? Ouch =(?
  158. why does my cockateil have sticky smelly poop?
  159. my guppies are still dying?
  160. is $100 cheap for an alligator snapping turtle?
  161. My blue tounge has two lumps help please?
  162. My tropical fish are dying at least one a day.Is it possible to over f
  163. Dog picky about food?
  164. How Regular Is A Dogs Heartbeat. What Does A Murmer Sound Like?
  165. Hi................................................ ?
  166. Does anyone know the FL. law regarding crate dimensions for dogs.?
  167. I hv a golden retriever.....he is 2 years old and is aggerssive with o
  168. how can i feed the baby squirells?
  169. I was choked in my sleep,why is it happenin,when will it stop,how do y
  170. Macquarie Short Neck Turtle ?
  171. i got a 16 year old quater horse and all they had him on was a pound o
  172. Letting miniature horses graze? Will it make them fat? What to feed it
  173. My dog keeps urinating?
  174. please need some help..no experience in this.?
  175. is there any chemical filtration media that will not need replacing re
  176. Where can I find an incubator for newly hatched button quail in Perth,
  177. female chihuahua pees on bed...?
  178. ideal PH for danios ?
  179. Any cat experts out there? Need some info please...?
  180. What's wrong with my goldfish?
  181. Do you have a Doberman at home..?? Have you considered having one? if
  182. what was your first dressage score?
  183. What name should I pick for my papillon puppy?
  184. My shih tzu puppy is 12 weeks old. When can she get a haircut?
  185. what is the best little dog to get?
  186. Does anyone know what could be wrong with my chickens, is it serious?
  187. How much do blue tongue lizards cost from pet shops?
  188. Ok Marine Fishkeepers I need help again! What is this in my tank? Firs
  189. Why is my dogs tail tucked between her legs?
  190. Do dogs get cold easily?
  191. filter help ?
  192. What is a really good dog for proctecting?
  193. Where can you find if a dog breed is not allowed in your town?
  194. why is my Pomeranian's hair flat????!?!?
  195. Guinea Pig Breeders In Sheffield?
  196. what tropical fish could i keep in a 30l BiOrb? and how many?
  197. How old were you when you first learned to ride?
  198. Where should a dog sleep at night??
  199. my yabbi is a girl when wil she shed its skin?
  200. I have a 5 month old Chihuahua and i wanted to know what shots are nee
  201. alligator snapping turtle water question?
  202. Why is everyone suddenly so concerned about parvovirus?
  203. Problem with my Cat urinating?
  204. Need some good websites to learn about fish...?
  205. What do mice just LOVE 2 eat?
  206. Why do people breed ugly dogs?
  207. I think my Molly is pregnant, how do i tell?
  208. Why does my dog do this all the time?
  209. How to set up a Salt water fish tank?
  210. how to persuade my mum to get a puppy?
  211. Can a Golden Retriever be kept in a premium 4-room HDB flat?
  212. need to no ASAP!!!!!!!!?
  213. The best way to get a Dog used to Rats?
  214. I'm getting a new puppy?
  215. will my puppy catch parvo?
  216. my hang o n filter only contains a small carbon sponge is this enough?
  217. gimme info on lab pups..(i want them badly)?
  218. When should tortoises be put into hibernation ?
  219. Help! How do I get keep fleas from biting me?
  220. What is wrong with my cichlids tail?
  221. Does anyone know what horse movie this is?
  222. Some Boy Rat Names Please ?
  223. red stuff came out of my yabbis mouth any body no waht it is is it sic
  224. Can Horses Eat Human Food?
  225. Rat Toys In Rat Cage?
  226. How to make a dog not bark during the night help?
  227. My dog has started peeing on the corner of my bed again.?
  228. What is the largest type of dog (i.e great dane, mastiff & etc) i can
  229. what kind of a dog is she?
  230. My dog is 2 years old. He cries every nigt so badly at 2 or 3o;clock.P
  231. What kind of bird sleeps in the eave of the porch, with its back facin
  232. Is this normal or not?
  233. ACA dog registeration from pet store?
  234. dog harness which size?
  235. how big will my yabbi grow ?
  236. Meoww! she won't stop meowing.?
  237. why wont my yabbi eat i gave it som corn and frozen peas?
  238. What can baby ducklings eat?
  239. Dogs treated at vets with capster, program plus and then prac-tic, no
  240. do you think this is a cute name for a male rat?
  241. how do you know if your neon tetra is a girl?
  242. Anyone knows where I can buy male red snakeskin and neon guppies in Sy
  243. Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks OK, outside in the cold?
  244. Best place to buy a healthy ferret in wolverhampton?
  245. what is the best food to feed my new kitten?
  246. Do I need a "Night Glo" bulb for my leopard gecko baby?
  247. How long does it take a newt to become fully grown?
  248. Cat anemia and constipation?
  249. Any suggestions for tankmates?
  250. wat can i do to make having my horse cheap tips please?