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  1. Hi, I have been looking all over for details on the kennel 'Van Rijn'.
  2. I have a 18month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has the most amazi
  3. How do you regulate the temperature of the cage for a ball python?
  4. walking a pulling dog question?
  5. my iguana is not as hyper as he used to be is he sick?
  6. experimenting on cats to make profit ? -illegal/legal?
  7. My dog has these black spots on her tounge.... ?
  8. My 2 year old lab has lost a lot of hair around her back end and she n
  9. do rats of the opposite sex get along well?
  10. Are there any poisonous snakes in Kentucky?
  11. What do you think of my fish tank?
  12. How to treat soft bones in dogs?
  13. how can i ask my mom for her decision on whether or not I will be able
  14. Totally shallow dog question?
  15. Help with names of fishes please?
  16. Help, my 4 month Pom Puppy broke her bottom right tooth (the sharp one
  17. i think my dog has entropion or whatever in his eyes. what are the con
  18. What do I do about my mean cat?
  19. Why do dogs bark at people on bikes, but not at passing cars?
  20. What type of dog is in the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua?
  21. How do I keep cats out?
  22. Barrel Racing and Cutting?
  23. I might be getting a Golden Retriever. 8D (And a serious question abou
  24. Do any of you know what an Olde English Bulldogge is or do you own one
  25. What do you feed your rabbit(s)?
  26. Why does this always happen to me? (8 week old puppy Q)?
  27. Where can I buy some fishes?
  28. i have some kittens that are 4 or 5 weeks old. there mommy has died. w
  29. will i need to keep the dog away from the puppies and there mum when t
  30. i hat hot dog it is bad?
  31. Does anybody else ever have a rough time with their well trained dogs?
  32. Does anyone have the book teach ur dog 100 english words labrador retr
  33. I have a litter of puppies for sale and after a month of holding one d
  34. Why is it necessary to give dogs heart-worm&parasite...?
  35. Horse I Cannot Touch?
  36. POLL:What is the Strangest Thing Your Dog/s Has Ever Eaten or had in h
  37. Are birds able to hear? If no, then why do they make noises ?
  38. Twilight themed show names?
  39. Any Good And Tropical/Unusual names for my fish!!?
  40. 8 week old puppy's lower body is hot.?
  41. dog eating but not drinking what can it be?
  42. Can my neutered cat still attract unspayed female in heat?
  43. where can you buy piranhas in west va?
  44. When to exercise 8 week puppy after he eats.?
  45. I caught some snails when I was crabbing at the shore in NJ. How shoul
  46. My almost 1 year old kitten has worms!?
  47. will AKC tell me.....?
  48. Why Do people think dogs have periods?
  49. Why isn't my albino paradise fish eating?
  50. Any feedbacks on high end herps breeders?
  51. I had to kick my 11 month old german Shepherd out of the bed because s
  52. if my male rat isn't neutered?
  53. Illegal dog breeds usa ?
  54. Hamster Trouble xxxxxxx?
  55. Just to let you know that my lovely Sweetie cockatiel has died :o(?
  56. Forster Parent for the ASPCA?
  57. Trail Certification course in Alberta,Canada?
  58. Where is the best place to find cheap reptile accessories in southern
  59. My Wheaten Terriers breath smells horrible, any advice?
  60. Can a Cat's breed be determined at all by it's K9 teeth size?
  61. i have a poodle,pitbull,and a great dane the pit bit my poodle?
  62. what toys should i get for my rat?
  63. Why does my boyfriends dog chew at her fur until she hurts herself?
  64. should i take my dog to the vet when she barely got her first period?
  65. okay .. seventh grade science question?
  66. How many crickets do baby/adult bearded dragons eat a week?
  67. what natural procuct is a good weedkiller that won't harm any animals?
  68. whats a good name for my gerbil?
  69. Good kennel name for olde english bulldogge?
  70. does anyone have the book teach ur dog 100 english words labrador retr
  71. Are these normal symptoms for a dog in heat ?
  72. what is the largest land bird capable of flight?
  73. Does any body know where to buy a good quality pet hamster in toronto?
  74. I have a toy poodle he is 7 months old. I have checked him almost ever
  75. whats the best backup correction for no i have a labrador retriver?
  76. Huskies - Outdoors year round?
  77. Cheap and easy field toys?
  78. Can you use Peti-Paws for rabbits and if not......?
  79. i have putted a dangerous iron product in my aqarium and i dot have an
  80. my all white german sheppard had 11 puppies is she a world record hold
  81. My puppy is defiant! what can i do?
  82. my cat has little red spots on his head? what are they?
  83. can antone identify my snake?
  84. My 3 yr old cat's meow has changed?
  85. What are the requirements for cats & dogs entering South Africa?
  86. My Dog Keeps Jumping Up?
  87. I have a situation with my puppy when he is in his crate?
  88. Kitten name needed with dot on nose?
  89. Three Questions About Nutrition?
  90. Where can i buy an adapter to connect a hartz tube with a habitrail tu
  91. Why is My Golden retriver Shedding in October he is 10mts old ?
  92. AKC group re-alignment?
  93. Hello! kitten info and stories please? i want first hand experience &
  94. training dog seems to be?
  95. do u guys think pugs are cool?
  96. I have the worst dog ever!!!!! What Do I do?
  97. My 10yold male (fixed) mini-dachsund is acting crazy, like something i
  98. Question about horse blanket?
  99. Is my kitty going to go into heat?
  100. Who would win in a race a sloth or a turtle?
  101. My fish keeps on going fast when I'm with it?
  102. where is the best place for me to get a jesse for a parrot ?
  103. Any advice on what more I can or should be doing with my colt?
  104. african dwarf frogs, will they...?
  105. where do indoor dogs pee?
  106. Is this considered animal cruelty...?
  107. is it healthy for rabbits and chickens to drink kool-ade and eat sweet
  108. inverted carpet spray?
  109. Cold backed or nasty in the cold?
  110. What happened to my rabbit?!?
  111. Could anyone tell me what this might be on my horses back?
  112. my cat has been missing since april what happened he is very loyal?
  113. would you have a male or female and why?
  114. Any Indian Vet specialized in exotic birds?
  115. Is she close to Labor?
  116. Which dog is better German Shepherd or English Bulldog?
  117. Community Tank? is this a good combo of fish?
  118. How long will my cat bleed for? (She's in heat)?
  119. Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  120. how do you make your budgie go on your finger ?
  121. Dog food help I need dog good help?
  122. How safe is a newspaper toy for African Grey parrots?
  123. My neutered cat wants outside!?
  124. are panda hamsers the same as syrain hamsters?
  125. i have a marine fish tank....... help?
  126. Is there anyone out there that could help our dog boomer with his hip
  127. Is there a way to prevent....?
  128. long hair and tangles and allergies .. .Help!?
  129. my dog keeps eating his poop ?
  130. What would you do in this situation?
  131. How do I teach a hunting dog to stop tracking?
  132. Frontline made the fleas jump off my cat alive!?
  133. hammy help...he stopped eattin and drinking??
  134. How can I make my cats like each other again?
  135. My 3 month old pup is humping!!!!!!!?
  136. I Need Help With Ideas for a horse costume plz Healp Quick!!!?
  137. what bone is used for postmans legs "dog bones!"and how is it treated
  138. What are the basics to using VirtualStable.com?
  139. I have putted dangerous product in my aqarim what shold i do?
  140. where can i buy "postmans legs" for dogs wholesale in northern ireland
  141. How old were you ........?
  142. my dogs getting fixed next week?
  143. Where in India (MUMBAI) can I ?
  144. I just bought a blue APBT puppy she is UKC registered. How would I go
  145. How do i help this wounded bird?
  146. Pit bull and bully breed owners/lovers please read?
  147. Rottweiler ----------vicious Or Victim?
  148. How can I make my puppy use the pee pad and not play with them?
  149. post neutering surgery concerns?
  150. Algae Eaters That Are Cool With Barbs and Danios?
  151. Have I hurt my Kitten?!!!?
  152. How do I cope with the death of my dog?
  153. I Shot up my daughters horse?
  154. My 10 year old Pug's tail is suddenly droopy...?
  155. There's a rat in my apartment?
  156. What could I offer....?
  157. Can i leave my lovebirds outside in the sun?
  158. If you see a squirrel dying: shaking, moving its arms firecely, crying
  159. where can i find a cheap place to neuter or spay kittens in southern o
  160. what is your pets name?
  161. Is having swollen lymph nodes in the neck painful to a cat ? ?
  162. My hamster is scared?
  163. My BETA FISH/S KEEp dying?
  164. will my daschunds get along?
  165. My cat is taunting dog?
  166. What is a good price for a frontosa colony?
  167. how often does a tortuous waste?
  168. Can my cat be left alone in my house?
  169. Only have 2 cichlids. Recently, will not see one for days at a time. P
  170. is there a chance for an almost 8 week old kitten to survive if there
  171. What is a good price for a 7 stripe frontosa colony?
  172. hi i have a new parrot but dont know what one it is can any one help ?
  173. why are hedgehods illegal in numerous places?
  174. Help. girl kitten name?
  175. How come Cats can be moody?
  176. Does a albino python only grow to the size of thier tank?
  177. How do I get rid of the cat fleas?
  178. What do you think about Dogs in Apartments?
  179. My mother in law has finches in her home and I was wondering if they a
  180. My Dog Was Hit By A Car Lastnight..and How Do I Deal With The Pain!?!?
  181. smooth fox terriers?
  182. How do I get my husband to let me get a puppy?
  183. What kind of horse sites?
  184. What Do You Think To My NEW Goldfish & His Tank?
  185. Bearded dragon Lighting ?
  186. How much does it cost for a laying hen?
  187. Dog afraid to go in the backyard.?
  188. Is this normal kitty behavior?
  189. What is the best kind of litter for rats?
  190. Crufts Best In Show Winner 2007?
  191. hamster help ASAP!! OR HE DIES?
  192. Repeated My Dog, and his Dog Food?
  193. Help with my 4 month kitten?
  194. have a puppy would like a kitten as well. is this a good idea?
  195. German Shepherd puppy with dodgy stomach?!?
  196. fish with white dots all over it.?
  197. why does ryan ice have to be such an idiot?
  198. Hi, my three month old maltese puppy got a ear yeast infection. The Ve
  199. Veterinary assessment...?
  200. dog reallly sick last night? could it be the food?
  201. I have a SHITZU/MINI PINCHER Crossbreed?
  202. Pet cockatiel's mood swings?
  203. Problem with new Angelfish not wanting to swim? Is it stressed? What t
  204. Getting a puppy, need mill/breeder info?
  205. Halloween Costume Ideas for a horse?
  206. i feed my rabbit an apple a day is this ok? she is 9 weeks old?
  207. How to train a pitbull to not be viscous??
  208. Help with my corydoras?
  209. help me! please answer!?
  210. Can you use a fish tank coudiness remover with the fish in the tank?
  211. My cat acts like a dog!! Help?
  212. how long do cats live?
  213. how many hours a day should you give to your dog?
  214. What are the bumps? ?
  215. Whats your faverout type of dog ?
  216. I have fry guppies that are 4 wks old. They have no color yet.? and ho
  217. cheapest way to build an arena ?
  218. Why don't my bettas live very long?
  219. Dog's giving birth......?
  220. Cat eating my dogs Iams chicken and rice food okay:?
  221. Do chickens throw up?
  222. What is the Best breed of rat you can get?
  223. What Can I Buy For A New Horse ? ?
  224. Stopping a cat from clawing up my screens?
  225. Do you have to be Gay to become a successful exhibitor in the Dog Show
  226. i have 3 staffy pups they are 6 wks old mum keeps snapping at them are
  227. HELP!! What do we do about this situation?
  228. What is wrong with my kitten?
  229. How can I slow my thoroughbred down on a hack?? ?
  230. do labradors and golden retrievers are good duard house?
  231. Need names for a soon to be born foal?
  232. Why did my kitty suddenly turn antisocial?
  233. How to get kitten to stop biting?
  234. why does my rabbit push her food?
  235. Pregnant Dog, Discharge...?
  236. What Is The Breed Of The Dog In The Pepto Commercial?
  237. Who do I call to report my neighbors dog running large.?
  238. How do i get my puppy to stop being so darn friendly to EVERYONE?
  239. How long do you allow your dog to bark for ~ when does it become a nui
  240. what can i do if my pug has pink eye?
  241. Is having sexual intercourse is required for Dog?
  242. When is a good time to buy a white lab puppy?
  243. What do i need to do to get puppy ready for winter?
  244. My 3 year old Pomeranian has a really bad case of Kennel Cough. ?
  245. Clues to know if your cat will get along with a new cat?
  246. cat is doing his business outside litter box?
  247. pedigree rough collie prices?
  248. can new puppy give tapeworms to my dogs that are on interceptor?
  249. Rainbow fish? is one ok?
  250. Benefits of declawing kittens?