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  1. help with tropical fish compatibilty?
  2. How much does it cost for a grooming and/or bath at Petco and Petsmart
  3. HedgeHog!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  4. Why is my bearded dragons head turning white?
  5. Getting a kitten this evening?
  6. Should I get a rat or a chinchilla?
  7. About how much does it cost to get started with a fish tank?
  8. I think my fish is pregnant ?!?
  9. Help!!!!!! Cat Problems?
  10. I have some ideas for your guinea pig names!?
  11. If they use it against you why have a beware of dog sign!?
  12. where can i find a greater swiss mountain puppy?
  13. is my dog sick or home sick?
  14. My puppy is trying to fight parvo?
  15. PLEASE READ best answer gets a lot of LOT OF points?
  16. Do rabbits get flees ?? on there fur? ?
  17. Sick oranda goldfish?
  18. How do I trim my terrier mixes hair?
  19. To trim or not to trim my dog's facial hair?
  20. Talk Horses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  21. What things are there around the house?
  22. can a dog get tapeworm any other way besides fleas I have a Pup that I
  23. how old should a kitten be when they have there first injection?
  24. Good breeders don't make money?
  25. why do people breed if there is no money in it?
  26. 2 mini donkeys that are young?
  27. Help My Yellow Lab Plz!!!!!!?
  28. I have 2 african land snails. For the past 10 days they have been burr
  29. Just got a 4 week old kitten who is still bottlefeeding that has ringw
  30. Horses...who thinks they are cool and what's your fav breed?
  31. Vet Nursing Student: Essay help needed?
  32. helpp with horses! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee?
  33. Why does a cat knead?
  34. what is a good treat for a blue and gold macaw?
  35. Vet Nursing Student: Ideas for my Essay?
  36. will my puppy get bigger?
  37. my oranda has a hole in its head what is this?
  38. Have You Noticed Your African Grey Is Eating More?
  39. holland lop bunny for pet?
  40. Why has my older cat started acting weird?
  41. what time do hamsters usual wake up?
  42. Help..I have a 1year old Chigi that needs to be house broken?
  43. in summer for my hamster should i keep a low powered fan next to him?
  44. Pit Bull Questionnnnnnnnnnnnn?
  45. Is your dog jealous of anyone or anything like mine...?
  46. why does my baby ball python poop on my bed?
  47. How can I get my children not to be scared of a new kitten?
  48. my fishys help please?
  49. What do you do with leftover puppies when you're breeding?
  50. What kind of habitat should i use for frogs?
  51. rat season please help?
  52. How can I tell if a cat is in labor or just in heat? ?
  53. my dog choose on the grossest things how do you stop it?
  54. What breed of dog is easiest to breed and makes the most amount of mon
  55. What type of fish cant you mix in the tank with each other?
  56. What vaccines do i need for my puppy?
  57. What size harness to get?
  58. My puppy is eating his own poo poo!! What can i do ? please help!?
  59. How can I have fleas in my home when I don't have any pets?
  60. What laws do you need to own a lion or a big cat?
  61. i have a question about my dog...?
  62. Rat harness instructions/advice?
  63. Do you cry when you see animals getting abused on tv or see pics on th
  64. Why do people think it is so bad to crop dogs ears?
  65. saltwater snail identification?
  66. I need a lot of sites that give me information on roadrunners (the Bir
  67. How do i tell a co-worker to quit bringing they're flea dog to work?
  68. very strange question but i need to find out?
  69. Arabian horses that do top dressage?
  70. my Garter snake again?
  71. Should I Report This As Animal Abuse?
  72. Need To Make Some Toys!!?
  73. Question for breeders - do you prefer not to sell dogs to people under
  74. How can I make a fiesty feline let me take care of her cuts?
  75. house training my shih tzu puppy?
  76. anyone have any luck with plants in a tank with a jack dempsey?
  77. Can humans take dewormer that is for pets? Will it suit the same purpo
  78. brushing my pet rats?
  79. what is the slowest swimming fish?
  80. is it ok to never change the carbon?
  81. My hamster died this morning and her tail is orange why?
  82. Chocolate lab is getting light patches on both back legs?
  83. When can i give my female supplements?
  84. What do garden snakes eat?
  85. 4 angel fish 3 have red eyes are they sick help?
  86. Pet Product Questionaire?
  87. Should I get two baby rats from a breeder/rescue or get two babys from
  88. my 10 month old shih-tzu still hasn't come into her first season. shou
  89. I have a marigold fish that keeps picking on and chasing some new dwar
  90. hang on filter ?
  91. help with tropical fish compatibilty?
  92. why dogs and cats are always fighting?
  93. Help with my fish tank?
  94. Anyone know anything about the Viszla?
  95. Would chickens be good to have!?
  96. Sizing my puppy..............?
  97. What's your cat or cats name,age and type?
  98. How would i go about becoming a good breeder?
  99. Will getting my dog fixed really prolong his life?
  100. How do I keep cats out of my yard.?
  101. theoretical goldfish in a pint of beer?
  102. Please answer best answer gets lotz pointz?
  103. s it possible to destroy odor from 2 cats in a studio apartment?
  104. can people get mites and can other animals in your house get them?
  105. Should I return the dog I adopted on Friday?
  106. my Kitty's are throwing up?
  107. Why does my dog follow somebody else?
  108. what would you say is the best way to socialize a dog?
  109. Alternative Ways To Get Certain Medication?
  110. I want to buy live feeder mice in bulk ONLINE where can I do it?
  111. how to differ between a female n male indian parrot? ?
  112. Is Blackula The Greatest Name For A Dog Ever?!!!!!!!!?
  113. My 3 year old Pomeranian has Kennel Cough or Heart Worms?
  114. Will two normal colored dwarf hamsters have albino babies?
  115. How to stop dog barking while at work?
  116. how big do albino clawed frogs get?
  117. I would like to go horse riding but i don't know how to convince my pa
  118. how do i get my parakeets to eat fruits and veggies?
  119. my dog pee's when she see's my husband - what does this mean?
  120. Thinking about surgery or iodine treatment for my young cat with hyper
  121. Would a bull terrier be a good high energy companion for an AmStaff?
  122. how do paritkeets eat in the wild?
  123. Sump filter questions.?
  124. do land african snails...?
  125. Returning cat to shelter?
  126. how many meal worms should i feed my adult leopard gecko?
  127. Dog obsessed with toy...PLEASE HELP!?
  128. Is wheat mixed with hay bad for horses?
  129. what bird should i use for my auspicious poem?, please tell me the bir
  130. Why doesn't my old cat use her litter box anymore?
  131. Is my rabbit treatable?
  132. does my puppy look cute in these photos?
  133. What is the nicest way to get rid of a cat without having to kill it?
  134. What is your favorite animal in the whole world and y?
  135. how do i get the cats out of my home?
  136. Should I get a male or female dog. I already have one of each.?
  137. Pregnant dog not producing milk?
  138. Aggressive Border Collie puppy?
  139. what kind of GARTER this snake is?
  140. whats the best dog to get?
  141. what kind of bird should I adopt?
  142. Squirrels?????????????????/?
  143. What is good about a golden retriever and the bad and is it a good fri
  144. does my rats cage look cosy for my rats?
  145. How do I go about helping people with stable management. ESSEX - ROMFO
  146. Are rottweilers able to get along with other pets?
  147. which is generally more aggressive? male or female rottweiler?
  148. Advice on Hand Expressing cats bladder....?
  149. i found a plott hound dog last sunday?
  150. Will mallards nest in fall and winter?
  151. Why do my cats not like their cat food?
  152. I sprayed flea and tick spray on my cat and now he keeps shaking his h
  153. How many of you single people have at least two dogs and two cats?
  154. What do you have to do daily to take care of a rabbit?
  155. I sprayed flea and tick spray on my cat and now he keeps shaking his h
  156. Help, today I found out my dog isn't purebred?
  157. In the middle of the night my cat?
  158. will neons and cardinals school together ?
  159. my parakeets rarely drink water.should i be worried?
  160. If you were a dog what kind would you be?
  161. I have a very sick african dwarf frog..it looks like a bacterial infec
  162. Any exotic bird experts out there?
  163. How large do you think this dog will be?
  164. Where can I buy an echidna in Houston, TX?
  165. my dog is now pregnant ?
  166. are danios tetras and corydoras omnivores ?
  167. How are these aquariums maintained?
  168. could you have a Lobster as a pet? ?
  169. how would I get papers for adopted pitbull?
  170. What Should I Call My Chihuahua?
  171. how do u keep a cat still for 5 minutes for the flea shampoo to work?
  172. Sheltie dog puppy need help?
  173. male indoor dogs pee inside the house for teritory sign,what should i
  174. my leopard geckos has cuts on its tail. what can i do to help it?
  175. Why is my Cat sneezing?
  176. How long does it take for Mississippi Map Turtle to mate?
  177. So I ran into this stray/lost puppy while walking my dog last night...
  178. Do you have a cat? what name?
  179. Are there any German Shepherd dogs for sale in Tucson, AZ?
  180. How do you feed baby snail and how many months will it take to mature?
  181. My year old Shi Tzu has a spot on his stomach?
  182. Help!!! My dog keeps me awake!!!?
  183. Long hair dachshund with short (ish) hair?
  184. What should I do about an umbilical hernia in a kitten?
  185. do apartments usually allow birds?
  186. does bird carry virus?
  187. why does my female rabbit over grooms herself and male rabbit?
  188. Which is a better companion bird, a lovebird or a parakeet?
  189. Premium edge dog food?
  190. How can I get my dogs to stop barking at me as I'm leaving?
  191. How old should guinea pigs be when weaned from their mother?
  192. Why do she chew her paws?
  193. Hamster Names (Comment Please)?
  194. Dog training facilities in Tulsa, OK... been to any that you would rec
  195. What is the funniest thing your dog or pet has ever done or eaten?
  196. Potty training. Too many spots?
  197. love cats, big cats need help?
  198. who has pictures of barbaro?
  199. why is my baby leo having spasms?
  200. Help with a name for my dog collar business?
  201. What's a good small dog breed?
  202. Hygroma? Anyone dealt with this before?
  203. house gecko has 2 large lumps behind his ...?
  204. BAAAW meh hamster died.. hooow?!? =(?
  205. What puppy would be good for someone with allergies?
  206. can i feed my new 13 week old kitten this?
  207. Why would a dog lift his leg to pee and have nothing come out?
  208. Why Does My Dog.........................?
  209. Can You Tell Me Whats Wrong With My Cat?
  210. Does anyone have the book teach ur dog 100 english words labrador retr
  211. help with fish compatability?
  212. Does my dog need her anal glands expressed or does she have an infecti
  213. We need to know what a horse's hoof is made of... please?
  214. Best dog breed for my family ?
  215. How long to pinkies live?
  216. I need help from a vet, what is wrong!?
  217. why are my canaries eggs breaking?
  218. i have a 7 month old kitten and she pees on the couch her and hersiste
  219. Hartz Ultraguard Flea and Tick drops?
  220. My cat is acting strange?
  221. Anyone involved in Pom rescues?
  222. how many cats you have?
  223. what to wear for barn assisant interview?
  224. What is a good Game to play with my pitbull/ lab?
  225. How many corydoras can live comfortably in a 7 gallon tank?
  226. Holly My Cat Give me your....?
  227. What to do with a gold gourami?
  228. i have a kinda aggressive poodle?
  229. What do I need to do with puppy seperation?
  230. Contacts.....l need your help!!!!!!?
  231. Same day pet shipping?
  232. Kitty didn't make it?
  233. what do you do when you cant pay for you cat to go to the vet?
  234. Animal Cruelty??????????
  235. i would like a cocker spaniel...?
  236. Not really a question...I just need someone to talk to. My cat died to
  237. if anyone has any dog questions,i am a vet student and an experianced
  238. Buying and selling horses?
  239. What to do about a broken fang?
  240. does a filter need to be on all the time?
  241. My cat is pulling his hair out, what could be the problem?
  242. How long is typica to expect some normalsy in behavior...and is kitty
  243. PLEASE! Help me choose!!!! ONLY GOT TILL TOMORROW!?
  244. Why is my dog still chasing her tail?.....And chewing her back leg?
  245. what is the gestation period for a dog?
  246. Where can i go to put down a dog?
  247. What could cause dog to suddenly lift paw, not put weight on it, but r
  248. best place to insure a saint bernard?
  249. what breed of dog is under 20 pounds fully grown?
  250. i have a snake and i am wondering what kind it is?